12-Time Oscar Nominee Diane Warren Working To Save The Last Of LA’s Runaway Cows

Carmona said there were a number of sanctuaries willing to accept the other cows, and that the city is also working with Manning Beef on those.
How cruel human beings are." And, "I wish every slaughterhouse would burn to the ground." They know their fate. She had previously tweeted about the cows' plight, "This breaks my f***ing heart. These poor babies escaping for their lives.
"The City Council gave me to direction to facilitate a dialog with the owner to release this last cow," said Pico Rivera City Manager Steven Carmona at a Thursday news conference. "The city has been working with Grammy Award [winning] songwriter Diane Warren to find a facility to accept the animal and let it live out its entire life at this facility."
After news of her good deed got out, Warren tweeted, "I had to do something."
Warren often posts about animals in need on Twitter; in fact, her account photo is a portrait of a cat.
https://twitter.com/Diane_Warren/status/1407841268596576261″ />
Enter Grammy and Emmy winner and 12-time Oscar nominee Diane Warren.

According to reports, herd of about 40 cows escaped a Pico Rivera-area slaughterhouse Tuesday night. Video of cows roaming the neighborhood — and police cars giving chase — delighted many who rooted for the animals on social media.
The cows reportedly escaped from the Manning Beef facility on Beverly Blvd. after a gate was left open.

That lone bovine was spotted about 4:15 a.m. Thursday in the Whittier Narrows area of South El Monte. It was soon captured, as well.

The story that has dominated Los Angeles' social media over the past two days may have a bit of a happy ending.
He then identified the facility as Farm Sanctuary in the city of Acton.
But one remained at large. Officials said one of the cows was shot by deputies when it threatened a family on the street. Most of the herd was rounded up Tuesday night.

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