Apple Investment Push Includes “Dozens” Of Streaming Productions In 20 States

Along with technology investments, Apple noted infrastructure and green energy projects and, in what sounds like an effort at corporate positioning as tech giants come under fire, how much it pays in taxes.
"The company will also grow its teams in Culver City to more than 3,000 employees by 2026, expanding its state-of-the-art campus with additional space for these employees and more.”
Apple’s sweeping $430 billion investment in the U.S. over the five years includes dozens of Apple TV+ productions across 20 states, the tech giant said today.
jobs by 2023 – on top of a previous 20,000 since 2018. The Apple TV+ investment will create "thousands of jobs" and support the creative industry, the company said. It didn’t provide a breakout but said its total additional spending is expected to add 20,000 new U.S.
Apple highlighted spending in a dozen states, including California, where it said it "continues to expand its teams across the state and now expects to grow its San Diego team to more than 5,000 employees by 2026 — a 500 percent increase from its 2018 goal."
It was part of an announcement of a continuation and expansion of a domestic investment plan that was first set at $350 million back in 2018. The company said, it has significantly outpaced that over the past three years.
Apple said it is the largest taxpayer in the U.S, and has paid almost $45 billion in domestic corporate income taxes over the past five years.” />
The shout-out is interesting because while Apple has been ramping up content spend for Apple TV+, the streaming service rarely gets a mention at the corporate level by its enormous parent company.

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