BAFTA Supporting Actress Winner Yuh-Jung Youn Cracks Up David Oyelowo With “Snobbish Brits” Comment

Receiving the award virtually from presenter David Oyelowo, a visibly shocked Yuh-Jung Youn also paid tribute to the late Prince Philip in her brief acceptance speech.
Every award is meaningful, but this one especially [to be] recognized by British people, known as very snobbish people and they approve me as a good actor, so I’m very, very privileged.” “Thank you so much for this award. “I would like to express my deep condolence for your Duke of Edinburgh,” she commented.
Later during the virtual BAFTA press conference Yuh-Jung Youn was asked if she could expand on the “snobbish” remark, which led her to confirm that she meant the off-the-cuff comment in a light-hearted way.
Minari actress Yuh-Jung Youn received the biggest (canned) laugh of the night at the virtual BAFTAs this eve when she joked that she was happy to be crowned best supporting actress by the org’s voters because Brits are “snobbish”.
As an Asian woman I felt these people [Brits] are very snobbish, that’s my honest feeling,” she said with a smile. I visited Britain a lot of times and I had a fellowship at Cambridge College 10 years ago, as an actor. Somehow it [Cambridge] felt very snobbish but not in a bad way – you [the Brits] have a long history. “Yes, it comes from my personal experience of course.
Yuh-Jung Youn’s BAFTA adds to her Screen Actors Guild award, and she is now looking like a red hot favorite for Oscar in two weeks.” />

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