Jimmy Kimmel And Ben Affleck Suit Up For ‘Vax Live’ — Watch

Information on where you can watch Vax Live can be found here.” />
Jill Biden and Amitabh Bachchan. The event also features participation from Vax Live campaign chairs Prince Harry and Meghan—the Duke and Duchess of Sussex—along with special messages from Pope Francis, President Joe Biden, First Lady Dr. Part of Global Citizen’s Recovery Plan for the World, a yearlong campaign and series of events aimed to help end Covid-19 for all, end the hunger crisis, resume learning everywhere, protect the planet and advance equity for all, VAX LIVE: The Concert to Reunite the World airs around the world tonight, after taping at L.A.'s SoFi Stadium on May 2. Performers at the event include Foo Fighters, Jennifer Lopez, J Balvin, Eddie Vedder and H.E.R. Other major figures in entertainment making appearances are David Letterman, Chrissy Teigen, Sean Penn, Olivia Munn, Gayle King and Nomzamo Mbatha.
Affleck and Kimmel were on hand to announce that major sporting leagues (such as the NBA, WNBA and NHL) have come together to donate tickets to the Super Bowl and other events, in support of Covid relief. Check out their appearance above.
"I bought it with my stimulus check, you know that," joked Kimmel, with Affleck responding, "That's not what those are for."
"I said, ‘Wear a suit,’" responded Affleck.
On Saturday's broadcast of Vax Live, Ben Affleck appeared alongside Jimmy Kimmel to celebrate the return of the shared experiences that we've all missed over the past year.
"You told me we were dressing up," complained Kimmel.
The actor, who starred as Batman in both cuts of Justice League, as well as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, then wondered out loud where the late-night host got his Robin costume.
He appeared, dressed as DC character Robin, under the impression that Affleck would be reprising his Caped Crusader role for one more night. While Affleck walked on stage in a slick, black suit, it turns out that Kimmel made the decision to go for a theme with his outfit.

‘SNL’: Elon Musk Talks Vision For The Future, Twitter Trolling & Hosting With Asperger’s In Opening Monologue

"I just hope it’s not Dogecoin," she said. But according to Musk, "It sure is."
"Now, I think if I just posted that on Twitter, I’d be fine. "I believe in a renewable energy future. Musk then went on to lay out his grand vision for the future. Those seem like exciting goals, don’t they?" he said, to cheers from the audience. I believe that humanity must become a multiplanetary, space-bearing civilization. But I also write things like, ’69 days after 4/20 again haha.'"
In kicking off the show, Musk also touched on his son's unusual name, X Æ A-Xii ("It's pronounced 'cat running across keyboard'"), what he was like as a kid, and the tendency people have to reduce others to "the dumbest thing" they ever did.
Toward the end of his SNL opener, Musk addressed headlines he made when he provocatively Tweeted, “Let's find out how live Saturday Night Live really is."
"To anyone I’ve offended, I just want to say, I reinvented electric cars and I’m sending people to Mars in a rocket ship. Did you think I was also going to be a chill, normal dude?" Of course, Musk was aware coming into tonight that he'd proven a controversial choice as host, from the moment his name was announced, given his peculiar comments and antics over the years. "I know I sometimes say or post strange things, but that’s just how my brain works," he explained.
"One reason why I’ve always loved Saturday Night Live is because it’s genuinely live. A lot of people don’t realize that. We’re actually live right now," he said, "which means I can say something truly shocking—like I drive a Prius."
Musk closed out his monologue by inviting his mother Maye to the stage, teasing what he got her for Mother's Day.
"It happened once. It’s like reducing O.J. "Like, one time I smoked weed on Joe Rogan’s podcast, and now all the time I hear, ‘Elon Musk, all he ever does is smoke weed on podcasts,’ like I go from podcast to podcast, lighting up joints," he joked. Simpson to ‘murderer.’ That was one time."
Former cast member Dan Aykroyd, however, did host the show back in 2003 and he has admitted that he was diagnosed with mild Asperger's Syndrome.
Elon Musk claimed that he made history in his anticipated debut as host of Saturday Night Live.
also hosted this show in '79 and again in '96. "Fun fact," he added. "O.J. Killed both times."
The musical guest for Musk’s episode is pop star Miley Cyrus, who previously appeared once as host and three times as musical guest, pulling double duty twice.” />
"So I won’t make a lot of eye contact with the cast tonight. But don’t worry, I’m pretty good at running ‘human’ in emulation mode." "I’m actually…the first person with Asperger’s to host SNL—or at least the first to admit it," said the centibillionaire entrepreneur behind Tesla and SpaceX.

‘SNL’ Cold Open On Fire With Lots Of Moms, Miley Cyrus Singing Dolly Parton & No Elon Musk

However, if there was a star Mom tonight, it had to be Chris Redd’s Mama, who joked about how often she had seen her son over “Thanksgiving and Christmas and our big Spring Break at Disneyland” in what was supposed to be lockdown.
Usually, the chanteuse is the center of attention, but tonight the ex-Hannah Montana star is in second place to Musk. Of course, the parachuting of the outspoken and sometimes world’s richest man into fronting SNL with Cyrus as musical guest has attracted a far degree of controversy and more than usual attention – which may have been Lorne Michaels and NBC’s plan all along.
Colin Jost and his Mom stepped a bit outside of the skit with the latter threatening to read some remarks that the former’s Weekend Update co-anchor Michael Che had penned on index cards. “You shouldn’t do that Mom, it’s a trap,” said the younger Jost. “You’ll get our whole family cancelled, said the younger Jost.
Past SNL host Dave Chappelle acknowledged there are a lot of ways to look at Musk hosting SNL.

“I’m torn, because I like a warrior for a good cause, but I’m really into tactics. You’re not gonna nag people into behaving … In fact, if you continue with this tone, even if you’re right, you’ll be very hard to hear.” “Like you said, no one can be woke enough,” the comedian told Joe Rogan recently on the latter’s Spotify podcast.
“Happy Mother’s Day to my godmother Dolly Parton and to my Mom Tish,” explained the younger Cyrus. With but one fleeting reference to Musk in skit, the cold opener ended with everyone plus Cyrus’s mother and manager Tish on-stage.
In the 2021 context, SNL regulars Aidy Bryant and Chris Redd both took swings at the SpaceX boss, who has made flippant remarks about the Covid-19 pandemic over the past year and proven a bit of brat on social media. Others like Pete Davidson have welcomed Musk hosting the show and Weekend Update co-anchor Michael Che has mused tonight’s show could end up being interesting at the very least.
The Musk guest-hosted comedy revue is being livestreamed internationally via YouTube in more than 100 countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, the UK and the Tesla CEO’s birthplace of South Africa. Counter-programming to the pre-recorded, star studded and POTUS featuring Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World over on ABC, CBS and Fox, tonight’s SNL represents a first for the long running late night show.
For many, Musk’s appearance is a reminder of the platform SNL gave then candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 election when the former Celebrity Apprentice host fronted the Michaels EP’d show.
Aidy Bryant and her mother followed, with the latter giving a shout out promo to her Hulu series Shrill. “Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and this is for all the Moms out there,” said multiple past host Cyrus before launching into Dolly Parton’s 1977 classic Light of a Clear Blue Morning. The unusual opening on the billionaire guest hosted SNL then had Kate McKinnon and her Mom channel some Molly Shannon.
Next week will a more traditional SNL with Keegan-Michael Key guest-hosting and Olivia Rodrigo as musical guest. May 22 finds The Queen’s Gambit star Anya Taylor-Joy making her SNL hosting debut and Lil Nas X performing on what will be the Season 46 finale.” />
Heidi Gardner and her Mother were all hugs, but “they didn’t write me a joke, I don’t know why” griped the cast member. Kenan Thompson praised his Mother as “the woman who taught me everything including how to do reaction shots.” Ego Nwodim, Cecily Strong, Mellissa, Villaseñor, Pete Davidson, Bowen Yang, Chloe Fineman and other cast members and featured players also appeared with their Mothers on the eve of the annual flower and brunch fest
Back for the first time in almost a month, Saturday Night Live tonight kicked off with a cold open celebrating Mother’s Day courtesy of Miley Cyrus and some cast member ‘s Mamas – and not a significant mention of politics or host Elon Musk
“I kind of thought the trip here was the gift,” declared Kyle Mooney after his Mom chided him that the SNLer owed her two Mother’s Day gifts for missing last year due to the separation arising from coronavirus pandemic. Mickey Day’s mom actually mock flirted a bit with Bennett with a “I can’t wait to give you a hug.” :Can tonight be about me?” said Beck Bennett when his mother brought up the comic’s brothers in their short time in the very untraditional cold open.
In an episode already under the microscope because of Musk, the Mother’s Day tactic was a deft-ish move by SNL to shift focus, at least for a short time with some heartstrings before the PayPal co-founder started his monologue – as you can see below:

‘SNL Sends Up HBO’s ‘Mare Of Easttown’ With ‘Murder Durder’ Parody

From the makers of Mare of Easttown and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia comes Murder Durder.
Starring an actress with a messy ponytail that says ‘Forget I’m actually British’ and set in a constantly overcast town with a creek and three bad homes and moments of true suspense.
“All I know is what we don’t know,” she said of the Extremely Pennsylvania Crime Show, which the Delco Daily called “highly accurate” and “the writers clearly googled, they knew the food and the towns”.
Saturday Night Live sent up HBO’s latest buzzy crime drama in a sketch with Kate McKinnon playing the Kate Winslet character, a “grizzled lady detective”.
You know you've made it when you've made it on to an SNL sketch following the show's send up of the likes of HBO's The Undoing, which Chloe Fineman mocked for Nicole Kidman's accent.
Elon Musk, who is hosting this evening’s show, pulled up as a supposedly killer priest alongside Gritty, the official mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers National Hockey League team and John Oliver’s regular guest.
https://twitter.com/nbcsnl/status/1391249357643657217?s=20″ />

‘SNL’s Weekend Update Takes Aim At Elon Musk, Donald Trump’s New Website & Florida Governor Ron DeSantis; Musk’s Financial Expert Demystifies Cryptocurrency

"And now we know, it’s because he needed an alibi." Jost was referring to a breaking news story, which saw pieces of a Chinese rocket rain down on the Indian Ocean. "A lot of people have been wondering, ‘Why is he hosting our show?’" the anchor added.

Tonight on SNL, Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che got a friendly jab in at host Elon Musk, also touching on former president Donald Trump's new website and more.
Appearances were also made by "Pauline, a weary mother in her darkest hour" (Ego Nwodim) who had just gotten back to a trip to Disneyland with her kids, and returning character Baby Yoda (Kyle Mooney), who had been hitting the gym since he last stopped by.
Then, there was Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, "who played the the short bully in A Christmas Story," per Che.
Of course, Che wondered whether the star of Disney+ drama The Mandalorian had done anything special earlier this week, to celebrate the Star Wars Day holiday held each year on May 4.
"Wow. Why are all these rich white people trying to go to space?" said Che. "Look, if there’s any martians watching this, when you see a bunch of foreign ships pull up on your land, take it from a Black dude: Don’t get on them. Unless you want to be a martian with the last name ‘Washington.’" In other rocket news, Jeff Bezos' company, Blue Origin is auctioning off a seat on the first flight of its passenger rocket.
Jost's next target was Trump's website, titled “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump.”
The segments with Ostertag, Nwodim's Weary Mother and Baby Yoda, and more jokes can be found below.
Check out tonight's opening segment above.
"I don’t know if you guys were following the news today," Jost said, in kicking things off, "but a space rocket that was spinning out of control just minutes ago crashed into the ocean—and for once, we know it’s not Elon’s fault.

"Disgraced former fast food spokesperson Donald Trump has launched a website," he said. "Though a more accurate title would be, 'From the Brain Fog of Long-Haul Covid.'"

"Let’s see, I smoked weed and took pills," said Baby Yoda, "‘cause I’m not like a nerd."
One of three special panelists welcomed to Update tonight was Lloyd Ostertag, or "Dogefather," a financial expert played by Musk, who appeared to explain what cryptocurrency is. Each time he answered one of the anchors' questions, they were still left wondering, "Okay, but what is Dogecoin?" Eventually, though, they agree that it's just "a hustle."
Worst gender reveal ever." "The last time I was in Florida, I saw a lady lighting fireworks with a crack pipe. Wow, since when does Florida care so much about the law?" the anchor said. "DeSantis..signed new restrictive voting laws that limits the locations of dropboxes, and new requirements for voting by mail.
https://youtu.be/4INrQBmJYqY” />

Kentucky Derby Winner Medina Spirit Fails Drug Test, Faces Disqualification

In 1968, Dancer’s Image won the Kentucky Derby, but the day after, officials reported that he failed a drug test. Ultimately officials named second-place finisher Forward Pass as the Derby winner. That set off a years-long court battle. In 2019, Maximum Security won the Kentucky Derby by 1 3/4 lengths but was subsequently placed 17th for interference with another horse.
Baffert said he is still planning on running Medina Spirit in next Saturday’s Preakness, the second leg of the triple crown. The Triple Crown races, which include the Belmont Stakes, the Preakness and Kentucky Derby, have returned to their normal spring and early summer slots this year after a pandemic-related move to the fall in 2020.
It also builds red blood cells, which are important for endurance and oxygen uptake. The drug is used in horse racing to control pain and inflammation.
Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit has tested positive for betamethasone, a corticosteroid, the horse’s trainer Bob Baffert said Sunday morning.
Another Baffert horse, Gamine, tested positive for betamethasone after last year’s Kentucky Oak
Medina Spirit was flagged for having 21 picograms of the illegal substance in a post-race drug test. Baffert called that result “shocking” because he claims the horse has “never been treated with betamethasone.”
If that test is positive, Medina Spirit would become the third Derby winner ever to be disqualified. Medina Spirit has not yet been disqualified, Baffert said, pending another test. Baffert was credited with a record 7th Derby win for training Medina Spirit.
“Yesterday I got the biggest gut-punch in racing for something I didn’t do,” Baffert told reporters at Churchill Downs in Louisville. It’s an injustice to the horse.” “It’s disturbing.
“I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I know everybody’s not out to get me, but there’s definitely something wrong,” Baffert said. “Why is it happening to me? There’s problems in racing, but it’s not Bob Baffert.”” />

Elon Musk’s Favorite Cryptocurrency Dogecoin Plunges After ‘SNL’ Mentions

Dogecoin's price started to fall at the 11:30 ET/8:30 PT start of SNL, and the plunge accelerating as the show ended.
In his opening monologue, Musk himself did not mention the cryptocurrency by name. He replied with glee, "It is!" However, his mother, Maye, who joined him in a guest appearance for Mother's Day, did say she hoped that his gift to her would not be Dogecoin.
His warning came after speculation intensified about what he might say on the program, talk fueled by Musk's admission of being a "wild card."” /> Earlier this week, Musk tweeted a warning to his followers to be cautious about trading in cryptocurrency.
Musk did give his trademarked shout "To the moon!" about the coin at the end of the segment, a phrase he's used on social media to tout Dogecoin. While Musk did use Dogecoin as a foil through the show, it was mentioned mostly for comic effect. The one tout came in the "Weekend Update" segment, where "financial expert" Musk has trouble explaining exactly what the coin was to the baffled Michael Che and Colin Jost.
The coin rose as high as 73 cents on some exchanges last night before plunging to around 48 cents as of this report, a drop of more than 26 percent. This morning, the air has been let out of the Dogecoin balloon by speculators.
Fears that Saturday Night Live guest host Elon Musk would use the platform to hype cryptocurrency Dogecoin proved largely unfounded.

Masks May Become Seasonal Wear, Dr. Anthony Fauci Says On ‘Meet The Press’

“That’s the reason … why we plead with people to get vaccinated because the larger proportion of the population that’s vaccinated, the less likelihood that in a season like the coming fall or winter you’re going to see a significant surge,” Fauci said.
Fauci said Americans have gotten used to wearing face coverings, which he said “diminishes respiratory diseases.”
“We’ve had practically a non-existent flu season this year merely because people were doing the kinds of public health things that were directed predominantly against COVID-19,” Fauci said.
Notorious for once stating, "There's no reason to be walking around with a mask," he has since altered his views, claiming he made that statement to boost the availability of PPE to first responders early in the pandemic. The statement marks yet another milestone in Fauci's ongoing mask advice.
Of course, many Americans have not yet been vaccinated, either by choice or because the various jabs aren't available to them.
“The fact that we have vaccines right now … is really a game changer,” Fauci said on NBC.
He also predicted that we won’t see another surge in COVID-19 cases this fall if the majority of Americans get the vaccine.
“So it is conceivable that as we go on, a year or two or more from now, that during certain seasonal periods when you have respiratory-borne viruses like the flu, people might actually elect to wear masks to diminish the likelihood that you’ll spread these respiratory-borne diseases,” Fauci said.
It wasn’t until April 3 of last year that the CDC urged everyone to wear one. Government agencies like the National Health Institute and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have also shifted their policies on masks.
Anthony Fauci once again stepped into the breach on Sunday's Meet The Press on NBC, claiming mask-wearing could eventually become “seasonal.” The pandemic is easing, but there's still uncertainty about when and where to wear protective masks. Dr.
On Sunday, Fauci again opined about mask etiquette.
“That’s the wild card that we have now that we didn’t have last fall or the last winter."” />

‘Saturday Night Live’ Ratings Fly High With Host Elon Musk

24 show hosted by Adele. 7 Chappelle-hosted episode (5.7) and the Oct. Last night's household's result matched the overnight rating for the Oct. 3 season premiere hosted by Rock (5.4). The 4.8 in households is tied for the third highest telecast of the season, behind the Nov. In fact, the non-entertainer topped the metered market household ratings for any other host this season except for comedians Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle.
A contingent of Elon Musk's legions of fans tuned in to watch the hugely popular — and controversial — billionaire tech inventor and entrepreneur make his debut as host of Saturday Night Live. Last night's telecast, hosted by Musk with musical guest Miley Cyrus, drew a 4.7 household Live+Same Day rating in the 44 metered local markets and a 2.7 adults 18-49 rating in the 25 markets with local people meters.
It's worth noting that the Rock, Chappelle and Adele-hosted episodes came during and immediately after the Presidential campaign when interest in SNL is always very high. Additionally, SNL ratings typically take a hit after the onset of daytime savings time in the spring.
It recently slipped to No.2 in total viewers after leading for most of the season. SNL remains #1 among all comedies on broadcast and cable in 18-49 (L+7) this season for the first time in its history.
Social interaction for SNL content from last night's episode is high.The skits, in which Must is front and center are getting the most views on YouTube as of Sunday morning. They are led by his monologue, in which Musk revealed that he has Asperger's, which has been watched more than 2 million times in 12 hours.
You can watch them below. Getting a boost from Musk posting it to his 53.6 million followers on Twitter as his "favorite" is the Mario Bros. Also at that mark is the Weekend Update segment featuring Musk as a cryptocurrency expert that may have sent the price of Dogecoin plunging. Also hugely popular is the Chad on Mars pre-taped skit, featuring Pete Davidson's popular character and Musk in a familiar role of leading space exploration and evoking his recent headline-making comments that many will probably die when humans go to Mars. spoof Wario, which, like Chad on Mars, is nearing the 1 million view mark Sunday morning.
That was up sharply from the most recent SNL original on April 10, with host Carey Mulligan and musical guest Kid Cudi, which averaged a 3.6 in overnight households and a 1.5 in adults 18-49.
The 2.7 in 18-49 in the 25 markets with local people meters is the outright third highest of the season behind the episodes with Chappelle (3.6) and Chris Rock (2.8).
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5RCfQyTDFI” />

Aidy Bryant, one of the SNL cast members who criticized the choice of Musk as host, did not appear in a skit with him.

Chinese Films Again Lead After Record May Day Frame; ‘Wrath Of Man’ Cumes $18M In Early Offshore Release, Hits Middle Kingdom On Monday – International Box Office

Overall, it sits behind Avengers: Endgame as the highest IMAX box office release ever during the early May holiday frame. The IMAX cume is now $8M after only 10 days of release, or 7% of the nationwide total. In IMAX, Cliff Walkers added $1.7M this frame; earlier this week it set a May Day record for a local title.
MORE…” />
Notably this session in China, Zhang Yimou’s Cliff Walkers climbed ahead of May Day holiday winner My Love. The former now has an estimated cume of $118.2M versus the poorly-reviewed romantic drama’s $114M.
That includes $10M in Russia where it has been No. IMAX has cumed $1M worldwide on the movie so far. It has already grossed $780K in China sneaks since Saturday. The film debuts in China tomorrow (Monday) and is leading pre-sales there for the day. 1 for a few weeks. The Jason Statham-starrer, which was tops domestically this session, grossed $4.4M internationally this session to give it a $17.6M offshore cume and $25.6M global. Statham is a big draw in China, so hopefully this continues his streak. At the same time, Miramax has finally begun sharing numbers on the Guy Ritchie-directed Wrath Of Man which, as we have previously noted, has been performing strongly in Russia since late April.
Refresh for latest…: Yet another international box office frame was led by Chinese movies in their home market as local May Day holdovers continued play coming off a record holiday session. While a handful of studio titles are doing business in other pockets of the world, we are in something of a holding pattern until majors like the UK and France begin opening in the coming weeks, and as Universal’s F9 is expected to rev up overseas turnstiles for Hollywood starting on May 19.

Gal Gadot Claims Director Joss Whedon “Threatened My Career’ During ‘Justice League’ Reshoot

In March, HBO Max aired the expanded Zack Snyder director's cut of Justice League. Snyder left the production before its completion to deal with a family issue, resulting in Whedon becoming attached.” />
Echoing the remarks of others about Whedon's alleged behavior, Gadot has previously acknowledged her own run-in with Whedon. But she merely said at the time she had an "experience" with him, "which wasn't the best one, but I took care of it there and when it happened. I took it to the higher-ups."
The clash reportedly came when Gadot pushed back on some new dialog Whedon had written. During the exchange, he also allegedly disparaged Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins.
Gadot has supported the claims of others, particularly her Justice League colleague Ray Fisher, who has condemned Whedon's alleged behavior and decried the lack of support from WarnerMedia executives.
“He kind of threatened my career and said if I did something, he would make my career miserable, and I just took care of it instead,” Gadot claimed to N12 in remarks reported by several news outlets in and outside of Israel.
Whedon has denied any wrongdoing.
WarnerMedia has concluded its investigation into the Justice League allegations against Whedon. It issued a statement saying "remedial action has been taken," but did not specify what that entailed and has declined further comment.
In a Saturday interview with Israeli news outlet N12, Gadot elaborated on her prior statement, revealing the content of Whedon's threat.
Actress Gal Gadot has amplified her previous remarks on director Joss Whedon, renewing the heat he's experienced for his alleged toxic behavior toward the casts of tv shows Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the film Justice League.

Bill Maher Says Democrats “Suck The Fun Out Of Everything: Halloween, The Oscars, Childhood”

You can watch Maher deliver his New Rules diatribe below.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKkJXoSQ7L4″ />
"That's a long way," said Maher, from when Jerry Falwell "blasted the Teletubbies because one of them was allegedly gay because it was purple."
Maher continued as part of his New Rules segment, "American government works best like a mullet: Republicans do business in the front, Democrats party in the back."
They were the party of speech codes and black lists and moral panics and demanding some TV show had to go. "Once upon a time the Right were offended by everything. We suck the fun out of everything: Halloween, the Oscars, childhood, twitter, comedy." We’re the fun-suckers now. Now that's us.
"It’s time to switch back," he said in closing, "because frankly, you’re not good at being us and being you sucks."
"[GOP Congresswoman] Marjorie Taylor Green is reportedly into polyamorous tantric sex," said the disbelieving host. "And Ashley Babbitt, the MAGA warrior who died storming the capitol was apparently part of a thruple.
He went on to bemoan the increasing rigidity of the Left and the increasing, well, liberalism of the Right. "Democrats are now the party that can’t tell the difference between Anthony Weiner and Al Franken," said Bill Maher at the close of Real Time on Friday night.
"[Former Democratic Congresswoman] Katie Hill…who, like Ashley Babbitt, was found to be part of a thruple and pictured holding a bong…that was too much for our new puritanical Democratic Party."
The bong people! The tantric sex gurus!" enjoined Maher. "We’re the thruple people! "We did f*cking in the mud [at Woodstock] and bra burning and 'turn on and tune in and drop out.' They’re the party who won’t bake wedding cakes for gay people!"

SoFi Stadium: With Good Sound, Great Seating And A Sea Breeze, It’s $5 Billion Well Spent

"Too many sky boxes," he said. The first superstar to play Staples, Bruce Springsteen, saw it clearly as he inaugurated the venue.
The seating is likewise thoughtfully constructed. The seats are the standard, squeezed-together nightmares, but the rake and positioning of the balconies are where the magic is. Due to the verticality, even the mid-level 300 section seems to be hovering right above the sideline.
While Springsteen found the sound at Staples impressive from stage, audience members on opening night — and more than a few since — have been less enthusiastic. For $5 billion, one would expect as much. Not so at Sofi. Even at least 50% empty, the sound in the building for Vax Live was good.
Even with all those stars onstage, the building stood out. Letterman was there to introduce Foo Fighters who — along with Jennifer Lopez, H.E.R., Eddie Vedder, Selena Gomez, Prince Harry and J Balvin — were a part of Vax Live, a worldwide effort to boost Covid inoculation across the globe that will be telecast this weekend.
That means the audience on one side of the field can watch both the front side of the board and the back side that's across the way, doubling the viewing experience. This type of simple idea carried out on a grand scale is what makes SoFi special. Dubbed Oculus, the 2.2 million pound ring is a 4K HDR video system from end-to-end. What's more — and this may seem simple, but it's important — there's video on both sides of the Oculus.
The SoFi designers were a bit more discreet, if more profligate. There's also an Executive Club that wraps around the entire inner bowl. But the suites are for the most part tucked under or lodged within the various terraces. There are Terrace Suites, Patio Suites, Perch Suites, Executive Suites, Bungalows and Field Cabanas. This avoids bifurcating the building while still allowing the well-heeled to spend freely. There are there are a dizzying array of suites in the new Inglewood venue.
"I've never been in a space station before," said David Letterman onstage last Sunday as he looked around the gleaming cavern of SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.
Turns out, because the field dips 100 feet below ground level, the 300 section seats are actually on the 6th floor. There were some hiccups during the space station's inaugural voyage with a live crowd. The two rows of luxury suites between it and the 200 section only confuse things more. Not even the well-intentioned stadium workers hovering about to help the wandering masses for Vax Live knew which direction to go, repeatedly contradicting each other and angering some attendees.
day, the building's creators have, again, a simple but grand solution. And if those hunched together in the 300 section should grow warm on a hot L.A. Forty of the 302 massive "picture frames" that tile the ceiling can be opened slightly to let fresh air in. And given the afternoon sea breeze that Inglewood enjoys, it's an effective design element.
There were the haves, the have-nots and those with in-suite catering. When Staples Center opened in 1999, the massive wall of suites seemed designed not only to separate the city's corporations from their money, but it also separated the good loge seats from the nose-bleeds.
Instead, there were about a dozen food trucks, each of which had longer lines than any of those to enter the building. Hopefully, the next time people file into the SoFi mothership, they'll have an easier time getting their $18 nachos. Another question mark is food. There are copious facilities sprinkled throughout the arena, but none were open on opening night.
ft. stadium is not just big, it is a stunning, starting with what most people notice when they first walk in: The massive, oval video screen hanging from the ceiling. The 3.1 million sq.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKpdZ-qdpvY” />

Giuliana Rancic Leaving E!’s Red Carpet Coverage After 20 Years, Inks NBCU Development Deal

"One of my passions is great storytelling and I am thrilled to announce a new development deal with E!'s parent company NBCUniversal where I will be producing and bringing stories to life," she wrote.
“While we will all miss watching Giuliana bring her iconic interview style, infectious humor and keen sense of fashion to E!’s red carpet, we are excited to announce a development deal across NBCUniversal where she will bring her passion projects to life," E! said in a statement. "We look forward to collaborating with Giuliana in the future and we will always be her biggest fans — on and off the carpet.” ⁣⁣⁣
See her entire announcement below.
"After 20 fabulous years hosting E!'s red carpet, I have decided to step out of my red carpet heels into a new pair of shoes," she wrote.
On E!, Rancic most recently led the Oscar red carpet coverage. In September, she had to pull out of E!'s Emmy red carpet special at the last minute after testing positive for Covid-19.
Rancic began her career at E! News in 2005. as a correspondent and became a co-host of E! She briefly left the show from 2015 to 2018 and then again when the program relocated from Los Angeles to New York City in January 2020.
Rancic is segueing into a deal with E! parent NBCUniversal, she said. Rancic's announcement comes three months after her long-time co-host, Ryan Seacrest, exited E!'s Live From The Red Carpet after almost 14 years.
During her tenure at E!, Rancic faced controversy over comments she made about Zendaya's dreadlocks on Fashion Police, for which she apologized.” />
The E! Giuliana Rancic is stepping down as host of E!'s red carpet coverage after almost two decades. veteran made the announcement in an Instagram post Friday.

How To Watch The Vax Live Concert On TV & Online

Global Citizen Vax Live – Photo Gallery
YouTube is the event's exclusive global streaming partner and will stream an extended version of Vax Live on the Global Citizen channel for a full runtime of 90 minutes.
iHeartMedia radio stations also will carry at the show at 8 p.m. ET/PT, and AXS TV plans multiple replays through Monday. ABC, CBS and AXS TV will televise Vax Live at 8 p.m. ET/PT. ET/PT, with streaming on YouTube TV and ABC News Live streaming it at that time. Fox will replay the show at 11 p.m.
Here's a guide on how to watch or listen to the event, which was taped May 2 at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World is airing Saturday on multiple TV networks, myriad sites online and on the radio.
Here's how and when to watch the event, with some snaps from the concert below:
Watch the trailer above. Hosted by Selena Gomez, the hourlong special and vaccination campaign from Global Citizen celebrates health workers worldwide and advocates for equitable Covid-19 vaccine distribution to people around the globe.
The show also will be available to stream on Hulu, Fubo TV and AT&T TV.
Jill Biden and Amitabh Bachchan. It also will include Vax Live campaign chairs Prince Harry and Meghan — the Duke and Duchess of Sussex — and special messages from Pope Francis, President Joe Biden, First Lady Dr. The concert features Foo Fighters, Jennifer Lopez, J Balvin, Eddie Vedder and H.E.R., with special guests including Ben Affleck & Jimmy Kimmel, David Letterman, Chrissy Teigen, Sean Penn, Olivia Munn, Gayle King and Nomzamo Mbatha.
Vax Live will air internationally on Albavision across Latin America, Multishow from Globo Group in Brazil, Caracol TV in Colombia, S3 in South Africa, Canal+ and MultiChoice across Africa, Sky in the UK, Network 10 in Australia, CSTAR (Canal+ Group) in France and on Insight TV globally.
Vax  Live: The Concert to Reunite the World is part of Global Citizen’s Recovery Plan for the World, a yearlong campaign and series of events that aims to help end Covid-19 for all, end the hunger crisis, resume learning everywhere, protect the planet and advance equity for all.” />

Tawny Kitaen Dies: ‘Bachelor Party’ Actress And Whitesnake Video Vixen Was 59

Kitaen is survived by daughters Wynter, 28, and Raine, 22. No memorial plans have been revealed.
Kitaen was also prominent in the 1984 film Bachelor Party, starring Tom Hanks. She also starred in the 1984 French cult classic The Perils of Gwendoline and 2014’s After Midnight.
No cause of death has been determined, according to numerous reports. Tawny Kitaen, an actress whose stunning presence in two Whitesnake videos helped propel that band's multiplatinum albums to No. 1 in the late '80s, died Friday in Newport Beach at age 59.
I was approached by his manager, Howard Kaufman, who also represented Heart, who I was working with at the time. I liked the song, and decided to go ahead with it. We made our first video, “Still Of The Night,” which was a 9 minute song, with some guys who didn’t even play on the record. Howard and John Kolodner asked me if I would direct a video for Whitesnake, on the cheap, because Geffen records had no money to put into the project. "When I met David Coverdale, we met for lunch, he had $5, a condom in his wallet, no car insurance, and was staying at the Mondrian hotel (he couldn’t afford it, but the owner liked him), singing jingles for New York Seltzer, and basically out of the business.
Here I Go Again reached No. Whitesnake's hits Here I Go Again and Is This Love from the album Whitesnake helped make that band the toast of the late 1980s, thanks in no small part to Kitaen's allure. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1987.
Director Marty Callner, who was behind the camera for the memorable Whitesnake videos, posted on Facebook about the time he met Kitaen.
 ” />
"Whitesnake ended up saving Geffen Records, we went onto make groundbreaking videos, including “Here I Go Again” & “Is This Love.” They sold millions of records, and Tawny became a bigger superstar than she already was."
She had so much magic, so much charisma, so sexy, so sweet, I loved her immediately, and I knew, and was right that she would be not only the first, but the ultimate video vixen. "Near the end of the shoot, I knew we didn’t have a video, and in walks Tawny Kitaen to my house, with David, and I immediately asked her if she would be in the video. I knew it would be the perfect layer.
Kitaen started out on the game show “To Tell the Truth” in 1976 and eventually migrated into movies.
She then married Angels baseball pitcher Chuck Finley, and had two daughters with him. After her video success, she married Whitesnake lead singer David Coverdale in 1989.

Jason Statham & Guy Ritchie Reteam ‘Wrath Of Man’ Leads Weekend With A- CinemaScore As Exhibition Looks Forward To Summer

Several sources tell me there's no way exhibition can or will enforce its attendees to show proof of vaccination, and therefore will opt to operate at 50%. Talks with CDC and local health authorities in LA and San Francisco remain positive, and all eyes are on June 15, when California Gavin Newsom has announced the state will be fully opened. The hope per exhibition sources is that NYC will be at 50% capacity levels by Memorial Day weekend. That said, I'm told exhibition overall isn't fretting about this loophole. For all the good news about the yellow tier moving LA theaters to 75% capacity, again, that's for those attendees who show proof of vaccinations.
That's a bit more than what Universal's gritty R-rated Bob Odenkirk shoot-'em up scored over its first weekend, with $2.5M Friday and a 3-day of $6.8M (that movie now in its 7th weekend, bound to see its domestic cume at $24.6M by Sunday off an A- CinemaScore).
Audience reaction for Wrath of Man was great, with Ritchie seeing an A-, which was better than the B+ earned by 2020's The Gentleman, which repped a return to his kinetic, flashy action British capers. That movie, also a Miramax production, was released to 2,165 theaters by STX before Covid-19 hit in late January, and opened to $10.65M.
While an $8M opening is not what we're used to in regards to opening summer, keep this in mind: We're in much better shape and on a better path than we were a year ago. While that's very good, the domestic marketplace isn't at its full exhibition power. 2 chain Regal only has 232 theaters of its 533 reopened, and three major provinces of Canada –Ontario, Manitoba, and Alberta are still closed. Currently, 63% of 5,8K theaters are operating. Over 1k theaters haven't provided targeted reopening dates, No.
Saturday AM Update: By the calendar's measure of recent box office years, it is the first weekend of summer. But because movie theaters are still closed in most of Europe and Brazil because of the pandemic, Disney decided to move Marvel's Black Widow to July 9.
Next to the meat-and-potato action movies aimed at older guys during the pandemic since last August (we're not counting videogame adaptation Mortal Kombat), Wrath of Man is set to outrank the debuts of Nobody, Unhinged ($4M), Honest Thief ($4.1M) and The Marksman ($3.1M).
There's a chance that Cineplex, which only has 27 of its 162 theaters reopened, might open more in another week or two if local ordinances give the OK. But I'm hearing there's a chance the two features which are firing up summer, Paramount's A Quiet Place II and Disney's Cruella, may not have the full power of Canada when they open over Memorial Day weekend, May 28-31. We will see.
Screen Engine/Comscore PostTrak moviegoers also rated Wrath of Man well with a 77% overall positive and a 58% definite recommend. Wrath of Man was strong in the West and Southwest. Critics weren't as high on Wrath of Man as The Gentlemen, 66% fresh to 75% certified fresh. Diversity demos were 42% Caucasian, 24% Black, 23% Hispanic, and 11% Asian/other. Guys at 60% made up the overall audience, with 71% over 25 and 45% over 35. PLF and Imax repped 34% of Friday's ticket sales.
Sony and Stage 6 Film's recent acquisition of Tiffany Haddish-Billy Crystal movie Here Today will be gone tomorrow. The studio doesn't spend much to open these titles, and this is a moderate release booked at 1,200 locations. 57% females showed up with 57% over 25. Audience make-up was 62% Caucasian, 17% Hispanic, 17% Black, & 4% Asian/other. 7 spot. Friday per industry estimates is expected to be around $255K, with a 3-day opening of $783K in the No. Sony doesn't spend on these movies with iSpot showing the pic's TV spot spend was a paltry $320K with ads that ran on 60 Minutes, Today, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, SEAL Team and Haddish's Kids Say the Darndest Things. Audience and critical reactions for this Crystal directed feature which he co-wrote with Alan Zweibel were low with a 52% Rotten Tomatoes rating and 65% overall positive from PostTrak and a 46% recommend.
The pic in its first two weeks has grossed $36.2M. Kong (which is in a window now of pure theatrical play, not on HBO Max). 2 spot is Funimatin/Aniplex's Demon Slayer which in its 3rd Friday grossed $851K, -53%, at 2,088 theaters (+183) for a 3rd weekend of $3M. The pic is also available on Disney+ Premier for the extra cost of $30. Open Road's Separation grossed $315K (-54%) in its second Friday on its way to a $1.065M weekend at 1,911 (+160) sites for a 10-day of $3.3M with Legendary's Godzilla v. Fourth place is also owned by Warner Bros. In the No. 5th place belongs to Disney's Raya and the Last Dragon which grossed $420K in its 10th Friday at 2,315 theaters (+505) with an expected weekend of $1.7M (+24%) and a running total of $43.6M. New Line/HBO Max's Mortal Kombat at 2,973 locations (-141) did $700K yesterday (-62%) in its 3rd Friday in the No. That pic's 6th Friday made $505K (-32%) at 2,705 theaters (-48) for a 3-day of $1.9M (-33%) and a $92.9M running total by EOD Sunday. 3 spot with a 3rd weekend of $2.3M (-63%).
during the pandemic with $3M (including $500K Thursday previews) and an outlook of a $8M 3-day. The good news is that we will finally have a semblance of a summer box office season, unlike last year, and United Artists Releasing is filling the vacancy left by Disney this weekend with the Miramax/MGM production of Guy Ritchie's R-rated Jason Statham action title Wrath of Man, which had a solid Friday at the B.O.
Here Today follows veteran comedy writer Charlie Burnz (Crystal), who is going through a tough time in his life. He meets New York singer Emma Payge (Haddish) and they form an unlikely yet hilarious and touching friendship that kicks the generation gap aside and redefines the meaning of love and trust.” />
Also, capacity restrictions remain in force across the nation, even in areas where the capacity limits might be at 100%. AMC reportedly is operating its whole chain at 50% levels and enforcing mask wearing, even in those communities where face coverings have been lifted.

FBI Releases Case Files On Nirvana Frontman Kurt Cobain’s Death

The letter writers’ names were redacted. The file contains letters asking the FBI to reopen its investigation into Cobain’s death, citing television documentaries and other speculative media.
Another wrote, “Millions of fans around the world would like to see the inconsistencies surrounding the death cleared up for once and for all. “There has since been evidence found that he was killed and didn’t commit suicide, as originally thought,” said one letter. It is sad to think that an injustice of this nature can be allowed in the United States.”
Rolling Stone reported that the FBI file contained production notes from the company behind Unsolved Mysteries, which featured a segment on Cobain’s death in 1997.
Cobain may have been the victim of a homicide,” said one response in the file. “However, most homicide/death investigations generally fall within the jurisdiction of state and local authorities. “We appreciate your concern that Mr. … Based on the information you provided, we are unable to identify any violation of federal law within the investigative jurisdiction of the FBI.”” />
The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released a 10-page report to “The Vault,” the FBI’s Freedom of Information Act library, on the 1994 death of Nirvana guitarist Kurt Cobain by suicide.
The FBI's response to inquiries in the documents claimed Cobain's death was not in the bureau’s jurisdiction.
Rolling Stone reported the FBI periodically makes public some of its archives. The file on Cobain was released last month without public notice beyond the posting on the website.

Amazon Studios Joins In Shunning Of HFPA Until It Revamps Diversity And Inclusion

Add Amazon Studios to the growing list of organizations that have stated they will not work with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association until it significantly revamps its diversity and inclusion initiatives.
“Like many in our industry, we’ve been waiting for today’s announcement in the hope that you would acknowledge the breadth of issues facing the HFPA and provide a clear roadmap for change,” the streamer’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos wrote in a letter Thursday to the HFPA’s Leadership Committee that Deadline has obtained.
Amid a series of stumbles and critiques since, the HFPA saw racially offensive remarks from a former president and newly minted Diversity and Inclusion advisor Dr. Shaun Harper and fixer supreme/Scandal inspiration Judy Smith both resign in frustration last month.
They may have been a bit too optimistic. In that context and under pressure from Comcast-owned NBC, which televises the Globes, the HFPA was hoping this week would be when things started to turn around.
“We have not been working with the HFPA since these issues were first raised, and like the rest of the industry, we are awaiting a sincere and significant resolution before moving forward,” said a statement from a spokesperson for Amazon Studios.
The HFPA responded to Sarandos with a statement.
“So we’re stopping any activities with your organization until more meaningful changes are made.”
The HFPA has been scrambling since it was revealed just before February 28’s semi-virtual Golden Globes that the freewheeling group had zero Black members. The correspondence from the top exec came on May 6 after around 75 of the insular HFPA’s 86 members voted for an inclusion and overhaul proposal the group’s board put forth at the beginning of this week.
While calibrated and parsed, Sarandos’ letter putting the HFPA on notice and turning off the journo-run nonprofit’s tap to one of the biggest sources of talent and content has to hit where it hurts.
His sentiments reflected those expressed by numerous Hollywood publicists, the GLAAD media organization, Time's Up and the National Assn. Earlier, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos came out against the HFPA organization. of Black Journalists.
“We know that you have many well-intentioned members who want real change — and that all of us have more work to do to create an equitable and inclusive industry,” Sarandos added in conclusion. “But Netflix and many of the talent and creators we work with cannot ignore the HFPA’s collective failure to address these crucial issues with urgency and rigor.”
“Today’s vote is an important first step,” Sarandos noted in Thursday’s letter to HFPA brass. “However, we don’t believe these proposed new policies — particularly around the size and speed of membership growth — will tackle the HFPA’s systemic diversity and inclusion challenges, or the lack of clear standards for how your members should operate.
Earlier, 100 global PR firms said publicly that they would “continue to refrain from any HFPA sanctioned events, including press conferences, unless and until these issues are illuminated in detail with a firm commitment to a timeline that respects the looming 2022 season reality.”” />
“We would love to meet with you and your team so we can review the very specific actions that are already in the works,” he added. “We hear your concerns about the changes our association needs to make and want to assure you that we are working diligently on all of them,” current HFPA president Ali Sar wrote to Sarandos later Friday. “An open dialogue would help to ensure that we are addressing these concerns as quickly as possible.” Sar then went on to challenge several of Sarandos and Netflix’s claims about the state of the organization and its reforms – Read the full HFPA response below.

Scarlett Johansson Urges “Step Back” From “Sexist” HFPA

They unite with numerous publicists, studios, and media organizations in condemning the HFPA's lackluster diversity and inclusion initiatives. Scarlett Johansson has joined the outcry against the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, adding her voice to fellow Avenger Mark Ruffalo, who spoke out on Friday.
Still silent is Disney, whose Black Widow starring Johansson is coming in July to theaters and Disney+ Premier Access.” />
Johansson's statement continues the dam breaking against HFPA, a movement that began at mid-week when Netflix's co-CEO Ted Sarandos spoke out and said the studio would not participate in HFPA events until it revamped its organizational goals. Amazon Studios, GLAAD, The Black Journalists Assn., Time's Up and many Hollywood publicists also have decried the HFPA's actions.
Unless there is necessary fundamental reform within the organization, I believe it is time that we take a step back from the HFPA and focus on the importance and strength of unity within our unions and the industry as a whole.” "The HFPA is an organization that was legitimized by the likes of Harvey Weinstein to amass momentum for Academy recognition, and the industry followed suit.
“As an actor promoting a film, one is expected to participate in awards season by attending press conferences as well as awards shows," Johansson said in her statement. It is the exact reason why I, for many years, refused to participate in their conferences. "In the past, this has often meant facing sexist questions and remarks by certain HFPA members that bordered on sexual harassment.

Friday Ratings: WWE Tops The Night, CBS Crime Lineup Misses ‘MacGyver’ Lead

Although the show had the night's largest total audience, that number was down nearly 10% from the prior week. The night-closing Blue Bloods was also affected, drawing an 0.4.
The memories were good for an 0.6, which led the night's demo wars. It was time for a throwback episode at Fox's WWE Friday Night SmackDown, as some of the league's greatest matches and rivalries were relived in a trip down the archives.
That slight hiccup didn't affect the trailing 20/20, which was humming at an 0.4 for its story on a toddler's murder. Close behind on ABC was perennial Friday winner Shark Tank, which was down a tick to 0.5 on the night.
At NBC, the Raymond Reddington saga rolls on in The Blacklist, holding steady at an 0.3 as viewers tire of the Elizabeth Keen flip-flops. Newsmag Dateline fared slightly better, scoring an 0.4 for its examination of a Michigan murder.
The CW saw a new Charmed come in at an 0.4, with the season debut of Dynasty hitting a low of 0.0 and 294k viewers.” />
That dragged down the rest of the network's lineup, as the season finale of Magnum P.I. At CBS, a rerun of Kids Say The Darndest Things took over from the departed MacGyver and drew an 0.3. scored just an 0.4 and 4.8 million viewers, both numbers taking the down elevator.

Lloyd Price Dies: Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer, Hitmaker With ‘Lawdy Miss Clawdy’ Was 88

Price followed that up with Personality, a single that earned Price his nickname for the ensuing decades, “Mr. Personality.”
Price also made an appearance as himself in an episode of the HBO series Treme.
No memorial plans or survivors have been revealed.” />
He appeared in the 1996 documentary about that fight, When We Were Kings. The singer moved to Nigeria for a decade, helming a music festival that accompanied the Muhammad Ali-George Foreman heavyweight championship there.
Price told the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that he was shocked by the success of Lawdy Miss Clawdy. The title was taken from a local disc jockey at station WBOK Radio, who would incorporate the phrase into his on-air banter.
The song was recorded by many other artists, including Elvis Presley.
I never heard nothing about a microphone. Is that you?' I said, 'I think so!' I had never heard myself. I'm hearing it every day,” Price told the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And a week or so later, the world just blew loose." “And my brother, my elder brother said, 'Ain't no other Lloyd Price in Kenner. “It was two weeks, the record (had been playing) on the radio. They keep saying (Lloyd Price).
Price was discovered at age 19 by legendary New Orleans producer and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dave Bartholomew, who was working with Specialty Records producer Art Rupe. He took Price in and soon recorded Lawdy Miss Clawdy, with Fats Domino on piano and Earl Palmer on drums. The hit sold a million copies and spent seven weeks atop Billboard's R&B charts.
To recover, Price cofounded his own label, KRC Records, and scored several more hits: Just Because, Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day?), and his 1958 rendition of the murder ballad Stagger Lee. It reached No. 1 Billboard singles chart, and was later included among Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.
That launched a recording career that saw Price score 15 top-ten R&B hits, including Personality and Stagger Lee.
Lloyd Price, who soared to the top of the charts with the 1950s hits Lawdy Miss Clawdy, Personality and Stagger Lee, died Monday in New Orleans. He was 88 and no cause was given by his manager, who confirmed the death.
In an interview that was made for his 1998 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Price said the hit helped bridge the South's racial divides.
Price was drafted in 1952 into the Korean War effort, temporarily derailing his career.
People like Charles Brown and Fats Domino really only sold to the black community. But by 10 o’clock at night, they’d all be together on that dance floor.” Before ‘Lawdy Miss Clawdy,’ white kids were not really interested in this music. “I revolutionized the South. But 10 months after I was in business, they were putting up ropes to divide the white and black spectators.

SNL Will Livestream Tonight’s Elon Musk Show Internationally On YouTube, A First

Tonight’s Saturday Night Live will be livestreamed internationally via YouTube in more than 100 countries,  including Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.
The controversial Musk is guest host for this week's SNL, where he will team with musical guest Miley Cyrus. His appearance has caused extensive online chatter, complaints from some SNL cast members, and accusations that he may hype his favorite cryptocurrency, Dogecoin, on the live broadcast.
SNL airs on NBC at 11:30 PM ET/8:30 PM Pacific. The livestream is a first for the long-running sketch comedy revue.
“‘SNL’ is a global phenomenon and this livestream marks the first time audiences around the world will experience the show simultaneously along with the US,” said Frances Berwick, chairman, entertainment networks, NBCUniversal Television and Streaming.  “It’s incredibly exciting to create this worldwide event with host Elon Musk and musical guest Miley Cyrus. We thank our international partners and YouTube for helping us make it happen.”
In the last seven days, it has risen more than 85%, no doubt fueled mostly by Musk speculators.” /> Dogecoin, by the way, is up another five percent today.

SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris Elected President Of International Federation Of Actors

You have done so much for performers in Canada and all over the world – you have made an incredible difference. I want to take a moment to recognize Ferne and her unwavering leadership. You may be stepping down as FIA President but we will not be allowed to leave us – I will be reaching out for your wisdom and support. I have known you for many years now – and you have always been inspirational and supportive.
And, together we can, we will, we must.” /> I see you – I hear you and I support you. Because I am you. I would like to leave you with this: We stand together until the end. United in purpose.
SAG-AFTRA president Gabrielle Carteris has been elected president of the International Federation of Actors – the first American to ever hold the position. She was elected by delegates attending FIA’s 22nd World Congress.
The vast amount of emerging technologies that replicate our images, voices and performances must be understood so that we can protect artists helping them to thrive and not barely survive.
Carteris was first elected president of SAG-AFTRA in April of 2016, and previously served as its executive vice president from 2013 to 2016. She is the chair of the union’s National TV/Theatrical contracts negotiating committee and leads the President’s Task Force on Education, Outreach and Engagement.
Carteris succeeds Canadian actress Ferne Downey, who had been its president since 2012. Founded in 1952, FIA represents performers’ trade unions, guilds, and professional associations in some 65 countries whose members work in all recorded media and live theatre.
As FIA president I am committed to seeing this through. Our image rights must be established. Technology is expanding in ways that we must face, embrace and help direct. That is why we are here and reaching out to each other – we recognize that we work for the same employers – that we live in a world where support of unions has grown among our citizens and at the same time governments all over the world are looking to break us down – to weaken our collective voice. So- when Dominick speaks of the ongoing work to ratify the Beijing Treaty and ensure it’s strength moving forward — we must lean in and do everything we can to make that a reality. As artists, who we are is our only product – our work – our images – must be protected. Intellectual Property rights must be defended.
What I have learned from this body has been elevating — it always is — Your commitment as leaders – your innovation and desire to make artists lives richer – It is empowering.
I also want to say to the Members of the FIA Presidium and Executive – I have worked with many of you for quite awhile. Some of you are newly elected — welcome! Some of you are moving on – thank you for your service – you will be missed. I look forward to working together.
And with all this we must not lose sight of the protections our members need when working on stage, in studios and on sets – whether it is fighting sexual harassment, assault, bullying or discrimination – in truth we have just begun the real journey to end the systemic issues that have plagued our members throughout every country and union. That is exciting – because if this is how we begin – imagine where we can go?
And of course, I want to thank my colleagues in SAG-AFTRA – my fellow elected leaders Executive Vice President Rebecca Damon and Secretary-Treasurer Camryn Manheim and our staff leadership – especially David White, Duncan Crabtree-Ireland,Ray Rodriguez, John McGuire and Pamela Greenwalt – your commitment to our members, to live performance, entertainment and media professionals everywhere – to labor as a whole…I could never be more proud – your support means the world to me. With the support of – as Ferne likes to say – the Mighty Secretariat — expertly led by Dominick -and his partnership with Durhbal and Anouk – this organization has grown and empowered hundreds of thousands of working people across the globe. Be proud.
Here are Carteris' remarks to the FIA Congress:
I am grateful to Ferne Downey for her leadership as president over the past nine years, and look forward to working with my colleagues across FIA in the years ahead.” “It is my profound honor to be elected president of the International Federation of Actors,” Carteris said. FIA has worked tirelessly to make stages, sets and studios more diverse and equitable, in addition to creating a culture of respect and accountability in the entertainment, media and performing arts industry that transcends international boundaries. “For nearly seventy years, FIA has been a leader and fighter for actors around the world.
as a global federation that is the mission and first principle of FIA — to ensure that unity, solidarity, and workers’ rights live, breathe and thrive across all borders. To be treated with respect and dignity. To have a place where we belong. Our world is smaller now than ever No matter where in the world FIA members live, no matter the politics we espouse, no matter our gender, age, or background, it is clear — we all share the same fundamental desires: To be seen and heard.
This has been an amazing congress – we started off by longing to be together and though we are not in the same space so much incredibly great work was established. I want to thank you all for your support – I am humbled by this body and honored to serve as your FIA President.
The collaboration this pandemic has ignited within our industry has highlighted how much better we can be when we are truly aligned. Even with the challenges we are facing, I am hopeful. I am hopeful because with these challenges there are great opportunities. The information sharing, the problem solving, only highlights the most significant truth – we cannot do it alone.
It’s clear that Gabrielle has a deep-rooted commitment to protecting each and every worker in our industry, and I’m so proud and grateful to welcome her as FIA president.” “We must continue our critical work to expand the protections of collective bargaining, and make the entertainment industry more inclusive, supportive, and safe for workers all over the world. “Gabrielle has spent her entire career in the entertainment industry, whether as an actor herself or standing up for workers in her role as SAG-AFTRA president, and I’m confident she will be a fantastic president of the International Federation of Actors,” said FIA general secretary Dominick Luquer.
She also serves as a vice president of AFL-CIO’s executive council, where she co-leads a sexual harassment workgroup, and is a commissioner of the Industrywide Commission on Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality in the Workplace. She is also a sector lead for the AFL-CIO’s Future of Work Commission; sits on the Board of Trustees of the Solidarity Center, the AFL-CIO’s global organizing and workers’ rights action group; and is the founding ambassador of ReFrame, an initiative that seeks to mitigate bias during the creative decision-making and hiring process.
What we will need to do regarding mental health support for not only our members but for us as leaders – that will need to be discussed and worked on. The first to close and unfortunately among the last to reopen – Rebuilding that vibrant and dynamic global live performance industry is a must. There has been incredible devastation for all of us this last year – particularly for live performance. We have spoken a great deal about the pandemic and its effect on our work – and though we are moving through this time I imagine we will be dealing with the repercussions for years to come.

Illumination Boss Chris Meledandri Nominated To Join Nintendo Board Of Directors

Sing 2, voiced by Bono from U2, Pharrell Williams, Halsey, Letitia Wright, Bobby Cannavale, Chelsea Peretti, Eric Andre, Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Tori Kell, Taron Egerton and Nick Kroll, will hit theaters via Universal on December 22.
Seuss’ The Lorax were the second and ninth most watched films on the streamer, respectively. Seuss’ The Grinch  and Dr. Minions is the fourth highest-grossing animated pic worldwide with $1.159 billion, while Despicable Me 2 was nominated for two Oscars including Best Animated Feature in 2014. The long-anticipated next installment of the series, Minions: The Rise of Gru, will open theatrically on July 1, 2022. In 2020, Illumination’s Despicable Me was reportedly the most watched film on Netflix, and Illumination’s Dr.
The animation studio and the world's leading video game company are currently teaming on the anticipated upcoming Super Mario Bros. Chris Meledandri, founder and CEO of Illumination, has been nominated to join Nintendo as an Outside Director. feature film.
"Our current group of Outside Directors consists of experts such as lawyers and accountants, and as members of the Audit and Supervisory Committee, they contribute to enriching the audit and supervisory system of our company through their broad insight into our corporate management. Meledandri is expected to be nominated as an Outside Director who will not serve as a member of the Audit and Supervisory Committee," the report continued. However, Mr.
"We would like to nominate him as a new Outside Director with the expectation that he will appropriately supervise our companyʼs management from an objective perspective, while providing valuable advice to our organization, based on his broad experience and insight gained as a leader in the field of entertainment," read the Nintendo report.
Nintendo reported that its year-on-year operating profit surged 82% to $5.9 billion, with net sales of $16.1 billion up 34.4%.” />
Illumination’s canon also includes 2011’s Hop, 2012’s Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch and 2019’s The Secret Life of Pets 2, all of which have grossed $6.7B worldwide. Seuss’ The Lorax, 2016’s The Secret Life of Pets and Sing, 2018’s Dr.
He became the founding president of 20th Century Fox Animation, where he created the Ice Age franchise. Prior to Illumination, Meledandri was a senior executive at 20th Century Fox.
Meledandri is responsible for two out of the three highest-grossing franchises worldwide: Despicable Me ($3.7 billion in worldwide box office across four movies) and Ice Age ($3.2 billion across five movies).
Nintendo recently made the announcement in their fiscal year-end March 2021 report, and plans to name Meledandri as Outside Director at the video game company's 81st annual general meeting of shareholders in June.

Noel Clarke’s Former Agent Gary O’Sullivan Dropped By UK Management Firm 42

The actor has strenuously denied all claims of sexual misconduct against him.” />
His hire by 42 was seen as a coup. The veteran rep was an agent and partner at Troika for 13 years and previously worked in casting with well-known UK casting directors John and Ros Hubbard, whom he also represents.
Noel Clarke's former agent Gary O'Sullivan has been abruptly let go from UK management firm 42.
Clarke played Mickey Smith in the drama from 2005-2010. The fallout from the initial exposé continues apace. Today, the paper published new allegations from several women about alleged sexual misconduct by Clarke on the set of flagship BBC show Doctor Who.
A spokesperson for the company confirmed: "Gary O’Sullivan is no longer employed by 42 M&P.”  
He brought with him clients including Cannes Best Actress winner Emily Beecham, BAFTA and Olivier winner Clarke, Golden Globe nominee Colm Meaney, BAFTA winner Rebecca Front, BAFTA-nominated Nikki Amuka-Bird, Sarah Bolger, Tom Felton, Ulrich Thomsen, Cannes Best Actress winner Jodhi May, Elyes Gabel and Mark Stanley.
The company split with Clarke in recent weeks in light of a Guardian exposé alleging multiple instances of misconduct by the Brit actor. Now, Clarke's longtime rep has also been shown the door.
The BBC has said it is "shocked" to hear the allegations and will investigate any claims made to the broadcaster.
O'Sullivan only joined the firm last year from Troika. The exact reason for the termination has not been disclosed.

Justin Hartley, Angourie Rice,Zoë Chao, Sam Richardson, Others Join Rebel Wilson In Paramount Players’ ‘Senior Year’

She is repped by ICM Partners Atlas Artists and Ziffren Brittenham. Holland's was most recently seen in Hulu's Happiest Season.
She is repped by CAA, B Company and James Adams Schreck Rose Dapello Adams. Chao was most recently in HBO Max series Love Life as Anna Kendrick's best friend.
He is repped by CAA. On the film side, his recent credits include The Hunt, Jexi and Little. Hartley is best known as one of the big three on NBC's hit drama series This Is Us.
The story follows a cheerleader who wakes up after a 20-year coma and returns to high school to try to regain her status and claim the prom queen crown that eluded her. Jeremy Stein and Jake Wagner are exec producing.
Wilson also is producing along with Todd Garner and Chris Bender. EXCLUSIVE: Justin Hartley, Angourie Rice, Sam Richardson, Zoë Chao, Mary Holland and Chris Parnell are set to join Rebel Wilson in the high school comedy Senior Year, with Alex Hardcastle on board to direct. Brandon Scott Jones is writing the script based on a spec from Andrew Knauer and Arthur Pielli.
She also returns as Betty Bryant in Sony and Marvel's Spider-Man: No Way Home. Rice appears the hit HBO series Mare of Easttown as Kate Winslet's daughter. She is repped by Catherine Poulton Management and WME.
He is repped by UTA and Artist First. Richardson is best known for his role on Veep and next can be seen in Amazon's The Tomorrow War.
He is repped by Rise Management and UTA.” /> Parnell can be seen next in 20th Century's Home Alone reboot.
Paramount Players has committed to creating hit genre films from unique, contemporary voices and properties and with Paramount Pictures tapping former Fox exec Jeremy Kramer to oversee the studio last year, development has begun to ramp up since the top of the year.

UTA Signs ‘Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’ Star Chance Perdomo

Other credits include Midsomer Murders, Hetty Feather, and Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators.” />
EXCLUSIVE: UTA has signed actor Chance Perdomo, best known for his role as Ambrose Spellman in the Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina as well as the BBC drama Killed By My Debt, which earned him a BAFTA TV Award nomination for best leading actor.
Perdomo, who continues to be repped by Identity Agency Group, recently joined the After film franchise as Landon in the forthcoming sequels After We Fell and After Ever Happy. The YA drama is based on Anna Todd’s book series of the same name.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Sarah Drew Talks Returning For Jesse Williams’ Exit, Jackson Avery & April Kepner’s “Beautiful” Future

During a press conference on Friday, Drew reflected on her return to the long-running ABC medical drama and spoke about what Thursday's episode meant for her character, "Japril" and the series as a whole.
"What's beautiful about it is that her best friend, her person, has discovered that real, true calling that he is now embarking on, becoming and living into. I think whether they wind up romantically attached in the future, just the reality of these two humans who care so much about each other living in true purpose and true calling – I think that's happiness," Drew, who plays Dr. April Kepner, told Deadline.
In the latest episode, titled "Look Up Child," William's Dr. Jackson Avery decided he wants to helm the Avery Foundation in Boston to promote more racial, social and economic equity in healthcare, amid the Black Lives Matter movement and the Covid-19 pandemic. Drew said that while Jackson's final arc leaves the door open for "Japril" to potentially reunite as a couple, it leaves room for a different kind of happiness and fulfillment. Helping him come to his decision, was Drew's April who agreed move to move her life, and daughter Harriet's, to the East Coast.
With April setting her eyes on a new life in Boston, Drew shared that she will not appear in the upcoming Grey's episode, titled "Tradition," which will see Jackson officially turn in his papers at Grey Sloan Memorial.” />
What you experience in that episode while they're both talking about the things they're passionate about is that she has found her true calling and she's living her true calling," Drew told Deadline of April's working to serve homeless people. in a lot of ways she's extremely fulfilled and living into her calling."' "She's happy and she's excited to make these changes for people who really need it, for people she can really help. "Happiness isn't tied to a romantic relationship, right?
While Grey's Anatomy will lose one of it own with Jesse Williams' bittersweet exit, Sarah Drew said that the two lovers-turned-exes have a "beautiful" future in Boston ahead of them.

HFPA Reforms Slammed As “Window-Dressing Platitudes” By Time’s Up; PR Gurus Push For Haste

"We have specific concerns about the timeline for change as the traditional 2022 awards calendar approaches, lest we face another Golden Globes awards cycle and show under the existing problematic HFPA structure," the PR letter stated, taking direct aim at the marquee elements of the HFPA's proposed reform.
We stand ready to collaborate with the HFPA to ensure that the next Golden Globes – be it in 2022 or 2023 – represents the values of our creative community. We will continue to refrain from any HFPA sanctioned events, including press conferences, unless and until these issues are illuminated in detail with a firm commitment to a timeline that respects the looming 2022 season reality.
Having been pushing and cajoling the organization to let in more members and sunshine, so to speak, the Comcast-owned NBC said they “remain committed to encouraging the plan's prompt implementation through productive conversations so that the HFPA can emerge a better and more inclusive organization.” Still, long time Globes broadcaster NBC today came out once again to back the HFPA’s reforms.
“Yet what we have seen from the HFPA falls far short of what is required to transform the organization,” the advocacy group said. “Our community of vibrant creatives across all racial, ethnic, and gender backgrounds deserve better.”
“Any organization or sponsors that set themselves up to pass judgment on our vibrant community of creators and talent must do better,” Tchen added (read the full Time's Up statement below). “The window-dressing platitudes adopted yesterday are neither the transformation that was promised nor what our creative community deserves,” Time’s Up president Tina Tchen said Friday after a meeting with Hollywood public relations firms and Color of Change.
NBC and dick clark productions may be on board with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s latest attempts at reform and inclusion, but Time’s Up and Tinseltown’s top PR gurus are clearly not drinking the Kool-Aid.
Keeping Goeckner in place, as seems to be the plan right now, pretty much renders any new executive hires and hierarchy DOA. The former MPA head in-house lawyer has been at the HFPA for several years and is seen as the real power in the place by many in the know. Holding almost all the keys to all the cabinets and skeleton closets of the HFPA, both those positions are currently held by George Goeckner.
The vote also means the HFPA can begin to look for new members, with the aim to add 20 over the next year and increase the group’s total membership by 50% in the next two years. The current membership overwhelmingly passed the recommendations, which along with the exec search to create a "professional management staff" include setting up a hotline to report conduct violations. On Monday, the HFPA put forth its latest plan for inclusion and reform after months of criticism that began after a Los Angeles Times investigative report revealed that the nonprofit hasn't had a Black member for 20 years.
Unless the Globes are to be delayed until 2023, the vetting and approval of all plan specifics and implementation guidelines, along with the seating of a new Board under new bylaws, must be accomplished without delay. This requires an explanation of the process to welcome non-HFPA members to serve on the Board and a full understanding of the drafting, oversight and vetting process of new bylaws.
May 6 was the day the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) said the Golden Globes would detail its commitment to transformational change and would finally uproot the systemic and longstanding racism, misogyny, and corruption widely reported as endemic to the HFPA and the Golden Globe Awards.
In that context, you may have noticed that the PR gurus' statement singled out the jobs of General Counsel and COO are not being on the HFPA’s hiring list.
Seventy-eight years hence, your commitment to swift and deliberate action remains essential.” /> We are reminded of the HFPA’s 1943 motto, conceived by the original group of foreign journalists: “Unity Without Discrimination of Religion or Race”.
In an open letter accompanying the statement, Time’s Up made its point with more blunt force.
Similarly, membership goals and representation must be achieved more swiftly, so that new members do not remain in the minority for another year.
Sadly, the list of ‘reforms’ adopted yesterday, and endorsed by NBCUniversal and Dick Clark Productions, are sorely lacking and hardly transformational. Instead, these measures ensure that the current membership of the HFPA will remain in the majority and that the next Golden Globe Awards will be decided with the same fundamental problems that have existed for years.
Of course, holding on to the influential and lucrative Globes, even at a $60 million a year price tag, is also something NBC remains committed to.
The HFPA said it also will change the way money changes hands internally, hold members accountable and limit board terms.
The proposed September 1st deadline for hiring a Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer with no mention of a deadline for hiring the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer and Chief Financial Officer makes it impossible for necessary changes to happen in time to impact the 2022 Golden Globes cycle. In addition there has been no mention of the status of the HFPA’s General Counsel nor of the obvious need for a Chief Operating Officer. Lastly and more historically evidentiary, talent and content creators of color will not get a fair chance under this timeline. We have specific concerns about the timeline for change as the traditional 2022 awards calendar approaches, lest we face another Golden Globes awards cycle and show under the existing problematic HFPA structure.
"The proposed September 1st deadline for hiring a Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer with no mention of a deadline for hiring the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer and Chief Financial Officer makes it impossible for necessary changes to happen in time to impact the 2022 Golden Globes cycle," they wrote. "In addition there has been no mention of the status of the HFPA’s General Counsel nor of the obvious need for a Chief Operating Officer. Lastly and more historically evidentiary, talent and content creators of color will not get a fair chance under this timeline."
We acknowledge the HFPA for defining the five foundational pillars – Accountability, Membership, Inclusion, Good Governance/Ethics and Transparency – it must examine, interrogate and reform in order for the HFPA to manifest the transformative change necessary to thrive as an ethical, credible and respected institution in our industry.
Read Tchen's statement and the PR firms' full letter below.
The window-dressing platitudes adopted yesterday are neither the transformation that was promised nor what our creative community deserves. Any organization or sponsors that set themselves up to pass judgment on our vibrant community of creators and talent must do better.
Tchen's full statement:
There must be transparency about all recruitment processes and hiring decisions and the onboarding of these vital individuals must be completed well before the next HFPA season begins.
Further alterations to the HFPA's bylaws require more balloting net month and in July, due to California law. The statement and the letter come one day after a majority of the HFPA's membership backed a wide-ranging proposal for at least the semblance of change from the Golden Globes group's board.
As Time's Up made their statements, more than 100 global PR firms today reiterated their concerns about the state of the HFPA, spotlighting a timeline that they see destined to fail. Such an outcome could see the 2022 Golden Globes at least paused, if not axed, the publicists note.
Even more striking is the complete silence from the HFPA about reforms to the deeply-troubled nominations and awards process. This includes the absence of any commitment to ensure that the Golden Globe awards and categories are free from discriminatory criteria, that the practice of unprofessional, exclusive press conferences will end, or that voting members will perform the basic function of watching the nominated projects.
The HFPA’s proposed September 1 deadline for some — but not all — reforms comes well after the next award cycle will have started. The HFPA’s list of recommendations largely contains no specifics, no commitments to real accountability or change, and no real timeline to implement these changes. And even its proposal to increase membership by 50% comes with no commitments that the decisions to admit new members will be made in an equitable and inclusive manner with full transparency and oversight.
Here's the PR firms' letter: