Elon Musk On His Mars Landing Efforts: “A Bunch Of People Will Probably Die”

Musk has predicted a Mars landing by humans by 2026, with an eye toward a city of 1 million on the Red Planet.” /> Musk’s Space X has launched more than 100 rockets over the past decade. Several have ended up exploding or otherwise crashing.
“Honestly, a bunch of people will probably die in the beginning,” he added, but insisted it would also be “a glorious adventure and it will be an amazing experience.”
Musk made his prediction in an interview with Peter Diamandis, the founder and chairman of the X Prize Foundation for scientific discovery.
“You might die, it’s going to be uncomfortable and probably won’t have good food,” Musk said, adding that it will be an “arduous and dangerous journey where you may not come back alive.”
“Volunteers only!” It’s “not for everyone,” he said.
Elon Musk is hosting Saturday Night Live in May. But no one is laughing at his latest statement.

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