Emma Stone’s Naughty ‘Trains, Planes And Automobiles’ Monologue Wins Steve Martin Seal Of Approval

Emma Stone is a huge fan of the 1987 John Hughes comedy, Planes, Trains and Automobiles. in a wonderfully tasteful television moment. So much so that she memorized a vulgar and exasperated monologue by the film's costar, Steve Martin, reciting it during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
The Stone recitation of that monologue is a bit paint-peeling, so viewer discretion is advised on the video roll. But Stone's efforts were acknowledge by its originator in a recent tweet, as seen below
The film depicts the three-day odyssey of Martin and John Candy as they try to get home to Chicago in time for Thanksgiving. Known as "the rental car scene," the original film's monologue has Martin's character, Neal Page, taking out his frustrations on a clerk. Along the way, everything goes wrong, and hilarity ensues.
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