‘How I Met Your Mother’ Co-Creator Carter Bays Wants To Edit, “Remove Certain Stuff” From Comedy Series Upon Rewatch

More than seven years after How I Met Your Mother came to an end in 2014, co-creator Carter Bays wishes he could change some aspects of the hit comedy series.
Bays, who's rewatching the comedy, documented his binging experience on Twitter, where he shared that he'd like to make a few modifications of his own.
Bays wrapped up season three and said that he'd keep his commentary on the comedy to a minimum but questioned, "how am I only 1/3 fo the way through this thing??"
https://twitter.com/CarterBays/status/1400871638434861057″ />
An official spinoff, How I Met Your Father, is in the works at Hulu with Hilary Duff set to star. He also shared that he'd like to spinoff William Forte's "Rebound Bro," noting that the "hardest laughs so far" were anytime Forte's character, Randy, came on-screen. The series comes from Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger.
See Bays' tweet below.
"There's so much of it," he tweeted.
"I won't go into specifics but I'll just say I would love to go into an edit room and go George Lucas on this thing and remove certain stuff I really wish wasn't in there and I bet nobody would miss," Bays tweeted on Friday.

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