Joe Biden, At Press Conference, Predicts Democrats Will Win Virginia Governor’s Race

It is going to get down to turnout."” /> And it is tight. "This is going to be a tight race. "This is going to be what we all knew from the beginning," Biden said of Virginia.
Much of the media attention for the off-year elections on Tuesday are focusing on the Virginia race, even as New Jersey has an election for its statehouse, along with mayoral elections in New York and significant ballot initiatives in Minneapolis and other cities.
"I have not seen any evidence that whether I am doing well or poorly, whether I have got my agenda passed or not, is going to have any real impact on winning or losing."
History is also not on Democrats' side: NBC News' Steve Kornacki noted that the party that controls the White House has lost Virginia's off-year race all but one times over the past 40 years. McAuliffe, who served as Virginia's governor from 2014 to 2018, is facing Republican business Glenn Youngkin. Polls show that they are neck and neck or that Youngkin has a slight edge.
"I think we're going to win in Virginia," Biden said.
The major cable news networks carried the press conference, and it also was broadcast on ABC, NBC and The Weather Channel.
President Joe Biden, at press conference in Glasgow, Scotland before his departure from the UN Climate Summit, predicted that Terry McAuliffe would win the Virginia's governor's race, but that the results would be close.
"Even if we passed my agenda, I wouldn’t claim we won because Biden's agenda passed," Biden said.
"The off year is always unpredictable, especially when we don’t have a general election going on at the same time," said Biden, as he noted that he would be landing back in D.C. at 1 AM ET and it may not be until then until they have the final results.
Biden also cautioned against reading too much into the impact that the protracted negotiations over his economic and social agenda on Capitol Hill has had on the Virginia race, i.e. feeding perceptions that the party in power is ineffective.
It was one of the few formal press conferences that he has had, although he has often taken questions from reporters after making a statement at the White House or before boarding Marine One on the south lawn. The press conference came after Biden's participation in the climate conference.

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