Joe Biden Nominates Comcast’s David L. Cohen As Ambassador To Canada

President Joe Biden nominated longtime Comcast executive David L. Cohen as his next ambassador to Canada.
The ambassadorial nominations are awaiting Senate confirmation.
Cohen's portfolio also included areas such as corporate communications, legal affairs, government and regulatory affairs and public affairs, and he served as the company's first chief diversity officer. He previously was chief of staff to Ed Rendell when he was mayor of Philadelphia. spokesperson for Comcast as it lobbied and sought government approval for various mergers, including the company's acquisition of NBC Universal and an effort to purchase Time Warner Cable, which was abandoned amid regulatory opposition. Before his current post, Cohen was senior executive vice president at Comcast, serving as a key D.C.
Earlier this month, Biden nominated Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to a posting in India.
The senior adviser to Comcast CEO Brian Roberts backed Biden early in the presidential race, as he co-hosted the presidential candidate at his home for the campaign's kickoff fundraiser in April, 2019. Cohen's selection was long expected.
Also tapped for an ambassadorship were Victoria Reggie Kennedy, the widow of Edward Kennedy, who was nominated for a posting in Austria, and attorney Jamie Harpootlian, for a posting in Slovenia.
Hartley is a former ambassador to France and a former cable and broadcast executive. Biden already has selected nominees for some of the most highly prized ambassadorial postings that have traditionally gone to campaign donors and supporters. Earlier this month, he nominated Denise Bauer, a former ambassador to Belgium, for a posting in France and Monoco, while a number of outlets reported that he will nominate Jane Hartley for the UK. Another prominent Los Angeles figure, physician and UCLA professor Cynthia Telles, was nominated to be ambassador to Costa Rica.” />

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