Los Angeles Firefighters File Lawsuit Over Vaxx Mandate, Follow Police Lead In Opposition

The group filed on behalf of the Firefighters 4 Freedom Foundation, a nonprofit representing 529 department members. The firefighters lawsuit claims the mandate violates employees’ constitutionally protected autonomous privacy rights.
Los Angeles firefighters filed a lawsuit Friday against the city over its mandate that all employees must receive the Covid-19 vaccination.
The plaintiffs in the case are “pawns in a political chess match, ordered by thirteen politicians on the Los Angeles City Council to inject themselves with an experimental vaccine — over their objections — or lose their jobs,” the lawsuit states.
The 500 firefighters who are signatories to the Superior Court suit arrive after a similar action by the Los Angeles police.
City Council passed a mandate requiring city employees to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 by early October. The firefighters seek a temporary restraining order on the mandate until a hearing and further order of the court is in place, claiming the city doesn't have the right to force compliance.” /> The L.A.

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