Los Angeles Officials “Hopeful That We Will Be Able To Lift The Mask Mandate,” If Progress Continues

She quickly qualified that statement by saying it assumes Covid numbers continue to fall and that there is no new, more powerful variant of the virus. "With lower transmission and with more people vaccinated we are hopeful that we will be able to lift the mask mandate in settings where there is a large gathering and we know people are vaccinated," County Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer said at a Board of Supervisors meeting.
Supervisor Holly Mitchell, whose 2nd District stretches from Culver City to Compton, followed up by noting that the rates of infections "has not lifted equally."
“You’re absolutely right, it's an average," she explained of the 7 day average rate of infections. "And it’s driven by the fact that there is so much testing going on at our schools," where there is less infection, generally. Ferrer agreed.
Ferrer gave no hint of a timeline for lifting the county's public health officer order mandating masks in movie theaters, large events and restaurants.
Los Angeles County reported 964 new cases on Tuesday 35 new Covid-related deaths. The county's daily report noted that, this week, the number of infected patients in hospitals fell below 800 for the first time in months.” />
For the first time on Tuesday, Los Angeles County's top public health official publicly entertained at length the possibility of lifting the region's mask mandate, at least in part.
"Those pockets are located in communities where there are lower vaccination rates." "We have pockets where transmission is still a concern," continued Ferrer.
"I do see that lower transmission and more people vaccinated, we’re going to be in a different space." "When we introduced the mask mandate in June," she continued, "it was related to a higher rate of transmission." Logically, said Ferrer, a corresponding fall in rates should prompt consideration of the lifting of that mandate.
Given that, and given the county's experience with the 2020 winter surge she said, "We do have to stay very focused on getting unvaccinated people their doses."
She did however say,"As Halloween approaches and Thanksgiving and the holiday season approaches, we hope that we can plan for gatherings and maybe even travel."

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