Man Wore Body Armor, Confronted Officers In Sunset Boulevard Fatal Shooting

The man, who has not been identified, started the incident when the police were responding to another call with lights and siren. The man pulled his car in front of them and stopped suddenly, then reversed his vehicle into the patrol car, the Los Angeles Police Department tweeted Saturday night.
LAPD confirmed the shooting but had no details on what happened or possible injuries.
UPDATED: On Saturday afternoon, officers from the Los Angeles Police Department were involved in a fatal shooting, which left one person dead.
The scene also showed a black vehicle in contact with a Los Angeles Police Department vehicle. The LAPD unit had a damaged driver's side window.
Deadline will update the story as it develops.
“He moved toward the officers who had exited their patrol car. “The driver of the car exited, was wearing body armor, & had his right hand concealed behind him,” the tweet said. He counted “3, 2, 1" & began to move his arm to the front of his body, at which time there was an OIS [officer-involved shooting].”
Police responded with gun fire and the man was pronounced dead at the scene. The officers were wearing body cameras, said Officer Mike Lopez of the Los Angeles Police Department.
UPDATE, SUNDAY AM: The police shooting Saturday afternoon on Sunset Boulevard near Fairfax involved a man wearing body armor, authorities said.
No further details have been provided at this time. According to Officer Rosario Cervantes of the LAPD's Media Relations Section, the incident occurred at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue, at 2:37 p.m.
EARLIER: One of Hollywood's major thoroughfares was shut down on Saturday afternoon in both directions after a police shooting.
Police were swarming the scene. A news chopper from NBC-TV was over the scene at Sunset and Fairfax and appeared to show a body with blood on the street.
The news of the shooting comes on the heels of a major traffic shutdown on Sunset Blvd. earlier today.
Hollywood is busy today with several demonstrations going on for the 106th anniversary of the Armenian genoide.
The car the man was driving was covered in decals spelling out messages such as “New world order,” “Women Rule” and “Cancel all Bibles,” along with the numbers 333 and 666, according to video from KTLA-TV.
City News Service contributed to this report.” />

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