New Hollywood Podcast: Ziwe Brings Comfort And Humor To Uncomfortable Conversations With New Showtime Series

Listen to the episode below.” /> Fumudoh talked to us about what we can expect from her new variety series, dream guests and her obsession with docuseries and documentaries. Ziwe debuted on Showtime May 9 and will air every Sunday.
She serves hard truths — but with a smile. Fumudoh joined us on Deadline's New Hollywood Podcast this week to talk about her journey to Ziwe — and also to let everyone know that she isn't about trapping people to answer uncomfortable questions with malicious intent. In fact Fumudoh is full of joy and humor and it shows with her new series that includes musical numbers, guest stars, sketches, and fake commercials. If we're being honest, it makes these tough conversations a little easier. And yes, she does have her signature interviews, but these are conversations that need to be had — whether they are about race, gender or any hot button topic that people tend to ignore.
With her Instagram Live and YouTube talk series Baited, writer and comedian Ziwe Fumudoh didn't shy away from having uncomfortable conversations of hard truths with people like Caroline Calloway, Alison Roman, Jeremy O, Alyssa Milano and many, many others. Fast forward to 2021, and Fumudoh has now expanded what she launched with her own late-night variety series on Showtime appropriately titled: Ziwe.

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