Piers Morgan Slams Sharon Osbourne Treatment By CBS, Claims They Caved To Cancel Culture

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"It's about a far bigger issue than one delusional Duchess, and that's everyone's right to be free to express our honestly held opinions, forcefully and passionately if we feel like it." Markle," he wrote. "What’s happened to Sharon and me in the past fortnight isn’t really about Ms.
Morgan said he isn't a "victim" or "canceled."

In his earlier tweet on Saturday, Morgan defended Osbourne against CBS.
"But if our rights to free speech are denied, then democracy as we know it will die," he said. "It's time to cancel the cancel culture before it kills our culture."
Her defense led to her own departure from her US show. Today, he issued a long, scathing newspaper column that focused on his departure from Good Morning Britain and the ensuing controversy when Osbourne defended him.
Piers Morgan has fired back on Sharon Osbourne's Friday departure from The Talk related to her defense of his opinions .
"Sadly, this is where we've now arrived in society: the truth can be whatever someone decides it is, so Meghan Markle must be believed because it's 'her truth'. And if you don't believe her, you're a racist."
Writing for the first time since leaving the Good Morning Britain show over criticism of Megan Markle's comments in her infamous Oprah interview, Morgan today lashed out in the Daily Mail UK against the "woke brigade."
On Saturday, the British media pundit tweeted his support for his embattled friend, saying she was a victim of "cancel culture."
He added: "It's outrageous, but what's happened to Sharon and me in the past fortnight isn't really about Ms Markle. She's just one of many whiny, privileged, hypocritical celebrities who now cynically exploit victimhood to suppress free speech, value their own version of the truth above the actual truth, and seek to cancel anyone that deviates from their woke world view or who dares to challenge the veracity of their inflammatory statements.

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