‘Relative Unknown’: Wild True Story Of Hell’s Angels, Murder & Witness Protection Set As Podcast Series From C13Originals

“Her courage to tell her story has inspired all of us, and we’re honored to help Jackee finally bring it to light.” “Jackee’s story is mind-blowing,” said Zak Levitt, EVP of Production, C13 Originals.
The ten-episode series follows her journey from innocent seven-year-old in witness protection to determined adult ready to speak out.
It tells the story of Jackee Taylor, who was born Jacqueline Crouch, the daughter of Clarence “Butch” Crouch, a member of the Banditos motorcycle gang in Texas in the 1960s who became a Hell’s Angel and subsequently confessed to an unsolved murder.
The Entercom-owned company, which is behind podcast series including Root of Evil, Once Upon A Time In The Valley and Long May The Run, is launching Relative Unknown on August 11.
EXCLUSIVE: C13Originals is launching a new podcast that tells the true story of a Hell’s Angel member, murder and the impact it had on his family who went into witness protection.
Taylor has been hidden in the program for almost 40 years. Hers is a twisted tale of darkness, murder, mystery, tragedy, and resilience, which traverses the country, and lands in the most violent era of one of the country’s most violent cities—1970s Cleveland. But after a strange and violent incident reveals secrets about her past, she begins a journey to find out the truth about herself, and her family. Taylor can’t move forward unless she reconciles with his past, and she’s finally telling this story in the hopes that others don’t have to live kind of life that she has.
“This series exposes audiences to the secretive and dangerous world that quietly exists around all of us.”” /> “People in the Witness Protection Program rarely go public, and never has there been a character as compelling as Jackee,” said Rumur Inc’s David Beilinson.
It is exec produced by Chris Corcoran, Zak Levitt, David Beilinson, Michael Galinsky and Suki Hawley, written, directed, produced and edited by Zak Levitt, produced and edited by Perry Crowell, mixed and mastered by Bill Schultz, production support by Ian Mandt and Lloyd Lochridge with field recording by Rich Boerner, Michael Galinsky, Perry Crowell and Connor Waddingham. Relative Unknown is produced by C13Originals, in partnership with Rumur Inc.
In exchange for a reduced sentence, he agreed to testify against a number of gang members and his family was placed into WITSEC.
“Our team has done a tremendous job telling this story.” “Similar to how we approached the critically acclaimed series Root of Evil, telling a compelling story like this directly from the family brings such a unique and powerful point of view,” said Chris Corcoran, Chief Content Officer, Cadence13.

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