SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher Supports Build Back Better Bill: “There Is Too Much Poverty Everywhere”

The proposed bill, which started out as a $3.5 trillion plan, has been slashed in half as Biden tries to find a compromise acceptable to both moderates and progressives Democrats in the House and Senate. The current bill would provide billions for clean energy, affordable housing, Medicare expansion, job training, extension of Obamacare, home care for older and disabled Americans, immigration reform, universal preschool abd free school meals.” />

With President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better legislation still pending in Congress, SAG-AFTRA tonight released a statement from its president, Fran Drescher, saying that she supports the bill.
“Who are we if not a nation that offers a helping hand to our fellow Americans in need? Healthcare is always a priority, and this bill will expand access and reduce premiums. We are proud to support this important bill." "There is too much poverty everywhere,” she said. I’m really supportive of the Build Back Better bill, because it's time we get people back on their feet. Build Back Better will greatly improve the lives of so many.

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