‘Schitt’s Creek’ Motel Now On Sale For $1.6M – But There’s A Catch

Before fame and the sitcom struck, the structure was used as housing for Canadian basketball recruits. The real building is actually named the Hockley Motel, located in Mono, Ontario, about 50 miles northwest of downtown Toronto.
The motel found new life in 2014 with the advent of Schitt's Creek, and fans still flock to the site for selfies, thanks to the show's second life on Netflix.
He said he would welcome the next owner making the place into a Schitt's Creek-themed motel. Current owner Jesse Tipping bought the place in 2012 for $820,000.
It's priced to sell at $1.6 million US. The Rosebud Motel, which appeared in every episode of comedy classic Schitt's Creek, has hit the marketplace.
Just keep in mind that the interior shots allegedly done at The Rosebud were actually filmed in studios around the Toronto area.” /> Whether the motel sale can recapture that magic remains to be seen.
The motel sits on 6.7 acres along the banks of the Nottawasaga River.
It also has a two-story manager's suite that has three bedrooms and one bath. The motel has six units, each with a bedroom and bathroom on 4,300-square-feet. There is also a a 700-square-foot detached guest cottage and barn with space for three horses.
The fish-out-of-water series followed a wealthy family fallen on hard times. The IRS seized nearly everything except a middle-of-nowhere town that they happened to own.

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