‘SNL’: Beck Bennett’s Vin Diesel Invites Audiences Back To The Movies

The action star then continued to list off the banal aspects of movie theaters that he's missed the most during Covid-19 lockdown. "It’s time to get back to the carpets, the cupholders, the armrests, the napkins. "We’ve been home for too long," he said. I guess you could say there’s something for everybody…only at the movies." When the movie’s not loud enough, when the movie’s a little too loud.
"For the past year, the roads have been a little empty, but we’re starting to see the promise of a new day. "It’s been a while," the actor says dramatically in voiceover, over an image that looks to be cut straight out of F9.
Vin Diesel—who delivers his message from the comfort of a movie theater—is visited at various points in the sketch by AMC employees played by Kenan Thompson and host Anya Taylor-Joy.
"It’s good to be back," he says. Taylor-Joy's theater worker then tells the actor that masks are currently required indoors.
"It’s time to go home, watch a movie at home with no mask," says Vin Diesel. "It’s amazing."” />
"For more than 100 years, there’s one place where we all came together to be entertained: the movies." "Yo, I’m Vin Diesel," he continued.
To the actor, there is simply nothing like the experience of going to the movies.
In the final sketch of SNL's season finale, Vin Diesel (Beck Bennett) appears as part of "a message from AMC," waxing poetic about his favorite aspects of moviegoing, in hopes of drawing fans back to theaters.
It’s really amazing." "I’m talking the tickets, the butter. "The popcorn, the previews, the pretzels, and don’t forget—the movies," he said.

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