‘SNL’: Maya Rudolph Meets “New Kids” In The Cast, Misremembers Her Own Time As A Cast Member In Opening Monologue

With her kids sitting in for the show, Rudolph talked about the meaning in bringing them to "the pace where I grew up"—which had her thinking about the "new kids in the cast just starting out."
Some viewers might know her, she said, because of her nine seasons on the show, between 2000 and 2007. "Some of you may know me by the name ‘Mommy’ because I gave birth to you," she added. "I have four incredible kids, and they’re all here tonight."
UPDATED with video: Maya Rudolph returned as host on Saturday Night Live, reminiscing about her days as a cast member on the NBC late-night sketch show, while looking to the future.
Tonight, however, is only the second time she's returned to 30 Rock as host. A six-time Emmy nominee who won twice in 2020—including for an appearance as Kamala Harris on SNL— Rudolph has appeared on the show many times over the years.
"And the jock," she added," he was none other than Emilio Estevez." She then recalled her time with Jimmy Fallon, who she called "the bad boy of the group.
My parents got theirs; I’m really happy to report that. It’s Spring, so goodbye sweater weather and hello leather weather?" "But it feels like we’re starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. People are getting the vaccine. "It makes me so happy to be here in the place that I love, I can’t tell you, especially after a year that has been, shall we say, a real kick in the clam," Rudolph said in her opening monologue.
Rudolph's musical guest tonight is Jack Harlow.
"I’ll just be wearing a bra." So, it’s just going to be like a typical day at home," she said. The host then gave her kids a heads-up: "Tonight, mommy’s going to be putting on a lot of wigs and doing a lot of weird voices.
Check out her opening monologue by clicking on the video above.” />
"The point is no matter how tough things get, you kids are going to be alright. "Some of the details are a little hazy," continued Rudolph. We’re all going to be alright."
"Oh, but Rachel Dratch. I was so nervous I couldn’t look anyone in the eye," she said. Rudolph then took the trio on a walk down memory lane. She was so perfect, with her red hair, and all her freckles, and she just did Sixteen Candles so she had a lot of heat." She was the princess. See, I was the shy one. "Let me tell you about the cast back then.
"I feel like it’s my duty as an elder, to impart to them the lessons I’ve learned on this stage," she added, before inviting recent cast additions Andrew Dismukes, Punky Johnson and Lauren Holt to the stage.
"Band, can you play some music to talk to babies to? "You people are so talented, so unique, and I remember all your names: Chirpy, Lil Dee Dee and Calista Vagina." Ah yes, that’s it. Let me tell you something: I am a big fan of all of you," she deadpanned.
"Are you talking about The Breakfast Club?" Johnson asked.
Rudolph, Johnson and Holt then pumped their fists in the air to the tune of Breakfast Club anthem, “Don’t You Forget About Me.”

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