‘SNL’ Spoofs ‘The View’s Dramatic On-Air Host Removal Over Positive Covid Tests

24 episode. The skit involved a fictional daytime panel talk show, The Talking, featuring four female hosts, played by Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, Heidi Gardner and Ego Nwodim, sitting at a table in a setup mirroring The View stage at the start of the Sept.
A week after The View co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro abruptly exited the stage on live TV just as Vice President Kamala Harris was waiting to come on, the incident was played out in the season premiere of NBC's Saturday Night Live.
(Both Mooney and Didi had to answer some uncomfortable questions before Wilson's character delivered the news.) Before the three remaining hosts could do that, the man with the white lab coat was back, this time pointing to Bryant's Mooney as someone who also had tested positive for Covid. Like with The View, which had a major interview coming up with VP Harris, The Talking was about to interview the Pope (or da Pope).
"Obviously we all have been vaccinated dozens, dozens, dozens of times." "It looks like Didi had a breakthrough case. It happens," her co-host, played by Nwodim said.
"This is very bizarre because, I can't stress enough how many times we have been vaccinated," Nwodim said after Bryant left the stage.
This was a riff on the comment Joy Behar made on The View Sept. 24 moments after a producer was heard during the broadcast instructing Hostin and Navarro "to step off for a second", which they did.
Strong was also wheeled out after her character had tested positive for something else, while Nwodim announced that the Moonie and Didi's Covid tests turned out to be false positives.)
Added Strong, "Countless times." (Strong and Nwodim's characters' names were not revealed.)
That is also what happened to Hostin and Navarro who were cleared to return to The View.
Watch "The Talking" skit above.” />
"They will be OK I am sure because they are both vaccinated up the wazoo, a lot of vaccines.” “They probably have a breakthrough case," Behar said of Hostin and Navarro.
After the four chatted about topics like crock pot lasagna and air fryer, a man in a white lab coat, played by host Owen Wilson, walked on stage and approached Didi (Gardner) to inform her of her Covid test results which he said needed to be done on live TV because "we either can't tell anybody or we have to tell everybody, no middle ground." She was told that she had tested positive and was escorted out.

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