‘SNL’s Weekend Update Torches Ted Cruz Over His Ill-Timed Cancún Trip

Cruz was played by Aidy Bryant in the Cold Open, delivering a non-apology apology.
Cruz again was the punchline when Jost noted the Biden Administration's announcement this week that it was opening an eight year path towards citizenship for asylum seekers. Jost warned it might not be a good idea given some of the people who come from Mexico while flashing Cruz's photo returning from his vacation.
Saturday Night Live went all-in on Ted Cruz, eviscerating the Texas Senator for flying to sunny Cancún for a family vacation while his state was paralyzed by a deadly winter storm.
Jost was quick to point out the hypocrisy of Cruz arriving back from Cancún donning a Texas flag face mask. "It's like if Jared and Ivanka walked down 5th Avenue wearing 'I Love New York' shirts."
Pete Davidson joined the Weekend Update desk to talk about his first Valentine's Day without a high-profile celebrity and touched on how his erratic public life was even worse than that of Brittney Spears.
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Che joked that Cuomo only wanted to legalize weed in New York in an effort to "forget about the nursing home stuff." Cuomo recently was forced to admit that his administration had significantly undercounted deaths at New York nursing homes early in the pandemic.
Che got a mixed reaction with a joke that Israel has vaccinated half of its population for Covid-19, adding, "I'm going to guess it's the Jewish half."
Jost blasted Cruz for blaming his daughters over the decision to go to Mexico.
Embattled New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wasn't spared either as Che quickly compared his countenance to "three Goodfellas at once."
Watch the opening segment of Weekend Update above; the second segment and Davidson's bit below.

"If you think it's bad he's throwing his daughters under the bus, Cruz would like you to know that statement was his wife's idea," Jost said, a likely reference to the leaked group texts which showed Cruz's wife planning the trip.
SNL's Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che piled on the mounting criticism of Cruz.

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