‘What Haunts Us’ Director Paige Tolmach On Exposing Porter-Gaud’s History Of Sexual Abuse – Awardsline Screening Series

During Deadline's Awardsline Screening Series, director Paige Goldberg Tolmach said that the road to making her Starz documentary What Haunts Us started with a news piece about Jerry Sandusky, the responsibility to protect her son from "monsters" and the need to expose her high school's sordid history of sexual abuse.
He became a popular and beloved figure at the school, but while there, he took advantage of his position to secretly molest 20 male students. Nominated for an Emmy for Exceptional Merit in Documentary Filmmaking, What Haunts Us has Tolmach returning to her hometown to investigating her alma mater, Porter-Gaud School in Charleston, SC after a string of suicides could be possibly linked to sexual abuse that went unchecked at the school for a decade. From 1972-1982, a teacher by the name of Eddie Fischer worked at Porter-Gaud and developed close relationships with male students.
Watch the video above as Tolmach and the What Haunts Us team talks about the making the docu to expose this sexual predator and Porter-Gaud's attempt to sweep this dark story under the rug.” />