SAG-AFTRA Pickets BBH’s Non-Union Samsung Ad Shoot

The picketing is just the latest action against BBH by the union, which has included mass rallies outside the ad agencies offices, the filing of unfair labor practices charges, and shaming – all of which is part of SAG-AFTRA’s Ads Go Union campaign to organize non-union productions.
“This is now BBH’s new normal until they honor their contract,” said SAG-AFTRA president Gabrielle Carteris. Whenever BBH wants to shoot non-union, we’ll be there because this is the new normal and we want them to know that we see you. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: SAG-AFTRA is not going anywhere.” “Moving forward, they can expect our presence at their commercial shoots.
The labor action comes as the union continues negotiating with the ad industry for a new commercials contract. That contract expires on March 31, and the ad industry is known to be speeding up production of union commercials before that deadline and a possible strike.
SAG-AFTRA members have been instructed not to accept any work for BBH, which the union says “is illegally attempting to abandon its union contract and evade its responsibility to always shoot union commercials, pay fair wages, contribute to performers’ pension and health benefits, guarantee safe sets and commit to the responsible and respectful use of performers’ images, voices and performances.”” />
SAG-AFTRA has taken its ongoing strike against the Bartle Bogle Hegarty ad agency to a quiet neighborhood street in Brentwood, picketing outside a house there where BBH is shooting a non-union commercial for Samsung. The agency had been signatory to SAG-AFTRA’s contract for nearly 20 years but said in September that it was going non-union.
“The support of our growing activist network, which spans the industry, was instrumental in providing the information necessary for swift and effective action.” “Our determined and united membership successfully picketed BBH’s shoot,” said David White, the union’s national executive director.

SAG-AFTRA “Bake Sale” To Mock Bartle Bogle Hegarty Ad Agency In Ongoing Strike

We are simply looking to level the playing field for all of us. The cutting-edge work we do at BBH US across all mediums is not well-served by a contract that was designed for a traditional media landscape. “We are hired to operate in the best interests of our clients, and part of that is being able to deliver the greatest level of flexibility and value for the work we do. “We do not expect the strike to have any noticeable impact on our company or any ongoing client work, especially as we have been a non-signatory to the SAG-AFTRA contract since November 2017,” the ad agency said last month. BBH had been signed to SAG-AFTRA’s Commercials Contracts since 1999 but says it decided not to renew its signatory status. The current contract was put in place nearly 20 years ago, when the Internet was in its infancy and the advertising world was a vastly different place, with vastly different economics. The need for speed, agility, and greater efficiencies in how we produce work has become increasingly important in today’s market. Many of our peer agencies are not signatories, making it hard to compete sustainably in a way that benefits our clients.”
offices. Thursday's event will be the second mass protest since the 160,000-member union went on strike against BBH last month after the ad agency said it was no longer a signatory to the union’s contract. The strike is part of its ongoing efforts to combat nonunion commercial production. On September 27, nearly a thousand boisterous SAG-AFTRA members picketed the ad agency’s L.A.
We invite you to join us in NY for an action on Thursday, Nov. They are attempting to abandon the agreement and the performers who have worked with them under this contract for two decades. “Despite being signed to the SAG-AFTRA Commercials Contracts for almost 20 years,” she told the membership, “they now claim our union agreement doesn’t apply to them – they want to pick and choose as they please. Thousands of members are making their voices heard around the country. 1.” Walking out on working performers is unacceptable and we will not back down.
SAG-AFTRA will hold a mock “bake sale” next week outside the New York offices of Bartle Bogle Hegarty to raise money for the ad agency “because they claim they can’t afford union talent.”
These and other changes allow significant flexibility in the creation of social media and digital ads. Union leaders responded by saying that “if BBH had been paying attention, they would know SAG-AFTRA negotiated the Social Media Waiver into the contract two years ago. The industry loves them. These changes have helped top agencies successfully adapt to an evolving ad industry.”” /> Even more noteworthy, the union launched the popular Low Budget Digital Waiver a year ago.
“Because this global ad agency says it can no longer pay actors a fair wage or ensure safe working conditions, we’re helping them out with a BBH Bake Sale,” SAG-AFTRA president Gabrielle Carteris told her members today.

On Strike: SAG-AFTRA To Rally At LA Offices Of Bartle Bogle Hegarty Ad Agency

It’s time to show our strength. Join your fellow performers as we show the industry that we’re strong and united in our commitment to fair wages, safe working conditions and the ability to build a sustainable career.” “AFTRA’s greatest power is the solidarity of our members. office Thursday,” the union is telling its members. “We need you at the BBH L.A. SAG-AFTRA will stage a rally Thursday outside the Los Angeles offices of Bartle Bogle Hegarty, the ad agency the union struck last week.
“BBH is now attempting to walk out on our agreement and ignore their obligations,” said SAG-AFTRA national executive director David White. We ask that members stand together and refuse all work for this company.” “This strike will deny BBH access to our talented actors who perform in commercials.
Members are being asked to meet at the union’s headquarters in Hollywood at 10:15 a.m., where they’ll be transported to BBH’s offices on Melrose Avenue.” />
The 160,000-member union’s national board voted unanimously to call the strike after accusing BBH of “illegally attempting to abandon its union contract with SAG-AFTRA.” Thursday's rally is part of the union's ongoing campaign to unionize non-union commercial production.
BBH, a global agency with U.S. offices in New York and Los Angeles, had been signed to SAG-AFTRA’s Commercials Contracts since 1999, but announced that it had decided not to renew its signatory status. “We do not expect the strike to have any noticeable impact on our company or any ongoing client work, especially as we have been a non-signatory to the SAG-AFTRA contract since November 2017,” the ad agency said.