‘The Ranch’ Deals With Danny Masterson Exit In Second Half Kickoff

A short time later, Beau receives a phone call: The authorities have found Rooster’s motorcycle at the bottom of a cliff. At the police station, Wilkerson promises Colt that he’ll reach out if they get a lead on Rooster’s whereabouts. The fight is broken up by Officer Wilkerson, who arrests Colt and Nick.
The mystery of how Danny Masterson's absence would be dealt with in the second half of The Ranch season was revealed tonight.
Colt and Beau go to the scene, only to learn that Rooster died in the accident. He is so sure that Rooster is alive that he refuses to go to the memorial service. Or did he? No body has been retrieved, and Colt believes Rooster faked his own death to get Nick off his trail.
This spurs Colt to take the the package to Rooster’s funeral, and closure on Rooster's death is apparently achieved.” />
“That can get a man in trouble.” A fight ensues. “The only thing I know about your brother is he likes to f–k other guys’ girlfriends,” Nick says.
Masterson has been under investigation since earlier this year when four women claimed they had been raped by the actor in the early 2000s. Masterson has denied all of the claims, but that wasn't enough to save his job.
In the Part 5 finale of The Ranch's Season 3, Masterson's Rooster character was tossed a duffel bag of his belongings by Nick and told to leave at gunpoint, with the entire Bennett family at risk if he snitched.
Brooding at home, he discovers a package awaits on the porch. It’s from Rooster, who had a sign made up for Bennett Brothers Ranch before he died, and thoughtfully provided a onesie for his niece and a note thanking his brother for making their dreams come true.
So, how was it handled when a major character exits a popular show in mid-season?
He demands to know what happened to Rooster. Rooster is missed when he doesn't show for work at the Peterson ranch. Billy visits Nick at Iron River Ranch and has suspicions, but no proof. Billy tells Colt not to do anything stupid, but Colt doesn't listen, paying Nick a visit himself.