Buyers High On Weed-Growing California Nun Doc ‘Breaking Habits’ — AFM

Writer-director Rob Ryan’s completed film, about a Californian sorority of a different kind, follows Christine Meeusen, a corporate exec-turned-cannabis-farmer who found her calling in medicinal marijuana. She adopted the persona of a nun called Sister Kate and founded Sisters of the Valley, a business that makes and sells medicinal cannabis products. It tells how Meeusen, betrayed by a bigamist husband after 17 years, fled penniless with her three young children and discovered the lucrative business of cannabis farming.
EXCLUSIVE: Buyers are high on Film Constellation's weed-growing nun documentary Breaking Habits. Deals have closed for UK (Signature Entertainment), Italy (Wanted Cinema), Australia (Icon), Canada(Mongrel), Airlines (Captive), Thailand (Documentary Club) and Taiwan (Cai Chang). As previously reported, Good Deed Entertainment's genre label Cranked Up will release in the U.S. in spring 2019.
Producers are Nick Taussig and Paul Van Carter’s Salon Pictures. Ian Berg and Christopher J Reynolds are exec producers.” />
However, Meeusen’s firm, which broke big on social commerce site Etsy, has faced a number of challenges over the years including run-ins with the county sheriff and black-market thieves playing a role as well as threats from local drug cartels and the California state Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation.