Julie Chen Moonves Set To Stay Hosting ‘Big Brother’ Until Fall 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Her sexual misconduct-accused husband may have been knocked off his lofty perch as CBS CEO, but Julie Chen Moonves intends to stick around fronting Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother, at least for now.
Heading towards next week’s Season 20 finale, the ex-The Talk co-host has told individuals at the network that she wants to keep her 18-year gig hosting the reality competition series. Additionally, sources close to Julie Chen Moonves say she will continue to work on Big Brother and looks forward to hosting the show for years to come.
Earlier this week, Chen Moonves departed The Talk with an expected video message.
While Big Brother hasn’t officially been renewed for a 21st season by CBS, Mrs. Insiders say that as things stand, with two independent investigations into Les Moonves’ alleged actions on-going and the situation fluid, the consensus at the network is to keep Julie Chen Moonves on both the now auditioning Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother itself next year. Moonves’ contract runs for the next edition of midseason spinoff Celebrity Big Brother in early 2019 and one more season of the mothership show.
Most recently, last night on a pre-taped Big Brother, the host introduced herself that way for the first time on that show. Previously, the host had called herself Julie Chen as she has for years at the top of the show and Julie Chen Moonves at the conclusion of the September 13 episode. Married to the now deposed CBS CEO and chair since 2004, Julie Chen has started calling herself Julie Chen Moonves in recent weeks as scandal enveloped the executive and saw him ousted by the board on September 10.
“But right now I need to spend more time at home, with my husband and our young son, so I’ve decided to leave The Talk.” "I have been at The Talk since the day it started nine years ago, and the cast, crew and staff have become family to me over the years,” the once chat show co-host said.
On the matter of her future at Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother, CBS officially declined to comment when contacted by Deadline.” />
With tonight’s Big Brother going out live from the CBS Studio Center in Studio City, it is expected the host will start things off in a similar fashion and continue to do so up to and including the September 26 finale.

‘Cheers’ Star Kirstie Alley Comes Runner Up In British ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

This year’s Celebrity Big Brother – the final iteration to air on C5 after the Viacom network let the contract run down – was set to star Stormy Daniels. However, the porn star that allegedly had an affair with Donald Trump, didn’t show up, with a variety of reasons being given including child custody and potential legal threats from the President.” />
Alley was a popular housemate during the four week run; she acclimatized well to a house full of British soap stars, mediums, soccer players and personalities.
Cheers and Scream Queens star Kirstie Alley finished as runner up in the British version of Celebrity Big Brother.
"It's f***ing Woody Harrelson. He flew in to Canada to do that.”
Please help," she said. I want to hug you! Then he said: 'I want to hug you' so I hug him again, and then he hugs me again, and he's hugging me really, really tight. I'm looking around and I see John [Travolta] standing there and the other actors, the crew and all these people and I got: 'Help! He's going to kill himself.' He's hugging me like this and is all over me. My son really loves you and he is a handicapped child. I want to hug you.’ I'm freaking out because I'm thinking: 'He's been in this car accident. Then he is hugging me and pulling me towards him and then he pulls me towards him, out of the wheelchair, laying on top of me, going: 'I want to hug you! I walk in and the kid is sitting in a wheelchair and I went up to him and I said: 'My name is Kirstie' and he goes: 'Hug me'. Would you mind saying hello to him?' I said: 'absolutely’. “We were filming really late at an airport and the captain of the actual plane, not an actor, came up to me and said: 'Would you mind?
She also admitted that she’s had “snacks” at Courtney Love’s house with Prince Charles, heir to the throne and father of Meghan Markle’s groom Prince Harry.
She was beaten by former Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas. The actress was the A-list star turn in the Endemol Shine reality series, which is produced for Viacom’s Channel 5.
She told amusing an amusing anecdote about the time Woody Harrelson travelled across the country to prank her as a disabled child super-fan while she was shooting 1989 Look Who’s Talking. She did add a spark of Hollywood to the house, occasionally dishing the dirt and telling stories about fellow actors including Tom Hanks, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Leonardo DiCaprio.