‘Hotel Transylvania 3’ Registers $100M+ WW; ‘Skyscraper’ Jumps In Low With $40M Offshore – International Box Office

The staggered international release timed the UK to just ahead of summer break. Elsewhere, Poland also delivered the second highest ever Disney Animation/Pixar opening with $1.4M ($1.7M including previews). The return of Disney/Pixar’s superhero family had a super start in the UK this weekend with $12.1M to become the 2nd best opening for a Disney Animation/Pixar movie ever behind only Toy Story 3 and the highest Disney Animation/Pixar non-holiday opening.
“We know the multiple is going to be so much stronger because we have all these weekdays. Momentum from the family-driven franchises this summer, Jurassic World, Incredibles and Ant-Man certainly helps all boats to rise and HT3 has most of Western Europe to come as well as China where a date is expected after the July blackout. Sony’s President of International Distribution, Steven O’Dell, beams at HT3 opening bigger than HT2 in a competitive summer. It will be a record-setter for sure for us,” he tells Deadline.
Sicario: Day Of The Soldado (LG): $1.4M intl weekend (50 Lionsgate markets); $13.9M Lionsgate intl cume
1 Disney Animation/Pixar release of all time in Colombia, Central America, Trinidad and Uruguay as well as the No. It is also the No. Holds were good in several plays while the sequel has become the highest grossing Pixar release ever in Thailand, joining the rest of South East Asia in setting that record (outside China). 2 Disney Animation/Pixar release of all-time across the Latin America region.
India was a new hub for the insects this frame with $3.8M and exceeding the cume of the first movie. 1s for a 2nd weekend in Australia, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore. The bugs held No. The $100M benchmark has been crossed in Asia-Pacific, without China or Japan yet factoring.
Hong Kong ($1.43M) is up on Rampage and below San Andreas). Taiwan scored No. 1 with $615M at 156 dates. That’s 77% above San Andreas and scored Johnson his 2nd biggest opening day behind Rampage. Malaysia kicked off at No. 1 and is above Rampage but below SA. In Vietnam, the movie was No. The global junket for Skyscraper was held in Hong Kong July 5-7 including an interview conducted on land, sea and sky with Johnson, Neve Campbell, McKenna Roberts, Noah Taylor and director Rawson Marshall Thurber. 1 with $1.53M but still below the comps. Asia is a mixed bag with Indonesia bowing to $2.14M at 250 sites, above San Andreas, but below Rampage.
1 start in India where the Disney/Marvel sequel has outgrossed the lifetime of the original. There are still several majors to come. That includes a No. Overall, it is running 33% above the first movie in the same markets and at today’s rates. Last week’s studio champ, Ant-Man And The Wasp, added $35.3M in 44 markets to take the overseas cume to $150.9M for $283.7M global.
1 Sony animated opening and the 5th biggest Sony opening of all time. The Adam Sandler-led film set regional records as the No. Mexico led with a great $8.6M to rank as Sony’s 2nd biggest bow ever, behind only Spider-Man: Homecoming. 1 in all 11 debut markets. Other notable debuts include Argentina’s $2.1M for Sony’s biggest opening of all time; and Colombia’s $1.5M for the studio’s 2rd biggest opening ever. Latin America, which leans into family fare, opened to $23M regionally and No. Brazil launched to $3.8M, which is 50% ahead of HT2.
In China, juggernaut Dying To Survive stayed well and healthy with an estimated $68.5M weekend. The locally-reported gross is $366.6M to date.

Deadpool 2 (FOX): $800K intl weekend (32 markets); $414.6M intl cume
The China date is to be set, but will fall after the blackout. Upcoming major markets include Germany, France, the UK, Korea and Italy.
Strong holds this weekend include South Africa (-22%), Venezuela (-29%), Australia (-36%), New Zealand (-36%), Chile (-40%), Sweden (-45%), Bolivia (-45%) and Brazil (-45%).
China has given JWFK an extended release and the cume there is now $256.1M.
Australia ($2.38M) came in at No. The UK brought a No. 4 but on par with San Andreas and 6% above Rampage. 2 start ($2.38M) behind the dominant Incredibles 2 and well below the Johnson comps.
Johnson is one of the biggest draws at the international box office, but as Anthony D’Alessandro has reported, there is sentiment domestically — which in this case also translates to overseas — that, among other issues, Skyscraper's Die Hard redux premise wasn’t enough to excite moviegoers (in a year when they've already had a big piece of The Rock), and there's a bevy of family competition.
It has now grossed an estimated $366.6M and held No. Last week’s international champ, China’s Dying To Survive, stayed well and healthy at the Middle Kingdom box office this session. 1 for the weekend.
Mexico also was a No. Russia further scaled to No. It’s tracking locally at 14% below this year’s Johnson actioner Rampage and 36% below San Andreas. 2 behind the second frame of Ant-Man And The Wasp, with $4.67M at 435 locations. 2 with $2.62M at 1,363 (-10% on Rampage/-38% San Andreas). The top offshore Skyscraper market was Korea, coming in No. 2 bow, this time behind HT3, with $3.7M at 817 (-33% on Rampage/-61% on San Andreas).
To wit: It’s not all gloomy for Universal this weekend as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom stomped into its final market, Japan. The movie's release has also been extended for one month in China. The current overseas cume on JWFK is $771.4M with $1,134.7M global. The $12.7M debut at 375 locations is the studio’s biggest opening weekend of all time in Japan and the best of 2018 as JW2 tracks 35% above the previous film there.
Tag (WB): $1.2M intl weekend (42 markets); $15.1M intl cume
The Top 5 markets to date are Korea ($34.5M), Mexico ($11.5M), Australia ($9.7M), Russia ($9.4M) and Indonesia ($9M).
The film got an extra boost during a global media stunt at the Cannes Film Festival in May. This weekend was up 7% for a $10.2M cume there. This was after beginning rollout two weeks ago in Australia where it has now topped the lifetime of HT2. 1 in 33. The threequel set a new record as Sony’s biggest animated opening for the same group of 42 new markets and was No. Taking to the high seas, Sony Pictures Animation’s Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation expanded to 48% of the overseas footprint this session (a total 44 markets) with $46.4M to take the international box office tally to $54.8M for a global total of $100.12M.
The Genndy Tartakovsky-helmed threequel set a new record as Sony’s biggest animated opening for the same group of 42 new markets and was No. 1 in 33. The overseas tally is now $54.8M for a global total of $100.12M. UPDATE, WRITETHRU: After starting early offshore rollout Down Under two weeks ago, Sony Pictures Animation’s Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation checked into another 42 markets this frame, and topped the studio charts with $46.4M in 44 total hubs.
Breakdowns on the films above and more have been updated below.
Next weekend adds Korea and Hong Kong.
Both previous films were released in the fall, so this is the first summer tryout. Turning back to Summer Vacation, the HT franchise has been a bright spot for Sony, increasing domestically and internationally. HT2 finaled at $303.5M overseas in 2015 with the UK leading, followed by Venezuela (pre-devaluation), Mexico, China and Russia. The UK, France, Germany, Italy, Korea and the rest of Asia are releasing HT3 throughout the later weeks of July and into August. Combined, the prior two movies have made $831.6M worldwide.
Overseas, the Paul Rudd-starrer is tracking 33% bigger than the first movie in like-for-likes and at today’s rates. The international box office is now $150.9M for $283.7M globally. The IMAX global total on AM&TW is $16.6M. In its 2nd overseas weekend, and with many majors to come, Disney/Pixar’s sequel pricked up its antennae for $35.3M in a total 44 markets.
The top markets to date are China ($51.5M), Mexico ($36M), Australia ($29.5M), Brazil ($23.1M) and (World Cup champion) France ($17.7M).
Solo: A Star Wars Story (DIS): $1.6M intl weekend (14 markets); $172.7M intl cume
His 6th film as director (previous titles include Gone With The Bullets and Devils On The Doorstep, as well has having appeared in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), it came in second for the local session with $46M. This is the 3rd part of the Beiyang Trilogy and begins in Beijing under the ruling of the Beiyang Government in 1936, when Tianran Li (Eddie Peng) witnesses the ruthless extermination of his master's entire family. A newcomer in China was Jiang Wen’s Hidden Man. After studying studied medicine and receiving special agent training in America, Li returns to Beijing, a city of spies, Chinese, foreigners and gangs. Seeking to avenge his master, he has no idea he has been involved in an insidious conspiracy.” />
The UAE scored the 5th biggest Universal opening weekend ever at $1.63M. And in Egypt, Skyscraper is U’s 3rd best opening ever and tracking over the comps. 1 with the best opening day for an original Johnson movie and tracking above SA. In other plays, Germany was a No. 1 start with $1.3M at 531, albeit below Rampage and SA; the Netherlands was also No.
Next weekend adds France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland.
The First Purge (UNI): $6.2M intl weekend (27 markets); $23.1M intl cume Ocean’s 8 (WB): $4.3M intl weekend (60 markets); $119.2M intl cume
With a $12.7M opening it is Universal’s best ever, and the top start for 2018. Thrashing into Japan, Universal/Amblin’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom set a new record. The Japan start includes $1M from only 30 screens.
Russia debuted to $5.8M and Spain heated up with $2.7M, beating both Ant-Man And The Wasp (+82%) and Cars 3 (+54%).
Across 57 markets, starts were mixed and in most cases lower than recent Dwayne Johnson action comps. There were No. The global take through Sunday is $65.9M. Universal/Legendary’s Skyscraper scaled $40.4M in its opening at the international box office this weekend. 1 debuts in 17 offshore hubs including Germany, the Netherlands, Malaysia, the UAE and Taiwan, but overall it’s a disappointment.

Love, Simon (FOX): $377K intl weekend (17 markets); $24.7M intl cume
The full overseas weekend was $26.7M in 68 markets for $771.4M internationally and $1,134.7M worldwide. The top holds were in Germany (-24%/26.2M), Australia (-31%/$23M cume), Mexico (-58%/$32.2M) and the UK (-41%/$51.2M).
The full weekend overseas, where there are many markets to come, was worth $33.3M in 43 so far. The offshore cume is $321.1M for $856.9M global.
1 starts in 17 markets and the best performances in Asia and the Middle East, but still mostly coming in below comps in a disappointing start. Latin America was particularly soft on the Dwayne Johnson-starrer while HT3 excelled there in a competitive landscape with school holiday play. The weekend on Skyscraper was $40.4M overall, including No. Similar to Stateside, the Drac Pack came in ahead of Universal/Legendary’s Skyscraper which made its overseas bow this frame in 57 markets.
Adrift (STX): $2M intl weekend (46 markets); $12.1M intl cume
China and Italy open next weekend, Japan is in September.

The strongest plays are in Asia and the Middle East, but Skyscraper may not see much improvement in China when it bows there next weekend. The movie scored a July 20 release date amid the summer blackout, and while Johnson has a base in the Middle Kingdom, local films have been performing very strongly.
4 bows). The movie is coming in lower versus comps like Rampage and San Andreas in most markets, and has seen soft numbers in Latin America in what is a competitive landscape with family films exerting force (Brazil and Argentina, for example, gave Skyscraper No.
The UK was new this session with $12.1M for the second biggest 3-day opening for a Disney Animation/Pixar movie ever behind only Toy Story 3 and the best Disney Animation/Pixar non-holiday opening ever. Also from Disney (and Pixar), Incredibles 2 added $33.3M in 43 markets for a $321.1M overseas cume and $856.9M worldwide.