Euro Cinema Chain Vue Won’t Show Martin Scorsese’s Netflix Pic ‘The Irishman’; UK Network Picturehouse Also Says No

“Despite The Irishman being directed by one of the true giants of cinema, Netflix has chosen not to give this film the full theatrical big screen release it deserves. Our policy is to only show titles launching with a full theatrical release, which is a well-known industry practice that creates and profiles cultural blockbusters, provides a more engaged and immersive experience for audiences and showcases exceptional content the way it was intended to be shown and enjoyed.”
Vue operates in UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Taiwan.
European cinema chain Vue, which has more than 228 cinemas and 2,000 screens across Europe, has told us it will not be showing the movie due to its curtailed theatrical window. EARLIER EXCLUSIVE AT 10:22 AM PST: As anticipated, not everyone is on board with the rollout plan for Martin Scorsese and Netflix's The Irishman. The exhibitor issued the below statement:
We also have word out to UK arthouse network Picturehouse. Given that the former owns Regal (which won't show it) and the latter is owned by AMC (which won't show it) it seems logical that neither will host the movie. We're waiting to hear back from other leading Euro chains such as Cineworld and Odeon as to whether they'll show the film. UK boutique chain Curzon will likely show the film as it has given many Netflix movies a short run in the past.
That's another 23 UK theaters that won't be showing the anticipated Scorsese film. UPDATE 13:29 PM PST: Cineworld-owned UK arthouse chain Picturehouse won't be showing The Irishman either, the company has confirmed to us.
It may prove trickier than many fans would like to find a multiplex showing the film. In the U.S., major movie chains including AMC, Cineplex, Regal and Cinemark won't show the movie. Netflix will be relying on smaller indie chains for penetration. It could be a similar story in Europe.
In the UK, the movie is due to launch on November 8. before it makes its streaming service bow November 27. The film will have a 27-day theatrical window from November 1 in U.S. The Irishman will mark Netflix's most ambitious theatrical rollout for one of its original productions and the service has been working hard to win over exhibitors in recent months.
Hoffa’s body has never been found and Sheeran’s admission is one of numerous theories of the union boss’s demise.” /> Anticipated crime-epic The Irishman tells a sprawling story that culminates in the murder of Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa — played by Al Pacino — as seen through the eyes of WWII vet Frank Sheeran (Robert De Niro), a hustler and hitman who claims he ended Hoffa’s life on orders of mob boss Russell Bufalino (Joe Pesci).

‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Shatters Industry Records With $288M Promo Campaign

EXCLUSIVE: After posting a $185M 6-day opening record for both Sony and the Independence Day holiday stretch, Spider-Man: Far From Home's promotional media campaign also set an industry record with $288M in media value.
Through yesterday, Far From Home in China has racked up more than $166M. In China, Tencent has a digital campaign across all online channels with an estimated reached of — 861M.
“There is an accessibility and cool factor that makes Spider-Man the greatest superhero in the world, and we embraced this by working with promotional partners to not only break records, but more importantly to create breakthrough creative executions,” said Godsick, EVP of Brand Strategy and Global Partnerships. “Each promotional partnership program delivers at least one publicity or marketing extension that gives fans a more immersive and interactive experience, or something never done before.”
Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts return after partnering with Sony on Homecoming with an extensive in-store campaign supported with ATL media in Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia across 1000 locations with themed menu items (Spidey-themed donuts!) and gift-with-purchase offers for customers. Other Spidey foodie friends include Oreo (on 73M packages of cookies), and Mars candies, specifically Skittles and M&Ms with the superhero on 72M packages in Europe, Asia and Latin America.
In support of the Jon Watts-directed sequel, Dr Pepper released its first new flavor in five years, Dr Pepper Dark Berry, with Spider-Man wrapped around cans. The webslinger can also be found emblazoned on Kellogg products including Pop-Tarts Spidey Berry (which unlocks an interactive comic story when scanned), Eggo Mixed Berry Marvel web-shaped waffles, Cheez-It with engraved Spidey designs, Keebler Amazing Vanilla Cupcake Fudge Stripe cookies and Kellogg’s Spider-Man: Far From Home Fruit Snacks. The national retail campaign also includes digital, social media, local out of home placements and radio support.
Their Changi's Terminal 3 departures hall was transformed into key European cities featured in the sequel with famous landmark replicas. Total exposure: 15M visitors coming through the airport. Over in Singapore, there's a number of Spider-Man experiences at the Changi Airport. Photo ops, themed activity areas, giveaways and meet and greet with Spider-Man are some of the many stunts that visitors can revel in until the end of this month.
“The global team led by Jeffrey Godsick has assembled not only the biggest-ever campaign for Sony Pictures and Marvel, but for any motion picture. “This campaign has drawn big promotional commitments with some of the world’s most iconic global brands,” said Josh Greenstein, President of Worldwide Marketing & Distribution. This is unprecedented reach with highly creative, event-level promo stunts.”
In Brazil Burger King will exclusively push Far From Home at 800 locations with a media campaign and such products as a themed kid’s menu combo, which will include one of four unique Spider-Man figurines and movie-themed menu boxes.
That number blows away the $200M+ promo campaign of Disney/Marvel's Avengers: Endgame and is 106% higher than the $140M+ promo partner media total on Spider-Man: Homecoming from 30 brands.
PepsiCo snack brand Doritos has a Spidey footprint in more than than 35 markets across North America, Latin America, Egypt and Asia with a fully integrated global campaign that includes on-pack design, in-store displays, TV creative, unique digital content including an AR app and sweepstakes. Doritos released a “Spidey Sense Challenge” game in North America that allows fans to participate in an online game playing as Spider-Man running a series of web-shooter training courses in various cities from the sequel. In addition, “Incognito Doritos” are state-of-the-art, traditional looking Doritos bags that covertly transform into a full-size official replica suit from the movie.
They worked on Endgame with Disney displaying their Audi e-tron Sportback concept and Audi e-tron GT vehicles, while on Homecoming they showcased the Audi A8 luxury sedan. As part of the team-up with Far From Home, the German car manufacturer released the digital short “Science Fair,” which features Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and his best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon), who conspire to come up with a winning project and stumble upon the perfect scientific advancement, the Audi e-tron GT. Audi vehicle placement in Far From Home includes the all-new, electric Audi e-tron SUV and the all-new Audi A7 and Audi Q8. Among those brands tubthumping Far From Home is returning Marvel partner Audi. Similar to Sony's Homecoming, Audi is both a promotional and product placement partner.
Synchrony Bank has been a Marvel Cinematic Universe partner across several pics including Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2., Spider-Man: Homecoming, Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame with its Save Like a Hero campaign, and they're back for Far From Home.  
The wide-ranging campaign promotional partners have activated their support via multiple channels, such as 40+custom TV spots, stunts, social, activations, and more. The program created a 360-lifestyle experience for fans to interact with the franchise, where Spider-Man can be seen on Papa John’s pizza boxes, flying in the safety video on United Airlines, on over 500M Dr Pepper cans and bottles, and inside Burger King meal boxes.
There's also the Pan-European shopping mall Klepierre with Far From Home experiences at their France, Spain and Italy locations.  ” /> Other promotional partners around the world include: Telecom Italia Mobile, Bonafont water (in Mexico), Google, Tampico, RealMe, KFC, EuroRepar, Pure Gyms, Pepsico, 7-Eleven, Whirlpool, Vital Waters, Danone, Phillips, Optus, Western Union, Perfetti Van Melle, and Genius Smart Watch.
The company is the first to offer an augmented reality experience on a pizza box via a Snapchat Snapcode, providing a 360-degree view of several Euro landmarks Peter Parker and his friends visit on their trip. Papa John’s has a Far From Home XL pizza box featuring the web slinger hanging out in London.
In total, Far From Home touts the largest multi-tiered promotional campaign ever compiled for a motion picture. It also breaks the studio record for number of on-package exposure reaching 2.1 billion with retailer activation at 1.7M locations.
Other travel-themed partners include travel booking website which celebrates Spidey's trip around Europe. The campaign will be promoted through out-of-home media in the five boroughs, Boston and Chicago, social media engagement and TV spots running in NYC taxicabs. is leveraging their newest tool for multi-city travel, NOMAD, to create a Far From Home- themed travel with immersive, gamified landing page design, using the pic's content. Over 8M customers from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and Czech Republic will be invited to customize their perfect trip in a slogan that's “far from home.” NYC & Company has put together a list of Spidey-approved activities families can enjoy this summer in the city.
United employees and customers also appeared as extras in the film. In addition to making an an appearance in the airline's safety video, Spider-Man is branded on a number of limited-edition amenity kits for travelers. United Airlines had one of their aircrafts used during filming, the scene of course being where Peter and his classmates are flying to Europe.

Discovery Puts Squeeze On Unscripted Producers With New Series Financing Mechanism

He comes from Europe, where this model is widely used, but producers there retain ownership of their shows, which is not the case in Discovery's modification. The new budget paradigm is said to be the brainchild of Discovery CFO Gunnar Wiedenfels.
Using its newly found clout, I hear Discovery has put forward a new model for financing its series, and it has the unscripted producing community up in arms.
There are also the issues of production overages and reshoots, which networks and production companies always wrangle over and networks usually cover (at least partially). (The networks also are believed to have a right of refusal to pick up the already produced seasons and pay for them.) Producers fear that, if Discovery executives require reshoots in the completed order, they will have to shoulder the cost if they want to get the original license fee agreement honored by Discovery so they can pay off their bank loan.
The new Discovery business model involving self-financing by producers does not allow them to have IP control, with their shows still owned by Discovery.
But the producers again have ownership. In the U.S., the only area producers point to that employs a similar mechanism is in independent films, which are financed by the producers and are then acquired by a distribution company.
"We have engaged in constructive discussions with our producing partners to better manage our cash flow as we invest more in content than ever before," Discovery said in a statement to Deadline. "We have gotten a positive response so far from both big and small production companies.” />
According to sources, in its new contract template implemented across the board by all of its networks, production companies are required to take out a loan (I hear they are being sent to Citibank, which has a partnership with Discovery) and finance the production themselves, with the networks paying their budget upon delivery of the completed order, compared with pay as you go. Discovery is changing that.
This appears to be a belt-tightening strategy by Discovery and a way to keep cash on the books following big-ticket deals for sports rights and Scripps. It is raising eyebrows, especially as the company's  chief executive officer David Zaslav sits atop the list of highest-paid public company CEOs with $129.4 million pay package for last year.
Profit margins for cable reality producers have been consistently shrinking over the past decade as basic cable networks grapple with declining ratings. With networks also controlling ownership in majority of the cases, reality companies rely entirely on license fees — often in the neighborhood of $300,000-$400,000 per episode — to cover production costs and keep about 10% in profit. They get those license fees paid by the network as they go into production on the episodes.
Production companies need to take out a loan of millions of dollars and pay interest, which would cut already razor-thin profit margin almost in half. Other sources familiar with the situation dispute that, saying the interest is being added to series' budgets. This raises a number of problems. Producers I have spoken with note that they have asked Discovery to add the interest as a line in the budget but were rebuffed, with the network group countering that if they cover the interest, they would reduce the show's production budget.
With its 2017 acquisition of Scripps Networks, Discovery became the dominant player in the unscripted cable market with 19 networks, with all but OWN focused entirely on reality fare.

HBO Sets Premiere Dates For ‘Leaving Neverland’, ‘Veep’, ‘Big Little Lies’, ‘Chernobyl’ & ‘Los Espookys’ – TCA

Jared Harris, Stellan Skarsgård and Emily Watson star. It was one of the worst man-made catastrophes in history, and the mini follows of the brave men and women who made incredible sacrifices to save Europe from unimaginable disaster. Chernobyl dramatizes the story of the massive explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine that released radioactive material across Belarus, Russia and Ukraine and as far as Scandinavia and western Europe.
Chernobyl, the five-part miniseries HBO/Sky about the 1986 nuclear tragedy in the Soviet Union, will premiere in May, and the mostly Spanish-language comedy series Los Espookys premieres in June. Neither has an exact date.
Bernardo Velasco, Cassandra Ciangherotti, Ana Fabrega, Julio Torres and Fred Armisen star in Los Espookys, which is set in a strange and dreamy version of present-day Mexico City and follows a group of friends turning their love for horror into a peculiar business.” />
The sophomore season of Big Little Lies, which adds Meryl Streep to the A-list retuning cast of Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern and Zoe Kravitz, is set for June but didn't get a firm date. The seventh and final season of Veep, which was delayed by star Julia Louis-Dreyfus' cancer diagnosis, will bow on Sunday, March 31.
HBO has set premiere dates for the new seasons of Veep and Big Little Lies along with the debuts of miniseries Chernobyl and comedy series Los Espookys. The premium channel also said at during its TCA panel today that it will air Leaving Neverland, the controversial Michael Jackson documentary that shook up Sundance, on March 3-4.

Tiger Woods And Discovery Set GolfTV Streaming Content Partnership

“I want to talk to golf fans and golfers everywhere, directly, and straight from me. That’s important to me. Talking about what we care about: what’s happening on the course, how to play better, how can I shoot lower scores tomorrow, how can I beat my friends? David explained how GolfTV is for the fans and the players, a single place they’ll all want to go, and he’s building something everyone will want,” Woods added.
"Once we got talking about the potential here, he said, 'I am all in.'" In an interview with Deadline, Discovery CEO David Zaslav emphasized that the alliance was "not going to be the traditional stuff" of golf telecasts. He said the deal reflected the initial sparks during a two-hour conversation he and Woods had about the potential for reaching future versions of a childhood Woods, who "would wait by the mailbox for golf magazines to arrive and then read them under the covers," Zaslav said.
"There are very few people who anywhere in the world are not only recognized but people care what they have to say," Zaslav said. "No one has heard what Tiger has to say."
Fresh off strong tune-in (despite a conspicuous tech glitch) for his pay-per-view match against Phil Mickelson, golfer Tiger Woods has inked a multi-year global partnership with Discovery and GolfTV, its new streaming venture with the PGA Tour.
“I’ve been watching Discovery and David Zaslav build up a global sports platform with Eurosport, the Olympics and the launch of GolfTV with us at the PGA Tour, so I think they’re the perfect partner to help grow the game,” Woods said in the press release, calling it a "perfect fit" with himself, Discovery and the pro golf tour.
One example Zaslav offered was something unique in the streaming world, albeit programming that would make only a hard-core golf fans salivate: watching Woods spending an hour hitting shot after shot out of the same sand trap. The streaming service plans to show Woods' preparation routines and take viewers behind the scenes of PGA Tour rounds, as well as offering weekly practice and instructional videos and post-round commentary. The GolfTV partnership "will reveal Woods as fans have never seen him before," the press release said.
Zaslav said Discovery would be able to use it to drive distribution revenue either solo or via a partnership.” /> While U.S. streaming of PGA events is not part of the GolfTV plan for the time being, the programming developed with Woods will be exclusively owned by GolfTV on a global basis.
The parties are envisioning "a wide range of programming, content creation and storytelling opportunities," according to a press release announcing the deal. The deal offers Discovery and the PGA a significant marketing hook for GolfTV, which launches in January in several territories outside of the U.S. It plans to stream 2,000 hours of live golf each year along with on-demand content.
As to Turner's tech issues, which caused parent WarnerMedia to issue refunds to many of the customers who forked over $19.99 to watch Woods play Mickelson, Zaslav was sanguine. "It has happened to every company–even the FAANG companies." As Discovery has ramped up streaming in Europe and elsewhere, he added, "We’ve had a lot of success but we’ve had a lot of fails. "I’m not really concerned," he said. Viewers will tolerate it." …
down the line but streaming internationally will be the main focus for now. Domestic streaming will continue on PGA Tour Live, the golf circuit's existing platform. GolfTV content created with Woods will be available in the U.S. Other territories will be added through 2024. GolfTV will light up January 1 in Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia and Spain.
Discovery, which closed its acquisition of Scripps Networks Interactive last March, has gained traction as a programmer carried by skinny bundle pay-TV packages but has not yet mounted a domestic stand-alone OTT service. Instead, it has emphasized its ability to target narrower groups, especially internationally, where its networks are widely distributed and where it owns potent assets like Eurosport, which is often called the ESPN of Europe. Eurosport has rights to the Olympics and prominent pro leagues in soccer, tennis and other sports.

California Enacts Nation’s Strictest Data Privacy Law

    ” />
It mimics the effects of Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which took effect May 25 and resulted in a flood of email notifications to consumer inboxes. The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, which takes full effect in 2020, will limit how big companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook, among others, collect and use personal data.
Anticipating the effects of the GDPR and the possibility of other countries and states enacting strict new laws, many larger companies have already been pro-actively preparing enhanced consumer privacy tools and regulations.
The bill passed the legislature unanimously and was signed by Gov. Jerry Brown. California has long been a leader in privacy protections, and the new law is expected to serve as a template for other state legislatures in the US.
Companies will be required to disclose the types of data they collect about consumers and with whom they share that information, and let consumers opt-out of having their data sold. If a consumer opts-out of having data sold, they cannot be treated differently under the new law. Any data collected must be stringently secured or fines will result.
In a move that will have broad ramifications for any company that does business in the US, the California legislature has passed the nation's strongest data privacy law.

Russ Drops New Song “Some Time” [Listen]

2018 FOOT ON THE GAS AT ALL TIMES. Below is the new music video, watch and leave your comments. Since his last album “There’s Really a Wolf”, released back in May of last year fans have been railing for more jingle from the multitalented rapper/ singer /song writer/ producer. Related Posts

Russ feat. Russ Drops new reflective single “Some Time”. The rapper will be touring Europe in February through to March, afterwards he will be back in the US where he will perform at the The Governors Ball Music Festival 2018 at Randall’s Island, New York. NEW SONG
— Russ (@russdiemon) January 25, 2018

— Russ (@russdiemon) January 25, 2018

It’s not surprising to see Russ releasing a new single. Rexx Life Raj – Take It All In Lyrics

Russ – The Journey Lyrics

Russ – Used To You Lyrics Early this morning Russ notified fans on Twitter that his new song was out, he also hinted that more is in the pipeline. SHOUTOUT TO THE FANS.

NF – No Name

Small circle, but the number’s growin’
Fame called me, I’m like, "How you doin’?"
Hung up on him, I ain’t ready for it
I’ll get back to that when I make album four
Less talking, I’ve been workin’ more
Better me is what I’m workin’ towards
Y’all judgin’, but we not in court, no, we not in court, oh Lord! I’m tryna paint a picture, get the vision, you ain’t hear it yet, woo! Feels like I’m fallin’ apart
Act like my image is hard
I always put up my guard
Even when talkin’ to God
Sit in my room and I plot
Everything that I’m not
Comes out in the music I jot
I give it all that I got
I give it all that I got! I’m tryna think out the box, no! Last couple years, let’s recap
I make a livin’ off of writin’ out my regrets
I’m doin’ me, I don’t care where the scene’s at
Try to give me feedback, I don’t really need that
I used to walk on stage in a V-neck
I used to wear a lil’ tie with a black vest
I came a long way, why you lookin’ upset? I’m prolly not what you thought
I’m prolly not what you thought
I used to judge everybody that wasn’t like me ’til I learned it was wrong
Girl told me I should get it together and get out the dark
I’m tryna give her my heart
That’s when I sit in my car, writin’ for hours until I can barely talk
I mean, where do I start? [Verse]
Look, people ask me what the future is
All I know is I’ll be doin’ this
All I know is things are moving quick
That’s convenient for me ’cause that’s how I live
Now they see me out here movin’ up
You don’t like me, that makes two of us
Time change, yeah, I can’t adjust
Yo, it’s who you are not who you was, oh my
Yeah, just went to Europe, they said the single is working
I think I’m learning, I am way more than what people might think when they look on the surface
What is my purpose? I’m livin’ life in the fast lane
Wake up every morning thinkin’ I’ma have a bad day
Drive my own car, I don’t like the valet
Parked, then I go into my mind with an AK
Shoot every thought in my head then it rotates
Losin’ it all, but I think that I’m okay
Who is involved? Yeah
That is a question that I have been asking myself and it hurts
‘Cause it’s prolly something I should already know but I don’t know it yet, I’m tryna grow as a person, woo! Yeah, I got people standing outside a bus screaming my name
I don’t come out and take pictures, they tell me I changed
I don’t smile in VIPs, you get mad like, "You know what I paid?"
Guess I don’t know what to say
Guess I don’t know what to say
I leave it all on the stage
I leave it all on the stage Look, hold up, hold up, wait a minute, please
Flow’s switchin’, I got ADD
Brain scatters when you play the beat
It don’t matter what you say to me
I’ll be doin’ this at 83
I’ve been doin’ this since ABC’s
In the major leagues doin’ major things, don’t play with me, woo! I’m sick of people tellin’ people I’m here ’cause of marketing dollars, oh
You think that everything is gonna blow just ’cause you market it harder? I don’t know, but I’m insane
Poof! No
I got my hands in everything, now they out here tryna get to me
Stop tryna lecture me
You don’t compare to my level of thinking, so why do you think you compare to my energy, huh? And I’m gone, wanna call me a no name, what!?

Vanessa Bling On Cardi B Cosign “She always support my music”

She posted a pic of herself yesterday in Jerusalem praying. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper was in Jamaica last week shooting a new music video with Rvssian and doing some recording for her upcoming album. Bling has been touring extensively Europe and Africa over the past couple of weeks and so far she said the journey has been great. I love how she never give up and always kept pushing for greatness.”
Cardi B is currently working on a collaboration with Vanessa Bling’s former mentor Vybz Kartel. A post shared by DancehallHipHop (@dancehallhiphop) on Nov 7, 2017 at 11:05am PST She’s a real girl and I’m glad for her. Shortly after getting her ring, Cardi B posted a video showing off her 8-karat rock while listening to Vanessa Bling 2011 dancehall banger “Everything Fi Hold Him.” Bardi got a lot of shoutout from her Jamaican fan base for posting the clip and now she is getting some major props from Vanessa Bling herself. #cardib endorses #vanessabling #dancehall? Now am here DEAR LORD I THANK YOU,” she wrote. Tweet
Cardi B gave Vanessa Bling a big cosign last month when Offset drop a half a million dollar engagement ring on her finger. “I rate her and love how she’s a true hustler. “Today is a happy day for me #Jerusalem this is where my Father was put to rest I only see this place on TV Christmas time. Do you think Cardi B and Vanessa Bling should work on a collaboration? “Cardi B always support my music even before she buss and get big in the music business,” Bling said.

Musicals – Chess – The Story Of Chess lyrics

The Arbiter:
Each game of chess
Means there’s one less
Variation left to be played.

Each day got through
Means one or two
Less mistakes remain to be made.

Soloists 1 & 2:
Not much is known
Of early days of chess
Beyond a fairly vague report–

Soloist 3:
That fifteen hundred years ago
Two princes fought,
Tough brothers,
For a Hindu throne.

Soloist 4:
The mother cried,
For no one really likes
Their offspring fighting
To the death.
She begged to stop
The slaughter
With her every breath.

Soloist 5:
But sure enough
One brother died.

Soloists 4 & 6:
Sad beyond belief,
She told her winning son,

Soloist 6:
“You have caused such grief
I can’t forgive
This evil thing you’ve done.”

Soloist 3 & 7:
He tried to explain
How things had really been.

Soloist 7:
But he tried in vain,
No words of his
Could mollify the queen.

Soloist 8:
And so he asked
The wisest men he knew
The way to lessen her distress.

The Arbiter:
They told him he’d be
Pretty certain to impress
By using model soldiers
On a checkered board
To show it was his brother’s fault–

They thus invented chess

Male Soloists:
Chess displayed no inertia,
Soon spread to Persia,
Then west.

Female Soloists:
Next the Arabs refined it,
Thus redesigned, it

Soloist 9:
Still further yet,
And when Constantinople
Fell in 1453,
One would have noticed
Every other refugee
Included in his bags a set.

Soloist 10:
Once in the hands,
And in the minds
Of leading figures
Of the Renaissance–

Soloist 2:
The spirit and the speed
Of chess made swift advance
Through all of Europe’s vital lands.

Female Soloists: Male Soloists:
Where we must record Each game of chess,
The game was further changed– Means there’s one less
Right across the board Variation left to be played.
The western touch
Upon the pieces ranged.

King, and queen, and rook,
And bishop, knight, and pawn
All took on the look
We know today–
The modern game was born.

The Arbiter:
And in the end,
We see a game
That started by mistake
In Hindustan–
And boosted in the main
By what is now Iran–
Become the simplest,
And most complicated
Pleasure yet devised
For just the kind of mind
Who would appriciate this
Well-researched, and fascinating

The World Chess Federation, of which I have the honor
Of being president, announces that the next world championship
Will take place here in Merano, Italy.

The current world champion Frederick Trumper of the United
States of America will defend his title again Anatoly Sergievsky
Of the Soviet Union.

The first player to achieve six victories will be declared
Champion. The first game will begin on March 27, 1979.

Welcome, world, to Merano!

David Brent – Slough lyrics

More convenient that a Tesco express
Close to Windsor but the properties less
Keeps the businesses of Britain great
It’s got Europe’s biggest trading estate

It doesn’t matter where you’re from
You wanna work? Then come along
The station’s just got a new floor
And the motorway runs by your door

And you know just where you’re heading
It’s equidistance ‘tween London and Reading

Oh Slough
My kind of town
I don’t know how, anyone could put you down

To the West you got Taplow and Bray
You got Hillingdon the other way
It’s a brilliant place to live and work
It was in Bucks now officially it’s Berks

Don’t listen to what the critics say
Like it’s soulless, and boring and grey
See for yourself, what you waiting for?
We’re on the Bath road, that’s the A4

And you know just where you’ll be heading
It’s equidistance ‘tween London and Reading

Oh Slough
My kind of town
I don’t know how, anyone could put you down

Oh Slough
My kind of town
I don’t know how, anyone could put you down

Slough [x4]

Nines – These Keys (feat. Berner) (One Foot Out Album)

[Chorus: Nines]
How can I give this all up
This is all I wanted to be
This music money isn’t enough
I just can’t get caught with these keys
With these keys
I just can’t get caught with these keys
With these keys, with these keys

[Verse 1: Nines]
Ask my nigga Nunu how we went through all them rubber bands
Remember when I kop the Ice hublot with the rubber band
Made 30K this week I’m nothing like them other man
I’m on a different level now but I don’t think they understand
Last year I would have stressed my pockets if I copped a Range
Funny how in a couple months, how luck could change
Old niggas on the track, bragging ’bout watch and chain
Next album I’ll probably rap about yachts and planes
Pull up on the block, all them yungens circle ’round the Porsche
Came a long way from the Gilera with the loud exhaust
Shit was slow, mandem was moving like some scavengers
Never going broke again I’m cool with all the traffickers
Jazzy said chill and let them young bucks spray them tools
Think they hating now, watch when I upgrade my jewels
My lil’ niggas know a nigga spend a monkey on some shoes
Trappin’ from a distance can’t see them junkies from these views
Grew up ’round some of the best niggas to do it
Now we fucking with them Albo’s they like the Mexicans of Europe
They don’t play me on the radio but I don’t give a fuck
I’ve buried P, went broke, then I had to dig it out

[Chorus: Nines]
How can I give this all up
This is all I wanted to be
This music money isn’t enough
I just can’t get caught with these keys
With these keys
I just can’t get caught with these keys
With these keys, with these keys

[Verse 2: Berner]
Empty boxes got me nauseous
Six burner phones in my faucet
We buy phones and we wash ’em
Digging holes to find a million dollars [?], ain’t sweet
I’ve been broke, same clothes for a week
Fresh off the plane I see badges fuck the D.E.A
This piece costs a couple more G’s, when it leave the States
Started from the bottom, with a key of yay
I’m ridin’ round dirty in this Honda, I don’t need the Wraith
They grabbed Stack, we just laughed when he beat the case
Cookies with the cheese, [?] bring me strains
Bring the jack back, I’m smoking for the JA
Black hoodie with the AK
Dirty money bring the devil out, bag the lemonade
Put my gloves on, then we send ’em out
80 for a 20 pack, yeah I’m talking locally
Here in the city, I’m still getting [?]
The rest of them getting 2, they can’t even sell ’em though
I could never sell ’em low, I’d rather be selling blow
Talking on the telephone, now he’s never coming home
The dope gang dirty yeah, they don’t love you until you’re gone

[Chorus: Nines]
How can I give this all up
This is all I wanted to be
This music money isn’t enough
I just can’t get caught with these keys
With these keys
I just can’t get caught with these keys
With these keys, with these keys

L2B – The Journey lyrics

The world keeps turning, I’m just holding on,
Hold on..
This life’s a journey that keeps going on,
Hold on..

[Verse 1]
I got a lyrical addiction, I’m a punchline fiend,
Even in my dreams, I come up with rhyme schemes,
I try to be calm, but my mind is like a mob scene
Full of obscene gestures and loud screams in dark streets
From wild teens whose moms can;t stop them
From robbing people just because they want nice things,
They’d sacrifice a life to live like kings, but
That’s not the song that I sing,
Sometimes I just need to switch to a positive mind frame
And change the way I think.
See I’m excited for what life brings,
I’m trying to travel the world and go sight-seeing
And see what it’s like to be in different cultures and ways of life,
Traveling in first class flights, that sounds nice.
Walking through foreign lands, Europe and Japan,
Got as much Seoul as South Korea,
Looking down from the Namsan Tower,
I love where I’m from, but I got bigger plans,
I’m trying to spin a globe and just go wherever my finger lands.

The world keeps turning, I’m just holding on,
Hold on..
This life’s a journey that keeps going on,
Hold on..

[Verse 2]
I got so many dope verses, think I need an intervention,
Not to mention, never cared for being center of attention,
But I’ll deliver a hundred and ten percent, even when
It’s a challenge and the pressure is high, like hypertension.
Caught up living above the influence of reality,
Love, hugs, peace, drugs, and LSD,
Bright colors being smudged without paint brushes,
Just me under a spell while I’m staring at trees,
See life is one giant canvas to me,
Hand me a can of paint and watch me transform a
Blank space landscape in to something out of fantasy,
Something you’re seeing with your eyes, but still can’t believe.
I’m in the Amazon rain forest, laying underneath the canopy,
Staring up at the sky, wondering why can’t life always be this simple,
Thinking back to everything that I’ve been through,
But with endless possibilities, I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do.

The world keeps turning, I’m just holding on,
Hold on..
This life’s a journey that keeps going on,
Hold on..

Life is just a journey,
Life is just a journey, so stay..
Life is just a journey,
Life is just a journey, so stay..
Life is just a journey, so stay..
Life is just a journey, so stay strong..
Life is just a journey, so stay..
Life is just a journey, so stay strong..

The world keeps turning, I’m just holding on,
Hold on..
This life’s a journey that keeps going on,
Hold on..

Yung Lean – Cashin (feat. Adamn Killa) (Frost God Album)

We be braggin
My pants be sagging
I’m getting stacks
I be cashin
I hit the mall
Yes I ball
Shawty call
We be braggin
My pants be sagging
I’m getting stacks
I be cashin
I hit the mall
Yes I ball
Shawty call

[Verse 1: Adamn Killa]
Bitch I’m out in Europe like I’m out here on vacation
But I’m doing shows till I ran across the nation
If you want it, gotta get it like it ain’t no waitin’
Bitch I want it right now, I don’t got no patience
Niggas be broke cos they got all the patience
Don’t know the currency so I don’t know what I’m paying
Bitch I’m Adamn, that is what I’m saying
All this foreign money I can’t count what I’m making
There’s me, Lean, whitearmor and we out here baby
I don’t want no baby, killavesi is my baby
Bitch I’m Adamn, all the hot boys they like hating
I can’t save no thot cos these bitches they got rabies

We be braggin
My pants be sagging
I’m getting stacks
I be cashin
I hit the mall
Yes I ball
Shawty call

[Verse 2: Yung Lean]
I be cashin
Shawty splashin
What you know about Lean, I’m getting stacks
I’m on the frozen throne I might just catch it
Angels falling in my soul, money stacking, gucci cologne
Got cash got bags my bros
Many men wanna kill me, I don’t know
Why they trying to get me I just blow
Money and coke up in my nose
Percs in my system, I’m never slow
Golden [?] running round the floor
I sit down in the frozen throne
She called me up and called me on the phone
She fucked me over once, someone that I know
I be getting dough
Soldiers from white snow
Moola in my rover
With Adamn killing my soul
Fuck with Lean I break your bones
Fuck with Lean I break your bones
Moola in my rover

Kano – Dun Know The Myspace Lyrics

It’s K-A, check, check, check it out

[Verse 1]
Listen, yeah, yeah, you dun know the Myspace
I’m a vet MC niggas can’t violate
I’m two albums deep already
And how ever many singles under my name
Yeah, yeah, you dun know the my K
Fire for no reason, I’m nice
Can’t stop me like a Hummer in drive
Gone like I’m roadrunner in spikes
Yeah, yeah put me in the right lane
I’ll still breeze on a beat with a bang
I might perform my beats with a band
There ain’t no MC deeper than man
Hot like the bottom of the pan
And I’m still totalling on like twang


Man, look at my Myspace, my fanbase is swollen like clams
With old school fans and new school fans
I got UK fans and Europe fans
I got older fans and younger fans
And you dun know I’m repping for my Myspace fam

[Verse 2]

Yeah, yeah you dun know the vibe ain’t right in a rave on stage if I ain’t
On it with DJ Medonit, excitement levels we go beyond it
Enrol my shows like college, I show you how to do this son
Come like dumb, leave like a boffin
Cause I’m a teacher like KRS-One, one

Haha, I’m just having fun
Know why? Cause I’m MC number 1
Mc number 1
Yeah I know I didn’t finish that verse but I don’t give a shit
I wrote that shit whilst Mikey was beefing on the phone with his chick
HAHA! It’s K-A, It’s K-A

Skull And Bones – Zero Point Energy lyrics

There is a kind of energy called zero point
Max Planck in Germany conceived it in nineteen eleven
By Quantum Mechanics it was foreseen and validated
It holds the key of antigravity and limitless energy

The Military Industrial Complex would do anything to conceal it
Assassination, wars, depose governments to hide it from you

No more fossil fuels to polute our world with Zero Point Energy
Atomic Power will be a thing from the past with Zero Point Energy
We would fly trough the skies powered by Zero Point Energy
A new age ahead exploring the space with Zero Point Energy


No more fossil fuels to polute our world with Zero Point Energy
Atomic Power will be a thing from the past with Zero Point Energy
We would fly trough the skies powered by Zero Point Energy
A new age ahead exploring the space with Zero Point Energy

In Second World War germans developed some prototypes
Its plans were spread across Europe as spoils of War
Wikileaks Podesta’s e-mails shows that the US Gov. Knows
Stop being selfish and greedy , humankind need to be free

The Military Industrial Complex would do anything to conceal it
Assassination, wars, depose governments to hide it from you

No more fossil fuels to polute our world with Zero Point Energy
Atomic Power will be a thing from the past with Zero Point Energy
We would fly trough the skies powered by Zero Point Energy
A new age ahead exploring the space with Zero Point Energy

The Stranglers – North Winds Blowing lyrics

I saw an orange robe burning
I saw a youth on fire
I saw metal machines that were turning on
A generation that hadn’t yet tired

I heard of two generations that were
Being murdered
In a Europe that was shrouded in black
I witnessed the birth pains of new nations
When the chosen people finally went back

North Winds Blowing
I wish they’d blow you all away
North Winds Blowing
I wish they’d blow you all away

I saw a freedom in the shape of disease
And mainly men had to quench their desire
And while a few could do just as they please
I saw kid’s whose bellies were all on fire
And then all is dead and war is over
When hollow victory has been won
Who will join in the celebration of
An evil that can’t be undone

North Winds Blowing
I wish they’d blow you all away
North Winds Blowing
I wish they’d blow you all away

I use to dream about destruction
Now that I feel it getting near
I spend my time watching the ocean
And waves are all I want to hear

I wish I was a believer
I’d spend less time maybe
In being sad
So many laws against disbelieving
I don’t know who’s good or who’s bad

North Winds Blowing
Blow all away
Blow away