Bill Maher Reveals He is Q On ‘Real Time’

"Donald Trump was just posing as a disgusting pervert the last half century to gain credibility so he can go after perverts now," Maher explained.
UPDATE, with video “I am Q” Bill Maher revealed during his New Rules segment in which he lampooned Trump supporters latest conspiracy theory, QAnon.
"And then it starts to get weird," Maher described, getting a big laugh from his audience.
Q, the leader of the QAnon conspiracy theory, is an unidentified person with super-high 'Q' level security clearance, "so he knows all the shit that goes on in the Deep State," Maher giggled. "Namely that our government is riddled with a rogue criminal element that is interested in evil in general, but their specialty is pedophilia."
In Q World, the FBI are the traitors, the real patriots are the Russians, Trump is clean and Robert Mueller is dirty. Which is why it is true. I am revealing it now. I am Q. "The only thing that would make more sense," Maher said, "would be finding out that a Trump loathing conservative baiter like me is Q.
The drugs, the atheism, the stuff at the Playboy Mansion – I did that to throw you off the scent…The pot I smoke is oregano, and the jokes in my monologues are actually coded messages, except for the ones about Chris Christie being fat. Those I just like to tell." "My entire life has been a sham that gave me the perfect cover to be your source for what is really happening in America.
Almost every well-known person is a pedophile to QAnon believers, Maher noted, including Tom Hanks, Stephen Spielberg – and every single POTUS since Ronald Reagan. Part of his cover involved saying that were Ivanka Trump not his daughter, perhaps he would be dating her, and describing her "best body." Except Donald Trump. In QAnon, "Trump is a superhero whose whole life has been a cover so he can strike back against the pedophile rings," Maher said. "And why not?" Maher asked, nothing  almost half of Trump voters already believed Hillary Clinton ran a child sex ring out of a pizza parlor. Turns out, that just the tip of the iceberg.
Do not leave your house on November 6. "I, Q, need your help to make America great again…Keep believing everything Trump tells you. Better yet, get in the trunk of your car and don't leave it for whatever reason.” /> And, above all, on Tuesday, November 6, stay at home.
"Just a few months ago…I was talking about how Republicans are now the Conspiracy Party and that there is nothing so ridiculous they won’t swallow: birth certificate, Chemtrail, Jade Helm, Lizard People, and now we have Q."
Trump rallies these days are full of people holding up Q signs and defending QAnon's positions.
Maher's final New Rule for the night: "If Trump supporters don’t want us to call them stupid they have to stop coming up with things like Q."