Michael Moore To Sit With Chris Hayes For MSNBC Prime-Time Special Tied To ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ Release

Moore added, "Even when Trump is gone, it will take us quite some time to repair the damage. I think we’re in a very dangerous spot."” />
Its planned 1,500-screen debut will mark the first release for Tom Ortenberg’s Briarcliff Entertainment. In the runup to Fahrenheit's September 21 release, it has just had its world premiere in Toronto and will continue to build buzz over the coming days and weeks.
Her taking of voters in those states for granted proved her undoing in the electoral college, even if she was the clear winner in the overall popular vote. Michigan, of course, was one of the battleground states whose eventual siding with Trump helped determine the outcome of the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton had banked on the "blue wall" holding firm in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.
EXCLUSIVE: Filmmaker Michael Moore will appear in a one-hour, prime-time interview special on MSNBC on Wednesday night after a screening in his hometown of Flint, Mich., of his Donald Trump documentary Fahrenheit 11/9.
The special, All in America: Michael Moore in Trump Country, will be taped on Tuesday afternoon, a day before it is to air. It will be shot in Factory Two, described as a "community makerspace" in Flint. MSNBC host Chris Hayes will interview Moore about the film as well as the mood of voters in Flint as the nation heads toward November's mid-term elections.
Moore spoke at length with Deadline's Mike Fleming last week about his motivations for making the film, among many other topics. "He has been slowly dismantling our federal government. But every day, mid-level managers at the EPA, at the Department of Interior, at the Department of Energy, they are dismantling things." "If he isn’t stopped, now, in the mid-terms, with impeachment, whatever it takes," Moore argues, the whole system could fall apart. His primary reason for making it: to stop Trump. We don’t focus on his different cabinet agencies, because we’re so caught up with James Comey, or the latest scandal, or the tweets.