SAG-AFTRA Issues Do-Not-Work Order For Telefilm ‘Keys To The City’

Under Global Rule One, SAG-AFTRA members only can work on projects signed to the union’s contract. The union says it “takes Global Rule One very seriously; violating it can result in disciplinary action ranging from reprimands to fines to expulsion.”
SAG-AFTRA members set to star in the film’s predominantly African-American cast include Isaiah Washington, Felisha Cooper, Stephen Bishop and Kelsey Scott. EXCLUSIVE: SAG-AFTRA has ordered its members not to work on Keys to the City, a basic cable movie that’s in pre-production in Atlanta.
Disputes like these almost always are resolved with the producers signing the union’s contract.
The union says that the film’s production company “has not completed the signatory process. As such, SAG-AFTRA members are hereby instructed to withhold any acting services for this production until further notice." The union also noted that "accepting employment or rendering services on Keys to the City may be considered a violation of Global Rule One.”
Contacted by Deadline, one of the film’s producers declined comment, saying he’s “not willing to talk about it.”” /> The film, set against the backdrop of an Atlanta mayoral race, reportedly is set to air next year on BET.