California Congresswoman Tells Chris Wallace No Democrats ‘Watch Fox News’

California Congresswoman Katie Hill says there's a reason the Democratic National Committee decided to block Fox News from hosting any 2020 presidential primary debates — Democratic viewers have no interest in watching the channel.
Before jumping into politics 31-year-old Hill worked as executive director of PATH (People Assisting The Homeless), the largest homeless services organization in California. She is vice chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform.
"I think that you're treating me without bias and I certainly appreciate that, and I think that this is something that we have to change," she said.
She was elected to Congress in November 2018 after unseating two-term Republican incumbent Steve Knight. Hill represents California’s 25th Congressional District, serving the Antelope, Simi, and Santa Clarita Valleys just outside of Los Angeles.

She then thanked Wallace for the way he was handling her interview on the channel.
"That's not true. There are a lot of Democrats who watch Fox News and a lot of independents who watch Fox News," he said.
Wallace disagreed with her assessment.
Hill told him that was only partly correct about the right-leaning channel, adding that she believes the channel's Democratic viewers are few and far between.
"I think we know that there are basically no Democrats who watch Fox News, so to me that's pretty fair," Hill told host Chris Wallace this weekend on Fox News Sunday.″ />
"Certainly independents yes, but mostly it's become more and more partisan and that's unfortunate" she said about the network. "I'm here because I do represent a purple district… but I think that there is not a feeling right now that there's a lack of bias and I'm hoping we can change that."
Hill also discussed Rep. That video is below. Ilhan Omar's recent comments on support for Israel.

Donald Trump Again Blames “Management” For California Wildfires On Eve Of Visit

President Donald Trump says he's going to visit Northern California on Saturday "Just to see the firefighters."
"You need forest management. It has to be," Trump argued. And I’ve really learned a lot." "I’m not saying that in a negative way, a positive — I’m just saying the facts.
"And they’re raking trees, little trees like this that are not trees, little bushes that you could see are totally dry. And they’re raking them, they’re on fire. You wouldn't have the fires." "I was watching the firemen the other day and they were raking areas, they were raking areas where the fire was right over there," he complained. Weeds. That should have been all raked out.
"'And then we leave areas un-maintained,' he said, 'We’ll lose 100,000 acres before you even know it.'"
The interview will air on Fox News Sunday, and will be shown on Fox Broadcasting, as well as Fox News Channel.” />
(The 600+ figure is actually the number of missing people, according to The Butte County Sheriff's Office). "And burned beyond recognition, they can’t even see the bodies, it’s incredible," Trump added.
"Nobody’s ever seen what’s going on over there, and now they’re saying it could be as many as 600, this just came out before we met, could be as many as 600 people killed – up by 400," Trump told Fox News's Chris Wallace in an interview conducted Friday afternoon.
After getting torched for blaming "forest management" and threatening to pull "federal funding" as wildfires ravaged Northern and Southern California, and backing off that line of tweeting to assume a more Consoler-in-Chief role, Trump returned to his original thought bubble in his sit-down with Wallace, which will air Sunday.
"The big problem we have is management. When I was in a certain state, I won’t say which, the governor said, 'You know, we’ve tested it. We clean out areas and we actually set the fire just to see, we lose almost nothing, we can put it out right away.' "Maybe it contributes a little bit," he said.
When Wallace asked him about the "argument that it’s climate change, that it’s drier, it’s hotter and that that’s contributing to it?" Trump wasn't going there: