Mike Sherm – Born a Boss Lyrics

7 bitches in the room
Tell them who wanna fuck? I let my nuts hang I’m a big dog
321 thats a lift off
I ain’t saying I stink but my shit cost
[?] motherfucking shit talks
Bringing out my name
Niggas better talk highly
Turn a red neck bitch I don’t like Miley
You niggas [?]
I looking for no hand outs I’m jolly
A lot of niggas hear me got me feeling like a [?]
Tryna [?] this swag I don’t fuck with you zombies
[?] with no body
[?] mazi
[?] you niggas sound dumb
Lived in that bitch like 10 years plus
I’m like a virgin
I don’t give no fucks
I got some hard dick that’ll make a bitch bust
[?] on my feet bitch watch where you stepping
Send [?] every time I’m [?]
[?] stop begging
I ain’t ask for help I just made some shit happen
Tired of the acting [?]
I’m always giving game like a nigga in his 40’s
I had [?]
Only thing I need a bitch for is if I’m horny
Go to sleep at night
Count 10 by the morning
Bitch you would think that I’m [?]
I don’t really want no main bitch cause I’m heartless
And I be doing shit where I ain’t tryna get no karma
If you in my [?] no feature
Could’ve smacked your bitch but I don’t wanna keep her
Everybody know I’m all for the people
But if you don’t fuck with me I don’t fuck with you neither
10 what I make
But you probably won’t believe it
Don’t tell you what cause they probably gon repeat it
When I got shot I thought I was dreaming
Now I can’t ever leave my house without a G-man
Real recognize real [?]
Don’t believe shit up about me if I don’t say
Always get my money up front cause I can’t wait
Sticking to the code like some motherfucking ducktape
Always talking money on the phone [?] cupcake
Every day I’m dressed like Imma hit the run way
[?] pump fake, bitch [Verse]
I was Born to be a boss [?] plug
On my way to the bank
I could throw you a dub
Yeah bitch, whats up?