Seann William Scott A Big Factor In ‘Lethal Weapon’s Return To Fox – TCA

Lethal Weapon's third season will consist of 13 episodes.
"If we could not feel confident to bring that show back with a great cast in a way that the audience would accept it, we would have simply not brought the show back," said Fox TV Group boss Gary Newman today at TCA. "Until they came up with Seann, we were planning a schedule without Lethal Weapon."
There was talk that Scott would play a brother to Crawford’s Riggs, or even return as Riggs, but with plastic surgery.
For a moment, there was a possibility that Lethal Weapon wouldn't return for a season 3 on Fox following the firing of star Clayne Crawford over his on-set behavior issues.
Scott will play Murtaugh's (Damon Wayans) new partner Wesley Cole, a war veteran and a father.
"There were really no thoughts of plastic surgery or bringing back the same character," said Newman to those rumors.
We're incredibly excited about being in business with Seann. We pursued him before and never successfully landed him and Matt is a fantastic showrunner and came up with a great character." came to us at the end of last season and said that they needed to make a change, Matt Miller started developing that character, and it was very much informed by the actor he was able to get. "When Warner Bros.
But the TV series creator Matt Miller's ability to land American Pie star Seann William Scott made a huge difference in the show's return.
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