‘It Chapter Two’ Balloons Franchise To $1B+ Global; Tarantino’s ‘Hollywood’ Overtakes ‘Basterds’ WW; ‘Downton Abbey’ Serves Up Early $12M Debut – International Box Office

The Secret Life Of Pets 2 (UNI): $1.3M intl weekend (33 markets); $269.7M intl cume ($428M global)
Yesterday (UNI): $1.2M intl weekend (28 markets); $65.6M intl cume ($139M global)
String that onto the 2017 original and the two films combined have made $1.02B. UPDATE; writethru: New Line/Warner Bros’ It Chapter Two had its second reading at the global and international box office this weekend, after screaming to the 2nd highest worldwide opening ever for a horror movie last session. The split on Chapter Two is currently $169.5M overseas and $153.8M domestic for a global take of $323.3M. With the sophomore frame’s extra balloons, the franchise has now crossed $1B worldwide.
Good Boys/strong> (UNI): $1.8M intl weekend (33 markets); $18.3M intl cume ($91.6M global)
Fans of the series — which was a global phenomenon that sparked a new worldwide age of British drama — are expected to embrace it. Most agree the film is a warm hug from favorite characters with a giant scale and intricate detail not seen on TV. North America, where the Michael Engler-helmed movie opens this week, was one of the majors that helped push the TV saga to its heights (it won more Emmys than BAFTAs, and many of the cast and crew have told me in past years that they were stunned by the American response). and NBC and Focus are teaming on Return to Downton Abbey: A Grand Event one-hour special set to air a day before the extravaganza hits theaters Stateside. The challenge on this one will be in drawing an unschooled audience. As of two weeks ago in North America, Downton was on fire in pre-sales ahead of Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!
Breakdowns on the films above and more have been updated below.
TLK notably had a great hold in Spain this week (-9%) given this was the start of the school year for kids locally.
MORE…” />
Universal’s spinoff is still spinning cash overseas with an $8.1M weekend to cume $572.6M abroad and $740.9M global. China remains the lead market at $196.1M after weekend 6. The film passed $700M last week, which star Dwayne Johnson even noted.
*Denotes new
1 at $214K from 31 locations, 51% above Bad Moms 2, and 119% over A Simple Favor. Elsewhere, Netherlands bowed to $370K from 86 sites, on par with A Bad Moms Christmas, while Israel boogied into No.
Dora And The Lost City Of Gold (PAR): $2.3M intl weekend (29 markets); $28.2M intl cume ($79.5M global)
Disney and Fox combined now have the top 5 films ever in EMEA with Avatar, Titanic, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Lion King and Avengers: Endgame. As noted above, in EMEA, TLK bested Avengers: Endgame to become the No. 4 highest grossing title of all time. It's good to be the king.
Universal's Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw banked a further $8.1M this weekend from 68 markets to lift the cume overseas to $572.6M and global to $740.9M. China is now at $196.1M.
While the UK, at $16.5M, is Pennywise’s top market so far, he did cede the No. The Dowager Countess’ zingers also nabbed the top spot in Australia while much play is still to come, including in the U.S. next weekend. The total weekend on this big screen transfer released by Universal is an estimated $11.7M from 17 markets. 1 spot there to Downton Abbey which grossed an estimated $6.3M in the home counties.
In Hollywood has become the director’s 2nd highest-grossing movie ever worldwide with $329.4M to surpass Inglourious Basterds. Elsewhere, Sony/Bona and Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time… The offshore portion is closing in on $200M with $192.5M so far.
Overseas, next session notably adds Germany which should see a solid serving; France opens September 25. There are also several other international markets to come.
The Top 5 overseas markets are: UK ($16.5M), Mexico ($16.1M), Russia ($13.9M), Germany ($12.8M) and Italy ($0.1M).
Japan is the last key market to release on November 1.
Hollywood is now the 2nd highest grossing film in the director’s career. The international cume is inching towards $200M, currently at $192.5M. Sony/Bona’s Quentin Tarantino love letter to 1969 Hollywood scooped another $8.4M this weekend from 60 markets. Globally, the hot August nights that sparked this Cannes premiere have now led to $329.4M, overtaking QT’s Inglourious Basterds.
As Anthony has noted, talent (including JLo, Cardi B, Lili Reinhart and Constance Wu) have a considerable social reach with more than 318M worldwide fans.
The UK, however, is the lead market at $16.5M in 2nd place this frame behind Downton. Germany was the best hold, with a 39% drop to cume $12.8M.
Holdover markets overseas dropped just 39% this weekend and there is still Italy and Korea to come.
The box office start there was $6.3M for No. This is above TV transfer Absolutely Fabulous (+25%), as well as period comps Darkest Hour (+26%) and The Favourite (+129%). A Focus Features and Carnival Films production distributed internationally by Universal Pictures, Downton Abbey, the movie, began offshore rollout via Universal this week in 17 markets including the UK where the film had its world premiere on Monday. 1 at 730 locations.
Toy Story 4/em>(DIS): $2.8M intl weekend (25 markets); $625.5M intl cume ($1.085B global)
*The Goldfinch (WB): $985K intl weekend (13 markets); $3.625M global

In the UK, the Jennifer Lopez pic was No. 3 with an estimated $1.7M from 477 locations to give STX its best debut to date there. In other new openers, STX’s Hustlers bowed in 15 overseas markets, shimmying to a $4.6M start.
Crawl (PAR): $555K intl weekend (26 markets); $37.3M intl cume ($83.5M global)
Top Five on TLK: China ($120.4M), UK ($90.8M), France ($78.6M), Brazil ($68.8M), Japan ($58.3M).
Disney’s The Lion King has put a paw past $1.6B global with an added $6.9M offshore in the current frame for a $1.083B international cume and $1.617B worldwide. 4 release ever. Notably, in Europe Middle East Africa, TLK has overtaken Avengers: Endgame to become the No.
The Angry Birds Movie 2 (SNY): $4.1M intl weekend (54 markets); $72.1M intl cume ($111.7M global)
Rollout continues from October through December in such majors as Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Germany.
I movie in Europe and Latin America this session; and as the top U.S. title in Asia (there are some local newcomers in both Korea and China). Overall, It2 continued as the No.
A Dog’s Journey (UNI): $1M intl weekend (4 markets); $49.2M intl cume including non-UNI markets ($71.8M global)
Disney’s The Lion King has now crossed $1.6B globally and stands as the No. The current weekend was worth $6.9M offshore in 44 markets. The gross abroad for Simba is $1.083B; global is $1.617B. 7 movie of all time both worldwide and overseas.
In launches, France welcomed the scary clown this session with $4.7M on 600 screens and Hong Kong grossed $935K from 83 to become the biggest opening weekend ever for a horror film in the market.
This lifts the global total to $37.7M. In the UK, the Jennifer Lopez pic was No. 2 with $1.2M from 2K sites. 3 with an estimated $1.7M from 477 locations to give STX its best debut to date. STX’s domestic champ opened in 15 overseas markets this session, overperforming in the UK and Russia, and shimmying to a $4.6M start. In Russia, the launch was No. That’s 6% ahead of STX’s A Bad Moms Christmas.
The Andy Muschietti-directed Chapter Two scared up another $47M this weekend in 78 offshore markets. 1 in all of its debuts this session, also maintaining No. 1s in 52 hubs that bowed last session. It is holding the top spot at the international box office and was No.
2. 1s in Finland ($608K/100 sites) and New Zealand ($502K/111), all above comps. There were also No. Australia, likewise, was a No.1 launch and well ahead of comps with $2.2M; Netherlands indexed above comps and rang in $685K from 136 locations at No.
New openers were all No. Now released in 78 international markets, Andy Muschietti’s star-studded follow-up to 2017’s Stephen King adaptation has grossed $169.5M for $323.3M worldwide. 1s while 52 markets held the top spot. Crazy clown-like, the weekend also puts the two movies in the franchise over $1B global. This weekend, like last, Pennywise was top clown overseas and added $47M from 20,449 screens in 78 markets.

What Is A Weekend?: ’Downton Abbey’ Eyeing $12M+ Early Overseas Bow; Kingly In UK

The big screen transfer of the award-winning and game-changing period drama is off to a strong start in key hubs. EXCLUSIVE: Downton Abbey, the movie, began offshore rollout this week in 17 markets including the UK where the film had its world premiere on Monday. The weekend is estimated at $12.5M.
However, newcomers to the series (if there are any for one of the biggest global phenomena ever) should also ease in easily. Early scores from Rotten Tomatoes are 81% fresh with UK reviewers tending to agree the film is a warm hug from favorite characters with a giant scale and intricate detail not seen on TV. At the London premiere, any time Maggie Smith's Dowager Countess delivered a trademark zinger it lit up the room. The difficulty will be in drawing that unschooled audience.
Currently, the Focus/Universal/Carnival Films production from the pen of Julian Fellowes is tracking ahead of The Kings’s Speech (+61%), Darkest Hour (+64%) and The Favourite (+75%) in like-for-like markets, perhaps giving Lady Mary cause to raise a perfectly-sculpted eyebrow.
There are also several other international markets to come.” /> Next session overseas also notably adds Germany which should see a solid serving; France opens September 25.
In the UK, the Michael Engler-directed return to all things Crawley is driving to the No. 1 spot this weekend, with an anticipated $7M frame. It is at 732 locations and on 1,500 screens. The British launch is estimated to be ahead of Murder On The Orient Express (+20%), Absolutely Fabulous (+47%), Darkest Hour (+48%) and Rocketman (+51%).
NBC and Focus are teaming on Return to Downton Abbey: A Grand Event one-hour special set to air a day before the extravaganza hits theaters Stateside. We will have a full update on Sunday, while North America releases next weekend. As of two weeks ago, Downton was on fire in pre-sales ahead of Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!.
There have also been strong starts in the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand and Norway.
In Australia, Downton is duking it out with It Chapter Two for the top slot at around $2M, and is tracking ahead of The Inbetweeners (+11%), Absolutely Fabulous (+14%) and Victoria And Abdul (+68%).

‘It Chapter Two’ Screams 2nd Highest WW Opening For Horror Pic With $185M

Mexico with $10.2M at 4,571 screens, dominating with a 76% share of the Top 5 films.
Country spotlights:
This is after Thursday set horror opening records in some key hubs (see previous story below), and yesterday added $22.3M on about 25K screens. SATURDAY UPDATE: Now open in 75 offshore markets, New Line/Warner Bros’ It Chapter Two has grossed $39M through Friday. The international box office weekend is still aiming at around $100M.
UK grossed $9.4m at 1,998 screens, for 72% share of the Top 5 films and coming in as the 2nd biggest opening weekend ever for a horror film (behind It).
We’ll have a full report on Sunday.
Pic's best markets to date are UK ($22.6M), France ($17.9M), Russia ($17.7M) and Germany ($15.2M). Global is at $310M, and is poised to groove past Inglorious Basterds ($321M) as Quentin Tarantino's second highest grossing pic WW behind Django Unchained ($425M). Sony's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood made $13M from 59 markets for a running offshore total of $176.2M.
Other overseas notables: Hobbs & Shaw drove another $15M out of 69 markets taking foreign to $555.5M and the pic's global odometer to $719M. Twenty-six percent of that grand total comes from China or $184M.
Pre-weekend projections on the debut frame were in the $100M-$110M range. Landing within that certainly looks likely, though more will become clear once numbers for Friday’s 27 additional opening markets are posted. They include the UK, Spain and Mexico.
In Sweden, Chapter Two booked $509K on 220 screens, roughly on par with the previous movie and by far WB’s best first day of the year. The running tally is $614K.
SUNDAY UPDATE: New Line's It Chapter Two slotted the second best global opening for a horror film of all-time with $185M, right behind 2017's It which debuted to $189.7M. This was a similar case for the $79M production stateside where the Andy Muschietti-directed sequel notched the second best opening for both a horror pic and September release. Chapter Two is expected to be profitable like the first film, but less than its near $300M after ancillaries.
Italy: $5.5m on 840 screens, for 50% share of the Top 5 films and and the 2nd biggest opening weekend for horror pic behind It.
1 in virtually all markets in 2017 and broke records on the first day out in a number of plays. It opened No. That film, which was on a staggered release, bowed to $95M in like-for-likes at today’s rates. The final unadjusted overseas tally was $375M. The best offshore comp for Chapter Two is the previous title.
This is the second biggest opening day ever for a horror film, also only behind It. Australia gave Pennywise a 75% share of the Top 5 on Thursday with $625K from 501 screens.
Chapter Two screamed the biggest horror opening ever in 16 markets including Russia (and the entire Eastern Europe region), UAE, Holland, Norway, Finland and Argentina. Chapter Two also took the top spot in Latin America region and was, ditto, the biggest for Warners YTD. 1 in Europe and the biggest WB opening weekend for the region year to date, and Chapter Two was No. Other highlights: Pic was No. It was also Warners' best opening for the year in 37 markets including UK, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Argentina, Mexico and Australia. 1 in Asia,  besting It by 10%.
Cume is $1.4M. Spain pitched in $1.1M on 737 screens with a 69% share of the Top 5. Also the best WB start this year and the 2nd best ever for a horror title.
The full total to date, including sneaks, is $3.6M. In the UK on Friday, Pennywise pounded $3M from 1,998 screens and took a 78% share of the Top 5 movies. This is the 2nd best horror bow of all time, surpassed only by the first It. As with several other markets, Chapter Two marked the biggest opening day for a Warner Bros film this year. The UK was ultimately the lead hub on the previous film, followed by Germany, France, Mexico and Brazil (France is not opening until September 11).
Russia grossed $8.8M on 3,215 screens and dominated the market with 84% marketshare of the top 5 pics.
Germany made $7.1M at 890 screens, repping a 59% share of the Top 5 Films and ranking as the 2nd biggest horror opening weekend ever, only surpassed by It.
Including previews, the running cume there is $1.5M. Germany grossed $1.1M on 681 with a 64% share of the Top 5 films and tracking as the second biggest opening day ever for a horror film, only behind the first installment (which opened on a holiday).
And, Brazil is now at $1.6M after two days. The movie also continues to dominate in Australia with a $2M cume through Friday.
Italy also scored a record horror bow with $1.6M from 840 screens. In Thursday openers, Russia led all play at $2.1M on 3,215 screens: the best opening day ever for a horror movie (topping It) and WB’s best of 2019.
Holdovers were led by Russia on Friday with a 91% share of the Top 5 and another $1.9M to lift the total so far to $4M.
Brazil did $4.6m on 2,023 screens with a 63% share of the Top 5 Films.
1 in all debuts and set records for a horror opening in both Russia and Italy, notably, topping the 2017 predecessor. PREVIOUS, FRIDAY: New Line/Warner Bros’ It Chapter Two has begun its reign of terror at the international box office with $16.5M from 48 markets through Thursday. The Andy Muschietti-directed sequel landed No.
‘It Chapter Two’ Review: Big Chill(s) Reunion Of The Losers Club Concludes Film Adaptation Of Stephen King Clown Show
Brazil bowed with $555K on 2,022 screens, coming in as WB’s best start of 2019. Including previews, the cume to date is $817K.
Germany held. Italy’s second day kept It2 in the top spot for a cume of $2.8M. 1 on Friday and has now amassed $3.2M. No.
11 and Japan on Nov. Pennywise haunts France on Sept. Other openings include Spain ($3.2M on 737 screens), South Korea (also $3.2M but on 998 — a typhoon hit the country on Saturday, causing power outages and impacting the film industry’s overall Saturday box office), Indonesia ($2.7M on 930), and Argentina ($1.4M at 465). 1. Australia grossed $4.4M at 501 screens, repping a 60% share of the Top 5 Films, also the 2nd biggest opening weekend for a horror pic.
film in all markets (though in Korea on Saturday, the movie dipped to No. It continues to hold the top spot for a U.S. 2 behind a local title — the day’s locally estimated take was $820K which is not included in the running tally above; cume through Friday was $1.25M). The Andy Muschietti-directed sequel took No. 1 positions in its major Friday bows, including the UK, Mexico and Spain.
We’ll be back with more from the scary clown throughout the weekend.” />
Again, the biggest WB launch day of 2019. Including sneaks there, the cume is $3.4M. Mexico made $2.5M from 3,360 screens and had a 76% share of the Top 5 on Friday.
Disney's The Lion King roared $13.4M from 50 territories bringing its running offshore total to $1.07B, $1.6B worldwide. Highest markets to date include China ($120M), UK ($90M), and France ($78M).
Korea, which opened It Chapter Two on Wednesday, is leading the market with $1.25M through Friday (not fully included in the offshore total above). The first film ultimately did best in the UK, Germany, France, Mexico and Brazil (France, along with Japan, is not in this weekend's opening suite on Chapter Two). Horror indexes in Latin America and Europe, with Southeast Asia likely to provide some extra muscle this time around.
With $94m from 25,945 screens, Chapter Two led all films at the overseas B.O.

‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Hustles Past $500M Overseas, Nears $700M Global; ‘Hollywood’ Closing In On $300M WW – International Box Office

Angel Has Fallen raised another $12.8M in 44 markets for an offshore cume to date of $28.7M.
It will soon pass the $300M milestone and with Italy and Korea to come this month, will overtake Inglourious Basterds worldwide. Quentin Tarantino’s summer of 69 saga added a groovy $21.6M in 60 markets this session. The offshore total is $152.7M for $284M global.
Breakdowns on the films above and more have been updated below (we are slightly abridged today owing to the Venice Film Festival).
The Top 5 markets so far are the UK ($20.1M), Russia ($17M), France ($15.6M), Germany ($12.7M) and Australia ($10.9M). No. 1s were notably held in Germany, Australia, Spain and Poland.
Crawl (PAR): $2M intl weekend (30 markets); $35.6M intl cume ($74.6M global)
Universal’s spinoff is now at $525.3M internationally and $684.2M globally, expected to pass $700M this week after a $39.1M frame in 69 markets overseas. The final should land in the $725M-$750M range worldwide.
Korea had a good -55% hold for a cume of $25M. The UK dipped just 2% for a running total of $22.8M and France was off 28% for $17.9M to date.
1 for a 4th weekend (though not consecutively), that would make it the only movie this year to have the honor. It is also the highest-grossing non-Disney and non-superhero movie of 2019 worldwide. Globally, H&S is estimated at No.
The Angry Birds Movie 2 (SNY): $5.5M intl weekend (48 markets); $58.5M intl cume ($93.7M global)
In Hollywood, meanwhile, added $21.6M in the frame, off a healthy Japan start that’s three times bigger than Django Unchained and 70% more than Inglourious Basterds. Sony’s Once Upon A Time… Europe is quite keen on the Quentin Tarantino pic with a drop of just 29%. The overseas cume is now $152.7M with $284M worldwide.
The current worldwide cume is $684.2M through Sunday. UPDATE, writethru: Universal’s Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw continued to flex its muscles at the top of the international box office this weekend, smack-talking its way to another $39.1M in 69 markets. The overseas cume topped $500M in the session, hitting $525.3M as it approaches $700M global.
Japan opened to $2.7M, triple the start of Django Unchained and 70% bigger than Basterds.
Greece was the final market to join the party this session, starting at No. 3 with $323K. Elsewhere, China led the session at $27.9M for a $166M cume on its way near $200M.
The Lion King now has a global gross of $1.562B and offshore is at $1.041B. 7 on the all-time overseas charts, having passed both The Fate Of The Furious and Jurassic World. The latter puts it at No.
The Sony/Bona pic had strong holds in Europe with the UK down 9%, Germany off 26%, France down 28% and Spain dipping 30%.
Abroad, it is also the No. Globally, the movie is now at $1.562B. Disney’s puss in loot added $20.6M in 53 overseas markets, down 37%, for a $1.041B total. 7 release ever. It has passed both Furious 7 and The Avengers worldwide and is the No. 7 pic.
The Top 5 markets are China ($120.4M), UK ($88.1M), France ($74M), Brazil ($67.5M) and Mexico ($51.7M).
Now that we've had a couple weekends of mostly holdover play, WB's It Chapter Two will be the s*it next session, opening in most overseas markets September 4-6.
this weekend). 2 behind H&S and has now cumed an estimated $686M (it also released in the U.S. Warner Bros’ Clint Eastwood drama The Mule rolled into the market under the arthouse film quota and grossed $975K on 1,870 screens. In China, Ne Zha was again No. That lifts the offshore cume to $69.8M.
Overall, the Dwayne Johnson/Jason Statham-starrer should top out in the $725M-$750M global range. 1 in the market and now with a running cume of $166M, on track for a $200M finish. The holdover markets are tracking above Fast 6 (+33%) and below Fast 7 (-38%) and F8 (-41%), as expected. China was responsible for the bulk of Hobbs & Shaw’s overseas weekend, holding No.
Dora And The Lost City Of Gold (PAR): $4.4M intl weekend (33 markets); $24.1M intl cume ($75.3M global)
Good Boys (UNI): $2.7M intl weekend (26 markets); $11.7M intl cume ($70.3M global)
Strong holds include UK (+8%), Belgium (-6%), France (-7%), Netherlands (-21%), Chile (-21%), Germany (-23%), Switzerland (-23%), Spain (-25%), Australia (-27%), Sweden (-32%), Russia (-35%), Japan (-35%) and Brazil (-35%).
Yesterday (UNI): $2.4M intl weekend (25 markets); $61.2M intl cume ($134.3M global)
Toy Story 4 (DIS): $4.9M intl weekend (24 markets); $613.8M intl cume ($1,043.5M global)
Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark (EONE/SIERRA): $2.5M intl weekend (59 markets); $26.7M intl cume ($85.5M global)
The Kitchen (WB): $511K intl weekend (21 markets); $2.7M intl cume ($14.5M global)” />
4 highest grossing Disney release ever in Italy, the 10th highest grossing release of all-time in the UK and the 2nd biggest movie ever in South Africa In Europe, TLK is now the No.
The Secret Life Of Pets 2 (UNI); $3.9M intl weekend (43 markets); $263.3M intl cume ($420.9M global)

Women’s World Cup Soccer Ratings Are Up, With Defending Champ US Women On Deck

Fox self-reporting on the broadcasts:
A trial on the issue is expected after the @019 World Cup concludes. Although women's soccer has grown in worldwide popularity, it still trails the men in one important aspect – pay. The players for the US are suing over different pay structures, with women making less than men.
The tournament began on Friday. So far, the big upset of the tournament came today, as Italy beat Australia 2-1 on a 95th-minute header off a free kick in the final seconds of stoppage.
–          +11% over 2015’s average of a .61 through match day 2 (FOX/FS1/FS2)
 ” />
–          +79% over 2011’s average of a .38 through match day 2 (ESPN – ESPN 2)
The 2019 Women's World Cup soccer ratings through March Day 2 are up, with Fox Sports reporting that its FS1 is averaging a .68 among the metered markets.
–          +39% over 2015’s non-U.S. group stage average of a .49 (FOX/FS1/FS2)
In other games today, Brazil dominated Jamaica, and England defeated Scotland. The Group Stage play is determined on points, with teams advancing to the next round based on totals.
But only Germany has ever been able to repeat their championship. The US Women’s National Team begins its title defense on Tuesday, opening Group Stage play against Thailand at 3:00 PM ET on the FOX broadcast network. The women won the 2015 World Cup by beating Japan in the final.
group stage average of a .37 (ESPN/ESPN 2) –          +84% over 2011’s non-U.S.

‘John Wick: Chapter 3’ Hits $92M Global Bow For Franchise Best; ‘Endgame’ Tops $2.6B WW – International Box Office

Disney has a major release on deck next weekend with Aladdin. That puts about $173M between Tony Stark and Avatar, though it would appear the Avengers, Guardians & Co will land in the $2.75B range once all is said and done. The drop was 55% versus last weekend, a better hold ultimately. Internationally, the total is $1.844B for $2.615B globally. Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame is of course still saving the world, adding $46.8M in 55 offshore markets.

The Sun Is Also A Star (WB): $484K intl weekend (25 markets); $484K intl cume” />
In the latter, Endgame is now the biggest Western movie of all time in terms of admissions. Play is still strong in Asia where China has now grossed $625M; in the UK and Korea it has crossed $100M.
The Curse Of La Llorona (WB): $1.3M intl weekend (71 markets); $64.8M intl cume
Strong holds came from Japan (-33%), Peru (-36%), Denmark (-41%), Spain (-43%), Chile (-43%), Colombia (-43%), Australia (-46%), Poland (-48%), Ecuador (-48%), Singapore (-49%), UK (-50%), Norway (-50%) and South Africa (-50%).
After China, the rest of the Top 5 overall includes UK ($109M), Korea ($101.5M), Brazil ($79.2M) and Mexico ($73.9M).
That’s the case again here so far — although Germany, France and Spain are among the markets still to release on JW3. The Keanu Reeves-starrer landed at No. Last time around, that film’s best offshore play was ultimately in Germany, the UK and Russia with solid numbers throughout Asia. 1 in 53 of its bows, led by the UK at 62% over John Wick 2.
China leads with a total $70.3M after two frames where it held No. Ahead of the assassin, Warner Bros’ Pokémon Detective Pikachu sleuthed his way to the No. The overseas total is now $193.4M for $287.4M worldwide after a 50% dip in the offshore session versus last week’s opening. 1 despite some middling social scores. 1 spot at the international box office this weekend with $53.8M in 72 offshore markets.
The top holds were in Russia ($4.65M cume to date), Germany (-21%/$3.4M), the UK (-19%/$3M) and Australia (-36%/3.22M). The Netherlands was new this session at $400K from 75 locations to track ahead of The Heat and on par with Spy. The next markets to go are Mexico, France and Brazil in June and July.
A Dog’s Journey (UNI): $3M intl weekend (14 markets); $15.5M intl cume (including non-Uni markets)
The Dead Don’t Die (UNI): $1.2M intl weekend (2 markets); $1.2M intl cume
The following markets surpassed the lifetime of the first John Wick: UK, Australia, Brazil, Russia/CIS, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam.
Coupled with the terrific domestic launch, the global cume through Sunday is $92.23M for a franchise-best debut. UPDATE, writethru: Lionsgate’s John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum took out a hit on its predecessors at the international box office, opening to $35.2M in 66 markets. In each of those, the starts were higher than John Wick and John Wick: Chapter 2.
Lionsgate’s Joe Drake is confident “word-of-mouth will continue to drive strong business” worldwide on the well-reviewed actioner.
The Top 5 markets are currently China ($70.3M), Japan ($16.8M), UK ($11.6M), Mexico ($8.8M) and Germany ($7.6M) with all majors now released.
It will be close, but the ultimate tally now looks to be in the $2.75B range which would just miss the Na'vi. 1 global film of all time? Will it catch Avatar as the No. The offshore take this session was down 55% on last weekend, to $46.8M in 55 material markets. Disney/Marvel’s marvel has now grossed $2.615B at the worldwide box office, with $1.844B from international.
This weekend saw Endgame become the highest grossing all-time industry release in Bolivia and Korea (Western/admissions). Both the UK and Korea have also crossed the $100M mark. China, where Disney has Aladdin next session, is far and away the top offshore play now at $625M.
The furry little sleuth is now out in 72 markets where he pocketed $53.8M this weekend for a 50% drop (-44% when excluding China). The overseas running cume is now $193.4M for $287.4M globally.
The film received an A- CinemaScore domestically and has racked up nice reviews at Rotten Tomatoes. This is a series best start and all offshore markets that bowed came in bigger than the two previous installments. Lionsgate’s John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum did better than expected with a $92.23M global opening, $35.2M of which came from overseas.
France, Belgium and Germany are the next key hubs to open this week on the
Breakdowns on the titles above and more are have been updated below (box office will be slightly abridged today due to the ongoing Cannes Film Festival).

1 at $4.3M. Russia was new this session, taking No.
Chad Stahelski-directed actioner that stars Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry, Laurence Fishburne, Mark Dacascos, Asia Kate Dillon, Lance Reddick, Saïd Taghmaoui, Jerome Flynn, Jason Mantzoukas, Tobias Segal, Boban Marjanovic, Anjelica Huston and Ian McShane.
7 biggest in Europe ($493M). During the 4th overseas frame, Endgame held No. 1 in several Latin American markets, as well as five in Europe. It is also the highest grossing movie ever in Latin America ($257M) and Asia-Pacific ($1.094B) as well as the No.
Debuting in 14 Universal markets, A Dog’s Journey traveled to $3M and has a $15.5M overseas cume including $12M from non-Uni territories. Also of note, Nadine Labaki's Capernaum is approaching the $50M mark in China, just a stunning run there.
John Wick 3 also saw some IMAX play this weekend, opening to $4.4M on 318 screens globally. In IMAX, Endgame has hit $207M global, including $145M overseas and $81.2M in China alone. The result in China is now double the IMAX box office of Avengers: Infinity War.
Including non-Uni markets, the full offshore total is $28.1M. MGM’s Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson-starrer, which Universal has in many offshore markets, continues doing nice business for a comedy with a $7.7M weekend in 32 markets to lift the cume to $24.7M.
Russia grossed $3.8M (+52%), Australia was $2.8M (+107%), Mexico scored $2.1M (+147%) and Thailand came in at $1.9M (+118%) to tie Taiwan (+114%). The assassin was No. 1 in 53 of the 66 opening markets, led by the UK at $4.6M (+62% on JW2) and ranking No. 1.
Shiny Shrimps (UNI): $598K intl weekend (France only); $3M France cume
The Ryan Reynolds-starrer was No. 1 overseas and in the European region. In Asia, outside China, it’s surpassed the lifetime of The Angry Birds Movie.

‘Avengers: Endgame’ Passes ‘Titanic’ To Become #2 Film Ever Worldwide With $2.189B – International Box Office

In the Netherlands, the drop was just 23%. Holds across Asia-Pacific were in the 40%s while the same goes for big Euro markets.
Russia was the last market to the party, opening this past Monday and setting a record launch of $32.6M through seven days. Locally, Endgame is already the No. 6 movie of all time and was the quickest to the 2B Rbl mark.
Of that, $72M is from China where Endgame is also IMAX's top title of all time. The offshore gross in the format is now $120.8M, to top the Na'vi and become IMAX's biggest overseas release ever. The worldwide cume now stands at $170M, overtaking Infinity War. Picking up $36.7M globally this session, IMAX had its best-ever second weekend result. One area where Endgame has already overtaken Avatar is in international IMAX.
How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (UNI): $300K intl weekend (19 markets); $357.1M intl cume
Dumbo (DIS): $4M intl weekend (34 markets); $229M intl cume
The former crossed $100M globally, and Universal's Us topped $250M worldwide during the week. Next weekend, Warner Bros rolls out Legendary's Pokemon Detective Pikachu in several majors including China, the UK, Germany, Italy and Brazil. continued play. Holdovers like Warner Bros' The Curse Of La Llorona and Shazam! 2 with $1M after stars Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen stopped on Graham Norton's couch for a chat. Lionsgate's Long Shot, however, notably released in the UK where it landed at No. Contrary to domestic, there were no major wide releases looking to counterprogram versus Thanos internationally this weekend.
1 spot in all international markets save Japan. Maoyan has been up and down all week in predicting final numbers for the Middle Kingdom, today landing on RMB 4.13M ($613M). In India, Endgame is also the highest grossing studio movie ever, at $52M to date. It continues to be led by China with $576M through Sunday and after becoming the top Hollywood film ever there during last week's lucrative extended holiday. Turning back to the current session, Endgame held the No.
This is a stronger hold than the second weekends of Avengers: Infinity War (-61%) and Captain America: Civil War (-59%). When comping the FSS weekend overseas, Endgame dropped by 55% from the record-smashing debut last session.
The film has little in its path over the coming frames, although there is a belief that Detective Pikachu could surprise next session, and certainly a lot will depend on how the Endgame midweeks go next week when markets come back down to Earth out of holiday play and the initial rush. While it is possible that Endgame is comfortably above $2B worldwide through Sunday, sources are still cautious about calling this MCU pic the all-time champ. It could conceivably need another approximately $600M globally to get there. As we’ve noted previously, we are in uncharted waters with this incredibly anticipated movie.
To date, approximately 45% ($979M) of the film’s global cume is from 3D, per RealD. It is the quickest to the mark and only the third title in history to get there, after Avatar and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In other milestones, Endgame is within a day of generating over $1B in 3D ticket sales worldwide.
In both cases, the Saturdays fall ahead of a workday Sunday which is intended to make up for the extended holiday period the market had this week. The local cume with Saturday’s estimate is $568.4M. Not included in the above Friday figures is the Saturday China estimate which is coming in around $21M. That’s a 41% drop from Friday and a 74% drop from last Saturday which was heavily frontloaded. Ticketing platform Maoyan continues to jockey its ultimate projection, today landing on RMB 4.08 ($606M).
Overall, Endgame’s first two frames have seen it best Infinity War’s lifetime in such Asia markets as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand. In Latin America, it’s passed IW in Mexico, Colombia, Central America and Paraguay. In EMEA, the same can be said for Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iraq, Italy, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Middle East, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Poland, Qatar, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, UAE and Ukraine.
Mary Queen Of Scots (UNI): $100K intl weekend (7 markets); $29.9M intl cume
We're hearing next weekend’s dip may not be too steep given this weekend’s hold was better than anticipated, especially coming off such a massive opening session. The midweeks this week, which don’t come with the boost of last week’s May Day holiday or China’s extended break (though the UK has a day off on Monday as does France on Wednesday), will provide insight into whether, or perhaps when, they take down Avatar. Endgame pulled off a massive feat over the past two frames, and the 55% sophomore weekend drop internationally is better than what was expected to be closer to 60%-65%. Although Detective Pikachu could act as a drag in Asia and more, the Avengers, Guardians et al have a fairly clear runway to Memorial Day. While Tony Stark is King of the World in terms of beating Titanic, he's not quite King of the Box Office just yet — but he’s getting closer.
That it topped Infinity War’s entire offshore run in just 10 days is indeed impressive. This Anthony and Joe Russo-helmed extravaganza has had a fantastic run through its first week, outperforming projections and breaking records along the way. The conundrum on a lot of minds is now can-it beat Avatar globally.
Wonder Park (PAR): $4.7M intl weekend (44 markets); $66.7M intl cume
More detail and updated cumes on this week's other pics are below.
*Long Shot (LG): $3.3M intl weekend (22 markets); $3.3M intl cume
(WB): $2.3M intl weekend (80 markets); $220.4M intl cume Shazam!
The Sisters Brothers (UNI): $300K intl weekend (2 markets); $10M intl cume (includes non-Uni markets)
Fighting With My Family (UNI): $300K intl weekend (7 markets); $16.1M intl cume (includes non-Uni markets)
3 highest grossing movie ever at the international box office. SATURDAY UPDATES: Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame has moved up the offshore chart again, overtaking Avengers: Infinity War as the No. Friday’s overseas take was $88.2M, lifting the running cume to $1.4B. With the domestic Friday included, Endgame has a global total of $1,914.5M as it hammers its way to crossing the $2B mark by the end of today, a feat we noted yesterday would be the case.
Pet Sematary (PAR): $1.5M intl weekend (37 markets); $51.9M intl cume
We earlier noted that Endgame was on its way to passing $2B global through Saturday, becoming only the fifth movie ever to hit that lofty benchmark (and Disney's third). Avatar, the previous record holder, did it in 47. With the Sunday estimates, there is now about $459M separating Endgame from Avatar overseas and roughly $600M worldwide. The 22nd MCU pic is now the fastest ever to the milestone — in just 11 days.
*Denotes new
The Top 10 markets through Sunday are as follows: China ($575.8M), UK ($89.9M), Korea ($82.1M), Mexico ($61.6M), Brazil ($56.3M), India ($51.8M), Germany ($47.4M), Australia ($46.2M), France ($43.1M) and Japan ($34.4M).
Captain Marvel (DIS): $1.2M intl weekend (30 markets); $699.3M intl cume
CJ 4DPLEX also reports that its 4DX theaters have now grossed over $25M from 635 global locations showing Endgame for a 32% increase on Infinity War.
The Curse Of La Llorona (WB): $5.8M intl weekend (77 markets); $55.4M intl cume
Us (UNI):: $1.2M intl weekend (28 markets); $78M intl cume
Internationally, Endgame is looking to soon dunk Titanic and become the No. 2 film ever overseas. Already through Thursday, Endgame became the No. The next films the assembled Avengers have in their sights on the worldwide chart are Infinity War and Star Wars: The Force Awakens which will likely be toppled through Sunday. 5 highest grossing global movie of all time, having passed Jurassic World.
More to come on Sunday.” />
The regional cume in Asia-Pacific is $966M as Endgame approaches $1B there. Europe has $403M and Lat Am is just crossing $200M.
The throne of biggest all-time industry release has also been ascended by the Avengers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Egypt, Ethiopia, Middle East Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, UAE, Mexico, Colombia, Central America and Paraguay.

That's after grossing a further $282.2M at the international box office in the sophomore session. Both globally and offshore, Endgame is still led by only Avatar. 2ND SUNDAY UPDATE, writethru after 8:14AM post: With an estimated $2,188.7M global through Sunday, Disney/Marvel's Avengers: Endgame has sailed past Titanic to become the No. 2 movie ever worldwide. 2 with a running cume of $1.569B. The same goes for overseas where Endgame is also now No.
Here are the Top 10 markets through Friday: China ($547.4M/does not include Saturday estimates above), UK ($75.6M), Korea ($68.4M), Mexico ($53.5M), Brazil ($47M), India ($45.7M), Germany ($39.9M), Australia ($39.8M), France ($37.3M) and Japan ($29.8M).
Little (UNI): $400K intl weekend (13 markets); $7.5M intl cume

‘How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World’ Flies To $84M, ‘Deadpool 2’ Now Top X-Men Pic WW – International Box Office

With $784M global, DP2 is now the highest-grossing film in the X-Men franchise. In the meantime, China has helped push Fox's Deadpool 2 ahead of the original Deadpool’s worldwide gross. As the Middle Kingdom rings in the Year of the Pig this week, we’ll be taking a closer look at what’s in store for the lucrative period.
Behind Glass, five-time Oscar nominee Green Book, which is going out internationally via a mix of Lionsgate and Amblin Partners, had a combined $11.9M weekend for a $25.5M cume to date. The Peter Farrelly-helmed pic recently scored a March 1 China date and could see a nice bump when it opens there following the local February frenzy.
That includes $5.5M in 37 Lionsgate markets and $6.4M from the Amblin hubs. Releasing offshore via a mix of Amblin Partners and Lionsgate, the Best Picture Oscar nominee made a combined $11.9M this weekend. Respectively, the cumes are $14.6M and $10.9M for an international running total of $25.5M.
Adding $8.5M in 31 markets, Ralph is approaching the $300M mark internationally and $500M global. Spain held to -11% and the Netherlands was off by just 20%. The respective totals through Sunday are $289.5M and $486.5M. 1 again with a slight 21% drop. Germany, which bowed last frame, held No. 1 and all ahead of the original. New this weekend were the Finland, Norway and Sweden, all at No.
It will also look to benefit from the February 5 Lunar New Year holiday in Korea and South East Asia this week. This is the first installment of the $1.2B franchise under DWA’s new home at Uni and opens in France and Germany this week. That same date kicks off the annual China lockout on imports with HTTYD3 set for March 1 in the Middle Kingdom.
The opening day there was tops for the series. Mexico was the best start at $7.7M, a record for DWA. Italy grossed $3.45M from 448 at No. Next was the UK with $6.8M at 555 locations, ahead of both previous movies. Korea, where two local pics came in above it, bowed to $4.65M at 445. This weekend, it opened at No. 1 in 20 of 23 new markets (there are 40 total in release). 1 and 137% above HTTYD1 and 67% above HTTYD2.
The Dean DeBlois-directed film began its overseas play in Australia back in early January, taking advantage of the peak summer season there, then significantly added Brazil three weeks ago. As its staggered offshore rollout continues, Universal/DreamWorks Animation’s critically-praised threequel fired up another $40.2M to lift the overseas cume to $84.4M. It’s targeting half-term school holidays in Europe and the Lunar New Year holiday in South Korea and South East Asia.
Australia is the leader with $15.5M. Brazil held -27% at 606 sites for a $10.3M cume after three weekends. The coming frame adds France and Germany. Russia and Spain follow day-and-date with domestic while China goes on March 1 and Japan on August 23.
That’s relatively in line with Split, if we switch Mexico out for Korea where Glass has not clinked with audiences in the same way. The Top 5 on Glass are the UK ($11.3M), Russia ($10.1M), Mexico ($9.5M), France ($7.6M) and Germany ($6.8M).

The reported $9M budget pic saw a slight 17% dip this session (after a 27% drop in the previous frame) and is clicking with audiences. Horror releases are rare in the Middle Kingdom and although this PG-13 movie leans into suspense, even mystery/thriller pics like this are not often shown in theaters. Sony’s Adam Robitel-directed Escape Room has several major markets to come, and has already absconded with $33.5M in China. There’s also a history of real-life escape rooms in China which has added to the uptake for Escape Room while Vincenzo Natali’s escape-themed 1997 cult hit Cube is a popular title for Chinese audiences online.
It will be coming out just after the Oscars and could see an awards box office halo in the Middle Kingdom as did recent pics The Revenant, La La Land, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri and The Shape Of Water. Green Book has a China date of March 1 (in a flat sale deal) and should benefit from Amblin’s relationship with Alibaba Pictures which will be expected to lean on its popular ticketing platform Tao Piao Piao to support the movie.
Still to open in France on February 13. The Top 5 cumes to date are China ($39M), Japan ($33.9M), the UK ($22.8M), Mexico ($17.4M) and Brazil ($16.4M).
It played like a fury in Mexico with $7.7M at 865 locations for the biggest launch weekend ever of a DWA title. The UK bowed to $6.8M at No. Bowing in 23 international markets this session, the Dean DeBlois-directed HTTYD3 was No. 1 and ahead of both prior installments. 1 for $10.3M after three frames. Oz leads all play at $15.5M. Italy is also tracking well ahead of those two movies while Brazil’s hold was a terrific -27% at No. 1 in 20 of those new homes.
In highlights, Italy has topped the first movie by 11% after just two weekends with a $7M cume and Germany also knocked out Creed I, by 19%, with $4.2M to date. The Top hubs are the UK ($12.8M), France ($12.6M), Italy, Australia ($6.3M) and Mexico ($6.2M).
Globally, the spinoff sequel is weighing in at $202M. This takes the offshore gross to $86.5M. After surpassing the lifetime of the previous movie overseas last session, Warner Bros’ Creed II punched up another $7M in 44 markets.
In milestones, Warner Bros’ Aquaman has topped $1.1B global ($783.4M international) and opens in Japan on Friday. Also from WB, Creed II topped $200M global this round while Disney’s Ralph Breaks The Internet has now surpassed the original Wreck-It Ralph both domestically and internationally as it closes in on $500M global.
Refresh for latest…: Expanding to a handful of key markets this weekend, Universal/DreamWorks Animation’s How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World swooped into the top spot on the international box office chart with a $40.2M frame. Universal took a long lead on Dragon 3 offshore, going out in Australia just after the New Year to take advantage of the peak summer holiday season there, and then rolling into further hubs over the past four frames with yet more launches to come. (The threequel hits domestic theaters on February 22, but has already fired up Universal-Fandango early access screenings.) This lifts the overseas running total to $84.4M from 41 markets so far in release.
That has raised curiosity along with a cultural resonance given the popularity of escape rooms in the big cities. It’s also worth highlighting the China performance of Sony’s Escape Room where the reported $9M budget pic has now grossed $33.5M after three weekends. While there hasn’t been much new blood ahead of the February 5 holiday, the performance is notable in that few mystery-thrillers like this see the inside of movie theaters in China. The week-to-week drop was just 17%.
It’s currently at $199M. It had good holds this frame in such markets as Vietnam (-19%), Germany (-20%), Australia (-26%) and the Netherlands (-31%). In its 3rd offshore frame, M Night Shyamalan’s Glass dipped 49% to gross $12.2M. The third film in the Eastrail 177 trilogy was frontloaded at open two sessions ago and is running slightly behind its predecessor, Split. Globally, the movie will crack $200M today or tomorrow. This brings the overseas cume to $110.3M in 54 Disney markets.
MORE…” />
Still to come are Australia, Brazil, Russia and Mexico this weekend, followed by Germany, Italy and Spain. Overall this weekend, the film made $8.8M in 33 markets. Elsewhere, the UK launched to $1.1M (including previews). The international cume is $44M.
In an otherwise quiet weekend, two local pics did big business in their respective markets. Korea's crime comedy Extreme Job made $20.9M in its second frame to cume $48.8M per comScore. In France, Qu’Est-ce Qu’On A Encore Fait Au Bon Dieu?!, the sequel to the 2014 runaway comedy, opened to $12.8M.
1, Malaysia scored the biggest DWA opening weekend ever with $1.9M from 141. Thailand ($1.8M/2nd biggest animated opening of all time), Taiwan, Singapore, Argentina, Belgium, Peru, Denmark, Hong Kong, South Africa and more were also No. At No. 1 bows.

In holds, Australia dipped just 12% for a $3.16M cume and Korea has grossed $1M to date. Via Amblin, the UK bowed at No. In Germany, the Viggo Mortensen/Mahershala Ali-starrer made $1.2M and has the best per-screen average of the session. The next major market for LGF is Mexico on February 8. 2 this session with $2M including previews. 2 debut this weekend with $1.8M at 323 locations. Via Lionsgate, Italy had a strong No. 2 debut with $1.14M. Spain was also a No.
HTTYD2, which was released via Fox, made $65M (unadjusted) in China, followed by the UK ($41.5M), Russia ($30M), Germany ($26.9M) and France ($25.1M). The sequel finaled at $444.5M overseas and $621.5M global.
Last week’s offshore leader, M Night Shyamalan’s Glass — which Disney is releasing abroad — dipped 49% in the 3rd session. It added $12.2M in 54 markets for an overseas cume of $110.3M, still running marginally below the previous Eastrail 177 trilogy entry, Split. The worldwide total will pass $200M once today’s actuals are finalized, or with tomorrow’s numbers.
In its 15th weekend of release, Fox’s Oscar nominee is still rocking cinemas with another $7.1M from 39 markets. The cume there is $21.2M. In Holland, Bo Rhap is No. 1 for the 4th consecutive weekend which is also the film’s 14th weekend in release. Japan just can’t get enough of the Freddie Mercury biopic. The overseas cume is $624.4M for $832M global. In other notable totals, the UK now has $68M in the songbook, France has $37.3M, Australia $37M and Germany $32M. Talk about sustaining a note. The drop was 14% this 13th session there with a cume of $98M.
Breakdowns on the films above and more are being updated below.

‘Venom’ Devours $111M In China Debut, Bonds With $674M Global – International Box Office

The Happytime Murders (STX): $47K intl weekend (51 markets); $6.8M intl cume
The offshore cume is $185.3M in 78 markets and the worldwide total is now just above $285M. 1s in 35 markets — and seeing notable increases in some from last week’s bow. Burning through the sky, Fox’s Queen biopic championed $63.1M overseas this weekend, holding No.
The UK continues to lead all play at $38.17M after three weekends and on a mere 16% dip. France falls in line behind Korea in the Top 3 with $14.3M to date. In other major cumes, Mexico held No. 1 for $12.5M so far and Australia fell by 5% to take $12.45M through Sunday.
Of those, the UK and Brazil are the only majors. 1s including the UK at $6.53M. With domestic, the global debut is $78.7M. The total for the debut frame is $12.7M with nine No. Universal/Illumination’s The Grinch has a staggered release overseas with the first 23 markets going this weekend. The overall start is slightly above where we were seeing it ahead of the weekend (in the $10M range).
First Man (UNI): $3.7M intl weekend (50 markets); $50.1M intl cume
Breakdowns on the films above and more are being updated below.
25 KM/H (SNY): $1.2M intl weekend (Germany only); $3.9M intl cume
UPDATE, writethru…: Thrashing to a massive China start, Sony’s Venom has reclaimed the No. 1 spot at the worldwide and international box office this weekend. Chomping on $111M in the Middle Kingdom, the Tom Hardy-starrer is the 2nd best bow there ever for a superhero title, the 5th best for an imported film and Sony’s biggest China launch of all time.
The UK’s 6th weekend brought it up to $33.1M and France is now at $12.6M for Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. The overseas cume is now $144.8M for $322.8M worldwide. Warner Bros’ romance put another $9M in the songbook from approximately 4,075 screens in 68 markets for a 39% drop from last weekend. 2 and cume $17.1M so far. The top results this session include Australia which dipped 26% in its 4th frame to rank No.
1s in 35 markets and saw the Mercury rise in Korea by 44% over last session’s debut. The total there is now $14.6M while the UK dipped just 16% and has grossed an outstanding $38.17M to date. Japan was the new opener with $4.4M at No. 1 to top Les Misérables by 30%. Fox’s biopic maintained No.

Upcoming bows include India, Italy and South Africa this month.
Sony/MGM/New Regency’s Claire Foy-starrer started wider offshore rollout this session, catching $6.2M from 6,400+ screens in 49 markets. The international cume is now $8.3M after initial October releases in select markets. Openings this session include Russia ($1.3M), Mexico ($710K), Australia ($605K), Spain ($535K) and Brazil ($415K).
8 from 237; and Germany giving the movie a No. 11 start with $338K from 273. Australia and France are still to release. 7 for $400K from 288; Spain at No. 6 for $855K at 421; Mexico at No. 5 from $374K at 274; Italy with $357K for No. 4 with $638K from 665; Brazil at No. The European and Latin America majors didn’t have it high on the must-see list with the UK opening to No.
There is still some play to come with Australia, France and Japan going before the end of the month while Korea and Russia will be unlocked in early December.
Friday's $34.9M was China's top opening day for any single-character Marvel title ever. The film also benefited from the marketing muscle of its Chinese partner, internet behemoth Tencent, and scored the best November opening ever for IMAX in the market at $10M on 553 screens (also the 8th best all-time start for the format there).
The UK, Australia and France are followed by Germany ($8.6M) and Italy ($7.5M) to round out the Top 5. Japan is still on deck on December 21.
The international cume is $123.6M for $203.9M global. The Top 5 hubs are the UK ($13.8M), France ($10.8M), China ($10.5M), Mexico ($9.3M) and Russia ($9.2M). Warner’s animated pic crossed $200M worldwide this session, after adding $4.9M in 66 markets.
1 offshore hub, and is followed by Russia ($32.3M), Korea ($30.1M), the UK ($26M) and Mexico ($24M). China instantly becomes the No.
Johnny English Strikes Again (UNI): $2.8M intl weekend (55 markets); $122.1M intl cume
Steven Knight and Alvarez and Jay Basu wrote the screenplay. Helmed by Fede Alvarez, this one’s based on the novel by David Lagercrantz, who continued Stieg Larsson’s Millennium legacy with the bestseller. remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, a trusted finance source says, “Even if this film grosses 70% overseas, it’s hard to see it breaking even.” Dragon Tattoo did 55% of its business offshore, led by the UK, Japan, Russia, Germany and France. As my colleague Anthony D’Alessandro has reported, despite a $43M production cost that’s lower than the 2011 U.S. Foy’s take on Lisbeth Salander, aka ‘The girl who hurts men who hurt women,’ was hurt domestically with an $8M opening amid some audience confusion.
A December 14 China date has also been confirmed. The Grinch will expand throughout the rest of the year with France, Australia, Italy, Germany and Spain at the end of the month.
With a typically thrifty production cost of $75M before P&A, Illumination should be able to tap into its own brand, and the holiday theme, even if it can’t fully rely on the IP being the major offshore draw. The film's three trailers gained 262M views globally. Dr Seuss is a much bigger brand domestically, and familiarity offshore is somewhat limited to English-speaking markets while Germany is also a fan (in part thanks to the Ron Howard-directed 2000 movie that was led by Jim Carrey). One of the film’s most successful trailers, at 2.5M YouTube views, was the one where the Minions actually watch The Grinch trailer in a theater.
A No. 3 opening was launched after the Viola Davis-starrer came out of the fall film festivals and was the opening night gala of the BFI London Film Festival in early October. Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicki and Cynthia Erivo also star. From Fox, Regency Enterprises and See-Saw Films in association with Film4, the modern-day thriller is co-written by the Oscar-winning director with Gone Girl‘s Gillian Flynn and unites a group of four women with nothing in common except a debt left behind by their dead husbands’ criminal activities. Steve McQueen’s crime tale got off to an early start offshore with $3.21M at the UK box office.
As we noted on Saturday, the China performance was powering Venom across the $600M mark globally, and with $673.5M through Sunday, Ruben Fleischer's take on the Marvel property will soon see the other side of $700M. The overall overseas session was worth $118.2M on 44,700+ screens in 66 markets for an offshore cume of $467.3M.
3 overall, per local media, but did not meet expectations, particularly for hitmaker Khan.” /> The Aamir Khan/Amitabh Bachchan-starrer is estimated to have topped 105 crore locally ($15.8M) from Thursday-Saturday, but dipped sharply throughout according to local reports. The movie also opened in a number of offshore markets (comScore is reporting $3.14M in 15) and Indian media has yet to report Sunday figures for the market which is notoriously difficult to track as a whole. Thugs had set a new record for the biggest pre-sales ever for a Hindi film and No. After breaking opening day records for a Hindi title in India, Bollywood’s Thugs Of Hindostan saw declines at home over the first three-days of its debut which was timed to the Diwali holiday.
Peppermint (STX): $194K intl weekend (59 markets); $13.2M intl cume
Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween (SNY): $3.2M intl weekend (43 markets); $43.6M intl cume
*Boy Erased (UNI): $300K intl weekend (Australia only, tracking above Boyhood, Call Me By Your Name; rollout continues through early 2019)
Mile 22 (STX): $106K intl weekend (64 markets); $29.7M intl cume
There were no new markets this session where the Jamie Lee Curtis-starrer trick-or-treated in 66. After four weekends, Mexico continues to lead at $12.15M, followed by the UK ($10.9M). After three, Germany is at $10M, followed by France with $6.13M and Australia ($4.4M). With another $5.9M, Universal/Trancas/Miramax/Blumhouse’s reboot-sequel has sliced up an $88.7M overseas cume for $245.5M worldwide. Japan will be the final market to release, though that’s not until April 12 next year.
Word of mouth and audiences propelled it with a 9.4 on Maoyan and top marks on other platforms. The fact that Chinese internet behemoth Tencent also has a significant stake in the pic further helped with marketing muscle. Venom benefited from being the first major Hollywood movie in a while in China as well as the first superhero flick since Ant-Man And The Wasp.
Despite dropping to No. The overall drop was less than 15% and the worldwide total is now just above $285M. 2 in the UK, last week’s champion, Bohemian Rhapsody, is not under pressure. The second wide weekend overseas did the fandango to $63.1M for an international cume of $185.3M in 78 markets.
4 slot on the list of all-time superhero midnights. The opening day Friday came in at $34.9M (including midnights) and was the best for any single-character Marvel movie. Saturday then became the second biggest for an imported film in 2018 (behind Infinity War). Avengers: Infinity War ($9.31M), Age Of Ultron ($4.76M) and Captain America: Civil War ($2.61M) are the Top 3. Thursday sneaks came in at $2.37M to give Venom the No.
Scandinavia did solid business with a No. 1 in Norway and $747K at 150 to track ahead of The Secret Life Of Pets, Trolls, Coco and Sing. In Brazil, at 571, the Whoville gang came in above Sing and landed No. The UK start at 559 locations is in line with Paddington, and ahead of Frozen, Coco and Moana. 2. Benedict Cumberbatch voices the green grouch in this animated offering directed by Yarrow Cheney and Scott Mosier.
Argentina led drops at -15%, followed by Israel (-18%), the Netherlands (-19%), Spain (-31%), Austria (-36%), the UK (-37%), Germany (-38%), Poland (-39%), Portugal (-40%), Singapore (-40%), Malaysia (-45%) and Mexico (-47%). There were some decent holds for what has been a disappointing start overall. Europe was down 48% as a region while Latin America was off 50% from opening last frame.
There are still some key overseas markets on deck including France, the UK, Germany and Korea.
However, there is an onslaught of Hollywood movies there over the next few frames including Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald, Ralph Breaks The Internet and Aquaman. China fueled Venom way across the $600M global mark, helping lift it to $673.5M through Sunday. Can the Tom Hardy-starrer get to $800M worldwide? The next milestone will fall this week with $700M. If China throws off a typical superhero multiple, it’s doable.
The symbiote’s start topped recent comps including Ant Man And The Wasp (+64%), Black Panther (+78%) and Wonder Woman (+185%). The China debut makes Venom just the second superhero movie ever to hit the century mark during a 3-day Middle Kingdom bow, behind only Avengers: Infinity War. It's already entered the Top 20 of the year in the market, and on Sunday was down only slightly from Friday despite today being Singles Day which is a massive online shopping event. Audience reaction has been great, including a Maoyan rating of 9.4.
In its second weekend, Disney’s holiday pic added $13.5M in 45 material markets (72% of the overseas footprint with no new hubs this session). The international cume is now $61.4M as the $120M budgeted movie reaches for $100M global at $96.7M through this weekend.
Domestic critics have been impressed with Australian director Julius Avery’s handling of the material — as has Stephen King — and the movie is behaving as counterprogramming for the video game crowd. Paramount’s World War II zombie hybrid opened in 52 markets for $9.2M, faring best chart-wise in South East Asia.
2/$174K/64). 2 at 280 for $709K; Taiwan’s No. 3 with $1.4M from 1,200 sites; Indonesia’s No. 1/$387K/52); and Thailand (No. 1 at 88 with $437K; Malaysia (No. To wit, results this weekend include Russia opening at No. 2/$420K/104 locations); Hong Kong (No.
China is the lead market, though the number there is just $15.8M. Germany ($4.7M), the UK (a disappointing $4.4M) and Mexico ($4.2M) round out the Top 5. 1 spot again and has now passed the total cume of Alice Through The Looking Glass with $8.2M to date. Italy, which debuted well last weekend, cracked the No.

The UK debut came in above A Star Is Born, which Fox is offering as a comp. Next weekend, it releases in 19 markets including domestic as well as Italy and Sweden.
In new entries, Universal/Illumination’s The Grinch came out of his Mount Crumpit cave to No. With domestic, the global start is $78.7M. 1 in the UK — ahead of Frozen, Coco and Moana — to knock Bohemian Rhapsody off the perch it held for the previous two weekends. With a staggered release, The Grinch cashed in on $12.7M worth of green in 23 markets (only two of which are majors). This is above where we were seeing it ahead of the weekend.
It made $118.2M overall internationally in the session to cume $467.3M overseas so far. This was the final market to launch, but Venom still has some juice elsewhere.
Sony Venom clamped its jaw around China on Friday and didn’t let go throughout the weekend. With a $111M Middle Kingdom opening, it set new benchmarks for a single-character Marvel property (despite today being Singles Day which keeps a lot of folks housebound) and became only the second superhero movie to ever pass the century mark during a 3-day bow. This is also the 5th best launch of all time for an imported film, and Sony’s biggest China opening ever.
1 on $4.4M from 469 screens and scored 30% higher than Les Misérables. Spain (+1%/$9.9M cume), Indonesia (+19%/$2.4M cume) and the Philippines (+9%/$2.16M) also saw notable hikes. The total there is $4M. So did Holland which thrust up 2% over last session — itself already Fox’s biggest opening frame of all time. The new opener this frame was Japan where it took the stage at No. In holds, Korea had an incredible 44% jump from last weekend, sending the Mercury to $14.9M.

George Miller’s ‘Three Thousand Years Of Longing’ Scores Near-Sellout For FilmNation — AFM

In addition to the big deals secured earlier in the market for France and Italy, FilmNation has now finalized key deals for Latin America (IDC), Spain (DeA Planeta and Tri Pictures), CIS (Volgafilm), Scandinavia (Nordisk Films), Japan (Kino Films), Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania (Prorom Media) and South Korea (The Coup).
Remaining key markets such as U.S., Germany and UK are in play. Many of these are understood to have been multi-million dollar deals.
Also sold are Poland (Monolith), Ex Yugoslavia (Blitz), Greece (Tanweer), Iceland (Sam Films), Israel (Lev Cinemas), Middle East, Turkey (Italia Films), Portugal (Nos Lusomundo), Switzerland (Ascot Elite), Hong Kong (Golden Scene), India (PVR Pictures), Malaysia, Philippines (Square Box), Singapore (Shaw Renters), Taiwan (Moviecloud), Vietnam (Blue Lantern), Pan Asia TV (Fox Network Group) and South Africa (Filmfinity).
Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton will star in the big-canvas fantasy romance. Log-line is being kept under wraps but pic is understood to revolve around a genie. This one was always going to be among the most in-demand packages at the market. Oscar-winner Miller has penned the script and will direct the original film. Shoot is due to get under way next year.
CAA reps North America and China but is also helping broker the international deals.” /> The feted franchise creator will produce alongside his regular collaborator Doug Mitchell. FilmNation is handling international sales.
EXCLUSIVE: George Miller's buzzed-about Three Thousand Years Of Longing has scored a near-sellout for FilmNation here at the AFM.

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Makes The Rockin’ World Go Round With $123M Global Weekend – International Box Office

Elsewhere, Sony’s Venom lifted its overseas cume to $342.9M with a great start in Japan. The global total is $541.6M ahead of next weekend’s China opening. And, Warner Bros’ A Star Is Born dropped just 27% to bring the international total to $128.3M with global closing in on $300M.
The movie, from director Lasse Hallstrom, and based on the same property as the ballet, E.T.A. Hoffmann’s 1816 short story The Nutcracker And The Mouse King, also took advantage of the All Saints Day holiday in some markets. Taff says, “The Nutcracker is part of a holiday tradition for a lot of people so we’ll look to how it plays ahead.” It’s for sure a family option, but critics have pounded it despite praising its stunning visuals, and it has Universal/Illumination’s The Grinch stealing in beginning next weekend as they both roll out over time.
The UK did another supersonic $7.4M to outpace Deadpool 2 at the same point in release with a $26.6M cume after just two frames. Out of 64 markets this weekend, France led at $7.7M on 568 screens. That’s more than three times comps Murder On The Orient Express and A Star Is Born and comes despite strong local competition.
The Top 5 markets are the UK ($29.2M), Australia ($14M), France ($11.2M), Germany ($8.1M) and Italy ($7.1M).
The Top 5 markets are the UK ($12.8M), France ($9.9M), China ($9.9M), Australia ($9.1M) and Mexico ($9.1M).
Night School (UNI): $700K intl weekend (21 markets); $20.3M intl cume
Korea is on deck November 8. Russia debuted to $1.5M, 16% ahead of the original, while France dropped just 18% in its sophomore frame with $1.2M for a local total of $3.3M. Sony’s sequel added $9M this weekend from 6,100+ screens in 44 markets for an international cume of $38.6M.
In all, there were more than 50 No. 1 last session in the UK and held that position with just a 13% drop. Call him Mr Fahrenheit. Freddie Mercury/Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody is having a ball. It had opened to No. 1s this frame. From 20th Century Fox, GK Films and New Regency (which co-produced and co-financed), the Graham King-championed pic did $72.5M in its second offshore weekend. The international box office total is $141.7M with $91.7M from overseas. The movie has a shot at topping $100M overseas tomorrow and is already outpacing Murder On The Orient Express (+75%), The Greatest Showman (+166%), La La Land (+141%) and A Star Is Born (+200%).
As Anthony D’Alessandro has noted, even with the disappointments this year of Solo: A Star Wars Story and A Wrinkle In Time, Disney can afford to take these swings, particularly as they take over Fox which does adult fare with aplomb (see Murder On The Orient Express, The Greatest Showman and the mass appeal Bohemian Rhapsody). Upcoming, Dis has muscle and spoonfuls of sugar in store with Ralph Breaks The Internet at Thanksgiving and Mary Poppins Returns at Christmas.
1 from 307 for the 7th best start of 2018; Spain did the fandango to $4.8M on 465 at three times The Greatest Showman; and the Netherlands with $1.6M from 159 is Fox’s biggest opening of all time. Australia grossed $5.4M at No.
The Tom Hardy-starrer will push well past $600M global. The global cume is currently $541.6M and this is before China comes onboard next Friday, including in IMAX. That will be the final market with great advance ticket sales and strong word of mouth.
France, where Freddie Mercury is also legend, was the top market this session with $7.7M amid strong competition and three times higher than A Star Is Born. 1 openings in over 50 markets including Mexico, Germany, Australia, Spain and the Netherlands where it was Fox’s biggest debut ever. Other highlights include No.
The Top 5 markets to date are Russia ($31.6M), Korea ($30.1M), the UK ($25.5M), Mexico ($23.8M) and France/Brazil (tied at $18.3M).
In holds, Germany led, dipping just 14% after a strong start last weekend. The cume there is $8.83M. France dropped just 11% to cume $5.27M and Brazil was down just 13% for $3.11M to date, despite the fact that slasher pics tend to be softer in horror-loving Latin America.
The international running cume is $128.3M with $300M global around the corner as it currently stands at $293.3M. Singing away, Warner Bros’ A Star Is Born saw a mere 27% drop this weekend, adding $13.9M from 5,145 screens in 73 markets.
The last key market to open is Japan on December 21.
There are 14 markets poised to release next weekend, including Japan.
The weekend highlights include Australia’s 3rd session, down 27% for $14M. In Italy, the 20% drop gives Bradley Cooper’s romantic opus $7.1M to date, and Brazil’s 4th session lifted it to $5.3M off an 11% drop. The UK’s 5th frame was off by just 16% with a running total of $29.2M; followed by France, which dipped only 10% to cume $11.2M so far.
Universal/Trancas/Miramax/Blumhouse’s reboot-sequel added $18.3M in its 3rd session to take the international cume to $79.2M and global to $229.6M. This after passing $200M on Thursday.
In IMAX, Bohemian Rhapsody strutted to $4M from 283 screens, with 44 UK screens dropping just 25%. This is the biggest November IMAX opening in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Chile and Ecuador.
*Nobody’s Fool (PAR): $265K intl weekend (3 markets)
Exits there and elsewhere have been strong with a definite recommend in the 90s. Fox President of International Theatrical Distribution, Andrew Cripps, tells me the wide opening in the 2nd frame overseas came in ahead of estimates. “The exciting thing is that it played everywhere, audiences everywhere responded to the movie and judging by the UK, we see tremendous playability.” The UK’s sophomore time on stage was off by just 13%, and that’s counting the fact that this weekend will have seen folks celebrating ahead of Monday’s Guy Fawkes holiday.
Peppermint (STX): $471K intl weekend (58 markets); $12.7M intl cume
The UK, however, was soft at $2.1M. There are several majors still on deck for a film the Mouse House is hoping will draw auds through the holidays, although it will see Universal/Illumination's The Grinch steal in next weekend. The global total is $58.5M, including $12M in China and a strong $5.5M in Italy. Meanwhile, in a day-and-date launch, Disney’s The Nutcracker And The Four Realms unlocked $38.5M from 45 material markets (72% of the international footprint).
Japan releases April 12. The UK is next at $10.3M. To wit: Mexico currently leads offshore play at $11.6M.
Still to come are Germany, Mexico and Japan next weekend, among others. The UK has now grossed $10M after a 42% drop in weekend 4 and France is at $5.3M following its 3rd session which saw a 43% dip.
The pic is directed by Markus Goller and stars Curd Berger, Martin Brambach and Lars Eidinger.” /> Sony’s 25 KM/H, a comedy about two brothers who take a cross-country road trip on a moped, debuted in Germany to $2.3M (including previews) from 465 screens.
That’s the 5th biggest opening this year, ahead of Incredibles 2 and Venom. In Korea, with a big local picture in release, BR was No. Germany gave the band $5.7M at No. 2, taking $5.7M on 838 and widely topping Star Is Born and Greatest Showman. 1 and on 662.
It’s now at play in 64 overseas markets where it has a total to date of $91.7M. UPDATE, writethru: 20th Century Fox, New Regency and GK Films execs are floating around in ecstasy today as Bohemian Rhapsody burned through the sky to a $72.5M weekend at the international box office. Combined with domestic, the frame was worth $122.5M globally, lifting the worldwide cume to $141.7M. The Queen biopic had opened early in the UK last weekend and predictably exploded with a No. 1 bow, holding that again this session. There's a chance it tops $100M offshore through Monday.
*Slaughterhouse Rulez (SNY): $520K intl weekend (UK only)
15 global release of all time with $1,238.2M. Also from Disney, Incredibles 2 has now passed The Fate Of The Furious to become the No.
Breakdowns on this week's films have been updated below.
Italy, where the movie had world premiered as the opening night gala at the Venice Film Festival, debuted to $1.85M at 355 locations to track above Arrival (+24%) and Captain Phillips (+77%). Universal’s Damien Chazelle-helmed Neil Armstrong biopic was fueled by another $4.7M in 50 markets for a $45M overseas cume. The total worldwide is now $87.1M.
Incredibles 2 (DIS): $1.7M intl weekend (12 markets); $630.1M intl cume
The Rami Malek-starrer is outpacing Murder On The Orient Express (+75%), The Greatest Showman (+166%), La La Land (+141%), and A Star Is Born (+200%) through the same point in release. There are 14 markets to go next weekend, including Japan.
Yash Raj’s Thugs Of Hindustan, starring hitmaker Aamir Khan, will strike in India while Sony’s Venom sinks its teeth into China, coming off strong presales and word of mouth. The coming weekend sees Universal/Illumination’s The Grinch hit a handful of offshore markets including Brazil and the UK while it also bows domestically.
France held in its 3rd weekend to a 15% dip on 617 screens, and had the benefit of the All Saints Day holiday in its favor. Warner Bros’ yeti movie stepped on $12.1M this frame on 9,715 screens in 77 markets for a 31% drop. The running international cume is now $115.2M. The movie has now cumed $9.9M there.
Nutcracker’s Tpop 5 markets this weekend were China ($12M), Italy ($5.5M), Germany ($2.7M), Mexico ($2.3M) and Spain ($2.2M).
In holds, Germany was down 10% in its 3rd session with a cume of $6.8M. Starring Rowan Atkinson as the bumbling anti-007, the threequel opened in Brazil to $320K at 193 sites to top the previous installment by 5%. Up next are Japan on November 9 and China on November 23. The UK’s 5th frame brings the cume to $21M.
Dexter Fletcher stepped in to finish things up. Bryan Singer receives directing credit on the movie despite being fired last year after going AWOL. Reviews have not been kind, but audiences are lapping up the picture with strong exits and a high definite recommend.
Thailand had a $321K bow at 100 for No. 2 behind the top start of Bohemian Rhapsody, and took $535K at 82 for 23% above Annabelle: Creation. 5 in a competitive market. The Netherlands bowed to No. 2 and tracking ahead of Don’t Breathe (+15%), Jigsaw (+53%) and The Conjuring (+56%). Korea was tops with $671K at 385 locations for No. There were four new openings this frame, bringing the total markets to 66.
Germany saw a slight 5% slip for $3.6M to date. China’s 3rd outing brings the total to $9.9M and the UK added $1.4M on 650 screens for $12.8M so far. 2 with a total to date of $7.3M. Russia’s 2nd frame was good for a 14% drop on 2,332 screens to rank No.
Mile 22 (STX): $176K intl weekend (64 markets); $29.5M intl cume
It did $38.5M across those, a higher number than we were seeing ahead of the weekend, but the UK was very soft at just $2.1M. 1 and a very solid $5.5M in Italy, making it the 5th biggest opening weekend of 2018 there. Disney’s $120M priced family film opened in 45 material markets this session for 72% of the overseas footprint. Disney’s President Theatrical Distribution, Franchise Management and Business & Audience Insights, Cathleen Taff, tells me the movie “opened where we wanted it to be in most other territories.” It did $12M in China to land No.

The Happytime Murders (STX): $146K intl weekend (50 markets); $6.8M intl cume
Key future openings include Australia, France, Japan, Korea and Russia.
The global total so far is $121.5M on the movie which is driven by international. Universal/Working Title’s overseas hit targeted another $5.7M in the session for an offshore cume of $118.3M.
The House With A Clock In Its Walls (UNI): $1M intl weekend (13 markets); $24.7M intl cume
Though it starts off lightly, hidden truths start to surface. 1 local opening. They end up playing a game where they must share all the messages and calls to their cell phones. The movie, a remake of 2016 Italian hit Perfect Strangers, follows a married couple who invite their close childhood friends over for a housewarming dinner. Intimate Strangers, a Korea comedy/drama from director Lee Jae-kyoo, grossed $10.5M in its No.
Playing to audiences across all markets where it has opened, Bohemian Rhapsody came in higher in Latin America than expected, opening at No. Brazil was worth $2.4M on 621, 62% bigger than Star Is Born. 1 in Mexico with $5.8M on 1,815 screens and commanding 45% of the share.
BlackKklansman (UNI): $700K intl weekend (20 markets); $39M intl cume
Sony’s Venom bared its teeth for $15.6M overseas on 7,300+ screens in 65 markets. That pushes the international cume to $342.9M after a great No. It gnashed on $5.3M there, topping the debuts of Deadpool 2 (+17%), Ant-Man And The Wasp (+36%) and Wonder Woman (+63%,). 1 Japan start.

‘Halloween’ Screams Past $200M At The Worldwide Box Office

Ryan Freimann is also an EP.” /> In addition to Carpenter and Curtis, Green and McBride executive produce under their Rough House Pictures banner. Halloween is also produced by Malek Akkad, whose Trancas International Films has produced the series since its inception, and Bill Block.
1 movie internationally, dropping just 47% in a strong hold for a slasher pic. Overseas, Halloween has a staggered rollout with Curtis’ return to Laurie Strode striding into 23 markets in its first session before adding 39 markets last weekend when it was also the No.
Japan will wrap things up on April 12. On deck this weekend are Korea, the Netherlands, Thailand and Croatia while there have been holidays in some majors during the mid-weeks this week for the All Saints Day fête.

1 spot globally for two weeks in a row, Halloween has slashed its way across the $200M mark worldwide. There are still five markets to open. Through Thursday, the Universal/Trancas/Miramax/Blumhouse title is at $204.3M with a split of $139.4M in North America and $64.9M at the international box office. EXCLUSIVE: After debuting earlier this month to the second-best October domestic opening ever, and holding the No.
5 and 6. 3 and The First Purge ($136M) and Truth Or Dare ($95M) at Nos. The current cume gives Universal three of the Top Six highest grossing horror titles worldwide this year including Halloween at No.
The budget is a reported $15M. When it screamed into domestic, the reboot-sequel also had the second-highest-grossing horror launch of all time — and as star Jamie Lee Curtis tweeted, the biggest horror movie opening with a female lead and biggest movie opening with a female lead over 55.

Behind it is the UK with $9M to date, followed by Germany with $6.6M after a No. Rounding out the Top 5 are Russia ($3.6M) and France ($3.2M). Mexico leads all offshore Halloween play at $10.5M through Thursday. The David Gordon Green-helmed pic had a great start there two weeks ago, giving Blumhouse its best debut ever in the market. 1 debut last frame.
Inspired by Carpenter’s classic, Green, Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley wrote the script. John Carpenter executive produces this version, 40 years after directing the original, and served as creative consultant, joining forces with horror hitmaker Jason Blum. (For more on how the movie came together, take a look here and here.)

‘Venom’ Morphs Across $300M Overseas; Salivates At $500M WW This Weekend

In France, he took part in TF1’s Saturday evening entertainment show 50 Minutes Inside while also attending a fan event in Russia. As part of the overseas campaign, Hardy participated in Brazil Comic-Con with a live Skype from the Atlanta set of Venom and was on Fantastico, Brazil’s top-rated TV show. In London, he drove the host of Stars In Cars, Germany’s version of Carpool Karaoke, around town.
It went beyond other standalones and the ones with sequels.” He called it a “win for everyone involved.” When the movie first came out, Sony’s President of International Distribution Steven O’Dell told me anecdotally that he’d been hearing from overseas exhibitors that their kids were going to school in the Venom costume and that there was “a lot more love than people were aware of beyond (the core) fans.
Offshore, it continued to be the lead film for three weekends straight. Venom set a domestic and global October opening record in its early play, and on its second weekend, pushed Sony across $1B at the North American box office. The Tom Hardy-starrer based on the Marvel property has defied a critical bashing as audiences have licked it up, enjoying the tone and the character.
Hardy selected five pieces of art and one of the artists was invited to meet the cast and attend the Los Angeles premiere.” /> Artists, designers and illustrators from around the world were invited to create one-of-a-kind artwork for Venom. Thousands of entries came in, the highest number of submissions in Talenthouse history. For their international digital campaign, the Sony folks partnered with Talenthouse for a global fan art program.
The current breakdown through Wednesday is $302.5M internationally, $175.3M domestic and $477.8M global. Now, it's passed $300M at the international box office and is chomping at the bit to hit $500M worldwide this weekend. And, it still has Japan and China on deck, meaning it should push well past $600M after they come online. EXCLUSIVE: Sony's Venom took a big bite out of October when it bowed to a $205.2M global opening earlier this month.
1 market overseas at $28.9M, followed by Russia ($28.8M), the UK ($22.5M), Mexico ($21.7M) and Brazil ($15.8M). Korea, which loves its Marvel, is the No. Those figures are through Tuesday.
13 film of the year so far worldwide. It is not yet clear if Hardy is making a trip to Beijing. Directed by Ruben Fleischer, Venom is currently the lucky No. Depending on how China performs when the film opens there November 9, it could surpass Ant-Man And The Wasp and Deadpool 2 internationally.

‘Black Panther’ Blasts Off With $169M Overseas; $371M WW Weekend – International Box Office

15:17 To Paris (WB): $2.8M intl weekend (27 markets); $10.7M intl cume
The international cume is now $38.7M. Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape Of Water which led BAFTA noms and scored another trophy for the Mexican director, grossed a great $12.3M for Fox Searchlight in 40 markets including an excellent $3.3M in the UK. Stablemate, and big BAFTA winner Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri collected $4.5M from 40 overseas markets after passing $100M worldwide earlier this week.
1 in the home market on 1,710 screens. Sony also had a local hit with Russian romantic ice skating drama, Ice. The film released on Valentine’s Day and set a new industry record in Russia as the biggest opening day for a local title ever. The director is Oleg Trofim. This one grossed $8.7M to launch at No.
Turning back to the rest of the international pack, Fifty Shades Freed notably stayed tops in Germany with a $22.2M cume, dropping just 19% from open. Rounding out the Top 5 are the UK ($19.7M cume), France ($14.58M), Italy ($14.1M) and Brazil ($12.4M).
Across Asia-Pacific, Panther was No. Indonesia was the 3rd biggest industry FSS ever and Malaysia the 3rd biggest MCU bow of all time. In Hong Kong, India, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand, Panther topped the lifetime of GOTG. 1 and was the biggest opening weekend of 2018 to date in all markets.
Pad Man (SNY): $2.1M intl weekend (5 markets); $14.7M intl cume
Three markets had their best opening weekend ever (Nigeria, Kenya, Indonesia), Korea had its 2nd best opening weekend ever and six markets had their best opening ever for a Marvel title (Angola, Belgium, Bahrain, France, Israel, Netherlands, Argentina). In IMAX, BP shredded $30M for the three days and $34M for the four-day holiday weekend.
The Top 10 markets are Korea ($25.3M), the UK ($24.9M), Mexico ($9.6M), Brazil ($9.4M), Australia ($9.2M), France ($7.7M), Indonesia ($6.5M), Germany ($6.2M), Taiwan ($5.6M) and Malaysia ($4.9M).
Also, Disney/Pixar's Coco passed Shrek Forever After to become the No. 13 animated film of all time internationally with $523.7M.
The meaningful nature of being able to see yourself represented, those things really matter to everyone, but in this case it matters even more to communities of color. Importantly, the movie clicked with what has been an under-served market. Says Hollis, “Our goal is to make movies that reflect the diversity of our world because those are the stories that resonate everywhere. To have the ability to show other people’s experience is part of the beauty of movies, but it also allows for rich storytelling, and for the people whose experiences are up on the screen, especially if they have not been showcased a ton. Representation matters and the times we’ve leaned into it, we’ve had massive results.”
In Africa, T’Challa wowed with the top industry opening weekend of all time in both East Africa and West Africa while in South Africa it was the highest grossing Saturday ever in industry history as well as the 2nd highest grossing industry opening weekend of all time (excluding previews).
Monster Hunt 2 (SNY markets only): $1.8M three
Says one international distribution veteran, “I think it’s so fresh and people are recognizing this, worldwide.” What’s fueling it? The numbers are “insane” is the refrain we heard all weekend as the movie shattered expectations. Most ahead of the opening were seeing $90M-$120M, with some believing it could edge higher, but not to these stratospheric totals. The movie is playing to the Marvel faithful, and also brought out the non-core audience.
Next weekend sees openings in Russia along with Vietnam, Trinidad, Peru and Venezuela. Japan and China are in March.
The Post (UNI): $1.3M intl weekend (17 markets); $15M intl cume” />
MH2 is at a poor 5.3 on reviews site Douban versus 7.3 for DC2 and 8.5 for Operation Red Sea ($70.3M opening). We saw a similar phenomenon last year when Journey To The West: The Demons Strike Back was predicted as the Chinese New Year champ, but fell back when Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu Yoga ended up surging and became the No. Combined, they earned $15.1M for the three-day and $19M for the four-day, with Friday becoming the best single-day result in IMAX’s China history. 5 film of 2017, ahead of Journey To The West. The total was also the best-ever FSS result. The three movies do have IMAX in common in a savvy play that saw the large-format guys spread the love across them.
Elsewhere, and as we reported on Saturday, Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle has crossed $900M worldwide. The totals are $527M international and $904.6M global after a $4.8M weekend. It is now Sony’s 2nd highest grossing movie ever.
It dipped a tiny 2% in the UK, pulling in $2.6M, and a modest 18% in Australia. 1 debut in Japan with $4.4M. The Greatest Showman continued its surprising run with $9.6M in 31 markets and a No. Its international tally is now $185.6M.
And get this: with $24.9M in the UK, he's already overtaken the entire run of Justice League, Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor, Ant-Man and Iron Man. He also holds a new record for the highest-grossing February opening weekend ever. Black Panther launched at No. 1 in almost all markets.
Across Latin America, the Chadwick Boseman-starrer opened at No. It scored the highest grossing February opening of all-time in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Panama and Paraguay. 1 in all markets and was the best opener this year everywhere except Argentina and Uruguay.
Lionsgate is releasing Monster Hunt 2 domestically on 70 screens and Well Go has Monkey King 3: Kingdom Of Women. In the U.S., Warner is releasing Detective Chinatown 2 with it leading the Middle Kingdom offerings — it was largely shot in New York –- with $677K for the three-day and $800K for the four-day at 115 locations.
Black Panther also posted the highest grossing February opening of all-time in Bahrain, East Africa, Kuwait, Qatar, South. The Netherlands posted the highest grossing day ever for a superhero film and the highest grossing February opening weekend ever. Africa, UK, UAE and West Africa. Dissecting the $168.7M offshore start, let's look at some milestones.
For the BAFTA action from last night stroll on over here for our report from the Royal Albert Hall in London. Figures are being updated as they roll in. Box office was slightly abridged on Sunday owing to the BAFTA Film Awards.
Focus and Working Title’s two-time BAFTA winner Sunday night, Darkest Hour, has clocked $78M internationally to date and crossed $30M in the UK.
The weekend on that picture was $47.7M for a 46% drop and a $190.8M offshore cume in 60 markets. 1 in major hubs Germany and Italy where Universal’s Fifty Shades Freed kept a tight grip in its second frame, getting a bump also from the Valentine’s Day holiday. Globally, the movie is at $269M. BP did not open No.
Lady Bird (UNI): $1.9M intl weekend (10 markets)
Ferdinand (Fox): $2.7M intl weekend (34 markets): $200M intl cume
Phantom Thread (UNI): $2.2M intl weekend (27 markets); $10M intl cume
And, in China, where BP won’t pounce until March 9, it’s been a mega-weekend. The Raman Hui-directed sequel to 2015’s monster hit opened to about $82M without previews, $97M with, on Friday. But on Saturday rather than seeing a jump, it dipped to just $58M. Still, some of those crazy numbers we saw on Friday — when Monster Hunt 2 entered the record books with the biggest single-day gross ever – eased as the frame continued. And on Sunday, it was bested by Detective Chinatown 2 which closed the weekend at $155M. ComScore has it at $141M for the three-day. Monster Hunt 2 ended the session at $188M, including previews and per local reporting.
Dave Hollis, Disney’s President of Theatrical Distribution, admits the studio didn’t see it rivaling the Avengers movies. Part of the reason the estimates were so low is that many saw this as comping to a first stand-alone movie with a character who’s not as well known from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “It just didn’t seem possible.” And yet, “the reception in every single way is a reflection of how good a movie this was but there is so much momentum inside the Marvel Studios space.” The consistency with which Marvel scores, encourages moviegoers to go along with them and try new things.
Talking with rival executives, the sentiment is that BP is in part benefiting in Asia from the Chinese Lunar New Year which kicked off Friday and has aided turnstiles in their spin. We will keep a close watch to see how front-loaded BP ultimately is with a relatively clear month ahead. But these numbers are undeniably encouraging. There is also feeling in some corners that this movie is not necessarily going to mean films with predominantly Black casts will all of a sudden be guaranteed big numbers overseas, an issue we addressed before offshore play started.
These are at unadjusted rates and in various rollout patterns, so not entirely apples-to-apples, but for an idea where this historic movie will chart. The global opening is the No. Internationally, Black Panther's bow is bigger than Logan and Avatar, and comes in just below X-Men: Days of Future Past. 15 of all time despite not having China, Japan or Russia in the initial suite.
Fox estimated Maze Runner: The Death Cure at $11M in 65 markets, dipping just 26% in France and 32% in Germany to reach an intl cume of $205M. Its final territory debut is in Japan on June 15.
It was a smart play by Disney to launch the global press junket in Korea and to play off of the fact that the film was partly shot in-country. 5 biggest western industry opening of all time at $25.3M, ahead of Doctor Strange and Thor: Ragnarok and already exceeding the entire runs of Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man. In Korea, the Ryan Coogler-directed superhero pic was the No. This is the lead market so far — it's a huge Marvel hub, but there was some concern early on that Asia might not embrace this boundary-breaking movie.
That puts Disney/Marvel's Black Panther at a global debut of $370.5M, with the actuals on domestic coming in higher. UPDATED, Monday writethru: The King of Wakanda is king at the international box office, with a stunning $168.7 million in 48 markets through Sunday. Including Monday’s domestic estimate, the worldwide cume rises above $400M.

‘It’ Balloons To $700M+ At Worldwide Box Office

While it's true that horror over-indexed both in North America and abroad in 2017, this is a major milestone — particularly given that China does not figure in the equation. Japan, where It has grossed $19.2M through Thursday, helped get Pennywise across the $700M mark. The split through Thursday is $327.5M domestic and $372.7M at the international box office.
Internationally, It was also the s*it. The opening weekend logged $66.3M internationally, dishing up a scary serving to overseas audiences hungry for new fare. On 846 screens that gross put it atop the record books in the country as the biggest opening weekend ever for a horror film. Spain took in $3M from 452 screens, which was good for roughly a 50% share of the Top 5 films. That opening also was the biggest launch weekend for the studio in 2017. The horror genre generally does well in Latin American markets and Itt opened in Brazil to $5.7M where the release date was strategized to benefit from their Independence Day holiday.
The Top 5 offshore markets are the UK ($42.5M), Germany ($35.4M), Mexico ($27.6M), France ($20.2M) and Japan ($19.2M).
EXCLUSIVE: New Line/Warner Bros' horror smash It has crossed $700M globally. The Stephen King adaptation that just wouldn't quit after starting a September rollout domestically and overseas, has ballooned to $700.2M worldwide — and that is extra notable given the film was not released in China.
Among some of the records the Andy Muschietti-directed pic scored: largest opening for a horror film Stateside, biggest opening for an R-rated film, largest opening for a pic based on a book, best preview night for a horror film, best IMAX opening for September and horror pic, and best opening for a New Line release. It was also an unprecedented success at the September box office domestically — and a sequel is set for September 2019.
Holland grabbed $1.5M on 131 screens — it opened on a Thursday — and held onto a 56% share of the Top 5 films and also became the biggest opening day ever for a horror film. Poland also debuted to $1.15M on 272 screens to become the biggest opening weekend ever for the genre there and the best of 2017 so far for Warner Bros.” />

‘Justice League’ Lassos $185M Overseas, $279M WW; ‘Thor’ Rocks To $739M Global – International Box Office

Korea, which is not nuts for DC as a general rule, did $8.5M with 56% of the Top 5 films on 1,315 screens.
Disney/Pixar’s Coco became the No. The animated Day of the Dead-themed pic strummed up another $4M in the frame and has lifted the cume to $48.8M. 1 movie ever (in local currency) at the Mexican box office last week, and enjoyed another good weekend this session — its 4th.
Mexico is at $9.6M (184.2M pesos) on 3,615 screens, with a 64% share of the Top 5 and besting Wonder Woman by about 20%.
At the bottom of the pack of majors are Italy with $3.6M and double Wonder Woman; Spain with $3.1M for the 2nd biggest WB opening of the year; and Germany with a really rough $3M on 936 screens.
Germany also bowed this week, with $1.3M. Celebrating getting thisclose to $100M worldwide, Universal and Blumhouse’s Happy Death Day added $7.9M in 52 markets this session. German- and French-speaking Switzerland are off to a $270K debut and Austria opened at No. The overseas total is $43.5M and with domestic, there are $98.9M in the global coffer. France had a good start at No. with $148K. 2 with $1.6M.
Germany dipped by 22% to take the two-frame total to $4.6M. It’s running 20% behind Bad Moms, 158% ahead of Horrible Bosses 2, 7% ahead of Neighbors 2 and 92% ahead of Office Christmas Party. With no new markets, Mila Kunis & co slipped another $5.1M into their stockings for an overseas cume of $26.6M and a worldwide gross of $77.5M.
Holds were strong in many markets and despite the arrival of the DC rivals. Notables include the Czech Republic (-32%), Venezuela (-35%), Japan (-39%), Denmark (-42%), Germany (-42%), Peru (-43%) and South Africa (-44%).
With a $2.3M cume, it’s 7% behind that pic. Scandinavia is also outperforming the comedy sequel comps save for the first Bad Moms. That’s 21% behind Bad Moms, but tops all other comps. Australia/NZ added an estimated $874K to lift the running total to $6.8M.
In the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, the Taika Waititi-helmed romp is north of $145M to exceed the lifetimes of Spiderman: Homecoming and Captain America: The Winter Soldier in the area.
My Little Pony: The Movie (LGF): $493K intl weekend (63 markets); $29.1M intl cume” />
In Asia, JL amassed $40.1M in 10 markets — not including China or Japan (the latter goes next week). The regional cume is the second-biggest opening for a WB film ever (behind BvS).
That’s a 65% drop from last week, although the international cume is now $96.5M, setting the stylish Kenneth Branagh mystery on track to pass $100M this week. After a terrific wide opening last weekend, Fox’s Agatha Christie adaptation rolled out of its second frame with another $20.7M in 56 markets. The worldwide take so far is $148.2M.
Geostorm (WB): $1.6M intl weekend (53 markets); $172.7M intl cume
In China, that numbers was $6.15M on 453 to land the 2nd best November FSS after Doctor Strange. Moving past the doom and gloom, the pic, which has more humor than BVS and saw Joss Whedon come in for Snyder after the director had to step away due to an unfortunate tragedy, scored $13.7M on 765 IMAX screens to rank as the format’s best-ever November opening overseas.
Latin America also pulled in strong numbers, coming in slightly higher than the Sunday estimate with $35.9M for the region to score the 3rd biggest launch ever for WB behind BVS and the final Harry Potter. In Brazil, JL's $14.2M (46.7M reals) start is the biggest industry opening weekend ever.
The Middle East, France, Russia, Spain and more are still on deck for the STX pic in the coming weeks. Eastern Europe is looking at $2.09M, which is 48% ahead of the original, and also above the other comparable titles.
We will have a full breakdown on this one tomorrow, but in the meantime, the UK info from Studocanal has this weekend at £6.36M ($8.4M) and a cume of £16.6M ($22M). The previous film, which made $268M worldwide, finaled at £37.9M in Britain. Paddington 2, the Paul King-directed sequel to 2014’s global smash, has now grossed $22M at home in the UK, while holds are looking warm and fuzzy in such markets as Sweden, Finland and Italy.
Germany, where the Justice League folks could barely get arrested, saw just a 12% dip for a $5.6M cume and Australia fell 29% for a $6.3M running total.
Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and friends were at play on about 46,660 screens in 65 markets, with China leading at a slightly improved $51.8M. While WB has the overseas launch ahead of Wonder Woman in like-for-like markets, the score is lower than the $200M-plus we were hearing amid pre-opening buzz. UPDATE, Monday writethru with actuals: Warner Bros/DC's Justice League assembled $185 million at the international box office in its debut session this weekend, $500K down from the Sunday estimate. Including domestic, the worldwide opening is $279M.
Victoria And Abdul (UNI): $689K intl weekend (30 markets); $39.9M intl cume
Breakdowns and actuals on the films above and others have been updated below (we are waiting on Lionsgate, STX and the Paddington 2 weekend total).
Globally this weekend, the son of Odin topped Captain America: The Winter Soldier ($714M) and Doctor Strange ($678M). 8 release of all time worldwide. He now fronts the MCU’s No.
The Mountain Between Us (FOX): $1.17M intl weekend (22 markets); $24.4M intl cume
Marrowbone (UNI): $776K intl weekend (Spain only); $6.48M intl cume
Now WB needs to get in gear for a January 12 release date. Along with the box office success, this was a big week for the bear from darkest Peru as he found a domestic home with Warner Bros, and away from the embattled Weinstein Co. Deadline broke the news on Wednesday that the studio, which is also the home of producer David Heyman, was acquiring domestic rights, emerging from a bidding war that reached $30M.
Overall, Orient Express is outpacing The Great Gatsby (+48%) and Gone Girl (+98%) in the same bucket of markets at current exchange rates. Next weekend, 11 new markets hop aboard.
Rounding out the Top 10 are Russia ($6.4M); Australia ($6.2M), France ($6.15M); Indonesia ($5.8M/No. 2 ever WB opening); and the Philippines ($5.6M/top WB debut ever/+46% on Thor 3).
The top plays are the UK ($6.5M), Russia ($5.1M), Venezuela ($4.9M), Germany ($4.9M) and France ($3.6M). Lionsgate’s 8th installment in the horror franchise crossed the $50M international mark this frame, after four weeks in release. The next majors to release are Spain and Brazil on Thursday this week. The film carved out another $4.1M in 74 markets and has grossed $52.4M so far.
JL did top WW’s opening in like-for-like markets, and as with domestic, audiences overseas are reacting with more positive notes than critics (in France the public gives it four stars, but critics give it two).
That Hulks up the overseas cume to $491.9M and has bested both Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and Doctor Strange. As for the other heroes showing off their superpowers globally, Disney/Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok added a better-than-estimated $24.7M internationally in this fourth weekend. 6 Marvel Cinematic Universe movie ever at the international box office. It’s tracking above those pics by 11% and 17%, respectively, and is the No. With $739.2M worldwide, it’s the ninth MCU title to cross $700M.
Disney/Marvel’s threequel is rocking and rolling along at the international box office with another $24.7M this session and a $491.4M cume. 6 Marvel Cinematic Universe movie ever. The Norse charmer has now overtaken both Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 and Doctor Strange overseas and is leading them by 11% and 17%, respectively. It’s now the No. With $739.2M worldwide, it’s the 9th MCU title to cross $700M.
Elsewhere, Happy Death Day is on the doorstep of $100M globally for Universal and Blumhouse, while Fox's Murder On The Orient Express will roll to that number internationally this week. Studiocanal/Heyday Films' Paddington 2 has hit $22M after its second weekend in the UK; and Disney/Pixar's Coco is on the verge of crossing $50M in Mexico alone.
WB has it topping Thor: Ragnarok, but that would only be over the weekend days since Thor opened to more than $15M in its first frame, which began on a Tuesday. The UK was softer than expected, with $9.5M (£7.3M) on 1,648 screens with 40% of the Top 5 movies. JL topped Wonder Woman by 51% from June.
Japan opens this week. It will not benefit from the Thanksgiving holiday that’s up this week domestically. JL will have some relatively clear play in its demo over the next few weeks until Star Wars: The Last Jedi speeds in, and therefore could be looking at lower drops than the typically frontloaded genre. The Zack Snyder-directed JL is about 16% below that movie in today’s dollars, but there was hope for a much tighter spread and that hope began to fizzle as the weekend numbers started rolling in from offshore. JL’s lack of a holiday, which can boost fortunes by as much as 25%, is in direct contrast to BVS’ Easter 2016 international release which was off the charts.
There's disappointment in not seeing see this one break $200M globally in its first frame, coming in about 16% below BvS, as this was set up as DC's answer to The Avengers. One distribution exec points to the lack of Superman in the advertising, and notes, "What made BvS appealing was two superheroes squaring off, so this movie just feels like an Avengers B-team." Kicking off outside a holiday corridor was certainly a factor (Wonder Woman played in the summer and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was an Easter release), and even if audiences seem to like the movie better than critics, some markets in Europe were quite soft, notably Germany.
In Asia, the regional take is $40.1M for the 2nd best ever studio bow behind BVS. It played on 20,600 screens and took 65% of the Top 5 films to rank as the runner-up to BVS in terms of Middle Kingdom WB bows. That figure does not include China where JL made $51.8M (RMB 343.8M) pretty much exactly where we saw this going in.
On 765 Imax screens, a $13.7M launch is the best November opening ever for the format. Still, a $185M offshore opening is a sizable number and there were strong results out of certain areas, with social shout-outs for Wonder Woman and Aquaman, in particular.
The Top 5 plays are China ($107.5M), the UK ($37.2M), Korea ($33.2M), Brazil ($27.4M) and Australia ($22.6M).
3 and $2.2M to date. Italy also is holding nicely with $731K at No. Spain’s got $1.9M so far. Next weekend adds three out of the final six markets to go. Korea was the top holdover with a terrific $7.5M total to suffocate the lifetime of Don’t Breathe.
As my colleague Anthony D’Alessandro points out, if the film clears $700M-$750M global, after ancillaries, it will turn a profit, but not much. With a reported production cost of $300M, the total with P&A is around the $450M mark.
In Russia, the ensemble added $3.2M at No. China led markets again, although with Justice League taking up a lot of real estate, MOTOE fell to No. 3 behind Justice League and Paddington 2 and has amassed 13% more there than the lifetime of The Great Gatsby. It ranked No. 2 for an $11.2M cume; followed by the UK with $3M and a $23.1M cume after three weeks. 3 (ahead of Thor’s 3rd session) and a local cume of $30.2M.
China and Brazil lead the Top 5 and are followed by Mexico ($9.6M/184.2M pesos), the UK ($9.5M/£7.3M) and Korea ($8.5M/9.6B won).
Directed by Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina, the film opens in the U.S. Next weekend notably includes China and Russia. France and Germany join at the end of the month and there are releases throughout January (with Japan taking the Frozen Japan slot in March). on November 22, kicking off an extended global rollout.
The superheroes are the No. DC superheroes generally over-index in Latin America and this weekend the Justice League gang recruit $35.9M in the region to land the 3rd highest opening session for a WB film behind BVS and the last Harry Potter movie. 1 U.S. film in each of their bows and saw particularly strong play in Asia and Latin America. Brazil set a record for the biggest opening weekend ever for any movie at $14.2M (46.7M reals).
That’s a nice number, but Justice League just couldn’t get up to the $200M mark which most saw it eclipsing as Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg all banded together on the big screen and after DC got some street cred back with this summer’s smash led by Gal Gadot’s Amazonian warrior. With a $185M opening in 65 markets this session, Warner Bros/DC's mash-up came in under the projections of several industry sources.
In the UK, the Moms dropped 37% for a total $7.7M to date, on par with Bad Moms, 48% ahead of Horrible Bosses 2, 5% ahead of Neighbors 2 and 104% ahead of Office Christmas Party.
IT (WB): $1.9M intl weekend ($1.7M from a strong Japan hold); $361.1M intl cume
The Snowman (UNI): $585K intl weekend (28 markets); $30.5M intl cume