‘The Wrong Todd’ Clip: The Evil Twin Sci-Fi Romantic Comedy You’ve Been Waiting For

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24 at 7:15 PM at the ArcLight in Culver City. Mashing up elements from sci-fi, drama, and comedy, The Wrong Todd makes its World Premiere at the LA Film Festival Sept.
Before he can make his decision his evil twin comes to stir things up in his life. EXCLUSIVE: In Rob Schulbaum's (Family Guy) directorial debut, The Wrong Todd, the titular Todd (Jesse Rosen) finds out that his girlfriend Lucy (Anna Rizzo) has been offered a promotion on the other side of the country and he has to decide whether or not he will go.
Moore) is doing something to help Todd go through interdimensional travel — all while eating a Hot Pocket. As seen in the exclusive clip below, Todd is in some sort of parallel universe contraption and the Technician (Derek K. The context of the clip is beyond me, but who doesn't love a movie about an evil twin that is running amok?
With the reluctant help of Lucy’s brother, Dave (Sean Carmichael), Lucy and Todd must confront the barriers to their relationship, their perception of self, and the laws of the universe itself to distinguish the wrong Todd from the right one. If you need more context, the trailer below can unpack the movie for you. The movie finds Todd’s evil twin from a parallel universe arriving to take his place, while Todd #1 must face the prospect of a world without Lucy.