‘Hotel Mumbai’ Solid in Debut; ‘Gloria Bell’ Expands to $1.8M: Specialty Box Office

In its debut, Son Of Saul grossed nearly $38K in three theaters in its opening three-day, averaging $12,643. Nemes’ previous feature, Son Of Saul, took the Oscar for Best Foreign Language film in 2016 and cumed over $1.77M at the box office. locations Friday. Its three-day estimate is $15K ($5,002 PTA). Sony Pictures Classics bowed period drama Sunset by László Nemes in 3 New York and L.A.
The Wedding Guest (IFC Films) Week 4 [93 Theaters] Weekend $66,247, Average $712, Cume $330,144
The film had been TWC title. Bleecker Street and ShivHans Pictures co-acquired domestic rights to director Anthony Maras’ drama, Hotel Mumbai ahead of its debut at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival. Bleecker Street reported that the feature was number one at the Angelika and third at Lincoln Square in New York behind Us and Captain Marvel. Mumbai was second at both the Landmark and the Arclight behind Us in both locations.
Capernaum (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 15 [24 Theaters] Weekend $28,244, Average $1,177, Cume $1,568,080
Faith, Hope & Love (ArtAffects) Week 2 [17 Theaters] Weekend $20,820, Average $1,225, Cume $98,520
“Those heavy matinee and post prime evening sales trends reveal Mumbai’s broad demographic attraction with older matinee patrons and younger ticket buyers who attend later evening shows.” “Sell outs and near sells out also arose in all theaters throughout the day in many shows, from the matinee play time through evening shows,” noted Bleecker Street’s Jack Foley Sunday when reporting numbers.
The title floundered with a $17,682 gross, averaging $505. IFC’s Toronto ’18 drama-mystery Out Of Blue went to 35 theaters.
Gloria Bell landed in the top ten in a sizable expansion in its third weekend. Director Sebastián Lelio directed the Spanish-language original, Gloria, set in Santiago.
Out Of Blue (IFC Films) NEW [35 Theaters] Weekend $17,682, Average $505
Free Solo (National Geographic Documentary Film/Greenwich Entertainment) Week 26 [42 Theaters] Weekend $48,660, Average $1,159, Cume $17,438,908″ />
Gloria Bell (A24) Week 3 [654 Theaters] Weekend $1,802,500, Average $2,756, Cume $2,498,485
To Dust (Good Deed Entertainment) Week 7 [19 Theaters] Weekend $8,526, Average $449, Cume $172,908
Never Look Away (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 9 [44 Theater] Weekend $45,130, Average $1,026, Cume $1,076,944
The Hummingbird Project (The Orchard) Week 2 [41 Theaters] Weekend $78,834, Average $1,923, Cume $123,949
Searchlight’s The Aftermath had some struggle out of the gate last weekend. The title starring Keira Knightley and Alexander Skarsgård played 21 additional runs in its second frame to just $123K for a $4,731 per theater average in 26 theaters bringing its two-week cume to $203,254.
Apollo 11 (Neon) Week 4 [586 Theaters] Weekend $800,000, Average $1,365, Cume $6,865,436
Everybody Knows (Focus Features) Week 5 [143 Theaters] Weekend $122,000, Average $852, Cume $2,553,000
Transit (Music Box Films) Week 4 [72 Theaters] Weekend $113,503, Average $1,576, Cume $389,210
More Than Blue (China Lion) Week 2 [40 Theaters] Weekend $170,000, Average $4,250, Cume $504,559
Hotel Mumbai (Bleecker Street) NEW [4 Theaters] Weekend $86,492, Average $21,623
Badla (Reliance) Week 3 [97 Theaters] Weekend $237,547, Average $2,449, Cume $1,712,624
Focus Features’ The Mustang had the weekend’s best PTA among the specialty openers last weekend. The title starring Matthias Schoenaerts slowed to a $228K gross in 38 theaters, averaging $6K.
That version grossed $2.1M on this continent. Said A24 Sunday: “The film remains one of the best reviewed movies of the year, particularly for Julianne Moore’s stunning performance, and will continue to play through spring.” Gloria Bell, in English and starring Julianne Moore, crossed that total with a $2.49M cume stateside this weekend.
Arctic (Bleecker Street) Week 8 [71 Theaters] Weekend $52,927, Average $745 Cume $2,254,005
The doc grossed $48,660 in 42 locations, averaging $1,159 bringing its cume to over $17.43M. Oscar-winner Free Solo is still in theaters after with over six months under its belt.
Bleecker Street opened Hotel Mumbai in four theaters Friday and appears to have caught some attention from audiences not heading to Us. Hotel Mumbai, starring Oscar-nominee Dev Patel and Armie Hammer, grossed $86,492 in four theaters, averaging $21,623, by far the best showing among limited release titles this weekend. Overall, the specialties were mostly light.
No Manches Frida 2 (Pantelion/Lionsgate) Week 2 [472 Theaters] Weekend $1,780,000, Average $3,771, Cume $6,626,279
The Aftermath (Fox Searchlight) Week 2 [26 Theaters] Weekend $123,000, Average $4,731, Cume $203,254
The Kid (Lionsgate Premiere) Week 3 [167 Theaters] Weekend $125,000, Average $749, Cume $1,339,177
Stan & Ollie (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 13 [79 Theaters] Weekend $32,971, Average $417, Cume $5,391,839
Ruben Brandt, Collector (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 6 [43 Theaters] Weekend $10,454, Average $243, Cume $98,420
The Iron Orchard (Santa Rita Film Co.) Week 5 [13 Theaters] Weekend $11,395, Average $877, Cume $197,991
Run The Race (Roadside Attractions) Week 5 [352 Theaters] Weekend $165,965, Average $471, Cume $6,189,030
Giant Little Ones (Vertical Entertainment) Week 4 [31 Theaters] Weekend $21,000, Average $677, Cume $132,335
The Mustang (Focus Features) Week 2 [38 Theaters] Weekend $228,000, Average $6,000, Cume $322,000
In its previous weekend frame, the Sundance 2019 doc took $1.16M in 588 theaters, averaging $1,977. The Neon release, directed by Todd Douglas Miller has cured $6.86M. Apollo 11 mostly stayed course this weekend, playing 586 theaters for an $800K gross and a $1,365 PTA. Apollo 11 stands at just over half the cume of Neon’s 2018 documentary box office hit, Three Identical Strangers, which totaled $12.32M in theaters.
The Spanish-language comedy took in $1.78M in the three-day estimate in 472 theaters, averaging $3,771. Pantelion/Lionsgagte’s No Manches Frida 2 is at over $6.62M after two weekends. It went on to cume $11.52M. That is only somewhat down from 2016 release, No Manches Frida in its second frame. The original played 465 theaters in its second weekend for $2.11M, averaging $4,545.
Birds Of Passage (The Orchard) Week 6 [85 Theaters] Weekend $52,486, Average $617, Cume $449,415
Starring Julianne Moore, the Sebastián Lelio-directed film took in just over $1.8M, averaging $2,756. A24’s Gloria Bell showed legs with a sizable expansion to 654 runs in its third weekend from just 39 last weekend.
Hotel Mumbai will expand to 800-plus theaters next weekend.
Sunset (Sony Pictures Classics) NEW [3 Theaters] Weekend $15,006, Average $5,002
Climax (A24) Week 4 [136 Theaters] Weekend $49,200, Average $362, Cume $739,822

Anthony Maras Opens ‘Hotel Mumbai’ For Business: “It’s A Story Of Tremendous Sacrifice” – Toronto Studio

And I think in this [dark] time, with everything that's going on in the world [today], an example was set by the staff and the guests of the Taj by coming together to survive in the face of sheer adversity.” “I didn't know it at first,” he said, “but as we got further into the script, and then definitely into the making of the film, I began to see it as a bit of a microcosm of the wider world. Though the film captures the horrors of the day’s events, the violence isn’t what interests Maras.
“This is a story about a tremendous sacrifice that many people made in order to help their fellow man and woman,” he said. “I was just taken aback from the first time I ever heard of these tales—extraordinary tales of heroism and sacrifice that saw people coming together across all different sorts of divisions that would usually divide people, and they came together in a pretty incredible way to survive this onslaught.” When he visited the Deadline studio, first-time director Anthony Maras described his film as a story of hope.
Special thanks to sponsor Watford Group, and partners Calii Love, Love Child Social, and Barocco Coffee.” /> Deadline Studio at TIFF 2018 presented by eOne.
Find out more about Hotel Mumbai by clicking on the link above.
Most people remember the 2008 terror attacks on Mumbai, which ended with a bloody siege at the city’s exclusive Taj Hotel. But what many may not realize is that some of the hotel staff deliberately put themselves at risk in order to protect the hotel’s residents, adding new poignancy to their mantra, “The guest is God.” It is this scenario that forms the basis of Hotel Mumbai, which stars Armie Hammer and Dev Patel as two men caught up in the violence from different worlds: Hammer plays a wealthy US tourist, Patel a struggling Indian waiter.