‘Replicas’ Trailer: Keanu Reeves Defies Every Law Of Nature To Get His Family Back

"There was a crash. … I brought you back. You and the kids died. I didn't defy every natural law there is just to lose you again," the once-and-again dad and husband whispers his "wife." Her reply, "How could you do this?"
Later we hear, "There is a reason human cloning is banned." "It'll be like it never happened." Famous last words.
John. Check out the trailer above and new poster below, and tell us what you think.” /> Alice Eve, Thomas Middleditch and John Ortiz co-star in director Jeffrey Nachmanoff's thriller written by Chad St. Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures opens Replicas on January 11.
He will stop at nothing to bring them back, even if it means pitting himself against a government-controlled laboratory, a police task force and the physical laws of science. Here is the first trailer for Replicas, starring Keanu Reeves as a daring synthetic biologist who loses his family in a car crash and makes a radical move.