Johnny Depp Won’t Release “Abuse Of Drugs & Alcohol” Documents In $50M Defamation Suit Against Amber Heard, ‘Aquaman’ Actress Claims

Depp and his lawyers additionally said that Heard’s piece in the Jeff Bezos-owned paper tarnished his good name and cost him a place in a planned Pirates reboot – a claim the franchise’s studio Disney never confirmed nor denied. Nonetheless, the litigious Oscar nominee claimed that the alleged misconduct in the marriage was at Heard’s hands, and never by him.
Heard, only continuing the pattern of abuse. “Mr. We are confident, however, that the Court will see through the patent hypocrisy of Mr. Heard suffered at his hands during their marriage,” said Heard’s relatively new lawyer and Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund co-founder Roberta Kaplan today in a statement outside the motion filings. “By suing her for defamation, Mr. Depp himself has put at issue the grievous physical and emotional abuse that Ms. Depp’s position on these and other issues.” Depp’s principal aim here seems to be to use this baseless lawsuit to score PR points to hurt Ms.
A point Depp’s main lawyer notes in response to today’s paperwork.
Depp's self-serving view, his privacy justifies denying discovery essential to Ms. Heard's defense, but somehow does not justify the entry of a standard protective order,” the eight-page document adds. “In Mr.
“Amber Heard, previously arrested and jailed for violent domestic abuse, and then caught on tape and by dozens of eyewitnesses for her hoax accusing Johnny Depp of violent domestic abuse, is staring at her trial,” the Endeavor Law Firm attorney declares. “Now her new #Timesup lawyers try to thread a difficult needle — desperately fight to get the case dismissed out of court for the 3rd time, sweep the unambiguous testimonial evidence of her crimes under seal to hide it from the public and embolden her (curiously silent) hoax-enablers, and smear Johnny Depp with additional false innuendo. All while arguing the abuse defamation she inflicted on Johnny Depp was somehow not about Johnny Depp.”
No stranger to courtroom drama in recent years, the Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald star dragged Heard into court for big big bucks in Virginia, where neither of them live, in March this year over an anti-domestic violence op-ed that the Magic Mike XXL actor penned for the Washington Post in December 2018 – an op-ed that never mentioned Depp by name, it is worth noting.
HEARD from 2013 to present.” The defense also desires DOCUMENTS and COMMUNICATIONS exchanged between YOU or anyone acting on YOUR behalf and Dr. David Kipper that mention MS. Specifically Heard is seeking from Deep “All DOCUMENTS and COMMUNICATIONS between YOU and any person employed by YOU or working on your behalf pertaining to the use of narcotics by YOU or MS. HEARD or any of YOUR other ROMANTIC PARTNERS from 2010 to present” and perhaps most damning DOCUMENTS sufficient to show each time YOU were arrested and the reason(s) for the arrest.” HEARD from 2013 to present” and “All DOCUMENTS and COMMUNICATIONS pertaining to any treatment for alcohol or drug use or abuse by YOU or MS.
After failing to get the case moved to California, Heard has been trying to get it dismissed and, if that doesn’t work, at least have many of the personal records and details kept out of the public record. Having sought a similar measure in some of his other high-profile lawsuits, Depp and his team are opposed to the move into the legal shadows here.
To wrap things up, the duo agreed in August 2016 to a $7 million divorce settlement, most of which Heard ultimately donated to charity. The Rum Diary co-stars’ less than two-year long marriage came to an official end in early 2017. In May of 2016, Heard had a temporary restraining order slapped against Depp over domestic violence claims.
Benjamin Rottenborn in a memorandum accompany a motion to compel entered into the docket in the Old Dominion on Thursday (read it here). “Mr. Depp cannot seek to litigate the truth of Ms. Heard's allegations about his violent and abusive behavior while intoxicated, insist on proceeding without a protective order, and then blithely refuse to produce evidence that confirms the truth of those allegations on grounds of relevance and ‘privacy,’” asserts the Aquaman actor’s Virginia lawyer J.
As this already very personal and very messy matter now heads towards getting clearly messier and more personal with the latest filings by defendant Heard and what her team term “critical evidence.”
Just under a week after filing to have ex-husband Johnny Depp’s $50 million defamation suit tossed out, Amber Heard today went to court to force the Pirates of the Caribbean actor to hand over documents and other material related to his “drug and alcohol abuse” plus “incidents of domestic violence and abuse.”
“The public is not so easily fooled and the truth is not so easily suppressed, concludes Waldman.
Having joined Heard’s team earlier this summer, Kaplan also makes a cameo in the just released She Said book about the NYT’s expose of Harvey Weinstein working to help the now disgraced producer resolve a matter seemingly not related to the dozens of accusations of sexual assault and harassment over the decades.” />
"Justice, three years late, has almost arrived,” said Adam Waldman in a statement to Deadline.

Johnny Depp Goes After Amber Heard With $50M Defamation Suit; Says Abuse Claims Were “Hoax” After WaPo Op-Ed

Despite a big win last summer, one of those battles include a $30 million malpractice action against the actor's ex-attorneys at Bloom Hergott Diemer Rosenthal LaViolette Feldman Schenkman & Goodman LLP.” /> This latest suit comes against the backdrop of Depp still battling it out on several other legal fronts.
“Ms. Heard is not a victim of domestic abuse, she is a perpetrator,” says the suit in reaction to an op-end the actress penned for The Washington Post in mid-December last year.
Almost three years after news of the breakdown of The Pirates of the Caribbean star’s marriage to Amber Heard hit the public record, Depp is now suing his ex-wife and Aquaman star for $50 million for defamation.
A marriage that ended with a temporary restraining order against Depp and later a $7 million settlement, that Heard donated to charity. “Her allegations against him were false when they were made in 2016,” it adds in reference to the claims that Heard made in the couple’s short-lived union. “Mr. Depp never abused Ms. Heard, the complaint goes on to say.
"I had the rare vantage point of seeing, in real time, how institutions protect men accused of abuse," Heard said in the "I spoke up against sexual violence — and faced our culture’s wrath. That has to change" entitled Post piece, which never actually mentioned Depp by name but clearly didn't have to – at not for this lawsuit.
to not enter her own POV into the docket soon. Representatives for neither Depp nor Heard did not respond to request for comment on the filing. However, if their past legal entanglements are any indication, don’t expect the ambassador on women’s rights at the American Civil Liberties Union.
Johnny Depp has had a lot of legal run-ins the past few years, but this time it is distinctly personal.
Having long since denied the abuse allegations, the Hollywood Vampires guitarist clearly now thinks there was more going on.
Heard and advance her career,” today’s lawsuit postulates of the allegations of Depp's violent misconduct. “They were part of an elaborate hoax to generate positive publicity for Ms.

Johnny Depp Hit With Costly Assault Suit By ‘City Of Lies’ Location Manager

Facing legal action from ex-business managers ex-lawyers and ex-bodyguards plus foreclosure filings and what could be an embarrassing trial later this summer, Johnny Depp has now been hit with an assault and battery lawsuit from the location manager of the upcoming City of Lies.
Reps for Johnny Depp did not respond to request for comment on the Brooks' suit.
When PLAINTIFF declined to write such a statement, his services were terminated immediately." "0n the Monday following the incident, April 16, 2017, PLAINTIFF returned to the production office to work on wrapping out the show," the 14-page filing adds damningly."Upon arrival, PLAINTIFF was informed that SEGAL wanted him to write and sign a declaration stating that he would not sue the PRODUCTION.
The actor allegedly hit Gregg “Rocky” Brooks repeatedly on April 13, 2017 after being informed that DTLA filming on the Brad Furman helmed pic about the LAPD investigation into the 1997 murder of the Notorious B.I.G. Hesitant to approach Depp after Furman told him to, the vet location manager went to speak instead to the on-set off duty LAPD officer about the matter. was going to have to wrap up late that night. That conversation was seemingly cut short when the apparently booze on the breath Pirates of the Caribbean star supposedly start screaming obscenities at Brooks and proceeded to strike him “twice in the lower left side of his rib cage and causing pain."
Depp is held accountable for his conduct on set so that, in the future, others will not be put in the same situation," Azizian told Deadline today. "My client wants to make sure Mr.
 ” />
"Despite having just been punched in the side, PLAINTIFF maintained his composure," says the 10-claim complaint filed in LA Superior Court on July 6 (read it here). "When PLAINTIFF did not react to DEPP's satisfaction after being punched, DEPP yelled "I WILL GIVE YOU ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS TO PUNCH ME IN THE FACE RIGHT NOW!" PLAINTIFF still did not react and DEPP continued to scream and berate him in front of a set full of people until DEPP's own bodyguards physically removed DEPP from the scene."
That date is just over two weeks after the August 15 trial on Depp's January 2017 filed $25 million fraud lawsuit against his former business managers The Management Group is scheduled to start. Having failed to pushed the matter back, which is unusual for a plaintiff, more stories of the actor's excessive spending and empty accounts are expected to be on display. Co-starring Forest Whitaker, City of Lies is set to be released on September 7, which would have been the 46th birthday of B.I.G. AKA Christopher Wallace.
With a countersuit from TMG also in play as well as a countersuit from the Hollywood Vampire bandmember's former lawyer Jacob Bloom and his Bloom Hergott Diemer Rosenthal LaViolette Feldman Schenkman & Goodman LLP firm over Depp's $30 million action against the attorneys, this latest action further portrays an individual sliding out of control. An impression certainly spotlighted by ex-bodyguards Eugene Arreola and Miguel Sanchez's May filed multi-claim lawsuit over unpaid wages and working conditions – which claimed the use of  "illegal substances" by Depp and "being forced to protect Defendant Depp from himself and his vices while in public."
And it's not just for the alleged assault but wrongful termination and retailation as well. Brooks' filing from Glendale attorney Arbella Azizian of Baker Olson, LeCroy & Danielian seeks wide ranging but unspecified damages from Depp, Furmqn, producer Miriam Segal and the production.
None of which can be pleasing to the now AT&T-owned Warner Bros, which has the Depp starring Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald coming out in November.