Actor Samuel L. Jackson Under Fire For Alleged Homophobic Tweet

Happy Birthday.” Jackson's tweet: “Must have been a party at The White House, Mitch, Paul, Rudy & others were spotted wearing knee pads & carrying these lined up outside.
One Twitter user asked, “Did you and Joy Reid get hacked by the same person?” The reference is to the MSNBC host who had several homophobic posts on her blog, but claimed she was hacked.

The tweet included an image of a product called “After Dick Mints” with the tagline “Going down?”
Another user directed at tweet at Capital One, asking the credit card company whether they endorse the language from a spokesperson. Actor Adam Baldwin of the late, lamented TV show Firefly asked, “Gay shaming?” He later removed the tweet.
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Jackson wished President Donald Trump a happy birthday on Friday, but the Twitterverse took exception to the perceived anti-gay slurs in the message and laid their vengeance upon him. Tough-talking actor Samuel L.

Trump Person Of The Year? Hollywood Snickers, Mark Hamill Offers ‘Jedi’ Bribe

I said probably is no good and took a pass." The New York Times, tweets Julia Louis-Dreyfus, "just called to say I was PROBABLY going to be named comedienne of the year but I would have to agree to an interview and a major photo shoot.

Take a look at the tweets (jump to the bottom to see the Trump post that started it all, along with Time's rebuttal). The magazine will announce its cover choice Dec. 6.″ />
Deadline will add to this list as warranted…

(One popular choice: Robert Mueller.) Refresh for updates Donald Trump's bizarre, at best premature thanks but no thanks tweet about Time magazine's Person of the Year cover is drawing an entirely expected wave of online ridicule – and some sincere suggestions on who, exactly, should really take the honors.

And MSNBC's Joy Reid signaled her reaction to the Trump tweet with a classic Hollywood GIF: Bette Davis' Baby Jane Hudson giggling like a maniac. (After the chuckle, Reid offers her real choice for the Time cover: Mueller).

15 release, but just couldn't handle playing second fiddle to Trump. Star Wars' Mark Hamill says he was offered the cover, but only if he'd leak "major #Ep8 spoilers." Hamill didn't have a problem with revealing secrets about The Last Jedi prior to its Dec.