PBS Sets Premiere Date For Feature Documentary ‘God Knows Where I Am’ – Update

That is, in essence, what we are doing. "Mental illness is a multi-faceted problem," said the filmmaker. Would you allow a person with a heart attack or a gunshot wound to walk out of your emergency room? Why is that okay at all?" It has an enormous economic impact. How do you take care of people this ill? "The way our society grapples with the mentally ill and homelessness, was the inspiration of the piece. As a documentarian and as a physician, which is what I was before, to me wandering around New York, it's stunning and deeply upsetting to see so many people on the streets. This is a gigantic problem, morally, socially and economically. It came from an experience I had with a homeless person who broke into the place that I lived.
It is a work of art, with the power of a novel by Kundera or a play by Shakespeare," said Segaller  in a statement.” /> “God Knows Where I Am  is a masterpiece, and the most powerful and moving film I have seen on mental illness.
"It was a fairly intensive process. And it had no heat, no running water. "It was by far the hardest film we've ever done," he said. We shot it over two years — two winters, two falls and a spring," said Todd Wider, who noted that at one point they got caught in a blizzard. They shot the film in the same house where the woman was found. The film took four years to complete.
That was the case with the subject of the film, which is the story of Linda Bishop, a mentally ill homeless woman who was found in an abandoned New Hampshire farmhouse together with a diary that documented a journey of starvation and the loss of sanity. A prisoner of her own mind, she survived on apples and rain water for nearly four months, waiting for God to save her during one of the coldest winters on record.
UPDATED, 2:25 PM: PBS has set October 15 at 10 PM for the national broadcast of feature documentary God Knows Where I Am, marking the directorial debut of Jedd Wider and Todd Wider and narrated by Lori Singer.
There is a saying, 'You can die with your rights on.' There is this whole thing about protecting the rights of the mentally ill, but with an absence of a free mind, you cannot exercise free will." A lot of people who are mentally ill deny that they are sick. Wider also said that society has stigmatized mental illness and also there is "a laziness and denial around really grappling with issues surrounding civil liberties and the mentally ill.
The national broadcast will accompany a wide digital release. God Knows Where I Am initially premiered theatrically in spring 2017 and played in multiple markets and in film festivals.
PBS acquires very few full-length feature documentaries per year, so this is significant. It marks the directorial debut of Emmy- and Peabody-winning and Oscar-nominated Jedd Wider and Todd Wider. PREVIOUS EXCLUSIVE, December 4, 2017: PBS has picked up the critically acclaimed and truly heartbreaking documentary God Knows Where I Am, narrated by actress Lori Singer.
"Public television allows most people to see the film, thereby enabling the widest audience possible to confront our society’s tragic battle with mental health and homelessness. "We are very excited for the broadcast of God Knows Where I Am on PBS," said the Widers. I hope the film moves people as much as Linda Bishop's story moved us as filmmakers and human beings."
Elizabeth Sheldon, the founder and CEO of Juno Films, the North American distributor, and Wider Film Projects negotiated the PBS license with Stephen Segaller, VP Programming at WNET.
The Wider brothers previously produced Academy Award-winning documentary Taxi to the Dark Side as well as multiple Primetime Emmy winner Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God, Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer and Semper Fi: Always Faithful.
The broadcast will be followed by a panel discussion with the Widers and Dr. Carol Bernstein, past President of APA and current Professor, Psychiatry and Neurology, New York University School of Medicine. Hari Sreenivasan will moderate .
The documentary has been embraced by the mental health community and screened at national meetings of the nation’s leading mental health organizations as well as at a special seminar for members of Congress.
Thirteen/WNET New York Public Media, specifically, acquired the national broadcast rights from Juno Films and Wider Film Projects, and the film will be seen on PBS stations nationwide. God Knows Where I Am, about the mystery surrounding a woman's death in an old farmhouse, will air on PBS in 2018.