Jane Fonda Talks ‘9-5’ Sequel: Workplace Worse Now, Though “Guys Are Scared”

Plus, she cautioned, "with social media, internet, computers, you can be spied on so easily – everything you write, every email you send." Today, she said, a lot of the workforce is subcontracted, so women don't know where to take complaints.
Come to TCA to talk about HBO's Jane Fonda in Five Acts, Fonda took questions about the anticipated 9 to 5 sequel on which, she says, she will serve as an executive producer.
Back in February, Deadline's Mike Fleming first reported 20th Century Fox was working on a modern version of the 1980 workplace comedy, with original stars Parton,  Fonda and Tomlin eager for the reprise. "When you look at the 1980 comedy 9 to 5 and ask what has changed from the male chauvinist premise of that film, the #MeToo movement proves the answer is, absolutely nothing," Fleming noted then.” />
On the bright side, "sexual harassment will tend to drop – because guys are scared," Fonda smiled.
She, as well as other cast members Dolly Parton, and Lily Tomlin, "are all intending to be in it," she told TCA attendees.
In the '80s when the original movie became a hit, if you had problem at the company for which you worked, "you went to the company." It's still relevant, Fond insisted, because the workplace is still fraught with problems for women.