‘Paradise Hotel’ Revival Canceled By Fox After One Season

It will be one five-week season and out for Fox's reboot of reality series Paradise Hotel.
"I think Paradise Hotel was performing on par with what Love Island was getting, and Temptation Island was on a cable network. "I didn't think that it was because of the competition in any way," he said. so it was difficult to compare," he said.
"We won't be bringing it back," Rob Wade, Fox’s President of Alternative Entertainment, told Deadline at TCA on Wednesday.
I didn't think there was an anticipation for Paradise Hotel. "Paradise Hotel was only on the air for two seasons, so we didn't really have that, we didn't have the standing base like we see tonight with BH9210; there is a real anticipation for that. "it won't affect me bringing shows back but I think when you do bring a show back, there needs to be more of an excitement for them to come back," he said. I felt there were core people who loved it but not a broad enough audience."” />
Wade does not blame the crowded marketplace for Paradise Hotel's modest ratings performance.
Fox brought back Paradise Hotel as two similar reality series also hit the airwaves, the US adaptation of Love Island on CBS and USA Network's Temptation Island revival. (Both have been renewed for a second season.)
The original version aired on Fox for one season in 2003, with a second season running on MyNetwork TV and Fox Reality Channel in 2008. Hosted by Kristin Cavallari, Paradise Hotel, which launched May 9, followed a group of singles who were given the opportunity to check in to an exclusive tropical resort – and check out with big money.
and the production company did a great job." But we were very happy with the show, it was a great show and highly entertaining. "We were very proud of Paradise Hotel but ultimately it was designed to air over many, many hours, and we started it relatively short, three times a week. We felt it didn't quite perform at the level we wanted it to perform, and if we are going to get the opportunity to try a new show, we have to have the space.
Paradise Hotel's demise also won't dissuade Wade from pursuing reboots in the future with one caveat.

Friday Ratings: Ninjas, Newsmags And Secret Agents Rule The August Night

Overall, NBC once again took the night, as Dateline also tied for the topline in demos at 0.5/3, keeping the peacock network's Friday night winning streak alive.
(0.5/3). Secret agents and ninjas topped the Friday demo wars, with an encore of NBC's American Ninja Warrior (0.5/3) tying the two-hour finale of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
 ” />
ABC also saw 20/20 score an 0.4/2.
Elsewhere, CBS reality show Love Island continued to pine for an audience, coming in at 0.3/3, with reruns of Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods ending the eye network's night.
On Fox, First Responders Live arrived at 0.3/2 and a 1.66 million audience, followed by a rerun of MasterChef.
A rerun of The Outpost ended its night. The CW saw its Masters of Illusion come in at 0.2/1 and 0.82 million, with The Big Stage clocking in at 0.1/1 and 0.65 million.

Friday Ratings: NBC And ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Win Once Again On Rerun Heavy Night

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Meanwhile, a new episode of CBS reality show Love Island wasn't feeling the audience love. The racy show  scored an 0.3/3 and 2.04 million viewers, down from its previous 0.5 and 2.16 million. That led to reruns of Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods limping home.
A 20/20 rerun scored an 0.4. At ABC, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was down a tick, bringing in an 0.4/3 and 2.16 score.
The two-hour American Nina Warrior on NBC scored a solid 0.5/3 and 2.37 million viewers to take home top demo honors on the evening. It was followed by an encore of Dateline that also did well, scoring an 0.4/3 and 2.61 million, allowing the peacock network to take home the demo trophy on the night.
Its Masters of Illusion was up to 0.3/2 and 1.39 million audience, up from last week's 0.2. The CW was the lone beacon of original programming light. Variety show The Big Stage had a similar boost, up to 0.2/1 and 0.94. A rerun of The Outpost closed the night, holding steady at 0.1.
Fox took the night off,  as reruns of First Responders Live was at 0.3, with MasterChef coming in with a similar 0.3.
Repeats, reruns, encores or rebroadcasts – call them what you will, but they are the staples of summertime programming. So it was no surprise that a night filled with the "R" word saw a repeat showing come out on top in the demo wars.

Friday Ratings: NBC’s ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Takes The Demo Crown – Stealthily, Of Course

Fox saw First Responders come in at 0.3/2 and 1.61 million, followed by a MasterChef rerun.
scored a steady with the same 0.4/3 and 2.36 million, with a rerun of 20/20 rounding out the night. ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
 ” />
The trailing Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods both had reruns. At CBS, sexy reality show Love Island gained a bit, coming in at 0.5/4 and 2.22 million, up a tick from its week-ago ratings.
The Big Stage variety show also came back with a new episode, coming in up a tenth at 0.2/2 and 1.21 million. A rerun of The Outpost closed out the night. Finally, The CW's Masters of Illusion returned with a new episode, scoring a steady 0.2/2 and 1.34 million.
America loves its ninjas, and on a rerun heavy night, it's fitting that a rerun of NBC's American Ninja Warrior carried the flag for the demo wars, scoring an impressive 0.6/4 and 3.01 million viewers in its two-hour slot.
That and newsmag Dateline (0.5/3 and 3.00 million), the latter albeit down a tick from last week, still won the night for the peacock network.

Friday Ratings: NBC Tops A Quiet Evening Slate, Led Once Again By ‘Dateline’

The CW had a rerun of The Outpost at 0.1/1 and 0.54 million with The Big Stage also in reruns, coming in at 01/1 and 0.40 in its first segment, then 0.1/1 and 0.38 in the second half-hour.
The peacock network has reason to strut, as NBC won the night in the 18-49 demo wars on Friday. NBC won every half-hour outright in 18-49, and tied for first from 8-8:30 p.m.
Kennedy Jr. ABC saw its Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. came in at 0.3/2 and 2.69 million viewers. The two-hour The Last Days of John F. up to 0.4/2 and 2.30 million viewers, up a tenth from the previous week.
 ” />
A rerun of American Ninja Warrior won the time slot in both 18-49 and total viewers, scoring an 0.5/ and 2.59 million viewers, and serving as a strong lead-in to Dateline NBC, which was the #1 show of the night in 18-49 with an 0.6/4 and 3.37 million viewers, up a tenth from the prior week.
At CBS, viewer infatuation with Love Island waned, as the scantily-clad showcase was down from its Thursday airing, scoring an 0.4/3 and 2.10 million viewers. Reruns of Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods both had an 0.3/2 in demos.
At Fox, a rerun of First Responders Live had an 0.3/2 and 1.74 million viewers, while a regurgitated MasterChef served an 0.3/2 and 1.25 million audience.

‘The Circle’: Channel 4 Reveals First Trailer For Studio Lambert’s Reality Format

In the show, the contestants will chat, make friends, argue and maybe even fall in love, while building their own profiles as well as forming cliques and private allegiances. They must avoid being judged least popular by the rest of The Circle.
deal to follow.” /> As with most Studio Lambert formats, expect a U.S.
It airs this fall. The show, which is co-produced by Motion Content Group, which in involved in breakout reality series Love Island, is presented by My Dad Wrote A Porno co-host Alice Levine and Maya Jama, who presents MTV’s True Love Or True Lies with Danny Dyer.
They will all live in one modern block but separately in individual apartments, interacting with one another exclusively through a bespoke voice-activated social media platform called The Circle. The Circle is, essentially, Big Brother for a social media age; where individuals from all walks of life will compete in a popularity contest to win up to £50,000 (US$65,000).
Anyone can be anyone in The Circle… Channel 4 has given audiences the first glimpse of the latest reality series from Undercover Boss and Gogglebox producer Studio Lambert.