Todd Phillips Gives First Look At Zazie Beetz In Joker Movie In Response To Leaked Photos

The director recently released photos of Joaquin Phoenix as the titular Batman villain and followed that up with a photo of actress Zazie Beetz from the movie. Todd Phillips is looking to battle paparazzi leaking photos from the set of his forthcoming Joker movie by taking matters into his own hands.″ />
Phillips took to Instagram to post a photo of Beetz with the caption: "So excited to be working with @zaziebeetz." The Emmy nominated Atlanta actress plays single mother Sophie Dumond who sees how the lower classes struggle beneath the wealthy.
Phillips co-wrote the backstory tale of Gotham City’s big baddie with The Fighter‘s Scott Silver, which is described as a gritty character study but also a broader cautionary tale of a man disregarded by society who becomes the ultimate supervillain. Warner Bros is set to release the origin story pic October 4, 2019. The movie also stars Robert De Niro, Frances Conroy, and Marc Maron.
Check out Beetz below.
We have paparazzi all over our set, at every turn. So I figure, may as well put out some good ones." And it bums me out that they constantly put out their bad shots. While shooting in New York City, footage and photos of Phoenix in attire with the classic Joker color palette leaked on the internet and Phillips retaliated by releasing his own photos. Commenters started to complain that Phillips was releasing too many photos and information about the movie to which he responded: “Here’s the issue.