‘It Chapter Two’ Screams 2nd Highest WW Opening For Horror Pic With $185M

Mexico with $10.2M at 4,571 screens, dominating with a 76% share of the Top 5 films.
Country spotlights:
This is after Thursday set horror opening records in some key hubs (see previous story below), and yesterday added $22.3M on about 25K screens. SATURDAY UPDATE: Now open in 75 offshore markets, New Line/Warner Bros’ It Chapter Two has grossed $39M through Friday. The international box office weekend is still aiming at around $100M.
UK grossed $9.4m at 1,998 screens, for 72% share of the Top 5 films and coming in as the 2nd biggest opening weekend ever for a horror film (behind It).
We’ll have a full report on Sunday.
Pic's best markets to date are UK ($22.6M), France ($17.9M), Russia ($17.7M) and Germany ($15.2M). Global is at $310M, and is poised to groove past Inglorious Basterds ($321M) as Quentin Tarantino's second highest grossing pic WW behind Django Unchained ($425M). Sony's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood made $13M from 59 markets for a running offshore total of $176.2M.
Other overseas notables: Hobbs & Shaw drove another $15M out of 69 markets taking foreign to $555.5M and the pic's global odometer to $719M. Twenty-six percent of that grand total comes from China or $184M.
Pre-weekend projections on the debut frame were in the $100M-$110M range. Landing within that certainly looks likely, though more will become clear once numbers for Friday’s 27 additional opening markets are posted. They include the UK, Spain and Mexico.
In Sweden, Chapter Two booked $509K on 220 screens, roughly on par with the previous movie and by far WB’s best first day of the year. The running tally is $614K.
SUNDAY UPDATE: New Line's It Chapter Two slotted the second best global opening for a horror film of all-time with $185M, right behind 2017's It which debuted to $189.7M. This was a similar case for the $79M production stateside where the Andy Muschietti-directed sequel notched the second best opening for both a horror pic and September release. Chapter Two is expected to be profitable like the first film, but less than its near $300M after ancillaries.
Italy: $5.5m on 840 screens, for 50% share of the Top 5 films and and the 2nd biggest opening weekend for horror pic behind It.
1 in virtually all markets in 2017 and broke records on the first day out in a number of plays. It opened No. That film, which was on a staggered release, bowed to $95M in like-for-likes at today’s rates. The final unadjusted overseas tally was $375M. The best offshore comp for Chapter Two is the previous title.
This is the second biggest opening day ever for a horror film, also only behind It. Australia gave Pennywise a 75% share of the Top 5 on Thursday with $625K from 501 screens.
Chapter Two screamed the biggest horror opening ever in 16 markets including Russia (and the entire Eastern Europe region), UAE, Holland, Norway, Finland and Argentina. Chapter Two also took the top spot in Latin America region and was, ditto, the biggest for Warners YTD. 1 in Europe and the biggest WB opening weekend for the region year to date, and Chapter Two was No. Other highlights: Pic was No. It was also Warners' best opening for the year in 37 markets including UK, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Argentina, Mexico and Australia. 1 in Asia,  besting It by 10%.
Cume is $1.4M. Spain pitched in $1.1M on 737 screens with a 69% share of the Top 5. Also the best WB start this year and the 2nd best ever for a horror title.
The full total to date, including sneaks, is $3.6M. In the UK on Friday, Pennywise pounded $3M from 1,998 screens and took a 78% share of the Top 5 movies. This is the 2nd best horror bow of all time, surpassed only by the first It. As with several other markets, Chapter Two marked the biggest opening day for a Warner Bros film this year. The UK was ultimately the lead hub on the previous film, followed by Germany, France, Mexico and Brazil (France is not opening until September 11).
Russia grossed $8.8M on 3,215 screens and dominated the market with 84% marketshare of the top 5 pics.
Germany made $7.1M at 890 screens, repping a 59% share of the Top 5 Films and ranking as the 2nd biggest horror opening weekend ever, only surpassed by It.
Including previews, the running cume there is $1.5M. Germany grossed $1.1M on 681 with a 64% share of the Top 5 films and tracking as the second biggest opening day ever for a horror film, only behind the first installment (which opened on a holiday).
And, Brazil is now at $1.6M after two days. The movie also continues to dominate in Australia with a $2M cume through Friday.
Italy also scored a record horror bow with $1.6M from 840 screens. In Thursday openers, Russia led all play at $2.1M on 3,215 screens: the best opening day ever for a horror movie (topping It) and WB’s best of 2019.
Holdovers were led by Russia on Friday with a 91% share of the Top 5 and another $1.9M to lift the total so far to $4M.
Brazil did $4.6m on 2,023 screens with a 63% share of the Top 5 Films.
1 in all debuts and set records for a horror opening in both Russia and Italy, notably, topping the 2017 predecessor. PREVIOUS, FRIDAY: New Line/Warner Bros’ It Chapter Two has begun its reign of terror at the international box office with $16.5M from 48 markets through Thursday. The Andy Muschietti-directed sequel landed No.
‘It Chapter Two’ Review: Big Chill(s) Reunion Of The Losers Club Concludes Film Adaptation Of Stephen King Clown Show
Brazil bowed with $555K on 2,022 screens, coming in as WB’s best start of 2019. Including previews, the cume to date is $817K.
Germany held. Italy’s second day kept It2 in the top spot for a cume of $2.8M. 1 on Friday and has now amassed $3.2M. No.
11 and Japan on Nov. Pennywise haunts France on Sept. Other openings include Spain ($3.2M on 737 screens), South Korea (also $3.2M but on 998 — a typhoon hit the country on Saturday, causing power outages and impacting the film industry’s overall Saturday box office), Indonesia ($2.7M on 930), and Argentina ($1.4M at 465). 1. Australia grossed $4.4M at 501 screens, repping a 60% share of the Top 5 Films, also the 2nd biggest opening weekend for a horror pic.
film in all markets (though in Korea on Saturday, the movie dipped to No. It continues to hold the top spot for a U.S. 2 behind a local title — the day’s locally estimated take was $820K which is not included in the running tally above; cume through Friday was $1.25M). The Andy Muschietti-directed sequel took No. 1 positions in its major Friday bows, including the UK, Mexico and Spain.
We’ll be back with more from the scary clown throughout the weekend.” />
Again, the biggest WB launch day of 2019. Including sneaks there, the cume is $3.4M. Mexico made $2.5M from 3,360 screens and had a 76% share of the Top 5 on Friday.
Disney's The Lion King roared $13.4M from 50 territories bringing its running offshore total to $1.07B, $1.6B worldwide. Highest markets to date include China ($120M), UK ($90M), and France ($78M).
Korea, which opened It Chapter Two on Wednesday, is leading the market with $1.25M through Friday (not fully included in the offshore total above). The first film ultimately did best in the UK, Germany, France, Mexico and Brazil (France, along with Japan, is not in this weekend's opening suite on Chapter Two). Horror indexes in Latin America and Europe, with Southeast Asia likely to provide some extra muscle this time around.
With $94m from 25,945 screens, Chapter Two led all films at the overseas B.O.

Tarantino’s ‘Hollywood’ Has Bountiful $54M Overseas Weekend, Tops ‘Django’ In Debuts; ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Muscles In On $437M WW – International Box Office

The Sony/Bona film is rolling out through September and is coming off a terrific world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, while strong reviews and the marquee pairing of stars and director are resonating. There were No. 1s in 28 markets for Hollywood this frame, led by the UK’s 5-day opening of $8.9M (+76% on Django).
Spider-Man: Far From Home (SNY): $3.1M intl weekend (64 markets); $733M intl cume ($1.109B global)
2 highest grossing film of all time, behind Avengers: Endgame. In Europe and Latin America, the Jon Favreau-directed redo of the animated classic is the highest grossing Disney Live Action film ever. In Brazil, TLK is now the No.
Elsewhere, Fox Searchlight’s horror pic Ready Or Not will hit some smaller hubs while Lionsgate’s Angel Has Fallen hits the UK and a smattering of other hubs. Next weekend’s big curiosity will be the debut of Hobbs & Shaw in China; depending on how the market goes, the spinoff is eyeing a potential $700M+ global finish.
Italy joins the pride next weekend and will be the final market to release.
Japan saw just a 4% drop and has $15.6M in the food bowl. France had a 36% drop and has grossed $10.6M to date. Germany is the top market in this week’s reporting at $19M. There were no new hubs in the frame which was led by Mexico; the market jumped 48% to cume $10.3M so far. Another $9.7M to the dogs this session lifts Illumination/Universal’s sequel to $243.6M overseas and $400.7M globally.
Late last week, Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 4 put a Forky in the $1B worldwide box office milestone. The current session was good for $8.6M in 36 markets with international now at $592.2M and global reaching $1,016.6M.
The drop from last session was 38% with $33.8M more in the offshore coffers which currently total $939.1M. Disney’s The Lion King moved up the charts to become the No. It is also the No. 2 release of 2019 domestically, overseas and worldwide. 9 movie of all time globally with $1,435.2M through Sunday. The $1B international milestone should hit soon.
The Top 5 markets so fare are Japan ($22.8M), UK ($19.6M), Russia ($16.8M), Mexico ($15.6M) and Korea ($15M).
The Top 5 are currently Japan ($81.8M), UK ($76.7M), Mexico ($71.9M), Brazil ($32.5M) and China ($29.1M).
6 with $1.2M at 490. The latter landed No. The UK and France were the majors to go digging this weekend with the former bowing to No. The international cume is now $10.7M. Mexico is on September 13 and Brazil on November 7. 4 with $1.4M at 550 locations. There are several majors to come, with Latin America expected to see the best performances. After a small early rollout last weekend, Paramount’s Dora added $6.6M in 24 markets this session.
Yesterday (UNI): $1.2M intl weekend (27 markets); $56.9M intl cume ($128.6M global)
In other news, Disney’s The Lion King is now the No. An additional $33.8M came from 54 offshore markets (-38%) where the cume is now $939.1M for $1,435.2M global. 9 movie of all time worldwide, having passed Avengers: Age Of Ultron this weekend.
2 local movie of 2019 in the market)” /> Padre No Hay Más Que Uno (SNY): $900K intl weekend (Spain only); $7.6M intl cume (No.
The Top 5 markets to date are: China ($120.3M), UK ($81.1M), France ($67.7M), Brazil ($64M) and Mexico ($50.5M).
1 with $2.8M. CBS Films’ Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark had a solid Mexico opening at No. Elsewhere, Universal’s domestic champ Good Boys debuted in 13 international markets for $2.1M. The UK was the only major to release this session.
It was No. 2 in Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. In Latin America, TLK is the biggest industry film by admissions, holding the No. 1 position in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela this session.
This weekend was worth $19.2M, led by China’s $10M and where local movies are currently dominating. 1 for $4.1M. After early rollout, the Sony Pictures Animation title is now nesting with $30M from 29 offshore markets. Fast-burn Russia opened at No. The well-reviewed sequel is flapping its wings, however, versus the last picture.
Breakdowns on this week's films above and more have been updated below.
Overall, notable drops were seen in Belgium (-1%), Netherlands (-11%), Japan (-15%), Chile (-19%), Israel (-20%), Germany (-23%), Switzerland (-29%), France (-32%), Sweden (-35%) and Brazil (-35%)
Also a major pairing at the box office, the Dwayne Johnson/Jason Statham-fronted Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw continued to strut its stuff this weekend, pumping up another $45.7M. That lifts the offshore cume for Universal's spinoff to $303.3M and global to $437M. This is before they bring the brawn to China on August 23.
The cume is now $1.109B. Sony’s having a mighty fine weekend overall, however. Along with the record Hollywood bows, Spider-Man: Far From Home tops Skyfall today to become the studio’s biggest film ever worldwide.
As we noted on Friday, Korea is the new standout here with a $15M opening. The drop in holdovers was 48%, besting those of the three previous F&F movies. Korea doesn’t typically index at the high end on an F&F title, but with this weekend the market jumps into the Top 5 so far. Despite competition from two strong local holdovers, H&S secured the biggest screen count of the F&F series and, with a holiday in the mix, came in above all previous entries.
1 in Belgium (where it is the 2nd biggest movie ever) as well as No. In the Netherlands, The Lion King is now the highest grossing film ever (when excluding the re-release of Titanic). 2s in the UK, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway and Sweden. Regionally in the Middle East, the film is now the 3rd biggest grosser of all time. This means that Disney has the Top 3 all-time releases, along with Aladdin and Endgame. Lion King’s European weekend saw it maintain No.
Crawl (PAR): $3.2M intl weekend (28 markets); $25.1M intl cume ($63.7M global)
1s in 28 opening markets this session, led by the UK’s 5-day total of $8.9M (+76% on Django). Anecdotally, in the southern town of Aix-en-Provence, the movie is playing in two of the three main cinemas — one is hosting the dubbed version, and the other has the English-language original, with French subtitles. There were No. France started with $6.9M which is on par with Django. Tarantino excels here, particularly as he has such strong ties to the Cannes Film Festival where Hollywood world premiered. On Thursday this week (a holiday that typically draws folks to other pastimes) the subtitled seances were SRO from early evening.
The full weekend was $45.7M in 67 markets. With a franchise record in Korea this weekend, Universal spinoff Hobbs & Shaw pumped up its international cume to $303.3M for $437M global. That’s a 48% drop from the holdover hubs, besting the dips of The Fate Of The Furious (-56%), Furious 7 (-49%) and Fast & Furious 6 (-56%) in comparable markets and at the same stage of play.
Hong Kong and Taiwan, where Bona is releasing the Sony title, are at $1.2M and $1.1M, respectively. Russia’s cume rose to $13.3M after another $3M weekend. Australia grossed $4.4M (68% over Django), and Spain bowed to $3.6M. In Germany, the weekend (including previews) was $5.6M.
In top holds, Netherlands led with 10% down, followed by Japan (-23%), Colombia (-23%), Belgium (-25%) and France (-28%).
At historic rates, that means Hollywood is already Tarantino's 5th biggest grosser worldwide. The debut hubs landed 30% higher than Django Unchained at today’s rates. Offshore markets to come include Mexico, Japan, Italy and Korea. Russia had bowed to a record QT score while the 46 new markets this session combined to give the director the best launch of his career. They also topped Leonardo DiCaprio/Margot Robbie-starrer The Wolf Of Wall Street by 19%. No confirmation yet on China. Quentin Tarantino’s love letter to 1969 came in tops at the international box office this weekend, enjoying a $53.7M second frame. The international cume is now $66.2M for a global running tally of $180.5M. This, in effect, was the official opening as last week’s Russia, Taiwan and Hong Kong acted as a teaser.
Word of mouth and mid-week business has been better there with 4.5 stars on Kids UK PostTrak, and 4 stars on Parents UK PostTrak. In the UK, where the birds first took flight, the local cume is $4.3M.
Korea instantly leap-frogged into the Top 5 markets so far. Depending on how things go, H&S is looking at a $700M+ global final. This is all before China gets in on the action/banter fest next Friday (August 23). 1 launch was above The Fate Of The Furious (+51%), Furious 7 (+89%) and Fast 6 (+193%). This is the best start for the series which doesn’t typically overindex in the market. Benefiting from a holiday in Korea, the opening there was a terrific $15M. The No. The Middle Kingdom loves the franchise, and Johnson and Statham, but it’s a fickle place in a fickle time; we'll know more later this week.
Germany was the last market to go, opening this weekend with $2.2M in the No. 3 slot. This was not expected to be an overindexing market, but does have three weeks of school holidays ahead.
*Good Boys (UNI): $2.1M intl weekend (13 markets); $2.1M intl cume ($23.1M global)
There are more markets to come on the game-to-big screen transfer including Spain, Mexico, Australia, Italy, Germany, Brazil and France — all through mid-October.
Overall, the $19.4M this weekend lifts the sequel’s overseas cume to $30.2M. Homegrown juggernaut Ne Zha is still leading play in the Middle Kingdom, now with an estimated cume of $594M as it looks to knock Avengers: Endgame out of the No. In China, the late-summer local additions continue to rule the roost, not leaving too much room for Sony’s The Angry Birds Movie 2 which did $10M there. 2 slot for the year.
That includes 46 new hubs where the Leonardo DiCaprio/Brad Pitt-starrer came in 30% higher than Django Unchained to log the director's best offshore opening ever, at current rates. UPDATE, WRITETHRU: Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood is having some hot August nights at the international box office with $53.7M from 49 markets this session. Added to the QT record debut in Russia last weekend, the overseas cume on the ode to 1969 is now $66.2M for $180.5M global.
In local titles, Akshay Kumar-starrer Mission Mangal made about $10.6M through Saturday after kicking off with the star's career-best first day, according to reports out of India. We will update with a full weekend estimate when the numbers become available.

‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Pumps Up $333M Global; ‘Toy Story 4’ Nears $1B WW; Tarantino’s ‘Hollywood’ Stars In Russia – International Box Office

In the Top 5, the UK is followed by Mexico ($71.8M), Japan ($71.1M), Brazil ($32.4M) and China ($29.1M).
Europe saw some of the lead holds overall. Rounding out the Top 5 cumes behind the UK are Russia ($14M), Japan ($13.9M), India ($13.8M) and Mexico ($13M). The best holdover hub was the UK where the gross is now $15.6M after a 40% drop.
It is the No. 2 release of 2019 domestically ($473.1M), internationally ($861.5M) and globally. 12 film ever on the overall worldwide chart and the No. The Lion King, meanwhile, has now surpassed Beauty And The Beast as the highest-grossing Disney live-action release of all time with $1.335B globally.
Italy was also new at $2.6M from 411, at No. 1 and on par with Fallout. 1 start in line with Mission: Impossible – Fallout. As for this current session, France led with $6.9M at 809 sites for a No.
*The Art Of Racing In The Rain (DIS/FOX): $1.1M intl weekend (12 markets); $1.1M intl cume ($9.2M global)
By way of comparison, although it was coming off a record opening during Easter 2017, the latter film dipped by 60% in its second offshore frame. Overall, H&S is tracking in line with Fast & Furious 6 and about 40% off of Furious 7 and The Fate Of The Furious.
Next weekend adds another 12 hubs including Mexico. CBS Films’ Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark began spinning its tale in 30 overseas markets including a mix of South East Asia, Latin America and Europe, for $4M. Taiwan led play with $600K.
Korea bows on Wednesday.
Holds were good in France (-27%/$7.3M cume), Japan (-24%/$10.8M cume), Germany (-20%/$17.9M cume) Netherlands (+5%/$5M cume).
Breakdowns on the films above and more are being updated below.
Mexico had a good start of $5.1M from 906 locations to come in 18% ahead of Zootopia. Also new was Spain with $2.45M from 403 and in line with Ralph Breaks The Internet. Illumination/Universal’s sequel purred for another $15.4M in 49 markets this session, taking offshore kibbles to $221.2M and global to $377.8M.
Coverage on the film is wide here where Tarantino excels. Later in the month will see Mexico and Japan, followed by Italy and Korea in September. Hollywood world premiered to great acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival in May and the rest of France gets its first look at the movie beginning this Wednesday (and with a national holiday on Thursday). Also on deck this week are the UK, Australia, Brazil, Germany and Spain. It is expected that OUATIH will get a China date, although this has not yet been confirmed.
Crawl (PAR): $2.3M intl weekend (28 markets); $20.6M intl cume ($58.7M global)
1. Despite a big holiday travel weekend, France was the best opener at $6.9M for No. H&S added five new markets this session, which are tracking about 30% ahead of Mission: Impossible – Fallout combined. The UK is currently the lead H&S hub at $15.6M with a good 40% drop from the debut.
Padre No Hay Mas Que Uno (SNY): $1.3M intl weekend (Spain only); $5.1M Spain cume
There are still markets to come including Germany and Scandinavia. That’s after a $9.7M international frame in 36 markets for a $570.4M overseas tally so far. Forky and pals are getting ever closer to the $1B worldwide mark, coming out of this weekend with $990M accumulated at the global box office.
Sony/Bona’s Once Upon A Time… Russia is the first overseas major to debut and did so in a big way with a $7.7M No. This is the best opening of all time for director Quentin Tarantino, doing three times Django Unchained as well as 22% above Sony’s Spectre and 154% over Leonardo DiCaprio-starrer The Wolf Of Wall Street. In Hollywood crossed the $100M mark domestically this weekend as offshore rollout begins. 1 start.
Aladdin (DIS): $2.8M intl weekend (25 markets); $682.5M intl cume ($1,035.3M global)
The film is tracking in line with Fast & Furious 6 and, as expected, is running behind the last two movies in the main franchise. After rocking its debut last session, Universal’s spinoff dropped by 43% for a $60.8M sophomore frame in 66 markets. There is open play ahead, and China on deck for August 23. The series of films, as well as Johnson and Statham, are powerhouses in the market where the duo traveled last week. The international total is now $224.1M with $332.6M worldwide.
Still to come is Italy on August 21. The Top 5 markets are China ($120M), UK ($73.9M), France ($61.4M), Brazil ($60.4M) and Mexico ($49M).
The Asia Pacific cume is now an estimated $287M, led by China’s $120M; the movie has received an extension there. Within APAC, strong holds included Singapore (-9%), Taiwan (-26%) and Australia (-35%).
2 start of $9.3M to set it up nicely for the local Obon holiday. This frame brought Japan to the pride with a No. That takes the offshore cume to $861.5M and global to $1,334.6M. Disney’s The Lion King continues to roar overseas with a $51.4M 5th weekend.
It opens in Germany this week and also has Scandinavia to come. 8 animated movie ever worldwide. TS4 has become the No. The studio’s Toy Story 4 is nearing the $1B global threshold with a cume through Sunday of $990M.
(*Denotes New)
If that holds, Ne Zha would overtake Avengers: Endgame to become the No. 1 slot at the international box office for the weekend. The local estimated gross is $512M with Maoyan predicting a $671M finish. In the latter, juggernaut animated title Ne Zha did an estimated $68M this session to score the No. Still to come on the David Leitch-helmed Hobbs & Shaw are Korea on August 14 and China on August 23. 2 movie of the year in the Middle Kingdom.
Paramount’s Dora And The Lost City Of Gold traveled to its first 11 markets for a $2.5M start that was led by Russia’s $878K. Rollout will continue through October.
The European region fell by just 31% with strong holds in several markets including Sweden (+5%), Netherlands (-11%), UK (-15%), Germany (-25%), France (-37%), Israel (-42%) and Spain (-43%). Overall, the drop from last weekend for the big cat was just 40%. The UK, Germany and Netherlands were among No. The estimated regional cume is now $400M, making The Lion King the 3rd highest grossing Disney-branded live action film ever in Europe. 1 holds in the session.
Also new, Disney/Fox’s The Art Of Racing In The Rain padded into 12 markets for $1.1M, led by Brazil at $300K. This one also rolls out throughout the next few months.
Yesterday (UNI): $1.9M intl weekend (26 markets); $54.4M intl cume ($124.9M global)
Refresh for latest…: Universal’s Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw put another $60.8M in the tank during its second frame at the international box office. The Dwayne Johnson/Jason Statham-starrer pumped up its overseas cume to $224.1M in 66 markets through Sunday, and global to $332.6M. The drop in markets that opened last weekend was a solid 43%.
*Dora And The Lost City Of Gold (PAR): $2.5M intl weekend (11 markets); $2.5M intl cume ($19.5M global)
MORE…” />
Spider-Man: Far From Home (SNY): $5.3M intl weekend (67 markets); $726M intl cume ($1.09B global)
In Latin America, TS4 is the No. 8 globally) with a local total of $73.8M. 2 animated title of all time (overall it is No. The weekend dipped by just 27%, even rising by 20% in the UK where TS4 has become the No. 1 animated release ever with a regional $196M.
The Sony/Bona title is Tarantino’s biggest launch of all time in the market, tripling Django Unchained. 1 opening in Russia. In Hollywood which scored a $7.7M No. Rollout continues through the next several weeks. A handful of new titles made staggered debuts overseas this weekend, including Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time…
It is also the 5th highest grossing film in Mexico. In Brazil, Peru and Colombia, TLK is the 3rd highest grossing film ever. 1s in Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Venezuela. As for Latin America, the total there is now $174M with continuing No.

Husband Of Transgender Reality TV Star Miriam Rivera Disputes February Suicide Ruling

Cuervo posted news of his wife's death on Facebook in February, writing, “My Adorable wife rest in peace darling until God lets us be together again.”
The husband of the late reality TV star Miriam Rivera has told an Australian news outlet that he disputes suicide as the cause of her death in February.
Cuervo told the news outlet that he believes unnamed authorities in Mexico "passed off" his 38-year-old wife's death as a suicide by hanging after she declined to work as a prostitute.
Rivera, the transgender model and star of Endemol's controversial 2004 British dating show There's Something About Miriam, died February 5 in Mexico, but her death only recently has become widely known with husband Daniel Cuervo's Daily Mail Australia interview Thursday.
Rivera was a member of New York's ballroom house House of Xtravaganza, which posted the following tribute to her on February 6:
The lawsuits were settled out of court.
Rivera also appeared on Big Brother Australia in 2004. The series, criticized for its prank-like use of Rivera's transgender reveal, aired on the UK's Sky One and later in Australia. Rivera made headlines in the mid-2000s when men on her dating show filed personal-injury lawsuits against Endemol after learning that she had been born male.
https://www.instagram.com/p/BtjtK9jHcxY/” />

‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Clocking $90M Through Saturday At Offshore Box Office; Eyes $181M Global Weekend

Brazil opened at No. Elsewhere, Australia and Germany were also No. 2. 1 debuts as was the UK.
The movie has garnered a 90% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and was given an A- from CinemaScore as well as having positive feedback overseas, but this is a crowded summer around the world. The offshore and global H&S estimates through Sunday are coming in slightly under where we had them pre-opening, but close to the range we'd heard.
While the Fast & Furious movies are not a direct comp given their scale and recent Easter openings, Hobbs & Shaw has nevertheless exceeded the previous films in some South East Asian markets. More will be gleaned as the full weekend takes shape. The early numbers point to an offshore opening in line with pre-weekend projections at around $125M.
What makes this somewhat skewed is that none of those films featured major (non-robot) characters from their core pictures. Comping to spinoffs of major franchises, it’s estimated that if H&S’s international opening is $120.7M, it would be 3% off Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, 1% down on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, 130% above Bumblebee and 164% over Men In Black: International.
With no direct competition from new releases in the marketplace in the month of August, H&S is positioned for playability and perhaps a higher multiple than its recent stablemates which opened somewhat frontloaded during the Easter corridor.
In the Middle Kingdom, where the F&F series excels and where both Johnson and Statham have a strong foothold, there is not expected to be competition. The guys are both headed to China next week to pump up excitement. There are key markets to come including France, Korea and China during August.
Abroad, the film is skewing to young males who may show up tonight to increase the projection. The David Leitch-directed film looks poised for a $120.7M overseas opening weekend which would put the global launch at about $180.7M including domestic. These are early numbers which could have some upside. SATURDAY UPDATE: Universal’s Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw has now been unleashed in 63 offshore markets, clocking another $27.3M on Friday, and estimated to ramp up to $90M through today at the international box office.
There will be further key offshore rollouts through the month of August including Italy, France, Korea and China to come.
It is, however, on track for the 3rd best start of the series in like-for-like markets and at today’s exchange rates. As we noted in our global preview, the movie is not a direct comp to the Fast & Furious franchise and doesn’t inherently have the same draw of a massive multi-cultural cast fronted by the Dominic Toretto gang. The estimated Sunday final of $120.7M would be 2% ahead of F6, 42% below F7 and 43% under F8. Versus last year’s Mission: Impossible – Fallout, a decent comp given the summer date, recurring characters and amped-up action, H&S is revving higher in like-for-likes.
We’ll have a full weekend report tomorrow.
If the global estimates hold, H&S will be Universal’s 5th highest worldwide opening ever, behind F8, Jurassic World, F7 and Fifty Shades Of Grey. It would also be the biggest global bow of 2019 outside of Disney and Marvel. And, Johnson and Statham would also claim their best openers outside the main F&F movies.
We'll have international updates through the weekend.” />

1 with $1.5M, including the best opening day in the nascent Saudi Arabia market — ahead of Avengers: Endgame. Ukraine was also a No. In the Middle East the rev-up was No. 1 launch with a Universal record of $300K.
Vietnam previewed at No. 1 launch was the highest bow ever for the studio at $1.2M. In Indonesia, the No. 1 for a 2-day total of $1.1M and the biggest full day of sneaks ever (the film opens officially today).
And yet, Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham are expected to banter to No. 1s in 53 of the 63 debut markets. 1s in some of the big European markets. In the UK, TLK is expected to reign. South East Asia, as anticipated, is the strongest region for H&S and is close to the debuts of Fast & Furious 7 and The Fate Of The Furious, even beating them in some cases. H&S is currently behind holdover The Lion King in Mexico and Brazil, and running close for No.
1 bow is Universal's 2nd biggest summer opening day of all time behind Minions. The top start was Russia where the $2.2M No.
1s in the majority of debuts. PREVIOUS, FRIDAY: Universal spinoff Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw rocked up to the international box office in 54 markets combined across Wednesday and Thursday. With $24.9M, including select previews, the Dwayne Johnson/Jason Statham-starrer set a handful of benchmarks for a Universal movie in its various bows, and landed No.
Looking at Friday openings, H&S was led by India with $2.3M, followed by Mexico with $2.2M. Leading cumes through Friday are Russia’s $4M and the UK’s $3.7M.
Domestically, H&S got the motor running with $5.8M in its Thursday previews. Overseas, it will be in 63 markets through today, including Friday bows in Mexico and Japan.

Cat & Mouse: ‘The Lion King’s $963M WW Through Sunday Pushes Disney To Record $7.67B Global B.O.; 1st Studio To Pass $5B Overseas – International Box Office

The Top 5 overseas markets to date are China ($2.4.7M), Korea ($58M), UK ($38.2M), Mexico ($30.6M) and Japan ($26.4M).
1 ever release in Argentina, No. TS4 is the No. In Latin America, where Woody and the gang have really excelled, the region’s total is $190.2M. 2 in Mexico, Chile and Colombia and No. 3 in Bolivia.
5 with $2.6M amid strong competition. And, still to come are such biggies as France, Korea, Spain and Mexico. Germany had a good hold (-33%) in its 5th weekend for $14.4M to date; Netherlands and Belgium also posted increases well into their runs. Illumination/Universal’s sequel padded into Japan this weekend, landing No. Latin America saw strength this session: Argentina was up 32% and Brazil dipped by just 22%. The full weekend in 48 markets was worth $7.2M for an offshore cume of $178.3M and a global total of $332M, far off from its predecessor but profitable nonetheless.
This lifts the offshore cume to $611.9M and global to $962.7M. The Jon Favreau-directed film will become The Mouse’s 4th movie to pass $1B this year when it gets there early this week. The mighty roar continued at the international box office for Disney’s CGI/live-action remake of its animated classic with a $142.8M weekend in 53 material markets. 5 global release of 2019 (currently behind its own Aladdin and Sony/Marvel’s Spider-Man: Far From Home which is the only non-Dis title to the mark this year). It is already the No.
Behind China, the Top 5 is rounded out by the UK ($45.1M), Brazil ($42.1M), France ($40.1M) and Mexico ($37.1M).
Ma (UNI): $300K intl weekend (9 markets); $15.1M intl cume ($60.5M global)
Globally, Lion King has grossed $50M in IMAX. The gross there is $114.8M. Note that Japan and Italy are still to come for the Big Cat. 1 position due to local competition). Directed by Jon Favreau, The Lion King is still led by China (where it debuted early, but has not maintained the No.
Overseas, Disney has become the first studio to cross $5B in a single year with an estimated $5.09B to date. UPDATE, writethru: Disney’s The Lion King roared through its third weekend at the international box office, lapping up $142.8M from 53 offshore markets, and bringing the overseas total to $611.9M with worldwide at $962.7M through Sunday. In doing so, it also helped push Disney to a new all-time yearly global box office record of $7.67B, surpassing the studio’s previous record of $7.61B in 2016. These figures do not include Fox titles.
The Top 5 markets are: Mexico ($70.7M), UK ($64.9M), Japan ($51M); Brazil ($31.4M) and China ($29.1M).
In new China play, Enlight Pictures’ Ne Zha topped $100M in its debut, following strong previews and rising steadily throughout the weekend. It took in $7.7M from IMAX on 618 screens and is the format’s biggest animated opening and the best for July in the Middle Kingdom.
Rocketman (PAR): $491K intl weekend (28 markets); $89.7M intl cume ($184.63M)
In the meantime, breakdowns on the films above and more have been updated below. Next week, we'll be talking about Universal's Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw which starts offshore rollout on Wednesday.
Annabelle Comes Home (WB): $3.7M intl weekend (78 markets); $137.7M intl cume ($207.4M global)
There are still five months left in 2019. In 2018, the studio's full-year gross was $7.325B. When all is rolled up, with Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil, Frozen 2 and Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker still to come pre-2020, it's Disney's world. Disney gets to the records with the aid of three other movies that have topped $1B in 2019: Avengers: Endgame ($2.793B WW/$1.937B international), Captain Marvel ($1.128B/$701.4M) and last week’s crosser, Aladdin ($1.010B/$663.8M).
There’s still gas in that magic carpet as Disney’s Aladdin added $7.2M this international weekend from 33 material markets. Aladdin passed the $1B mark at the worldwide box office on Friday as it continues its surprising run, undaunted by critical reaction. The offshore total is now $663.8M for $1,009.7M global.
The estimated regional cume is now $123M with the movie already the highest grossing Disney-branded live-action release in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Central America, Trinidad, Uruguay and Paraguay. In Latin America, the dip was 39% and all holds were No. Argentina, at -16%, leads the drops, along with Peru (-21%), Brazil (-30%), Chile (-34%) and Colombia (-37%). 1.
The only hub where it is not still stalking the top of the charts is China, although the gross there is $114.8M to lead all offshore play. Two local titles have dominated the Middle Kingdom in what’s been a rough summer for homegrown fare there. TLK posted a 45% drop in like-for-like markets across the 3rd frame, suggesting we are not seeing frontloading.
After crossing the $1B mark at the worldwide box office earlier this week, Sony/Marvel’s Spidey sequel caught another $21M in its web in 67 markets during the 5th offshore frame. The international total is now $692.4M for $1.03B global. The Jon Watts/Tom Holland reteam is the biggest of the franchise both overseas and globally, and is Sony’s 2nd biggest worldwide release ever with leader Skyfall in its sights.
Crawl (PAR): $3.4M intl weekend (30 markets); $14.4M intl cume ($45.9M global)
Still to come are Japan and Italy in August.
Avengers: Endgame (DIS): $200K intl weekend (15 markets); $1,936.6M intl cume ($2.793B global)” />
The Hustle (UNI): $1.4M intl weekend (15 markets); $59.5M intl cume ($94.9M global)
1 in nearly all of its markets abroad, is now the No. A 45% dip from such a strong debut last weekend suggests the movie is not frontloaded. It will get to the $1B mark early this week, and should soon be joined by Toy Story 4 which is at $917.9M global through Sunday after a slight 28% drop overseas and with some markets increasing from the previous session. 5 release of the year globally. Coming off the current frame, The Lion King, which held No.
That’s notable in France where the fourquel went up 8% while Portugal (+12%) and Belgium (+9%) also saw increases. In Europe, the dip was a slight 8% despite a new heatwave. In the latter, the movie is now the 3rd biggest animated title ever. The Netherlands was even with last weekend, Spain dipped 3%, Italy 7% and the UK just 14%. There were no new openings this session for Forky with a drop of just 28% overseas.
Elsewhere, Sony/Marvel’s Spider-Man: Far From Home, which also crossed $1B worldwide this week, added $21M in the overseas frame to bring its international cume brushing up against $700M and the global total to $1.03B.
Despite all the competition in overseas markets, Jasmine, Ali and the Blue Genie saw a minimal 23% drop versus last weekend. There were also three markets that rode higher than the previous session: Belgium (+6%), France (+3%) and Spain (+1%).
Yesterday (UNI): $3.6M intl weekend (34 markets); $46.3M intl cume ($109.6M global)
Behind those two, the Top 5 is rounded out by China ($53.3M), UK ($45.5M) and Mexico ($32.5M).
The film will soon pass Shrek globally to become the No. 11 animated release ever, and Pixar’s 5th outing within the group. That lifts its international playdate to $522.3M for $917.9M worldwide. In what’s likely to be Disney’s next $1B global grosser after The Lion King gets there in the next few days, Pixar’s TS4 picked up another $19.4M in 40 material markets this session.
The Dead Don’t Die (UNI): $300K intl weekend (12 markets); $6.7M intl cume ($13.3M global)
Hong Kong just opened, with $2M, to pace above both The Jungle Book and Aladdin. Outside China, TLK remained the top draw in all markets. Strong holds included Malaysia (-33%), Singapore (-35%), Vietnam (-42%) and Australia (-45%). In Asia Pacific, the cume is now an estimated $236M.
1 release. Europe as a region dropped by just 41% and The Lion King remained as the No. It’s Disney’s world in Europe where the studio has the Top 4 movies of the year. Also, in the Netherlands, TLK has become the fastest movie ever to reach 1M admissions. The estimated regional cume is now $252M, making The Lion King the 2nd biggest release of 2019. Strong holds included Switzerland (+10%), Portugal (-16%), Spain (-27%), Israel (-29%), France (-32%), Netherlands (-32%), Germany (-39%) and UK (-41%).
Elsewhere, Japan continues to excel, now at $101.3M to date while Korea has rubbed the lamp to $84.6M, becoming the No. 11 release of all time in the market, including local titles.

Cat’s Meow: ‘The Lion King’ Rises To $531M Global In 10 Days; ‘Aladdin’ & ‘Spider-Man’ Each Near $1B WW – International Box Office

There were no new openings while holds were led by France. New Line/Warner Bros’ summer counterprogrammer scared up another $7.4M this weekend in 78 markets. The full international cume to date is $129.6M for $196.2M worldwide, putting $200M in the doll’s crosshairs.
The Dead Don’t Die (UNI): $300K intl weekend (12 markets); $6.3M intl cume ($12.9M global)
Across Latin America, the big cat grabbed $57M. All material markets bowed ahead of Beauty And The Beast, The Jungle Book and Aladdin. This includes being the 5th biggest industry opening weekend of all time in the region; the 2nd best ever in Brazil ($17.9M); and the 4th in Mexico ($18.7M).
(IMAX also had a great weekend in Japan with Toho’s Weathering With You which opened to $1.3M on 30 screens for the best local bow in the format ever.) Thirty-six percent of Lion King’s $531M worldwide gross to date has come from 3D. In IMAX, the movie scored the best global opening ever for a Disney-branded title with $25.2M, over 26% bigger than Beauty And The Beast and The Jungle Book.

In non-Disney, non-superhero news, Illumination/Universal’s The Secret Life Of Pets 2 barked across the $300M worldwide threshold while Uni’s Yesterday is approaching $100M. New Line/Warner Bros’ Annabelle Comes Home is now just shy of $200M.
Added to domestic, which is likely to increase, the global total through Sunday is $531M, per Disney. In all 52 overseas markets so far released, TLK has $346M. Disney's CGI/live-action adaptation of its classic animated property took pride of place at the international (and global) box office this weekend, lapping up another $269.4M to add to its earlier play in China. Lifetime projections for offshore currently are coming in at least above $900M.
Japan leads all markets with $96.7M so far. The current weekend was down just 33%. Korea is next in the Top 5 which is rounded out by China ($53.3M), UK ($45.1M) and Mexico ($32.5M).
Yesterday (UNI): $4.3M intl weekend (39 markets); $40.6M intl cume ($98.2M global)
Across 94% of the international footprint, TS4 has grossed $483.9M after adding $25.8M in the current session overseas for a 48% drop. The Disney/Pixar fourquel has become the 7th Pixar title to cross $800M worldwide, now with $859.4M.
Ma (UNI): $100K intl weekend (9 markets); $14.8M intl cume ($60.2M global)” />
Germany is still to release in August. The current Top 5 is led by Mexico ($69.3M), UK ($59.6M), Japan ($36.8M), Brazil ($29.6M) and China ($29.1M).
Notable holds this frame, despite the arrival of stablemate The Lion King, include the UK (-32%), Chile (-36%), France (-40%), Netherlands (-46%) and Israel (-48%).
The launch is above The Jungle Book and Aladdin in all material markets, and above Beauty And The Beast in nearly all. Looking at international debuts, Simba and pals were tops everywhere and landed within the Top 5 industry opening weekends ever in several hubs, including Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and the entire Latin America region.
3 film of 2019 in the UK. Forky and the gang are now stars of the biggest ever Disney Animation/Pixar release in the Middle East and the No.
Highlights include the biggest industry opening of all time in the Netherlands ($6M); the 2nd biggest industry opening weekend ever in Russia ($16.7M); and the top launch for a Disney-branded live-action movie in Bosnia, Croatia, France, Norway, and Poland. France is especially strong on the movie with $19.6M to date. Looking elsewhere, TLK did $122M in its opening European weekend.
This is one of the key markets where The Lion King did not bow this frame. Italy, in its second session, held the No. Notably this session, and despite the competition in the market, FFH topped $200M in China with $201.1M after four weekends. 1 spot with $1.7M for a $9.6M cume to date.
7 movie of the year worldwide. Factoring in China’s $98M so far, The Lion King is already the No. The global launch tally this frame (ie, outside China) was $433M, the 9th biggest of all time.
Avengers: Endgame (DIS): $300K intl weekend (24 markets); $1.936B intl cume ($2,790.2M global)
Still to come on The Lion King, which looks to have sturdy legs over the next few weeks, are Hong Kong, Japan and Italy.
Crawl (PAR): $2.7M intl weekend (21 markets); $9.9M intl cume ($33.7M global)
The surprising magic carpet ride added $9.2M in 43 material markets this session to lift its offshore cume to $648.8M. Now with $988.8M globally, wishes for $1B will come true in short order. After nine weekends, Disney’s Aladdin is still shining that lamp.
4 western release ever, behind Avatar, Endgame and Infinity War. In Korea, the Will Smith-starrer has passed Avengers: Age Of Ultron to become the No. Speaking of Aladdin, the surprise juggernaut is zooming to the $1B worldwide mark having now grossed $989M after a 40% offshore drop this session.
The adaptation of the classic animation debuted in 51 new hubs, which joined China after its early bow last week. 1 movie in all of its opening markets this weekend, adding $269.4M at the international box office. Through 10 days, the Jon Favreau-helmed film has grossed $346M overseas for $531M worldwide when including domestic where it set a new July record. UPDATE, writethru: With a mighty roar, Disney’s The Lion King was the No.
In related Avengers news, Sony/Marvel's Spider-Man: Far From Home sprang to another $37.2M in 67 markets, lifting the offshore cume to $651.1M (now including over $200M from China) and swinging global to $970.7M on its way to $1B.
Rocketman (PAR): $605K intl weekend (31 markets); $88.6M intl cume ($182.6M global)
The Will Smith-starrer has also topped Captain Marvel in the EMEA to become the No. 2 highest-grossing film of the year.
In the meantime, breakdowns on this weekend's titles above and more have been updated below. Next weekend internationally is essentially a holdover play as Lion King continues to roam and the other major titles seek out new milestones while China looks primed to embrace local title Ne Zha. This is all in advance of the following week's Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw which begins offshore rollout on July 31 (China goes August 23).
The film had the 5th biggest industry opening weekend of all time in Australia ($17.1M); and the top start ever for a Disney-branded live-action movie in Korea ($17.7M). In Asia-Pacific, The Lion King groomed itself to $90M.
Any concerns this weekend about lukewarm critical response on Lion King started flying out the window as Simba got going mid-week last week. Pre-weekend industry projections for the new hubs — ie excluding the China holdover — were dusted and we quickly saw that the international total would be above $300M through today. Aladdin, like Lion King, faced tough reaction from the Rotten Tomatoes crowd, and has flown in the face of a soft score.
Still to come are Japan, Hong Kong and Italy and it looks safe to project at least a $900M+ finish on Lion King overseas. There is clear play ahead — although not in China where local animated title Ne Zha has folks buzzing for the coming frame, and after another local title, Looking Up, dominated the current weekend. But overall, reactions from offshore have been strongly positive with good social chatter and momentum ahead.
The Hustle (UNI): $1.1M intl weekend (17 UNI markets); $56.8M intl cume ($92.2M global)
The full overseas run so far is $167M for $318.6M global and with Japan, Korea, France, Spain and Mexico still on deck. China has grossed $21M to date, with Germany at $13M and Australia at $12.3M among the top continuing hubs. There were no new openings this session and most markets are in the 4th and 5th frames. Illumination/Universal’s sequel crossed the $300M worldwide mark this week, and added $6.7M internationally over the weekend in 53 markets.
That lifts the international web to $651.1M and global to $970.7M through Sunday, making this the biggest of all the Spider-Man movies worldwide. Looking to lasso $1B worldwide potentially this week, Sony/Marvel’s Spidey sequel snared another $37.2M from 67 markets offshore this weekend.
China, where a local movie (Looking Up) came into the frame, is the only hub where TLK was not No. There is competition ahead from another local pic, Ne Zha, which has great social scores and has already been in previews. Opening at No. 1 in all new markets, the Jon Favreau-directed tale performed strongly everywhere, particularly Europe and Latin America. It will likely get to around $130M or so when all is said and done. It did another $21M for the Middle Kingdom three-day and has put a paw print on $98M so far. 1 this weekend.
In total, Disney had a banner weekend with Toy Story 4 topping $800M global and Avengers: Endgame passing Avatar as the highest-grossing film of all time worldwide. The cume through Sunday on Endgame is $1.936B internationally and $2,790.2M global, still with some offshore markets to rerelease.
Behind China, the Top 5 FFH markets are rounded out by Korea ($55.4M), UK ($34.1M), Mexico ($28.7M) and Japan ($24.8M).
Japan will be the last major market to release, on September 20. The Top 5 markets so far are Mexico ($15.8M), Indonesia ($9M), Brazil ($6.6M), Russia ($5.5M) and UK ($5M).
The spectacular run continues in Korea where the weekend-to-weekend drop was just 19% and saw the film pass Avengers: Age Of Ultron to become the No. 4 western release ever. It is behind only Avatar, Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Infinity War with $79.5M to date.

‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Snares $580M Global In First 10 Days, Nears $400M Offshore – International Box Office

France’s Wednesday debut of $2.5M ($3.7M cume through Thursday) is 37% over Homecoming and Germany’s $1M Thursday ($1.7M cume including previews) is 27% ahead of the previous picture.
The cume through Thursday is $2.1M. Taiwan notably debuted on Wednesday to $1.25M, 41% over Homecoming and scoring the second highest total for a standalone superhero.
Through Thursday, China leads all play at $136.8M. The film will surpass Captain Marvel this weekend in the Middle Kingdom, although it is facing competition from local opener The White Storm 2. Not included is the Friday estimate which lifts the local cume to $144.7M. That's the first local title to gain any traction in what has been a dismal few weeks for Chinese movies as at least three potential hits were abruptly pulled from schedules.
1 position for the weekend. In China, the arrival of a new local film (and there haven’t been many of those this summer) was a draw for audiences and screens, putting The White Storm 2 in the No. The current cume in the Middle Kingdom is $167.4M which makes FFH the No. However, vacations start tomorrow and Spidey should have good pull during the week before The Lion Kings strides in on Friday. 2 superhero movie of the year.
Meanwhile, Disney/Pixar's Toy Story 4 is now the highest grossing animated movie ever in Latin America, notably overtaking Coco in Mexico with a massive $60.1M. The global total is currently $921.7M with $600.9M from international. Disney's Aladdin saw big increases in some markets this frame, after it passed $900M on Friday worldwide. Japan and Germany have not opened yet. The global cume after a $43.1M 3rd overseas weekend is now $650M including $343.4M abroad.
Men In Black: International (SNY): $3.7M intl weekend (65 markets); $172.5M intl cume ($244.5M global)

The Top 5 markets after China are rounded out by Korea ($33.8M), UK ($17.8M), Mexico ($13.9M) and Australia ($11.9M).
This was the 3rd weekend outing for the toys, and they added $43.1M in 45 material markets for an international cume of $343.4M. Worldwide, the fourquel is at $650M.
Notable holds elsewhere included Uruguay (+149%), Netherlands (+4%), Israel (-16%), Australia (-17%), Belgium (-17%), Brazil (-27%), France (-35%) and Spain (-37%).
The Top 5 through yesterday is rounded out by Japan ($12.9M), Korea ($12M — Korea's Friday estimate brings it up to $16.8M), the UK ($7.2M) and Hong Kong ($6.6M).
The overseas cume is now $84.6M, and the worldwide total is $134.8M. In 69 offshore markets, New Line/Warner Bros’ doll took in an additional $20.4M across the sophomore session.  
Behind Endgame, FFH is now the 2nd biggest studio movie of 2019 in the Middle Kingdom. In China, FFH now counts $167.4M after a roughly 69% drop from opening as new local title, The White Storm 2: Drug Lords, came out to play in the top spot.
Given the percentage increases on FFH versus 2017’s Homecoming (+46%) and this year's Captain Marvel (+15%), the film also looks like it played more broadly and got extra overlap business from Avengers fans than it might have otherwise — particularly since this is the first Marvel title to release post Endgame.
The To 5 markets are now Japan ($79.2M), Korea ($66.9M), China ($53.3M), UK ($43.8) and Mexico ($32.3M).
The international box office cume is now $395M. Spider-Man fans swung up to multiplexes in 66 offshore markets to see Far From Home this session, pulling a tidy $238M into Sony’s web.
Spider-Man will shed screens when Simba gets to the Middle Kingdom, but has another clear-runway frame ahead elsewhere. Next weekend, Disney's The Lion King takes pride of place in China, bowing there July 12 ahead of most of the rest of international (and domestic) the following session.
In Latin America, Mexico and Brazil snared the best July opening days ever with $3M (+30% on SMH) and $2.2M (+21%) respectively.
The offshore cume to date is now $20.1M for $57M global. Seven new markets opened on Universal and Danny Boyle’s music fantasy this weekend, adding $7.9M across a total 35.
There are still several major markets on deck including Germany, China, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Korea, Italy and Japan.
The strength of Toy Story 4 (and the Copa America match) in Latin America somewhat dampened Spidey’s trip there, but Mexico toppled Sony’s all-time record for biggest opening with $13.9M, and Spain had a good start with what should continue to be strong weekday play.
The offshore total is now $121.7M for $262.5M global. The full international weekend was $22.4M in 54 markets.

Avengers: Endgame (DIS): $1.3M intl weekend (40 markets); $1,924.6M intl cume ($2,772.5M global)

 Behind China, the Top 5 markets are made up of Korea ($33.8M), UK ($17.8M), Mexico ($13.9M) and Australia ($11.9M).
Offshore this weekend, FFH took $14.1M from 1,017 screens. This is also Sony's best IMAX start. In IMAX, FFH snared $29.1M globally in the frame to become the format's best July bow ever (not including last weekend's already record-breaking openings in China, Japan and Hong Kong). The IMAX cume through Sunday is $14.1M international and $44M worldwide. Records were set for the Spider-Man franchise in a number of markets including Mexico, India, Korea, Malaysia, Belgium, Israel and Denmark.
2 this session behind Spidey. In the UK, TS4 is the 3rd biggest movie of the year at $44.8M and held No.
Russia launched to $2.8M, 30% ahead of SMH; the UAE topped it by 33% with $1.1M on opening day.
After getting off to a great early start in China last weekend (as well as Japan and Hong Kong), phase 2 of international rollout began on Monday in Australia and carried on through to Spain which bowed on Friday. The launch outside of the three original markets came in higher than pre-opening projections, as European vacation Spidey played well throughout.
John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (LGF): $1.8M intl weekend (69 markets); $146M intl cume ($311.3M global)
The Middle East bowed to $7.8M total, led by UAE with $3.1M.
Well-reviewed, sporting an Avengers: Endgame halo and swinging in after a series of recent underperformers, FFH shattered Sony’s all-time opening records in 35 markets including Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, India, Indonesia, Taiwan and Vietnam.
The Douban score on the sequel is a 7.1 with Maoyan at a good 9, but Hollywood animation rarely over-indexes in the Middle Kingdom. Illumination/Universal’s Pets 2 opened in China this weekend, landing in the wake of Spider-Man and local pic The White Storm 2 with $11M from 21,310 theaters.

Breakdowns on this week's films above and more have been updated below.
Rocketman (PAR): $1.5M intl weekend (44 markets); $84.7M intl cume ($174M global)
The Top 5 markets to date, before Japan and Germany even get a look-in, are Mexico ($60.1M), UK ($44.8M), China ($27.6M), Brazil ($22M) and Korea ($20.4M).
France bowed to $1.33M at 398 locations and in 4th place while Spain opened at No. 3 with $1M from 373 locations and tracking above Baby Driver and Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.
1 animated title of all time. Folks are feeling the love for Forky, particularly in Latin America where Disney/Pixar’s TS4 has become the biggest animated movie ever for the region. There are long weekend holidays ahead in Brazil and Argentina which will keep the midweek robust. In Mexico, it has grossed $60.1M, topping previous champ Coco to be the No.
France, which benefitted from one day of the annual Fête du Cinéma promotion, was the best starter at $8.3M for the 3rd biggest opening of the year. 1s for a regional total of $48.2M, which is 45% ahead of Homecoming. Germany, which doesn’t typically lean into younger skewing capes & spandex pics made $5.5M and Spain grabbed $4.8M.     Western Europe hubs were all No.

As we’ve seen recently, there were weekend increases in some markets. This time around they include Denmark (+64%), Sweden (+34%), Germany (+11%) and Netherlands (+11%) while small drops were see in Belgium (-9%), Japan (-21%), Australia (-28%), Hong Kong (-29%), Spain (-33%), Korea (-36%) and France (-38%)
Italy is the final market to join the adventure and gets swingin’ this coming Wednesday.
Spain releases today while Italy goes July 10.” />
The former had a strong No. Hong Kong grossed $792K on 55 screens to land No. In Germany, Annabelle did $1.4M on 395 screens to rank No. 1 with $1.6M on 420 screens to surpass all other Conjuring titles save The Nun. 3 and about on par with Annabelle: Creation. 2 and roughly even with The Nun. Openings included in Italy, Germany and Hong Kong.
The current weekend was worth $238M from all overseas markets combined. The full global cume through today is estimated at $580M including $395M at the international box office. SUNDAY UPDATE, writethru After rolling out in China, Japan and Hong Kong last weekend and then adding most of the world throughout this week, Sony/Marvel's Spider-Man: Far From Home continues to spread the arachnomania.
In the like-for-likes and at today's exchange rates, the webslinger is running 15% ahead of his fellow Avenger, Captain Marvel, and 46% over his previous solo outing, Spider-Man: Homecoming. The reteam for director Jon Watts and star Tom Holland is now playing in 66 offshore hubs and was No. 1 this weekend in 63 of those.
Along with this week's firecracker domestic debut, the global running total is now $310M, getting there in just seven days and as the film is on its way to around $575M worldwide through Sunday. PREVIOUS, FRIDAY: As its trajectory continues to swing higher, Sony/Marvel’s Spider-Man: Far From Home has grossed $218.5M from the international box office through Thursday.
More markets are on deck with France, the UK and Spain this week and Japan in September.
Regionally, FFH made $78.7M in Asia with all new openings landing at No. Other notable starts include: India ($7.9M), Taiwan ($6.2M), Philippines ($5.7M) and Malaysia ($4.9M). This was a franchise record in the region where Indonesia kicked off to $9.6M, making it the 4th biggest bow ever. 1.
The UK in its sophomore session dropped by just 25% to lift the cume to $7M. Holds in Australia (-30%) and the Netherlands (+9%) were also great with respective cubes of $5M and $965K.
There are still five majors to come throughout the summer. Russia leads all play at $23.8M followed by the UK with $23M. Holds on the thriftily-budgeted follow-up this session were good in places like Germany (-27%/$5.8M cume), Australia (-20%/$7.8M cume) and more.
Despite some concerns going into Korea in the wake of Homecoming’s overperformance there, the FFH launch was terrific with the 4th biggest ever for a Hollywood movie at $33.8M.

Seven weekends in and Aladdin is still granting wishes. The Will Smith-starrer had on Friday crossed the nine-century mark. With another $16.2M in 55 material markets this session, the surprise of the summer has cumed $600.9M internationally and $921.7M global.
As it enters the second frame, each of those remain in the Top 5 grossing hubs so far, while Korea, the UK, France, Russia, Germany, Mexico and Brazil, among others, have come into the web during the week. The Jon Watts-directed sequel got going early in China, Japan and Hong Kong last weekend. Tracking is significantly above Spider-Man: Homecoming.
The former now has $17.3M in the backpack and the latter $8.7M. Holds in Japan (-44%) and Hong Kong (-38%) were good.  
Mexico leads all play with $12.1M after two frames, followed by Indonesia ($8M), India ($4.3M), Brazil ($4.2M) and Russia ($3.4M).
As mentioned above, FFH broke Sony’s all-time opening records in 35 markets. They are: Argentina, Bahrain, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Central America, Chile, Colombia, Djibouti, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Israel, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Oman, Pakistan, Paraguay, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, and Vietnam.
India opened to $1.8M which is the top launch day for a non-holiday Thursday and 33% ahead of Homecoming.
In the mid-week, South East Asia opened 46% ahead of Spider-Man: Homecoming with Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand making $5.2M in their debuts. The cume across those markets is $9.2M through Thursday.
Also notable, 4DX has done 1.3M admissions and $15.6M in box office gross at 644 locations in 64 markets since opening.

‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Takes Off With $111M Overseas; ‘Toy Story 4’ Nears $500M WW – International Box Office

The overall drop was just 30%. Through the 6th weekend of play, Disney's Aladdin has now grossed $568.3M internationally and $874.2M globally. The surprise of the summer so far, the Will Smith-starrer filled its lamp with another $24.5M this session in 55 material offshore markets.
In its sophomore session, Disney/Pixar’s fourquel packed another $80.6M into the toy chest, bringing the offshore cume to $259.6M and global to $496.5M after just 11 days. Nevertheless, Forky was top toy in each. This weekend added 7 international markets including some of those hit hardest by the heatwave.
A Dog’s Journey (UNI): $1.3M intl weekend (6 markets); $10.1M intl cume ($42.9M including non-Uni markets/$66.2M global)
In the Netherlands, which has been suffering from the heatwave, the film was No. 3 with $419K from 149 locations, also tracking above La La Land and Curtis’ About Time.
China was robust at $98M for the No. 4 all-time superhero bow behind Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Infinity War, and Sony/Marvel’s Venom. Currently, FFH is above Homecoming by 46% and Captain Marvel by 17% in the market where the webbed wonder excels. Social scores are strong in the Middle Kingdom and next weekend sees little in the way of competition with local movie The Eight Hundred off the release schedule.
Danny Boyle’s Beatles-inspired fantasy opened in 30 overseas markets this session, grossing $7.7M for a global debut of $24.7M. On a like-for-like basis, the start is in line with Me Before You and above The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (+18%), The Intern (+31%) and About Time (+67%).
Lionsgate’s super-assassin crossed the three-century mark at the global box office this weekend, now clocking $306.3M through Sunday. The offshore weekend in 77 markets this frame was $6.6M including a strong start in Korea that bested John Wick 2’s lifetime by 251%. The Top 5 markets to date are the UK ($13.2M), Germany ($10.9M), Australia ($10.7M), Russia ($7.5M) and Mexico ($7.3M). The current split is $161.3M domestic and $142.3M at the international box office.
The opening result is slightly higher than what the industry was seeing pre-weekend, which then increased as the markets saw strong play-through. UPDATE, writethru: Sony/Marvel’s Spider-Man: Far From Home came swinging into China, Japan and Hong Kong this weekend to nab an early $111M at the international box office. The launch sets the webslinger 45% over Spider-Man: Homecoming and 21% above Captain Marvel in the like-for-likes.
There was some early concern that Homecoming had less resonance with local audiences because the U.S. high school experience doesn’t fully translate, but Far From Home is bucking that. The Middle Kingdom final was $116.3M (unadjusted) and Far From Home will well exceed that. Homecoming debuted in China in 2017, about two months after the majority of the world, and made $67M in its first weekend at today’s rates.
1s in 22 of the debuts while there are still 17 markets to come in the next weeks. The Warner Bros/New Line doll landed No. Including the domestic debut, the global launch is $76.2M. Gary Dauberman’s feature directorial debut sent shivers to 63 overseas markets this weekend, collecting $45M on about 15,520 screens.
2 with $6.9M on 2,660 screens for 6% over Annabelle. 1 debut of $5M on 1,095 screens to best all Conjuring titles save The Nun. India follows with $2.6M on $1,650 screens to more than double Annabelle. Russia came in at a No. 1 bow of $2.2M from 480 screens and on par with Creation. Rounding out the Top 5 is Malaysia and a No. Indonesia scored a No. Mexico was the top launch this weekend at No. 1 start of $2.5M on 1,880 to beat all Conjuring pics outside Nun.
Italy is still on deck July 25 and the news is much rosier for Sony in the coming weeks with Spider-Man: Far From Home. The offshore cume is now $154M and the global total through three frames is $219M. Men In Black: International saw a 62% drop this session, adding $11.5M.
Avengers: Endgame (DIS): $2.3M intl weekend (40 markets); $1.92B intl cume ($2.76B global)
While a heatwave gripped France and other parts of Europe this weekend, TS4’s regional drop was 37%. In its sophomore frame, Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 4 added $80.6M from overseas for a $259.6M cume in 45 material markets repping 76% of the offshore footprint. The global cume, after just 11 days, is closing in on $500M and with several majors still to release.
The Dead Don’t Die (UNI): $300K intl weekend (9 markets); $4.4M intl cume ($10.3M global)” />
The Hustle (UNI): $1.8M intl weekend (24 markets); $40.6M intl cume ($50.2M including non-Uni markets/$85.4M global)
Australia was the next best bow with $2.52M at No. 2 and from 276 sites. This is the biggest opening for Boyle and tracking in line with Bridget Jones’s Baby and above La La Land.
The top holdover hub was Australia with a 28% drop in the sophomore frame for a $5.5M cume to date. Russia continues to lead all play with $23.3M so far, followed by the UK at $22.6M.
1 spot in the latter while overall, the international drop was just 30%. Japan ($66.6M) and Korea ($60.2M) have been major standouts on the Will Smith-starrer. This weekend it reclaimed the No. Also from Disney, Aladdin’s surprising performance continues with a cume now of $568.3M overseas and $874.M globally.
In milestones, Lionsgate's John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum shot past $300M worldwide with a strong start in Korea that came in 251% above the lifetime of John Wick: Chapter 2.
The fact that the movie will land in Europe when the weather has returned to regular summer temperatures after a stifling heatwave, is also a bonus. The Hong Kong bow offers a taste of how South East Asia is expected to respond when Spidey gets there later this week, and the current percentage increases over Homecoming and Captain Marvel are encouraging. There’s joy on the Culver City lot today as the early dates rep a strong start for Far From Home, which picks up after the events of Endgame.
Currently, FFH is above Homecoming by 46% and Captain Marvel by 17%. 4 all-time superhero launch behind Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Infinity War, and Sony/Marvel’s Venom. The three-day China debut this weekend was $98M for the 7th best studio bow and the No. This is Sony’s 2nd best start ever in the market.
Signs point to Far From Home being in the $500M neighborhood through next Sunday when it will have the benefit of all other global markets save Italy which releases July 10.
Annabelle: Creation is the highest grossing in the scary doll series overseas with $204.4M unadjusted while The Nun leads the overall Conjuring universe at $248M. So far, Annabelle Comes Home is running above the original Annabelle by 6% and over the original The Conjuring by 55%.
Australia goes tomorrow followed by a week-long rollout pattern that includes domestic. The Jon Watts-directed Far From Home is primed for release throughout the rest of the world in the next frame. There is every possibility that FFH is in the $500M global neighborhood through next Sunday.
Dark Phoenix (DIS/FOX): $3.4M intl weekend (43 markets); $181.1M intl cume ($244.7M global)
In Hong Kong, the film earned $300K from 5 screens, also a franchise and Sony best. In Japan FFH snared $1.1M from 31 screens for the top franchise opening, Sony’s best and the all-time 5th best for the format.
The $10.8M from 620 China screens set a new record for the franchise and for Sony as well as being the 4th best bow in the MCU. In IMAX, FFH grossed $12.3M across the three debut markets.
Godzilla: King Of The Monsters (WB): $2.4M intl weekend (73 markets); $270.4M intl cume ($376.9M global)
The Top 5 are Japan ($66.6M), Korea ($60.2M), China ($53.3M), UK ($42.8M) and Mexico ($32.1M).
The film fared well versus its comps in Europe, though all play was affected this weekend by the sky-high mercury. Korea, where Curtis’ movies over-index, will be one to keep an eye on in September. There are many markets still on deck for the counterprogrammer to summer’s mega-tentpoles. They include France, Spain, Germany, China, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Korea, Italy and Japan.
Rocketman (PAR): $2.6M intl weekend (47 markets); $81.4M intl cume ($165.6M global)
It maintained the No. 1 spot across the region. Latin America, which saw a huge opening last frame dropped by 46% in the current session.
Danny Boyle’s Beatles-inspired fantasy music romance Yesterday opened in 30 overseas markets this session, grossing $7.7M for a global debut of $24.7M. On a like-for-like basis, the Universal/Working Title pic is in line with Me Before You and above The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (+18%), The Intern (+31%) and About Time (+67%).
The overseas cume is now $91.8M for $223M worldwide. 1 from 720 locations and tracking in line with Coco. 1 from 239 sites to track above Coco and Despicable Me 2. Poland (amid heatwave temperatures) grossed $1.29M at No. As the long rollout continues on Illunimation/Universal’s sequel, 11 new markets joined the menagerie this weekend for an additional $11.8M. Brazil, where competition is fierce, bowed to No. Among the new hubs Germany was tops with $2.2M for No. 3 with $1.83M at 676, also in line with Coco.
Beyond that, Disney's The Lion King is poised to roar into China early on July 12, one week ahead of domestic and other international markets. The next frame will be dominated by Far From Home, with ongoing rollout throughout the week.
Scriped by Richard Curtis and starring Himesh Patel and Lily James, the Universal/Working Title music romance was No. 2 in the UK where Toy Story 4 is dominating. The film bowed to $2.8M at 642 locations to land Boyle’s 3rd best start ever and track in line with Marigold Hotel and James-starrer Baby Driver. The actors and Boyle recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show while a London premiere was held the same week that European exhibitors got a sneak of the movie at CineEurope.
Holland, Watts and Jake Gyllenhaal also visited Beijing pre-bow and were sporting in their promotional efforts. That this is also the first MCU title after Endgame in the Marvel-loving market is also a clear factor. Working in Far From Home’s favor, beyond the built-in Middle Kingdom love there is for the character, are the social scores and word of mouth, as well as the fact that Better Days, a local movie that was expected to have great potential, was pulled off its June 28 date at the last minute last week.
China was nevertheless the biggest overseas market on Homecoming as well as the previous two Spider-Man movies. Zendaya, Samuel L Jackson, Jon Favreau, Marisa Tomei, Jacob Batalon and Cobie Smulders also star. It is also the top MCU hub with Endgame having taken in a staggering $629M there to become the highest-grossing import ever. Far From Home picks up following the events of Endgame as Spidey must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever.
Disney/Marvel's Avengers: Endgame is now at $1.92B internationally for a global total of $2.76B which includes this weekend's Bring Back event at domestic and select offshore cinemas.
In the meantime, breakdowns on the films above and more have been updated below.
In France, the No. 1 start was $7M for the5th best Pixar start and the best of the TS franchise. Russia and Spain dipped 26% each and the UK saw a 46% drop from a record-setting debut. Overall, Europe dipped 37% from opening.
Japan, Korea, France, Spain and Mexico are still to come in July and August. The coming weekend adds China (the first Pets did about $58M — unadjusted — in its full run there in 2016) as well as some Euro and Latin American markets.
Still on deck for Toy Story 4, which should continue to see good holds over the next few weeks, are Japan in July and Germany in August.
Currently, the Top 5 markets are Mexico ($49.5M), UK ($33M), China ($24.3M), Korea ($16.7M) and Brazil ($15.9M).
Along with China, Japan took in an amazing $9.4M, making it the 2nd biggest superhero movie launch in the last decade behind only Endgame. There is another week of clear play ahead in Japan. Hong Kong kicked off its run with a 3-day total of $3.8M, which represents the 5th biggest FSS opening of all time, the best-ever for a standalone superhero film, and the best-ever for Sony.
Asia Pacific fell by 38% with strong holds in Philippines (-15%), Australia (-19%), Taiwan (-21%), Malaysia (-22%), Korea (-29%), Indonesia (-34%), Vietnam (-42%) and Thailand (-48%).
1 spot from stablemate Toy Story 4 there and has now grossed over $60M. In Europe, there were increases and soft drops in some markets including Finland (+106%), France (-9%), Israel (-20%), Spain (-28%), Russia (-31%) and UK (-49%). Japan also saw a light slip (-14%) and is nearing $67M. Latin America’s regional gross is $86M. Asia overall dipped by 18% with Korea unable to get enough of the genie. Aladdin retook the No.
But first numbers out of the Middle Kingdom on Friday, along with strong social scores, propelled the webbed wonder to a promising debut that is 45% above Spider-Man: Homecoming and 21% over Captain Marvel, the standalone superhero movie that acts as the other bookend to Avengers: Endgame. Spider-Mania kicked off this weekend in three early markets with China, Japan and Hong Kong grossing $111M on 33,900+ screens. The start for the Sony/Marvel pic is above where the industry had it ahead of the weekend in what has been a challenging time at the box office, particularly in China.
In Asia, the opening weekend is tracking on par with The Conjuring 2, 31% over Annabelle and 80% over the original Conjuring. And, in Europe/Middle East/Africa, the homecoming is about on par with Annabelle: Creation and above the other comps. In Latin America, it’s boasting the best opening of a horror title this year.
Globally, the start is $76.2M. 1s in 22. In other new play this session, Warner Bros/New Line's Annabelle Comes Home scared up $45M from 63 markets including No. The latest in the doll series is tracking ahead of Annabelle (+6%) and The Conjuring (+55%) in like-for-likes.
In Hong Kong, European vacation Spider-Man flew in with the 5th biggest FSS opening of all time and the best ever for a standalone superhero movie as well as Sony’s top launch ever. Japan is also a big hub for the character and welcomed the Tom Holland follow-up with the 2nd best superhero debut of the last decade (behind Endgame).
Further market totals to date include Vietnam ($1.9M), Brazil ($1.8M), Thailand ($1.6M), Taiwan ($1.5M), Colombia ($1.4M) and Australia ($1.4M). Italy and Germany are next to bow in the coming frame.

‘Men In Black: International’ Zaps $74M Overseas; ‘Aladdin’ Tops $700M WW – International Box Office

Overall holds in Europe are solid. Russia has grossed $20.4M. The UK is still the lead market with $21M after a 31% drop in weekend 4 and with Aladdin still providing stiff competition.
1 with $3.5M and 15% bigger than X-Men: Apocalypse, so there's that. Indonesia opened to No. Dropping 74% in like-for-like markets this session, the flameout X-Men title added $24.2M overseas for a $152.5M cume. Globally, the Disney/Fox movie is at $204.3M.
1, grossing $1.8M. Latin America chimed in with $8.3M. Mexico was a No. 1 start at $3.9M, while Brazil also opened at No.
The Dead Don’t Die (UNI): $700K intl weekend (5 markets); $3.1M intl cume
As noted above, Sony’s responsibly-budgeted fourthquel was within the pre-opening range seen by the industry, though falling at the low end with $73.7M in 56 overseas markets.
Last weekend’s dud Dark Phoenix dropped by over 70% to cume $152.5M offshore and $204.3M worldwide.
Avengers: Endgame (DIS): $2.1M intl weekend (45 markets); $1.912B intl cume
China added just $10M through the week and weekend to come $55.4M thus far. Japan is on deck next weekend. Behind it are Mexico ($8.3M), France ($7.7M), UK ($7.5M) and Korea ($6.3M) to round out the Top 5.
Lionsgate’s threequel now has an international cume of $127.5M, contracting a further $6.2M in 87 offshore markets this session. The global tally is $276.1M.
2 bow. Japan had a $3.5M No. South East Asian hubs were solid with the full Asia region totaling $45.5M which is 25% above Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and on par with MIB3. China ($26.3M) and Korea ($4.9M and distributed by Lotte) underperformed off poor word of mouth.
The overseas cume is now $67M for a global total of $133.1M. Paramount’s Elton John pic roped and tied $8.5M in 55 markets this weekend including six new openings. Australia has now grossed $9.9M with France at $4.4M, Germany at $4M and Brazil $2.7M to round out the Top 5. The last major to open will be Japan on August 23. The Dexter Fletcher-helmed musical fantasy added the UAE for $140K at 50 locations while Taiwan delivered $116K from 85 in the debut session. The best hold was in the UK with another $1.9M for $24.3M to date after four weekends.
A Dog’s Journey (UNI): $300K intl weekend (11 markets); $8.5M intl cume ($40.2M incl non-Uni markets)
Overall, the past few weeks haven’t been much to write home about from overseas for studio tentpole sequels, and audiences are agreeing with critics for the most part. Part of the idea with this fourthquel was that it would stir nostalgia for some while bringing in new audiences to the franchise who wouldn't have seen one of the original trio on the big screen. Folks are likely saving up for their playdate with Toy Story 4 next weekend while Sony will come swinging back with Spider-Man: Far From Home the following frame. Awareness was high, but the movie wasn't overwhelmingly a first-choice.
The Top 5 markets are China ($51.7M), UK ($38.3M), Korea ($38.1M), Japan ($32.6M) and Mexico ($29.6M).
Korea bows this week. The Top 5 so far are UK ($12.5M), Germany ($9.8M), Australia ($9.7M), Russia ($7.5M) and Mexico ($7.2M).

Global P&A was an estimated $120M with luxury promo partners bringing in $75M. As Anthony has detailed, Sony’s exposure on what it says is a $110M budgeted pic is 50%. In some markets, the F Gary Gray-helmed Chris Hemsworth/Tessa Thompson-starrer is drawing family audiences with pick-up on Saturday. Industry finance sources tell us a final worldwide box office of about $300M will trigger ancillaries for a break-even result. That number could be on the cards, but will be close.
1 for now). Latin America saw a 32% slide (Brazil is another market where both Dis and Sony are calling No. Across the region, Aladdin has overtaken the lifetimes of Oz, Cinderella, Jungle Book and Dumbo.
Still to come over the summer are Belgium, Netherlands and Italy.
Avengers: Endgame has now grossed $2.743B globally.
Breakdowns on the films above and more are being updated below.
In the meantime, erstwhile Men In Black star Will Smith’s genie continues granting wishes for Disney. Another $47.5M in 55 markets this weekend lifts the offshore cume to $461.4M and the global total to $724.8M through Sunday. It held No. 1s in 20 markets and has already grossed $33M in Japan through the second frame.
Refresh for latest…: Sony’s Men In Black: International performed in line with pre-weekend industry projections, landing $73.7M at the international box office. Added to domestic’s fizzle, the global launch crossed the century mark with $102.2M. Offshore tracking is on par with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and 19% behind Men In Black 3 in like-for-likes and at current exchange rates.
Illumination/Universal’s animated animals woofed down $8.5M in 34 markets this session as the film continues its slow rollout. The offshore cume is $62.5M for $154.6M to date. The top starts among new hubs this frame were Indonesia ($451K/250 screens) and India ($372K/756/No. 2).
Aladdin has topped the lifetimes of the above cited films as well as Maleficent in the region. Asia Pacific dipped 31% regionally with notable holds in Japan (-7%), Korea (-9%), Vietnam (-29%) and India (-31%).
Those appearances helped. Members of the new-look MIB team did significant globetrotting, with stops in London, Paris, Russia and Beijing.
China has now grossed $123.2M to lead all markets while Japan has made $20M. Rounding out the Top 5 are Mexico ($9.3M), UK ($8.1M) and Indonesia ($7.8M).
That lifts the offshore come to $461.4M for a $724.8M global take so far. This frame, the genie dropped just 34% and was No. 1 in the UK which should shake out tomorrow). 1 in 20 markets (both Sony and Dis are calling No. Overseas audiences are still along for the magic carpet ride as Disney’s Aladdin posted $47.5M in 55 markets this (4th) weekend.
Next weekend notably adds Australia while China goes to the dogs on July 5 with a possible easing of competition if local title The Eight Hundred sees its release postponed.
In IMAX, MIB4 rounded up $8.3M globally, of which $5.6M is from 960 offshore screens.
Ma (UNI): $2.3M intl weekend (36 markets); $11.4M intl cume
MORE…” />
There were No. Reviews aggregator Douban gave it a 5.8 while ticketing platform Maoyan chimed in with a 7.4. Poor word of mouth and social scores led to a $26.3M three-day bow. MIB4 is presented by Columbia Pictures with co-financing from Middle Kingdom behemoth Tencent and previous MIB partner Hemisphere Media Capital. The start there, however, is below the $30M most were seeing pre-release. 1s in 36 out of 56 markets, including China which led all play.
1 bows were in Russia ($5.1M), the UK ($3.4M, though we hear this may be close for the top spot), Australia ($2.6M) and France ($2.5M). Other notable No.
Pokemon Detective Pikachu (WB): $3.4M intl weekend (72 markets); $279.5M intl cume
Europe as a region dipped by 40% with great holds in Finland (-2%), Denmark (-27%), Netherlands (-31%), UK (-32%), Germany (-35%), Poland (-36%) and Israel (-38%) Aladdin has already surpassed the lifetime cumes of Oz: The Great And Powerful, Cinderella and Dumbo in Europe.
Spain is still to open, bowing this coming weekend.
Warner Bros/Legendary’s monsters scared up another $14.1M in 79 offshore markets for a running come of $254.8M internationally. Worldwide, they are at $339.5M.

‘Aladdin’ Takes Princely $207M Global Bow; ‘Rocketman’ Blasts Off In UK – International Box Office

A Dog’s Journey (UNI): $1.3M intl weekend (14 markets); $5.7M intl cume ($31.6M including non-Uni markets)
We are coming into a crowded corridor, though musicals do tend to be leggy, and we’ll take a closer look at prospects and follow the rollout over the coming days and weeks. Along with the U.S., the yellow brick road leads to Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Latin America. Rocketman's terrific reviews after that showstopping Cannes premiere, along with early Oscar buzz for star Taron Egerton who does all of his own singing, and a just-released soundtrack album will stoke interest among the John faithful and more. Rocketman heads to another 39 markets this coming weekend. Korea and Russia bow June 6 and Japan goes August 23.
That puts $110M between it and Avatar for the all-time record. If Endgame falls short, a re-release could certainly get them there, but it remains to be seen which way Disney chooses to go. A final still will be close for the heroes and the Na'vi. With a further $15.3M, Disney/Marvel’s Endgame brings its cume to $1.879B internationally and $2.678B worldwide.
Overseas, there was significant Saturday-Sunday uptick from the early midweek bows which indicates family support for the Guy Ritchie-directed Will Smith-starrer and as offshore audiences also like it better than critics. In North America, the film has performed above expectations, with strong audience response.
And, Lionsgate’s John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, in its sophomore session, beat the worldwide gross of John Wick: Chapter 2 with $181.5M after 10 days in release.
The ultimate best markets on those films was a mix of China, Japan, UK, Mexico and India. In like-for-like opening comps and at today’s rates, The Jungle Book bowed to $160M abroad, Maleficent did $107M and Cinderella $85M.
2 for the day. On Saturday, the Pets popped into Russia for previews which were $900K and had the movie at No. The No. This is down from the original’s bow by about half, although this was an intensely crowded weekend in the market. Also in a one-market-only debut, Illumination/Universal’s sequel to the $875M worldwide grossing 2016 original, kicked off in the UK with $4.1M at 613 locations. 3 start is 16% ahead of Hotel Transylvania 2 and in line with Kung Fu Panda 2 as it heads into holiday play.
The movie was No. 1 in all of Latin America — and is tracking above both The Jungle Book and Cinderella. That’s a relief to Disney since Korea and the South East Asian markets were a concern coming into the session while China is always a swing. Strong performance in the region was expected given how it leans into family fare. What's surprising here is that all of Asia also bowed at No. 1.
Elsewhere in Asia, Aladdin was No. Australia and India had been expected to do solid business and did deliver, but there was worry over Korea and the South East hubs. 2 in India and Vietnam. 1 everywhere with Saturday/Sunday uplift from the early midweeks. However, the first weekend points to word of mouth momentum and in Indonesia, Aladdin is the top Disney Live Action title to date (excluding the Marvel/Lucasfilm pics). Using the same comps, it’s No. The opening weekend exceeded the whole run of Maleficent in Indonesia and India and all of Cinderella in Taiwan, Korea and India.
UPDATE, writethru: Disney's live-action take on the classic 1992 animated Aladdin rode to a $121M start at the international box office this weekend, coming in right at the top end of industry predictions with a better-than-expected debut in some Asian markets. The global three-day opening is $207.1M.
The UK has a bank holiday this weekend that leads into half-term school breaks and sets up nice play. It is, however, tracking ahead of both Maleficent and Cinderella across the region. 1s everywhere as John Wick: Chapter 3 was big in Germany as expected. As noted above, the UK and Italy were tops with $8.4M and $6.6M, respectively. Europe was the only place that Aladdin didn’t take No.
The campaign was extended further around the country with #NeverOrdinary Devil Wings Murals, using the costume wings form the movie across London, Brighton, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Cardiff. Ahead of the London premiere, Egerton and co-star Jamie Bell appeared on The Graham Norton Show as well. The team further collaborated with influencers to create a #NeverOrdinary campaign that included working with Instagram photographer Linda Blacker to style and snap LGBTQ and body-positive influencers in 70s-inspired dress.
On vacation, he meets old farm dog Rooster who has a few lessons to impart as voiced by Harrison Ford in his first animated appearance. The household critters are again directed by Chris Renaud with lead dog Max voiced by Patton Oswalt as he deals with new realities after his owner has a baby. The pair had attendees at CinemaCon in stitches recently in Vegas. Tiffany Haddish plays fearless Shih Tzu Daisy who shows up to teach Kevin Hart’s Snowball he’s not quite the most adorable creature on the block.
In IMAX, the worldwide bow is $15M with $6.9M from 996 international screens. With $121M overseas for $207.1M global (for the three-day), the Will Smith-starrer is off to a good start, notably over-performing domestically and seeing a strong launch in Asia. Disney’s live-action Aladdin performed at the top end of industry projections we were seeing ahead of the weekend.
It's important to note that Rocketman takes a different, R-rated warts-and-all approach to the story of the former Reggie Dwight whereas the PG-13 Bo Rhap downplayed much of the homosexual nature of the story of Freddie Mercury and steered from being an all-in biopic in an effort to appeal to the masses.
In Taiwan, Korea and India, it’s better than all of Cinderella. In both Indonesia and India, Aladdin’s maiden voyage has already topped the entire run of Maleficent.
As for Europe, Abu and friends are tracking above both Maleficent and Cinderella. The UK and Italy were tops there with $8.4M and $6.6M, respectively. Spain served up the 2nd best start of 2019 and in the UAE and Jordan (where Smith trekked during a promotional tour) Aladdin flew to the best Ramadan opening of all time.
Elsewhere, Avengers: Endgame, which has ended its run in China, now has an international cume of $1.879B and a global tally of $2.678B (that's $110M from Avatar).
2. JW3 dominated with $3.5M on 547 screens in its debut. Austria and Belgium also outdid JW2 by 40% and 32%, respectively. In local currency, that’s 29% bigger than JW2. France opened 81% bigger than the last movie with $2.2M at 329 sites and ranking No. Germany, which has been fervent about the series, was one market where Aladdin didn't make off with No. 1.
Brightburn (Sony): $4.5M intl weekend (50 markets); $7.8M intl cume
The Guy Ritchie-helmed Aladdin is in 54 material markets this session, with Japan joining on June 7 in what looks to be a nicely teed-up date. Smith is a star there, though he hasn’t had a major film in the Middle Kingdom in several years. There, word of mouth and social scores helped the movie despite there being no star-studded premiere and a concern younger audiences might have less interest given the rest of the cast outside Smith does not have a big following in the market. All play so far is led by China with $18.7M which is also at the top of the local range we saw ahead of the opening.
As for dating, Russia is up next on May 30 with Italy going the same time as domestic (June 7). The domestic bow-wow was tracking at about $63M as of May 16 when Anthony D’Alessandro noted Uni will bet on the longer leg potential of Pets 2 given the flood of event pics in the late May corridor.
Word of mouth could help momentum continue there, although Godzilla: King Of The Monsters had its first previews this weekend and is expected to stomp all over the next frame. Notably in China, the Maoyan score went up through the weekend, reaching 9.1 (reviews aggregator Douban is giving it a lower 7.8). The gross for the three-day in the Middle Kingdom is $18.7M, near the top of the range where we saw it ahead of opening.
The overseas running cume is now $236.8M for $352.9M global. China’s 3rd weekend lifted to $84.4M, with the movie No. Another $24.3M for the miniature sleuth came from 17,225 screens in 72 markets this session. 2 behind Aladdin. Japan after four frames now has $21.2M, dropping just 25% from last weekend.
Paramount also partnered with Spotify to create a playable masthead in a guitar-hero style game, but using a piano. In March, tastemakers, press and influencers were among the first audiences to see 15 minutes of footage at Abbey Road studios. John’s beloved football club, Watford FC, partnered to celebrate Rocketman with a tribute in-stadium sing-a-long with over 20,000 fans. There was also a motion take over at Waterloo, the UK’s busiest train station, with a large floor piano that allowed commuters to play along to the title song with the help of visual aids on a large branded screen.
Breakdowns on the films above and more have been updated below.
Internationally, the sophomore session was good for $24.8M in 74 markets. The cume offshore, where Lionsgate works with local distribution partners, is $74.4M through today. After its franchise-best start last weekend, Lionsgate’s threequel this frame topped the total worldwide gross of its predecessor, John Wick: Chapter 2, with $181.5M global from just 10 days.
The tracking had not been as strong, but ultimately the weekend provided “exactly the kind of experience you want: people come find it, they have a good time, then tell other people.” Cathleen Taff, Disney’s President of Theatrical Distribution, Franchise Management and Business & Audience Insights, tells us word of mouth helped in those markets where the property has different notoriety compared to the studio's other characters.
The Top 5 markets this launch session are China ($18.7M), Mexico ($9.2M), UK ($8.4M), Italy ($6.6M) and Korea ($6.5M).
Regionally, the grosses are an all-time industry high of $1.11B in Asia-Pacific; $505M in Europe where it is the No. 5 movie ever; and $246M in Latin America, also the all-time industry high. Endgame ended its run in China with $629.1M and in the UK has now passed $110M.
The Dead Don’t Die (UNI): $500K intl weekend (2 markets); $1.9M intl cume” />
Paramount’s Elton John musical/fantasy biopic strutted its electric boots into the UK this weekend, playing to the homefield advantage and grossing $6.4M to rank No. There will be a desire on this film to comp to box office phenom Bohemian Rhapsody (which also opened early in the UK), but caution should be exercised — even though Rocketman is directed by Dexter Fletcher who completed Bo Rhap after Bryan Singer was fired from that picture. 2 behind Aladdin. On 1,284 screens, the debut is bigger than the similarly-rated R-rated A Star Is Born.
1s across the board with Aladdin tracking ahead of both Jungle Book and Cinderella, and very close to Maleficent. Brazil’s bow came in above all comps (+92% on Jungle Book/+55% on Cinderella/+35% on Maleficent). Family-friendly Latin America gave Genie No. Mexico leads the region with an estimated $9.2M for three days, 121% ahead of Cinderella, 52% ahead of Jungle Book and 3% behind Maleficent, making it the second highest ever May opening weekend there.
Next up are Spain and Norway this coming weekend. Leading all play is the UK with $7.9M, followed by Russia ($6.4M), Australia ($5.9M), Mexico ($4.4M) and Taiwan ($3.9M).
Behind China are the UK ($110.9M), Korea ($103.9M), Brazil ($81.6M) and Mexico ($75.6M) to round out the Top 5.
2 behind Aladdin with a (captain) fantastic $6.4M from 1,284 screens. Fresh off its powerful Cannes debut, the Dexter Fletcher-helmed story came in at No. There will be long legs and a long overseas trajectory on both Rocketman and Pets 2 which rollout across the summer. Also in the UK, Illumination/Universal’s The Secret Life Of Pets 2 bounded into theaters in its first offshore bow with $4.1M. Turning back to the UK, this was a crowded pre-holiday session that included the launch of Paramount's Elton John musical/fantasy biopic Rocketman. That tops last year's debut of A Star Is Born which similarly carries a 15-and-over age rating.
The marketing presented Rocketman as a cultural moment celebrating a true British icon. From early on, the campaign aimed to establish the film as bold and emotional. Back to the UK. Getting the word out, there were 14 local print covers in support of Rocketman including GQ, Daily Mail Weekend, Attitude, The Sunday Times Culture, Guardian Weekend and Observer Magazine. This was the widest ever for any Paramount release, as well as the widest release ever for a film with a 15-and-over certificate.
In Italy Aladdin grabbed the 2nd best opening weekend of 2019, behind only Avengers: Endgame, and was 17% ahead of Maleficent. Elsewhere, Aladdin also posted the second highest opening weekend to date in 2019 in Spain, and was the best Ramadan bow ever in the UAE and Jordan.
Pets 2 will stretch into more of overseas through June including Australia, Germany and Brazil. Notably, these Pets are getting a July 5 launch in China, bringing a Hollywood title into what is typically a blackout period. There are July debuts in Japan, Korea and France with Spain and Mexico in August.
Those two hubs lead all play, followed by the UK ($13.6M), Mexico ($10.4M) and Germany ($9.5M).
The Hustle (UNI): $3.5M intl weekend (31 markets); $31.1M intl cume

‘John Wick: Chapter 3’ Hits $92M Global Bow For Franchise Best; ‘Endgame’ Tops $2.6B WW – International Box Office

Disney has a major release on deck next weekend with Aladdin. That puts about $173M between Tony Stark and Avatar, though it would appear the Avengers, Guardians & Co will land in the $2.75B range once all is said and done. The drop was 55% versus last weekend, a better hold ultimately. Internationally, the total is $1.844B for $2.615B globally. Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame is of course still saving the world, adding $46.8M in 55 offshore markets.

The Sun Is Also A Star (WB): $484K intl weekend (25 markets); $484K intl cume” />
In the latter, Endgame is now the biggest Western movie of all time in terms of admissions. Play is still strong in Asia where China has now grossed $625M; in the UK and Korea it has crossed $100M.
The Curse Of La Llorona (WB): $1.3M intl weekend (71 markets); $64.8M intl cume
Strong holds came from Japan (-33%), Peru (-36%), Denmark (-41%), Spain (-43%), Chile (-43%), Colombia (-43%), Australia (-46%), Poland (-48%), Ecuador (-48%), Singapore (-49%), UK (-50%), Norway (-50%) and South Africa (-50%).
After China, the rest of the Top 5 overall includes UK ($109M), Korea ($101.5M), Brazil ($79.2M) and Mexico ($73.9M).
That’s the case again here so far — although Germany, France and Spain are among the markets still to release on JW3. The Keanu Reeves-starrer landed at No. Last time around, that film’s best offshore play was ultimately in Germany, the UK and Russia with solid numbers throughout Asia. 1 in 53 of its bows, led by the UK at 62% over John Wick 2.
China leads with a total $70.3M after two frames where it held No. Ahead of the assassin, Warner Bros’ Pokémon Detective Pikachu sleuthed his way to the No. The overseas total is now $193.4M for $287.4M worldwide after a 50% dip in the offshore session versus last week’s opening. 1 despite some middling social scores. 1 spot at the international box office this weekend with $53.8M in 72 offshore markets.
The top holds were in Russia ($4.65M cume to date), Germany (-21%/$3.4M), the UK (-19%/$3M) and Australia (-36%/3.22M). The Netherlands was new this session at $400K from 75 locations to track ahead of The Heat and on par with Spy. The next markets to go are Mexico, France and Brazil in June and July.
A Dog’s Journey (UNI): $3M intl weekend (14 markets); $15.5M intl cume (including non-Uni markets)
The Dead Don’t Die (UNI): $1.2M intl weekend (2 markets); $1.2M intl cume
The following markets surpassed the lifetime of the first John Wick: UK, Australia, Brazil, Russia/CIS, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam.
Coupled with the terrific domestic launch, the global cume through Sunday is $92.23M for a franchise-best debut. UPDATE, writethru: Lionsgate’s John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum took out a hit on its predecessors at the international box office, opening to $35.2M in 66 markets. In each of those, the starts were higher than John Wick and John Wick: Chapter 2.
Lionsgate’s Joe Drake is confident “word-of-mouth will continue to drive strong business” worldwide on the well-reviewed actioner.
The Top 5 markets are currently China ($70.3M), Japan ($16.8M), UK ($11.6M), Mexico ($8.8M) and Germany ($7.6M) with all majors now released.
It will be close, but the ultimate tally now looks to be in the $2.75B range which would just miss the Na'vi. 1 global film of all time? Will it catch Avatar as the No. The offshore take this session was down 55% on last weekend, to $46.8M in 55 material markets. Disney/Marvel’s marvel has now grossed $2.615B at the worldwide box office, with $1.844B from international.
This weekend saw Endgame become the highest grossing all-time industry release in Bolivia and Korea (Western/admissions). Both the UK and Korea have also crossed the $100M mark. China, where Disney has Aladdin next session, is far and away the top offshore play now at $625M.
The furry little sleuth is now out in 72 markets where he pocketed $53.8M this weekend for a 50% drop (-44% when excluding China). The overseas running cume is now $193.4M for $287.4M globally.
The film received an A- CinemaScore domestically and has racked up nice reviews at Rotten Tomatoes. This is a series best start and all offshore markets that bowed came in bigger than the two previous installments. Lionsgate’s John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum did better than expected with a $92.23M global opening, $35.2M of which came from overseas.
France, Belgium and Germany are the next key hubs to open this week on the
Breakdowns on the titles above and more are have been updated below (box office will be slightly abridged today due to the ongoing Cannes Film Festival).

1 at $4.3M. Russia was new this session, taking No.
Chad Stahelski-directed actioner that stars Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry, Laurence Fishburne, Mark Dacascos, Asia Kate Dillon, Lance Reddick, Saïd Taghmaoui, Jerome Flynn, Jason Mantzoukas, Tobias Segal, Boban Marjanovic, Anjelica Huston and Ian McShane.
7 biggest in Europe ($493M). During the 4th overseas frame, Endgame held No. 1 in several Latin American markets, as well as five in Europe. It is also the highest grossing movie ever in Latin America ($257M) and Asia-Pacific ($1.094B) as well as the No.
Debuting in 14 Universal markets, A Dog’s Journey traveled to $3M and has a $15.5M overseas cume including $12M from non-Uni territories. Also of note, Nadine Labaki's Capernaum is approaching the $50M mark in China, just a stunning run there.
John Wick 3 also saw some IMAX play this weekend, opening to $4.4M on 318 screens globally. In IMAX, Endgame has hit $207M global, including $145M overseas and $81.2M in China alone. The result in China is now double the IMAX box office of Avengers: Infinity War.
Including non-Uni markets, the full offshore total is $28.1M. MGM’s Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson-starrer, which Universal has in many offshore markets, continues doing nice business for a comedy with a $7.7M weekend in 32 markets to lift the cume to $24.7M.
Russia grossed $3.8M (+52%), Australia was $2.8M (+107%), Mexico scored $2.1M (+147%) and Thailand came in at $1.9M (+118%) to tie Taiwan (+114%). The assassin was No. 1 in 53 of the 66 opening markets, led by the UK at $4.6M (+62% on JW2) and ranking No. 1.
Shiny Shrimps (UNI): $598K intl weekend (France only); $3M France cume
The Ryan Reynolds-starrer was No. 1 overseas and in the European region. In Asia, outside China, it’s surpassed the lifetime of The Angry Birds Movie.

‘La Llorona’ Conjures $30M Overseas Bow; ‘Shazam!’ & ‘Dumbo’ cross $300M WW – International Box Office

France grossed $2.1M on 254 screens to rank No. 2, on par with a number of comps and over Lights Out (+20%) and A Quiet Pladce (%39%). Colombia was the next best start at $2.4M and ahead of all comps except Annabelle.
added another $22M to cross the $200M mark overseas and $300M globally. Widely for non horror fans, this weekend was all about holdovers. Notably, WB/New Line/DC’s Shazam! Families also leant an ear to Disney’s Dumbo, pushing the expensive little pachyderm above both those same milestones.
Korea also got a bump, up 70% as anticipation for Endgame swells. Europe dropped 37% regionally with a great +25% hold in Spain and slight eases elsewhere. Latin America had a 12% drop, increasing in Chile by 2% and dipping just 14% in Brazil.
In Lat Am, Dumbo dropped just 12% with strong holds in Colombia (+28%), Argentina (+20%), Peru (+5%), Chile (-3%), Brazil (-19%) and Mexico (-35%).
3 with $3M at 8,992 locations. The international cume is now $48.5M. Paramount’s animated amusement admitted another $10.9M worth of visitors in 56 markets. That includes a debut in China where the start was No.
Mexico leads all play at $5.3M while Europe and parts of Asia had decent starts; Brazil was slightly soft with the market dominated by family fare (Shazam!, Dumbo) and the faith-based Breakthrough. In many countries, the Easter weekend is bracketed by days off on the Friday and/or Monday, and Llorona, with its Catholic iconography, tapped into that. 1 in the region where it is tracking above The Conjuring (+11%), Halloween (+30%), A Quiet Place (+60%) and Lights Out (+95%). Latin America leans into horror and this film, with Mexican folklore at its center, was No.
Little (UNI): $1.4M intl weekend (13 markets); $4.8M intl cume
The Top 5 markets are the UK ($27.9M), China ($21.8M), Mexico ($20.2M), Spain ($14M) and France ($12.2M).
Breakdowns on this week's films have been updated below.
Within the rest of Europe, holds were good for the holiday including in Denmark (-5%), Spain (-12%), Portugal (-24%) and France (-46%). Also in the family sphere, Disney’s Dumbo added $13.7M from 55 material markets. Belgium is a big fan of the pachyderm, maintaining No. The offshore cume is now $206.6M for $307.9M worldwide. 1 for the fourth straight weekend.
France led the weekend play and has now grossed $6.1M. Korea is the final market to release, way down the line in August.
1 spot while Mexico dipped to No. 3. The UK took back the No. Brazil in the 3rd frame dropped just 21% to stay No. Australia held the No. 1 slot on a very quiet weekend and Spain increased 2% in the 3rd session. Colombia also saw a sizable increase, up 34%. 1 and gross $11.4M to date.
Spain brought in $1.7M on 330 screens, ranking No. 1, also topping most comps. 3, but above most comps including 34% over Annabelle. Indonesia scared up $1.6M on 654 screens at No.
8 all-time superhero movie, passing The Dark Knight Rises. With a global cume of $1.09B through Sunday, Carol Danvers now fronts the No. Ahead of the worldwide reckoning with Thanos that begins Wednesday offshore, Disney/Marvel’s Captain Marvel put a couple new notches on her belt.
Of that, $9.5M was from India where the movie is No. Foxstar’s Indian pic Kalank, a romance drama set during the 1940s partition and from Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions, opened to $10.4M in two markets offshore. Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan and Aditya Roy Kapoor star in the title by director Abhishek Varman.” /> 1 this weekend.
Here are the Top 5 grossers: China ($153.6M), the UK ($49.7M), Korea ($45.1M), Brazil ($37.9M) and Mexico ($33.2M).
UPDATE, writethru: Warner Bros/New Line’s James Wan-produced horror pic The Curse Of La Llorona haunted cinemas in 71 overseas markets this frame, opening to $30M at the international box office. Along with domestic, the global bow is $56.5M.
Too bad it didn’t release in the latter this weekend which could have used the jolt. The thriftily-priced $9M La Llorona still has Japan and the UK to come. There’s been lovely weather there, but the lack of a major opener also is showing impact. Right now, it looks like the current session in Britain could be the first four-day Easter weekend this century to gross under £10M.
Of course, next weekend will be a different story amid the thunderous arrival of Avengers: Endgame. Cinemas in London, Leicester, the Midlands, Bristol and many more are already selling out shows. Highlighting the anticipation for Endgame, even China was quiet this frame, led by the continuing play of P Storm ($113M cume), and as pre-sales on the MCU pic have surged past $60M.
8 biggest superhero of all time. In the 7th weekend, Disney/Marvel’s Captain Marvel picked up $6.5M from 49 material markets. The offshore total is now $689.5M with $1,089.5M worldwide where Carol Danvers is the No.
The UK and Japan are still to come along with a handful of markets as the movie looks to act as counterprogramming to Thanos and crew.
Pet Sematary (PAR): $5.5M intl weekend (58 markets); $46.1M intl cume
The best overall play was Mexico at $5.3M on 2,600 screens with a 32% share of the Top 5 titles. It outperformed nearly all comps there including Insidious: The Last Key (+36%), The Conjuring (+61%), A Quiet Place (+101%), Pet Sematary (+158%) and Lights Out (+185%).
Bohemian Rhapsody (FOX): $500K intl weekend (20 markets); $685.6M intl cume
Breakthrough (FOX/DIS): $2.8M intl weekend (20 markets/+28% in Brazil); $5.9M cume
Elsewhere, Voltage’s teen drama After had another good weekend, grossing $9.5M in 38 markets for a $25.4M overseas cume, per comScore. Lionsgate/Millennium's Hellboy meanwhile picked up just $3.4M in 40 hubs, also per comScore.
Also new this session were the Netherlands ($328K/135 sites) and Hong Kong ($264K/40).
In Europe, the Middle East and Africa, it’s on par with The Conjuring, A Quiet Place and Lights Out. In Asia, it’s the No. 1 movie, coming in more than double Pet Sematary and Halloween.
Across Asia-Pacific, strong holds include New Zealand (+30%), Singapore (+19%), Hong Kong (-4%) and Australia (-9%).
The release topped Ant-Man by 9% and is on par with Guardians Of The Galaxy. 4, but No. Japan opened this session with $2M on 723 screens at No. 1 for a U.S. movie.
How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (UNI): $700K intl weekend (37 markets); $355.4M intl cume
Playing on about 16,000 screens in 80 markets, the Zachary Levi-starrer has now grossed $201.5M abroad and $322.8M globally. Warner’s family friendly superhero added another $22M with school breaks and the Easter holiday helping fuel the box office.
Us (UNI): $1.7M intl weekend (58 markets); $75.3M intl cume
The Top 10 markets are China ($43.5M), the UK ($15.4M), Mexico ($14.2M), Brazil ($11.4M) and Australia ($9.8M).
1 in the Latin American region, tapping into the Easter holiday and Mexican folklore. The Michael Chaves-directed horror pic, which is not directly connected to the Conjuring universe as it doesn’t involve paranormal investigators, the Warrens, opened in 71 overseas markets to $30M on 13,262 screens. The top film internationally in a largely holdover weekend ahead of next frame’s Avengers: Endgame was No. As noted above, it bested a handful of comps in the region.
Greta (UNI): $500K intl weekend (2 markets); $3M intl cume ($1.5M Universal)
Boy Erased (UNI): $200K intl weekend (8 markets); $4.6M intl cume
2), India ($1.1M/1,032/No. Korea ($1.3M/620 screens/No. 3), Italy ($863K/314 screens/No. movie), Russia ($1.1M/1,758/No. 4) round out the Top 10. 3) and Brazil ($796K/350/No. 1 U.S.

Kevin Abstract – Mississippi Lyrics

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Netflix’s Baking Competition Format ‘Nailed It!’ Cooks Up Local Remakes In France, Germany & Spain

It revealed that it will follow this up with local adaptations in Europe, however, it did not give details on dates or judges.
Nailed It!, Netflix’s home baking competition, is getting local versions in France, Spain and Germany following the launch of a remake in Mexico.
The Magical Elves-produced show was followed by a second season in June and a holiday special in December.
In a letter to investors, it noted, “¡Nailed It!: México [achieved] three times more first-month watchers in Mexico than the dubbed US version.” Following its first quarter financial results, Netflix revealed that the Mexican version had been a hit locally.
The SVOD service then launched a remake in Mexico in February that was hosted by comedian Omar Chaparro and chef Anna Ruiz with a series of guest judges including Sylvia Weinstock.
The series, which sees home bakers with a terrible track record take a shot at re-creating edible masterpieces for a cash prize, originally launch in the U.S. hosted by Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres, launched in March 2018.
The move comes as it bulks up its international non-scripted efforts. Last year, it acquired the remake rights to British entertainment format The Circle, which debuted on Channel 4, and is producing versions of the Studio Lambert and Motion Content Group-produced show in the U.S. as well as in France and Brazil.” />

‘How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World’ Rides To $500M+ Global Box Office

Internationally, HTTYD3 scored the biggest opening for a DWA title in 11 markets including Russia, Mexico, Argentina, Indonesia, Turkey and Malaysia. It was also the top animated opening of all time in Ukraine, Vietnam and Egypt; and is the highest-grossing film in the series in 39 markets including majors Brazil, France, Mexico and Russia.
The North American debut in late February was $55M for the best of the trio with the residents of Berk topping the charts for two consecutive weekends.
1 in 54 markets, scoring the biggest debut of the franchise in 53. Japan is still to release on December 20. The Top 5 markets are China ($54.2M), Russia ($27.5M), France ($25M), the UK ($25M) and Mexico ($21M). Ultimately, The Hidden World bowed at No.
Globally, Hidden World, with an estimated production cost of $129M, is the second-highest-grossing Hollywood film of 2019 to date. It's also the first title under DWA's new home at Uni and is Uni's second animated title to hit the $500M milestone in the past few months following the late 2018 release of Illumination’s The Grinch.
Universal/DreamWorks Animation’s How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World has passed $500M globally. Domestically, the Dean DeBlois-directed charmer has grossed $152.97M while the international box office stands at $348.9M through Sunday. The worldwide total on the adventure epic is $501.9M to date, taking the three films in the series combined to just over $1.6B. Hiccup and Toothless rode across the half-a-billion threshold with this weekend’s figures included.
European early dates were timed to half-term school breaks. They continued popping up in overseas markets through several weeks ahead of domestic, tying in to summer holidays in South America, and the Lunar New Year holiday in South Korea and South East Asia. The Viking and the Night Fury embarked on a smartly staggered offshore release journey beginning early to swoop in on Australia just after the New Year and take advantage of summer season play there.
Universal’s next animated offering is also from Illumination as The Secret Life Of Pets 2, the sequel to 2016’s $875M worldwide hit, begins wagging its tail overseas in late May.” />

‘Dumbo’ Flies In Low With $71M Overseas; ‘Captain Marvel’ Nears $1B Global – International Box Office

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (UNI): $2.6M intl weekend (58 markets); $348.9M intl cume
9 spot on the all-time charts. Worldwide, the Brie Larson-starrer is now the No. Overseas, she is passing The Dark Knight Rises to land the No. She’ll be rounding the $1B global mark this week, currently flying at $990.6M. In the fourth frame, Disney/Marvel’s Captain Marvel added another $26.4M from 54 markets, bringing the offshore cume to $636.8M. 10 superhero movie ever.
1 launch and 95% above Get Out, 53% over A Quiet Place, 33% above Halloween and 11% ahead of Split. In Russia, Us took the No. Australia debuted to $2.72M at 245 locations, also a No. 2 slot behind Dumbo with $1.4M at 771 and 153% over Get Out.
Jordan Peele and Universal’s scarer, which is releasing in staggered fashion overseas, had a $22.6M second frame including a strong start in Korea. Now in 60 markets, the international box office total is $46.3M for $174.5M global.
That reps essentially 100% of the global footprint (Turkey and Venezuela open next session). The Tim Burton-directed live-action update on Disney’s 1941 animated classic flapped its way to a $71M start overseas this weekend in 53 material markets. Awareness of the character is not as great there and heading into the session there was also prescient concern over whether the pachyderm would find his feet in the region. As noted above, the bow is below where sources saw the movie ahead of the debut with Asia the main culprit.
1s across the region. Co-star Danny DeVito had done a press tour there in early March. Latin America leaned in to Dumbo with No. Promotional efforts overseas were in fact wide and varied with Burton and members of the cast hitting several hubs while influencers weighed in and immersive exhibits were set up in large-scale mall takeovers, among other marketing moves. Mexico’s strong start was the 3rd best for a live-action Disney pic (same goes for Colombia).
Boy Erased (UNI): $300K intl weekend (9 markets); $3.4M intl cume” />
In the meantime, breakdowns on the films above and more have been updated below.
Mary Queen Of Scots (UNI): $400K intl weekend (17 markets); $28.4M intl cume
There were more significant No. 1s cited above, Dumbo was also tops in Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Sweden and Ukraine. Along with the European No. Germany, notably, did not crack the Top 10 Dumbo hubs. 1s elsewhere with uptick over the weekend versus the midweeks where the movie opened in step with local schedules.
Overall, the Top 5 hubs are China ($151.5M), the UK ($42.7M), Korea ($42.4M), Brazil ($34M) and Mexico ($31.5M).
Bumblebee (PAR): $1M intl weekend (Japan only); $338M intl cume
What Men Want (PAR): $1M intl weekend (15 markets); $15.3M intl cume
Escape Room (SNY): $1.6M intl weekend (29 markets); $94.5M intl cume
The main issue here, which we noted in our preview would be a swing factor, is that Asia didn’t significantly prick up its ears for the little fellow. Liftoff is below pre-opening projections which sources pegged in the $80M-$90M range for the Tim Burton-directed pic. Domestic also flew in lower with $45M for a $116M global start. UPDATE, writethru: Disney’s Dumbo, the live-action adaptation of the beloved 1941 classic, grossed $71M at the international box office this weekend.
The follow-up to Peele’s 2017 Oscar winner Get Out — which ultimately made about 31% of its money internationally — added 14 markets this session and saw great holds in places like Germany and Spain which were down just 9% and 27%, respectively (comparatively, Get Out in those markets had dipped 32% and 43% in its sophomore frame).
That goes for Easter breaks while China has a big holiday coming up next Friday in Tomb Sweeping Day, though that’s expected to notably propel Warner Bros’ Shazam! "We’re encouraged that this is an opportunity for families to go out and enjoy and be entertained as they head into holidays," she says. Still, Cathleen Taff, Disney’s President of Theatrical Distribution, Franchise Management and Business & Audience Insights, is hopeful that word of mouth will help grow Dumbo’s prospects. in the market.
10 superhero movie ever worldwide, and No. She fronts what is now the No. That Brie Larson-starrer is now closing in on $1B globally. The offshore cume on Captain Marvel is $636.8M after a $26.4M session abroad. 9 in the genre internationally. Currently at $990.6M, Ms Marvel will hit the mark this week.
Also, Universal/DreamWorks Animation’s How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World crossed the $500M mark worldwide while Uni’s Us had a strong start in Korea where its first day was the biggest opening ever for a foreign horror title.
Wonder Park (PAR): $2.5M intl weekend (23 markets); $14.4M intl cume
2), Central America ($274K/148/No. In other bows, New Zealand ($281K/72 locations/No. 3), Thailand ($268K/106/No. 2) and Ukraine ($214K/171/No. 2) all are tracking well above Get Out.
Fighting With My Family (UNI only): $800K intl weekend (5 markets); $3.2M intl cume ($13.2M with non-Uni markets included)
With Dumbo’s $116M start worldwide, Disney does get bragging rights to the 2nd best bow for a Hollywood title of 2019, behind its own Captain Marvel. Overall, Dumbo came in lower than pre-weekend comps like the Burton-produced Alice Through The Looking Glass, which bowed to $75M in like-for-likes and at current rates, and the live-action Cinderella which did $89M.
Disney’s combined weekend totals push its international box office across the $1B mark for 2019 at $1.104B to date.
Currently at $895M, the Oscar-winning Freddie Mercury biopic expanded from its arthouse release in China this weekend where it has grossed $11.6M through Sunday. Japan, in what was the 21st frame, was up 17% and has now cumed $114M. In other milestone news, Fox’s Bohemian Rhapsody is nearing the $900M threshold globally.
Overall, the Top 5 openers were China ($10.7M), the UK ($7.4M), Mexico ($7.2M), Russia ($4.4M) and Italy ($3.8M).
China topped the $150M mark this weekend, cuming $151.5M to date. Across Asia, the best holds were in Korea (-26%) and Japan (-32%).
Five Feet Apart (LG): $6.2M intl weekend (39 markets); $14.8M intl cume
1 spot. The first day was the biggest ever debut for a foreign horror film while the weekend is the 2nd best in the genre for an import, behind Get Out (-15%) and tying with Split. Korea led opening play with $6.9M from 442 locations for the No.
The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (WB): $1.8M intl weekend (54 markets); $78.7M intl cume
China, the top opening market, landed at $10.7M, though again below where some had it coming into the weekend. Word of mouth is solid, and there’s a holiday ahead, but it appears locals may be more focused on next weekend’s Shazam!.
And, the fact that word of mouth is better than critical notes on this re-telling should help throughout the upcoming holidays in markets like France, Germany, Spain, the UK, Australia and perhaps even the Middle Kingdom.
Bohemian Rhapsody (FOX): $3.5M intl weekend (16 markets); $680.3M intl cume
And, yes, Disney can afford this sort of live-action family box-ticking, particularly with what it’s got lined up in the coming months. A silver lining for this $170M proposition is, as Anthony has noted, that the character has a robust off-screen life which stretches into merchandising and theme parks, having done so already for decades.
Europe overall dropped by just 44% with solid play continuing in Germany (-35%), Denmark (-37%), France (-39%), the Netherlands(-45%) and the UK (-49%), among others.
Elsewhere in Asia, there were No. However, of those, only Japan ($2.4M) cracked the Top 10 of opening markets. 1s in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. Burton typically has success there and made a trip to Tokyo recently for the local premiere. Dumbo was the biggest Hollywood movie in Japan, India, Malaysia and the Philippines.
Alita: Battle Angel (FOX): $747K intl weekend (32 markets); $317.7M intl cume
That’s the 3rd highest Disney Live Action opening frame of all time. Latin America, which leans into family fare, saw No. Mexico was especially strong, with a 65% share and a $7.2M weekend. 1 in such hubs as France, Italy, Spain, Russia, the UK, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico with families providing some nice upticks across Saturday and Sunday. Europe and Latin America will have some runway ahead as kids in many markets move into Easter breaks. 1s across the board. First the more positive news: Across 53 material markets, which rep essentially 100% of the worldwide footprint, Dumbo landed No.
Overall, Asia, which has less traditional awareness of the character, didn’t connect in the hoped for manner. Reviews aggregator Douban gives it a middling 6.8. 9 in the film's Top 10 this session. As for Asia, while Dumbo was No. Japan – typically a big Burton hub — came in with $2.4M, also the market's best of the weekend for a Hollywood movie, but No. China leads all play at $10.7M where Dumbo was the best western pic and has a good social score, indicating some positive word of mouth. 1 in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand, none of those markets appears in the Top 10.
Across Latin America, Carol Danvers topped $100M to pass Black Panther and saw strong holds in Chile (-27%), Brazil (-43%), Argentina (-48%) and Peru (-49%).
2 spot. The top holdover hubs were led by the UK which has now grossed $8.2M and stuck the No. France is next in overall cumes at $3.5M, followed by Germany at $3M, Spain with $2.3M, Brazil’s $1.5M and Taiwan’s $1.35M.
Italy releases next weekend with Mexico going in early May and Japan cutting in August 23.
powers up pretty much everywhere, including China. There will be more horror to come next weekend as Pet Sematary starts its offshore rollout in some key markets while Shazam!

‘How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World’ Flies To $84M, ‘Deadpool 2’ Now Top X-Men Pic WW – International Box Office

With $784M global, DP2 is now the highest-grossing film in the X-Men franchise. In the meantime, China has helped push Fox's Deadpool 2 ahead of the original Deadpool’s worldwide gross. As the Middle Kingdom rings in the Year of the Pig this week, we’ll be taking a closer look at what’s in store for the lucrative period.
Behind Glass, five-time Oscar nominee Green Book, which is going out internationally via a mix of Lionsgate and Amblin Partners, had a combined $11.9M weekend for a $25.5M cume to date. The Peter Farrelly-helmed pic recently scored a March 1 China date and could see a nice bump when it opens there following the local February frenzy.
That includes $5.5M in 37 Lionsgate markets and $6.4M from the Amblin hubs. Releasing offshore via a mix of Amblin Partners and Lionsgate, the Best Picture Oscar nominee made a combined $11.9M this weekend. Respectively, the cumes are $14.6M and $10.9M for an international running total of $25.5M.
Adding $8.5M in 31 markets, Ralph is approaching the $300M mark internationally and $500M global. Spain held to -11% and the Netherlands was off by just 20%. The respective totals through Sunday are $289.5M and $486.5M. 1 again with a slight 21% drop. Germany, which bowed last frame, held No. 1 and all ahead of the original. New this weekend were the Finland, Norway and Sweden, all at No.
It will also look to benefit from the February 5 Lunar New Year holiday in Korea and South East Asia this week. This is the first installment of the $1.2B franchise under DWA’s new home at Uni and opens in France and Germany this week. That same date kicks off the annual China lockout on imports with HTTYD3 set for March 1 in the Middle Kingdom.
The opening day there was tops for the series. Mexico was the best start at $7.7M, a record for DWA. Italy grossed $3.45M from 448 at No. Next was the UK with $6.8M at 555 locations, ahead of both previous movies. Korea, where two local pics came in above it, bowed to $4.65M at 445. This weekend, it opened at No. 1 in 20 of 23 new markets (there are 40 total in release). 1 and 137% above HTTYD1 and 67% above HTTYD2.
The Dean DeBlois-directed film began its overseas play in Australia back in early January, taking advantage of the peak summer season there, then significantly added Brazil three weeks ago. As its staggered offshore rollout continues, Universal/DreamWorks Animation’s critically-praised threequel fired up another $40.2M to lift the overseas cume to $84.4M. It’s targeting half-term school holidays in Europe and the Lunar New Year holiday in South Korea and South East Asia.
Australia is the leader with $15.5M. Brazil held -27% at 606 sites for a $10.3M cume after three weekends. The coming frame adds France and Germany. Russia and Spain follow day-and-date with domestic while China goes on March 1 and Japan on August 23.
That’s relatively in line with Split, if we switch Mexico out for Korea where Glass has not clinked with audiences in the same way. The Top 5 on Glass are the UK ($11.3M), Russia ($10.1M), Mexico ($9.5M), France ($7.6M) and Germany ($6.8M).

The reported $9M budget pic saw a slight 17% dip this session (after a 27% drop in the previous frame) and is clicking with audiences. Horror releases are rare in the Middle Kingdom and although this PG-13 movie leans into suspense, even mystery/thriller pics like this are not often shown in theaters. Sony’s Adam Robitel-directed Escape Room has several major markets to come, and has already absconded with $33.5M in China. There’s also a history of real-life escape rooms in China which has added to the uptake for Escape Room while Vincenzo Natali’s escape-themed 1997 cult hit Cube is a popular title for Chinese audiences online.
It will be coming out just after the Oscars and could see an awards box office halo in the Middle Kingdom as did recent pics The Revenant, La La Land, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri and The Shape Of Water. Green Book has a China date of March 1 (in a flat sale deal) and should benefit from Amblin’s relationship with Alibaba Pictures which will be expected to lean on its popular ticketing platform Tao Piao Piao to support the movie.
Still to open in France on February 13. The Top 5 cumes to date are China ($39M), Japan ($33.9M), the UK ($22.8M), Mexico ($17.4M) and Brazil ($16.4M).
It played like a fury in Mexico with $7.7M at 865 locations for the biggest launch weekend ever of a DWA title. The UK bowed to $6.8M at No. Bowing in 23 international markets this session, the Dean DeBlois-directed HTTYD3 was No. 1 and ahead of both prior installments. 1 for $10.3M after three frames. Oz leads all play at $15.5M. Italy is also tracking well ahead of those two movies while Brazil’s hold was a terrific -27% at No. 1 in 20 of those new homes.
In highlights, Italy has topped the first movie by 11% after just two weekends with a $7M cume and Germany also knocked out Creed I, by 19%, with $4.2M to date. The Top hubs are the UK ($12.8M), France ($12.6M), Italy, Australia ($6.3M) and Mexico ($6.2M).
Globally, the spinoff sequel is weighing in at $202M. This takes the offshore gross to $86.5M. After surpassing the lifetime of the previous movie overseas last session, Warner Bros’ Creed II punched up another $7M in 44 markets.
In milestones, Warner Bros’ Aquaman has topped $1.1B global ($783.4M international) and opens in Japan on Friday. Also from WB, Creed II topped $200M global this round while Disney’s Ralph Breaks The Internet has now surpassed the original Wreck-It Ralph both domestically and internationally as it closes in on $500M global.
Refresh for latest…: Expanding to a handful of key markets this weekend, Universal/DreamWorks Animation’s How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World swooped into the top spot on the international box office chart with a $40.2M frame. Universal took a long lead on Dragon 3 offshore, going out in Australia just after the New Year to take advantage of the peak summer holiday season there, and then rolling into further hubs over the past four frames with yet more launches to come. (The threequel hits domestic theaters on February 22, but has already fired up Universal-Fandango early access screenings.) This lifts the overseas running total to $84.4M from 41 markets so far in release.
That has raised curiosity along with a cultural resonance given the popularity of escape rooms in the big cities. It’s also worth highlighting the China performance of Sony’s Escape Room where the reported $9M budget pic has now grossed $33.5M after three weekends. While there hasn’t been much new blood ahead of the February 5 holiday, the performance is notable in that few mystery-thrillers like this see the inside of movie theaters in China. The week-to-week drop was just 17%.
It’s currently at $199M. It had good holds this frame in such markets as Vietnam (-19%), Germany (-20%), Australia (-26%) and the Netherlands (-31%). In its 3rd offshore frame, M Night Shyamalan’s Glass dipped 49% to gross $12.2M. The third film in the Eastrail 177 trilogy was frontloaded at open two sessions ago and is running slightly behind its predecessor, Split. Globally, the movie will crack $200M today or tomorrow. This brings the overseas cume to $110.3M in 54 Disney markets.
MORE…” />
Still to come are Australia, Brazil, Russia and Mexico this weekend, followed by Germany, Italy and Spain. Overall this weekend, the film made $8.8M in 33 markets. Elsewhere, the UK launched to $1.1M (including previews). The international cume is $44M.
In an otherwise quiet weekend, two local pics did big business in their respective markets. Korea's crime comedy Extreme Job made $20.9M in its second frame to cume $48.8M per comScore. In France, Qu’Est-ce Qu’On A Encore Fait Au Bon Dieu?!, the sequel to the 2014 runaway comedy, opened to $12.8M.
1, Malaysia scored the biggest DWA opening weekend ever with $1.9M from 141. Thailand ($1.8M/2nd biggest animated opening of all time), Taiwan, Singapore, Argentina, Belgium, Peru, Denmark, Hong Kong, South Africa and more were also No. At No. 1 bows.

In holds, Australia dipped just 12% for a $3.16M cume and Korea has grossed $1M to date. Via Amblin, the UK bowed at No. In Germany, the Viggo Mortensen/Mahershala Ali-starrer made $1.2M and has the best per-screen average of the session. The next major market for LGF is Mexico on February 8. 2 this session with $2M including previews. 2 debut this weekend with $1.8M at 323 locations. Via Lionsgate, Italy had a strong No. 2 debut with $1.14M. Spain was also a No.
HTTYD2, which was released via Fox, made $65M (unadjusted) in China, followed by the UK ($41.5M), Russia ($30M), Germany ($26.9M) and France ($25.1M). The sequel finaled at $444.5M overseas and $621.5M global.
Last week’s offshore leader, M Night Shyamalan’s Glass — which Disney is releasing abroad — dipped 49% in the 3rd session. It added $12.2M in 54 markets for an overseas cume of $110.3M, still running marginally below the previous Eastrail 177 trilogy entry, Split. The worldwide total will pass $200M once today’s actuals are finalized, or with tomorrow’s numbers.
In its 15th weekend of release, Fox’s Oscar nominee is still rocking cinemas with another $7.1M from 39 markets. The cume there is $21.2M. In Holland, Bo Rhap is No. 1 for the 4th consecutive weekend which is also the film’s 14th weekend in release. Japan just can’t get enough of the Freddie Mercury biopic. The overseas cume is $624.4M for $832M global. In other notable totals, the UK now has $68M in the songbook, France has $37.3M, Australia $37M and Germany $32M. Talk about sustaining a note. The drop was 14% this 13th session there with a cume of $98M.
Breakdowns on the films above and more are being updated below.

Gravitas Picks Up Border Docu ‘The River And The Wall’ Ahead Of SXSW Bow

Gravitas plans a major U.S. theatrical release to over 100 theaters nationwide starting later Spring 2019. The company previously released Masters’ Unbranded doc about four young cowboys determined to move wild mustangs across 3,000 miles from Mexico to Canada.
The film includes interviews with former Democratic Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke and Republican Texas Congressman Will Hurd.” />
EXCLUSIVE: Gravitas Ventures has acquired North American rights to director Ben Masters' documentary feature The River and The Wall ahead of its world premiere at the SXSW Film Festival this March. The film, which follows five friends on a 1,200 mile journey along the US-Mexico border from El Paso to the Gulf of Mexico, will hit theaters this spring.
Added Masters, “We interviewed border patrol agents, immigrants, ranchers, wildlife biologists, Republican congressman, Democrat congressmen, Mexicans, and Americans to hopefully give an accurate portrayal of the border and let the audience decide for themselves if a physical border Wall is a good way to approach our immigration and border security challenges. At a time when there’s so much division, ignorance, and false reporting about the border, I’m excited to release the film and allow the incredible landscapes and people there to speak for themselves.”
“When we started filming The River and The Wall two years ago when the 'build that wall' rhetoric just began," said Masters, "we had no idea that the issue would blow up into a government shutdown and one of the most controversial topics in the world. We’ve spent the past two years documenting the border, travelled every mile of the Texas-Mexico border on bikes, horses, and canoes, and met with dozens of people on both sides of the Rio Grande to make a film that shows what the borderlands actually look like, how a wall would actually work, and how it would impact immigration, landowners, water access, wildlife, and border culture.”
The acquisition was announced today by Gravitas, a Red Arrow Studios company. The River and The Wall is produced by Hillary Pierce (Tower).
“Gravitas is thrilled to be collaborating with Ben Masters and his team on The River and the Wall,” said Brendan M. “The film is visually stunning and provides much-needed human, practical, and environment perspectives on the divisive border wall issue that has shut down our government and polarized the country." Gallagher, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Gravitas Ventures.

‘Aquaman’ Surfs Past $500M Overseas; Swells To $666M Worldwide Through Friday

1 on Thursday to cume $249M. 9 movie of the year in the Middle Kingdom. We’ve seen a significant number of extensions on Hollywood fare in the Middle Kingdom this year, increasingly handed out to pics enjoying successful runs and particularly as the market looks to ensure double-digit year-on-year growth. With today's estimated figures, it has passed $250M and is the No. China is still the splashiest hub, where the Jason Momoa-starrer held No. Aquaman has been granted an extended China release which means it will play right up to the Chinese New Year holiday period in early February.
The Top 10 markets through Friday are: China ($251.4M), Brazil ($21.5M), Mexico ($20M), Korea ($19.5M), the UK ($16.1M), Indonesia ($14.5M), Russia ($14.2M), France ($12.2M), Taiwan ($10.4M) and Germany ($9.6M).
This weekend in China, Aquaman will face increased competition. Kill Mobile, a remake of 2016 Italian comedy/drama Perfect Strangers, narrowly topped it on Friday, and action adventure Mojin: The Worm Valley opens tomorrow, including on 550 IMAX screens.
Russia: $13.9M
France: $10.9M
Brazil: $20.3M
In other markets, there will be continued expansion of some newer titles. Paramount's Bumblebee is adding 17 markets including France, the UK, Brazil, Korea and Spain; and Sony's Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is swinging to Mexico and Italy.
Below are the Top 10 Aquaman markets through Thursday (we'll be back with updates throughout the weekend):
1 on Thursday to cume $20.3M so far. As with France, Germany ranked No. DC-loving Brazil ranked Aquaman at No. Elsewhere, France's 2nd Thursday saw a 128% jump from last week's opening weekend. The Hexagon cume is $10.9M. 1 on Thursday and has cumed $8.3M.
Indonesia: $14.1M
Australia dived in on December 26 with the biggest DCEU opening ever and the top start for WB in 2018. The two-day cume is $5.2M. The heir to Atlantis averaged about $18M per day in the Christmas frame's midweeks overseas and is now in 74 offshore markets.
UK: $15.1M
China: $249M

Mexico: $19.2M
In Korea, Aquaman is jockeying with the arrival of local pic Take Point, and has grossed $19.5M through Friday (local estimates have it at No. 1 today for $22.4M through Saturday). France soaked up $1.34M on Friday, maintaining No. Germany also held onto No. 1 in the 2nd weekend with a cume of $12.2M. 1 with 50% of the Top 5 films, the local cume is $7.2M. Australia, which is just getting going on the James Wan-helmed pic, added $2M on Friday from 635 screens. 1 with $1.32M yesterday and a $9.6M running total. At No.
Aquaman next swims to Italy on January 1 and then hits Japan in February. Note that Japan is not traditionally a major DCEU hub (superheroes outside Spider-Man swing lighter in the market). As the holidays wind down in several markets, the jury is still out on Aquaman’s potential final haul, although $900M+ is looking likely.
The running total there is now $251.4M (RMB 1.7B) with another month of extended play ahead. There are 78 offshore markets now in release which grossed $18.4M yesterday, swelling the overseas cume to $511.8M. Despite the arrival of some local titles including Kill Mobile and Mojin: The Worm Valley, China remained the biggest market on Friday with $2.4M from 11,800 screens.
Hence, with holiday play in several markets abating over the next week, the jury is still not decided on a final worldwide cume for the fish-man, but signs are certainly pointing to $800M+. Aquaman next opens in Italy on January 1, followed by Japan in February. The latter has not been a major pull for the DCEU (even Marvel movies outside Spider-Man are not slam dunks).
Philippines: $8.8M” />
We'll have a full update on Sunday.
Korea: $18.3M
Taiwan: $10.1M
The international box office cume through Thursday is $492.2M for $629.5M global, planting it firmly in the Top 10 worldwide for 2018. Through Sunday, the James Wan-directed underwater adventure is eyeing around $750M globally. PREVIOUS, FRIDAY: Warner Bros/DC’s Aquaman has clanged past the $600M buoy worldwide as the origins story splashes into its 4th weekend of overseas play and takes its 2nd swim in the North American pool.
SATURDAY UPDATE: With Friday’s estimates now in, Warner Bros/DC’s Aquaman has crossed the $500M mark at the international box office — and, with domestic included, he's reeled in $666.1M worldwide. 9 film both globally and overseas in 2018. The latter puts the origins story ahead of last year’s Justice League ($658M) and lands the fish-man's tale as the No. Whether Jason Momoa’s Trident of Neptune can wield a $750M worldwide cume through Sunday is a close call, but even if it doesn’t make it tomorrow, it will get there in short order — and is eyeing upwards of $900M global when all is said and done.

‘Venom’ Coursing In China With $79M For $100M+ Weekend Bow; Will Lash Past $600M Global Box Office Today

Hitting $100M for the FSS frame would land Venom in the Top 15 China openers ever, besting Civil War, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Ant-Man And The Wasp. China will immediately become the top-grossing offshore market for Ruben Fleischer’s take on this Marvel property.
See below for more detail. We'll have a full update on Sunday.
The estimated overseas portion is $431.6M; domestic is $204.8M and worldwide $636.4M — again, those are what we're hearing through Saturday, meaning $650M global is in sight tomorrow. China is helping to fuel Venom across the $600M global and $400M international box office thresholds through today.
Pre-sales were a terrific $15.5M. It’s got a 9.4 on ticketing platform Maoyan and a 7.4 on Douban. The film, which has a sizable investment from Chinese internet behemoth Tencent — bringing in extra marketing muscle — has been strong on social with great word of mouth.
China is the last market to open — Japan got off to a great start last frame. The weeks ahead, however, will see an influx of Hollywood titles including Fastastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald, Ralph Breaks The Internet, Crazy Rich Asians and Aquaman.
Thursday sneaks came in at $2.37M to give Venom the No. 4 slot on the list of all-time superhero midnights. Infinity War ($9.31M), Age Of Ultron ($4.76M) and Captain America: Civil War ($2.61M) are the Top 3.
While China instantly becomes the No. 1 offshore hub, Venom’s top markets on the other side of the Great Wall are Russia ($32.2M), Korea ($30.2M), the UK ($26M), Mexico ($24M) and France/Brazil (tied at $18.7M).
PREVIOUS, FRIDAY: On its way to thrashing past $600M global this weekend, Sony’s Venom bared its fangs in China today and picked up an estimated $34.7M, including Thursday midnights. That would make it only the second superhero movie ever to hit the century mark on its Middle Kingdom opening weekend, behind Avengers: Infinity War (Avengers: Age Of Ultron also topped $100M in its debut, but had six days to do so back in 2015, and its FSS was $86M after a $34.7M Tuesday bow). The Tom Hardy-starrer's start portends a three-day bow in the $100M+ neighborhood.
This is the second biggest Saturday for an imported film in 2018 (also behind Infinity War). 1 debut ever for Sony in China and the top opening day for any single-character Marvel title there. In milestones, the Tom Hardy-starrer is the No. The opening day Friday in China came in at $34.9M (including midnights) with today’s turnstiles spinning another $43.7M.
SATURDAY UPDATE: Sony's Venom has its jaw firmly clamped on China, taking $78.6M through Saturday in the market. With Sunday’s results, we’ll see a $100M+ opening, making it just the second superhero movie ever to hit the century mark during a 3-day Middle Kingdom bow, behind only Avengers: Infinity War.
Word of mouth and audience embrace is huge with ticketing platforms Maoyan and Taopiaopiao seeing scores of 9.4 and 9.1, respectively.
Through Thursday, the international box office on Venom is $352.9M with worldwide at $554.28M (not including numbers out of China). The top overseas hubs through Thursday are Russia ($32M), Korea ($30.1M), the UK ($25.8M), Mexico ($23.9M) and Brazil ($18.6M).
It’s currently the No. 10 movie of the year worldwide and should leapfrog into 7th position on Sunday, passing Ant-Man And The Wasp.” />
Offshore, it continued to be the lead film for three weekends straight and will handily claim that spot once again this session. Venom set a domestic and global October opening record in its early play, and on its second weekend, pushed Sony across $1B at the North American box office. The movie has defied a critical bashing as audiences have licked it up, enjoying the tone and the character.

‘Venom’ Licks $461M Global; ‘Star Is Born’ Strums Past $200M; ‘Halloween’ Takes $92M WW Bow – International Box Office

2 with $3.6M at 530. It’s tracking in line with The Conjuring 2 and above Split, The Conjuring, Annabelle: Creation, Annabelle, Jigsaw, Lights Out, Don't Breathe and Happy Death Day. The UK saw Halloween face off with a strong hold for A Star Is Born, coming in No.
The Happytime Murders (STX): $805K intl weekend (50 markets); $5.8M intl cume
At $14.3M, the David Gordon Green-helmed pic that brings Jamie Lee Curtis back to her iconic Laurie Strode character is tracking above such comps as Split (+11%), A Quiet Place (+43%), The Conjuring (+46%) and Jigsaw (+127%). Universal, Miramax and Blumhouse have a domestic opening to crow about this frame with the reboot-sequel of the classic horror franchise, and despite some overly-bullish pre-weekend projections from outside sources, the international debut is in line with where the studio always saw this one coming in offshore.
The Predator (FOX): $1.7M intl weekend (40 markets); $77.2M intl cume (China opens October 26)
Bad Times At The El Royale (FOX): $2.5M intl weekend (49 markets); $8.1M intl cume
The Ari Sandel-directed pic is in staggered release, notably opening in the UK this frame with $3.1M including previews and on 678 screens. Sony’s family movie Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween put $6.2M in the treat bag this weekend. On 3,300+ screens in 24 markets, the international cume is now $11.1M. Coming next are France, Australia, Germany and Spain this week.
Peppermint (STX): $950K intl weekend (54 markets); $11.1M intl cume
The overseas finals (non-adjusted) on some of the comps goes like this: Split ($140.2M), The Conjuring ($182.1M), Don't Breathe ($68M) Happy Death Day ($67M), Jigsaw ($65M) and Poltergeist ($48M).
Adding 25 markets this session, Universal’s critically lauded First Man boosted its offshore cume by $13.4M to take the international tally to $25.5M and global to $55.5M.
1 with $32.3 million this weekend for an offshore cume of $290.7M and a global total to date of $461.2M — and that's with China and Japan still on deck. In second, Warner Bros' A Star Is Born rocked out to $22.8M to push the offshore total to $74.7M and the worldwide tally past the $200M mark. UPDATED, Sunday writethru: Sony's Venom continues to lead the international box office, scoring a hat trick at No.
In like-for-likes, Halloween's total $14.3M opening weekend is comping well to a host of horror. It's above Split (+8%), Insidious: The Last Key (+23%), A Quiet Place (+43%), The Conjuring (+46%), Insidious 2 & 3 (+55%), Lights Out (+72%), Rings (+83%), Jigsaw (127%), Don't Breathe (147%), Happy Death Day (+151%) and below Annabelle (-14%).
For comps sake, that’s 38% above The Peanuts Movie which ended its run at $5.7M. In the Middle Kingdom, the take was $3.9M on 4,900 screens. Warner Bros’ animated yeti movie opened in China this weekend where it didn’t have a giant footprint thanks to a lot of local competition, but did rank No. 2 on Sunday there despite being No. 5 for the overall frame.
With a $9.8M weekend in 57 markets, the total offshore is now $96M. Universal’s spy spoof is closing in on $100M at the international box office, just as it closes in on its domestic release next week. Brazil and Japan are the overseas majors still to come.
The majority of markets come online next weekend, moving closer to the actual Halloween holiday. There are no major wide releases on deck overseas until the very tail end of the month and heading into November.
The overseas Halloween numbers are in line with where Universal had the pic as we headed into the weekend, though they are lower than projections of some industry sources who were over-bullish on the offshore start — expecting IT and The Nun-style scores amid all that domestic anticipation. Even in horror-loving markets, slasher movies have a tougher time.
Nevertheless, the only majors to go this session were Mexico, the UK and Russia as the majority of the remaining 46 markets go next weekend and should see curiosity piqued by the outsize domestic performance. 1. This gives Blumhouse its best debut ever and the fifth all-time highest for a horror film. The UK came in with $3.6M for Blumhouse's fouth best opening weekend and the biggest of the past five years. Mexico had a great start to lead the David Gordon Green-helmed pic's overseas play with $5M at No.
For the 3rd weekend in a row, Sony’s Venom kept its fangs into the No. 1 spot internationally, this session adding $32.3M in 65 markets. Outside China, Venom is looking at a finish in the $350M range for overseas and upwards of $600M global. This is before key releases in Japan on November 2 and China on November 9. That lifts the offshore cume to $290.7M and the global total to $461.2M.
France was a new hub with $1.85M on 544 screens, ranking No. 4 and coming in 19% over Mr Peabody And Sherman, 42% ahead of The Lorax and Storks, 95% bigger than The Emoji Movie and more than triple Captain Underpants.
1 with $271K at 79 to top all comps. Other markets of note include Indonesia where Michael Meyers was the top draw with $1.1M from 220 locations, and Finland at No.
Fox is also taking the UK stage with Bohemian Rhapsody on Wednesday, after premiering the Queen biopic at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday night. There are no major wide releases this week, Lionsgate's Hunter Killer will stalk some markets, and the rest are holdovers and expansions while Fox's The Predator goes to China.
That brings the overseas cume to $70.8M thus far. The full weekend was good for $14M on approximately 12,425 screens in 71 markets.
2 in China this weekend, Lionsgate’s buddy comedy grossed $5.7M in the Middle Kingdom to lift the overseas total to $38.4M. China instantly becomes the film’s best market overseas, followed by the UK at $3M and Australia with just $2.6M. Debuting at No.
BlackKklansman (UNI): $400K intl weekend (25 markets); $37.5M intl cume” />
And, here’s something we haven’t had in a while: Disney has no material global box office results to report this weekend. Regular reporting recommences in early November with its opening of The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.
Breakdowns on this week's films have been updated below.
The Top 5 hubs to date are Korea ($28.4M), Russia ($28.1M), the UK ($21.8M), Mexico ($21.3M) and Brazil ($15.3M).
The House With A Clock In Its Walls (UNI): $1.2M intl weekend (21 UPI markets); $44.4M intl cume (includes Amblin markets)
A Simple Favor (LG): $1.1M intl weekend (58 markets); $32.9M intl cume (Germany, Korea to come)
Coupled with the movie's scary good domestic opening, that lifts the worldwide bow to $91.8M. Behind those overseas is Universal/Miramax/Blumhouse's Halloween. The reboot-sequel slashed away at $14.3M in its debut. The pic's offshore rollout is staggered with Jamie Lee Curtis' badass Laurie Strode striding into 23 markets this session, including only three majors.
Night School (UNI): $1.5M intl weekend (22 markets); $17.5M intl cume
The Netherlands has also seen a strong performance with a 14% drop in the 5th frame for $3.72M to date. The UK leads all play with $14.4M to date and a drop of 42% in the 3rd session.
The cume there is now $19.5M. 1 with a cume of $4.3M; France on weekend three slid just 22% and has cumed $6.6M; Germany also in its 3rd frame fell just 2% and has tallied $5.4M so far; Taiwan zoomed upwards by 28% from opening and has cumed $2.5M. Italy dipped 25% and held No. Major holds were led by the UK with $3.9M on 846 screens, dropping a scant 4% and ranking No.1.
The Mexico weekend is above The Conjuring, Lights Out, Poltergeist, Don’t Breathe, Happy Death Day and Jigsaw. As we’ve noted, Latin America leans into horror, but slasher pics have a tougher time. 3 overall internationally and had a top bow in Mexico with $5M at 845 locations to score No.1 and Blumhouse’s best launch ever, as well as the 5th best for a horror film period. Out in 23 markets this session, Halloween ranked No. That makes comps to recent smashes like The Nun and IT a bit tougher.
1. In the UK, Halloween was in a knife fight with Star Is Born which dipped just 4% locally to take No. The Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga-starrer further debuted in Australia with the top WB opening of 2018 at $4.7M.
France opened to No. Brazil got off to a No. 3 with $1.8M, above Captain Phillips and in line with Arrival and The Imitation Game. 3 with $455K at 50 hubs. 3 launch with $683K at 372 and the UAE opened to No.
The current session was worth $22.8M in 75 markets and on about 8,620 screens. Warner Bros’ A Star Is Born is holding tight overseas with a slight 20% drop from its sophomore frame last week. The international cume is now $74.7M with global surpassing $200M at $201.1M to date.
Australia chimed into the musical romance with $4.7M including sneaks and on 536 screens to score the biggest opening weekend of 2018 for WB. 1, it topped comps Ocean’s 8 (+9%), Silver Linings Playbook (+108%) and La La Land (+232%). A clear No. Hong Kong was also a fresh market with $629K on 58 screens.
Elsewhere, Universal’s First Man had a decent second weekend, opening No. The studio’s Johnny English Strikes Again, which is out in 57 offshore markets before getting to North America next session, is within striking distance of $100M. 1 in Korea to top comps including Arrival, Sully, The Wolf of Wall Street, Everest and Captain Phillips.
The last key market to open is Japan on December 21.
That was at 444 locations. 1 and tracking above Arrival, Sully, The Wolf Of Wall Street, Everest and Captain Phillips. Korea was a solid start for the Damien Chazelle-helmed Neil Armstrong biopic with $3.5M at No.
Mile 22 (STX): $565K intl weekend (63 markets); $28.6M intl cume
1 slot in 30 markets and saw very good regional holds. Western Europe was down 47%, Middle East/Africa off 52%, and Latin America -53%. The Tom Hardy-starrer this session maintained the No. Notable country drops include: Denmark (-22%), Germany (-29%), Netherlands (-31%), Peru (-34%), Israel (-42%), Argentina (-45%), the UK (-47%), Australia (-53%) and the Philippines (-53%).
Next weekend’s notable adds for tricks and/or treats include France, Australia, Brazil, Italy, Germany and Spain.
Australia leads the Top 5 with $8.9M followed by Mexico ($8.4M), the UK ($5.7M), Brazil ($4.7M) and China ($3.9M). Russia is on deck October 25. Holds were good in the UK (-37%/$5.7M cume), Spain (-34%/$2.8M cume) and Germany (-2%/$1.6M cume).
As with the UK, Russia gave Blumhouse its 4th best opening ever, slashing up $1.8M at 1145 sites. This is above Lights Out, The Conjuring, Happy Death Day and Annabelle.
Next session sees the Ryan Gosling-starrer in a handful of smaller markets while Italy goes October 31, followed by Germany and Mexico the first week of November.
It’s tracking above Central Intelligence and Kingsman: The Secret Service in the market. 1 in its four openings this session, including a $2.4M start in Germany at 645 sites. Rowan Atkinson’s bumbling anti-007 was No.

‘The Nun’ Blesses $32M Through Friday, Flying Around $70M In Offshore Bow

The running cume is now $2.3M (IDR 33.2B). In highlights from Thursday, Indonesia generated $1.2M on its 2nd day, dominating with an 87% share of the Top 5 films.
In holdover cumes from earlier in the week we have Indonesia ($3.7M), Brazil ($3.3M), Australia ($1.2M), the UAE ($1.2M) and Germany ($1.2M). The Demian Bichir/Taissa Farmiga-starrer heads to the altar in France, Italy, Russia, Korea and Japan next weekend.
The UK nabbed the biggest opening day in the Conjuring universe with $1.4M (£1.1M) on 750 screens. Including Thursday sneaks, the running cume is now $2.3M.
That's the top opening day for a Hollywood horror film and WB’s second best ever behind Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. India also debuted to $1.4M (INR 101.7M) on 1,603 screens.
Brazil debuted to an estimated $986K (R$ 4M) on 1,235 screens for 79% of the Top 5. This marks the 2nd biggest opening day for a horror film ever, behind IT.
The best final overseas and global scores for a Conjuring pic belong to Conjuring 2 with $217.9M abroad and $320M global.

The best final overseas and global haul for a Conjuring pic belongs to Conjuring 2 with $217.9M abroad and $320M global.” />
The high end of the range is looking likely, particularly with some key markets coming online today. PREVIOUS, FRIDAY: Warner Bros/New Line's The Nun has started taking its vows at the international box office. The Corin Hardy-directed entry into the Conjuring universe had record-breaking starts and is No. Launching in 41 overseas markets, the cume through Thursday is $12.1M which includes sneaks in select hubs. Overseas opening projections before any ticket sales were counted were coming in between $35M-$45M+. 1 in 40 of the debuts.
Mexico and Brazil led the original. The last series pic, Annabelle Creation, did best in Mexico, Korea and Brazil. The Conjuring 2 had a mix of Mexico, the UK, Korea, Brazil and Indonesia in the Top 5.
The release patterns on the franchise's previous titles have been different internationally, but using the comp to Annabelle which is likewise a derivative of the Conjuring series, that movie bowed to about $40M in like-for-like markets, though not adjusted for exchange rate fluctuations. This one is going higher.
Australia grossed $460K (A$ 639K) on 325 with 45% of the Top 5. In Europe, Germany opened to an estimated $458K (€394K) on 360 screens, with 51%. The UAE took in an estimated $563K (AED 2.1M) on 100 screens, capturing 57% of the Top 5. The Nun came in ahead of all comps, save IT.
Similarly, a UK screening was done in an old abbey. The film held a junket in the latter recently with a screening inside an old convent. The UK opens in earnest today and we have been hearing that tracking there is strong, along with Mexico which also takes vows today.
Latin America leans into horror — and coupled with the religious overtones — The Nun is making a killing there. The region put $3.1M in the collection basket to land WB's overall best opening day of 2018 and the 2nd biggest horror opening day of all time.
Spain dominated 70% the Top 5 on Friday with $1.2M (€1M) on 343 for the all-time best horror bow; Poland likewise is the top start ever for a horror pic with $718K (PLN 2.7M) on 240 screens; and Vietnam’s $526K launch on 453 was good for an 86% share. This is the best horror opening day and WB’s 2nd biggest ever behind Kong: Skull Island which had shot locally.
That's double the first day of previews of Conjuring 2. In UK previews, the novitiate had prayers answered with $855K (£665K) on 516 screens and ranking No. 1.
Among them, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Portugal and Philippines. The Demian Bichir/Taissa Farmiga-starrer also gave Warner Bros the biggest opening day of 2018 in 18 markets.

This is the biggest opening day for a horror film in 18 markets including the UAE, Colombia and Peru; and is the top first-day bow in the Conjuring series in 30, including Germany, Holland, the UAE, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. Playing on approximately 7,945 screens, the Thursday was $9.7M.
Friday’s openings included Mexico, which was already tracking hot as a strong horror hub, and bowed to $3.6M (Ps 68.5M) on 3,595 screens. The Nun commanded 87% of the Top 5 movies in the market and scored the biggest opening day ever for a horror film. Among this year’s overall releases, only Avengers: Infinity War had a higher launch day.
The markets where The Nun will not be giving a blessing this session include France, Italy, Russia, Korea and Japan which all go next weekend. Spain is another one that opens today. There’s word of mouth and a clear corridor here that has no major openers while overseas holdovers will continue.
We'll have more on Sunday.
title) as well as setting horror opening records in several. The weekend is blowing past pre-opening projections and will land the scarer in a $65M-$70M range through Sunday to become the best debut of all Conjuring titles in like-for-likes. SATURDAY AM UPDATE: Warner Bros/New Line's The Nun continues to conjure strong numbers in offshore waters, adding $20.2M on Friday for an international box office cume of $32.1M through yesterday. The movie is now on roughly 15,226 screens in 60 overseas markets and has been blessed with the No. 1 spot in each (for a U.S.

‘Hotel Transylvania 3’ Now Sony’s Biggest Animated Pic WW; Franchise Tops $1.3B

In mid-July, it went day-and-date with domestic in another 40+ hubs, setting a record as Sony’s biggest animated opening ever in like-for-likes. HT3 then opened in its first offshore markets beginning with Australia on June 28 to capitalize on school breaks. Within the first 16 days, the movie surpassed both HT2 and Cars 3 in the market.
The studio followed up the Cannes event with strong localized promotions in markets like Australia, Brazil, Mexico, France and Spain and took advantage of such summer sporting events as the World Cup and the Tour de France.
Domestically, it's tallied $160.3M, about 6% off the previous movie. Through Friday, HT3 cruised to $316M at the international box office, topping HT2.
The Top 5 markets through Friday are China ($28.7M), Mexico ($26.6M), the UK ($22.2M), Brazil ($19.2M) and France ($18.8M).
At $476.3M worldwide, it sailed past Hotel Transylvania 2 ($474.8M) on Friday. Combined, the three HT movies have now grossed in excess of $1.3B global. EXCLUSIVE: The Drac Pack has reached a new milestone as Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation becomes Sony’s biggest animated film of all time globally.
The first two installments were released in the fall, so HT3 (efficiently budgeted at a reported $80M before P&A) was the first summer tryout for the series.
At the same time it opened No. The movie has a better RT score than those (at 59%) and a A- from CinemaScore.” /> 1 in North America, and passed $100M domestically on its 12th day of release, faster than the previous two installments.
That’s part of a savvy marketing strategy devised on the Culver City lot to stake out prime media real estate in a space where the press is eager for opportunities. Again directed by Genndy Tartakovsky and with Adam Sandler and Selena Gomez atop the voice cast, the family animated feature got a global push when it hit the Carlton Hotel’s dock a day ahead of the Cannes Film Festival last May.
In Latin America, notably, HT3 is Sony’s 2nd biggest title of all time for the region behind Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle. It is also the studio's biggest grosser ever in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Slovakia, Lithuania and Ethiopia.

Young Thug – Up Lyrics

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Kodak Black – There He Go (Painting Pictures Album)

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Yeah, I’m the shit, but you know damn well I ain’t number two
I’m in this bih’ around some niggas who ain’t got nothin’ to lose
But shawty got that head, she got that fire brain
She know I love the head, I love that migraine
You ain’t never run off with a boss ainna
She know a nigga be stunting like a Power Ranger
Look, every time you see me I’m surrounded by them snipers
You ain’t never run off with a hustler in your life, huh?
I’m from 1800, I’m a hot boy, but I’m iced up
Ugly corner where we smile with you and we don’t like you
Just hopped off the plane I just got out about a day ago
Everybody love me, when they see me they be like, "There he go!"
Got me a new lady, we ’bout to take a trip to Mexico
Crackers took my .40 so I’m ’bout to go buy a Draco
These ain’t Ray-bans, these Saint Laurent shades, ho
The way my niggas hit your block, you’d think it’s Halo
No more home invadin’ now, I’m on the radio
I don’t even like to fuck, I only want fellatio
I done jumped out to that bag, baby check my swag
Money fallin’ out my ass, I got a lot of cash
Ay, everybody runnin’, nigga got a gun
I ain’t makin’ beats but the Draco got a drum
I don’t wear no fuckin’ Yeezys, I got too much sauce
Like I don’t believe in Jesus, how I triple cross
I ain’t even brush my teeth, but I’m on the block
I ain’t even brush my teeth, all I do is floss
Look, every time you see me I’m surrounded by them snipers
You ain’t never run off with a hustler in your life, huh?
I’m from 1800, I’m a hot boy, but I’m iced up
Ugly corner where we smile with you and we don’t like you
Just hopped off the plane I just got out about a day ago
Everybody love me, when they see me they be like, "There he go!"
Got me a new lady, we ’bout to take a trip to Mexico
Crackers took my 40 so I’m ’bout to go buy a Draco

David Luning – Royalty lyrics

Dearest love don’t worry
They got nothin’ on me
And I’ll be out in a day or two
Oh and darlin, I love you

I’ll make my great escape
Don’t you worry dear
I’ll find a way to break on outta here
Oh you’ll see
We’re gonna live like royalty

Dearest love wait for me
I’ll get out, please believe me
Did you bury the money like I asked you to?
Oh my darlin, I miss you

I’ll make my great escape
Don’t you worry dear
I’ll find a way to break on outta here
We’ll be together, you and me
We’ll go to Mexico, you’ll see
And darlin we’re gonna live like royalty

Oh my love, please hold on
Been in isolation for so long
And it’s been years since I’ve seen your face darlin’
But I promise you I will get out of this place
(You’ll make your great escape
I’m not worried dear
You’ll find a way to break, but I’m outta here
Be together? Maybe
I’ll go to Mexico, you’ll see)
(Oh, I can’t wait baby)

I’ll make my great escape
Don’t you worry dear
I’ll find a way to break on outta here
We’ll be together, finally
We’ll go to Mexico you and me
And darlin’ we’re gonna live like royalty

The Oemons – Taco Burrito lyrics

One day I had a dream in my siesta
About an awesome place where it’s always fiesta
And the food is served with spicy salsa
So I think I’ll go to Mexico

Taco Taco Burrito!
Taco Taco Burrito!
Taco Taco Burrito!
Spicy Chimichangas
Spicy Chimichanga sauce!

When I got there I watched some lucha
I learned the girls in Mexico are called putas
And the food’s way better than shawarma
So I think I’ll stay in Mexico

Taco Taco Burrito!
Taco Taco Burrito!
Taco Taco Burrito!
Spicy Chimichangas
Spicy Chimichanga sauce!


Dopeman Go – Tory Lanez lyrics

Lyrics Tory Lanez – Dopeman go

Do you know the dope man? I need some more
Do you know the dope man? I need some more
Wait, I must’ve forgot that I’m the plug
I’m the dope man, I’m the boy
Dope man, dope man, dope
Dope man, dope man, go
Dope man, dope man, dope
Dope man, dopeman go.

I’m in Givenchy baby, bustin’ the nut and I got four b*tches baby
Pull up and stand up we got a Givenchy baby
And all of my niggas is all in Givenchy baby
I’m in Givenchy baby, bustin’ the nut and I got it in four b*tches baby
Pull up and stand up we got a Givenchy baby
And all of my niggas is all in Givenchy baby.

Bought the Wraith, I said f*ck the Ghost
Flew a brand new b*tch across the coast
She from Mexico right off the gulf
She not just the b*tch, that b*tch the plug
Dirty and I’m servin’ up the bando
I f*ck all the b*tches that make b*tches get low
.30 in my pants, I got a stallo
I just made enough to buy a Lambo
I’m in Givenchy baby, movin’ the digits baby
My baby is cookin’ and flippin’, she doin’ the dishes baby
Mac 11 like it’s Michael Bivins, nigga doin’ the digits baby
To an extensions baby, but you an extension baby
Bustin’ out the lows
I got all the bad b*tches f*ckin’ wit my bros
I dropped outta school, couldn’t pass the SATs
Now I got two bad b*tches passin’ me the weed
I just shot dice with Larry Bird in Barcelona
I done lost bets and told ’em niggas I ain’t owe ’em
I’m the CEO and niggas drop off the program
Someone please find me the dope man.

Do you know the dope man? I need some more
Do you know the dope man? I need some more
Wait, I must’ve forgot that I’m the plug
I’m the dope man, I’m the boy
Dope man, dope man, dope
Dope man, dopeman go
Dope man, dope man, dope
Dope man, dopeman go.

I’m in Givenchy baby, bustin’ the nut and I got four b*tches baby
Pull up and stand up we got a Givenchy baby
And all of my niggas is all in Givenchy baby
I’m in Givenchy baby, bustin’ the nut and I got it in four b*tches baby
Pull up and stand up we got a Givenchy baby
And all of my niggas is all in Givenchy baby.

She just wanna party with the dough
Double that Barcardi with the coke
She just wanna f*ck and nothing more
I’m just making sure you up to go
Talking backwoods then I’m up again
She won’t lemme f*ck then I’ma f*ck her friend
Scoreboard b*tch I’m up 10 versuri-lyrics.info
I’ma need some head to get me up again
Woah, I’m in Givenchy baby, movin’ the kitchen baby
Doublin’, adding up all of this money I’m doin’ addition baby
Glock 40, like the top 40 when the shit get to mixing baby
A nigga done mention me and I get to fixin’ it
Poppin’ with the bands
I have no intention of splitting this shit no one but my mans
b*tch up in the trenches with the poncho
Still got a nine like I’m Rondo.

Do you know the dope man? I need some more
Do you know the dope man? I need some more
Wait, I must’ve forgot that I’m the plug
I’m the dope man, I’m the boy
Dope man, dope man, dope
Dope man, dope man, go
Dope man, dope man, dope
Dope man, dope man, go.

I’m in Givenchy baby, bustin’ the nut and I got four b*tches baby
Pull up and stand up we got a Givenchy baby
And all of my niggas is all in Givenchy baby
I’m in Givenchy baby, bustin’ the nut and I got it in four b*tches baby
Pull up and stand up we got a Givenchy baby
And all of my niggas is all in Givenchy babyyy.
Tory Lanez lyrics
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