Antonio Brown, Facing Sexual Assault Civil Suit, Playing Today For NFL Patriots

A report by ESPN surfaced today that Brown declined to settle with Taylor on a $2 million-plus agreement to hush-up the alleged sexual assault allegation. He declined, and the suit was filed on Monday, Brown had a deadline of last Sunday to agree to the terms before a civil suit was filed.
He was targeted eight times and averaged 14 yards a catch, with a long of 20 yards. The Patriots won 43-0. UPDATE:  Brown finished the game with 4 catches for 56 yards, including a touchdown.
The NFL Network reports that New England, which signed Brown on Sept. Brown reportedly is getting $15 million on a one-year contract, with a team option for $20 million in 2020. The Patriots were said to be blindsided when the civil suit was filed. 7 after he was released from a controversial stint with the Oakland Raiders, would not have done the deal with him if they had known of the charges.
The civil lawsuit was filed in the Southern District of Florida, with Taylor claiming Brown sexually assaulted her on three occasions in 2017 and 2018. ESPN said settlement discussions were held last spring and included two mediations.
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No reports have surfaced regarding his reception in Miami, where two of the three incidents allegedly occurred. The NFL has not put him on the commissioner's restricted list, since no criminal investigation has been initiated. He has been targeted five times. The Patriots lead the hapless Dolphins 13-shortly before the half. Brown has been quiet in the game so far, catching one pass for five yards.
But his erratic behavior now has him on his third team this year, having been traded from the Pittsburgh Steelers to Oakland after missing a game and being disruptive. The Raiders endured a pre-season filled with Brown drama, then finally released him when he taped a private conversation with coach Jon Gruden and got in an argument with general manager Mike Mayock over fines. The Raiders decided that releasing him was better than continuing the relationship, and within hours, he was signed by New England. Brown is one of the top wide receivers in football.
Representatives from the National Football League (NFL) are set to meet with Taylor on Monday to discuss her accusations. Brown has been accused of assault and rape by former classmate and personal trainer Britney Taylor, charges that he denies.
How many more times that will happen is unclear. Controversial wide receiver Antonio Brown took the field today with the New England Patriots in their game against the Miami Dolphins.

CNN Worldwide Chief Jeff Zucker Appears On Net Podcast, Sends Message Seeking Next Gig

"Interesting," responded soft-spoken, much-respected Axelrod, who is maybe best known for being chief strategist for Barack Obama's presidential campaigns.
"Okay. You could put me in touch with the right people?” Zucker added, do-you-know-who-I-am-ily.
CNN Worldwide chief Jeff Zucker appeared Monday on CNN contributor David Axelrod's podcast to put out word of other jobs in which he would be interested.
"No. 1, if the Miami Dolphins call, that's where I'll be," he began.
"I’m still interested in that,” Zucker clarified, adding, "it’s something that I would consider
"Well, give me a call if you are thinking about it," Axelrod added.
"I'm trying to send a message," Zucker agreed. Axelrod interrupted to note it was the second time Zucker had mentioned that during the interview, noting "they" are big listeners of his podcast, so Zucker might be shortening his career at CNN.
Axelrod informed his listeners Zucker turned down the chance to work with Al Gore in 2000, adding that Zucker has talked in the past about potentially running for office himself.
After first saying he could not say, Zucker added he knew two things for sure. Wrapping up his Zucker chat, Axelrod asked with the traditional "where will you be in five years" beauty-pageant question.
2 thing Zucker said he knows for sure about his next five years? The No. “I still harbor somewhere in my gut that I’m still very interested in politics.”
"You know somebody who could help?Zucker responded somewhat patronizingly.
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