It’s Official! Starz Renews ‘American Gods’ For Third Season, Finds New Showrunner

As Deadline exclusively revealed last month, the cable gods have decided to bless American Gods with another season, Starz's made it official today.
Just one week into the long awaited second season of the Ricky Whittle and Ian McShane-led series based on Neil Gaiman's award winning 2001 novel, the Lionsgate-own premium cabler has brought Walking Dead alum Charles “Chic” Eglee on board as the new showrunner for the new season.
“Audiences continue to worship at the altar of ‘American Gods’ and we are excited to be able to announce to all the true believers that there is more of this fantastical series to come,” said  Starz programming boss Carmi Zlotnik in a statement today “With Chic at the helm, the invaluable insight and contributions of Neil Gaiman and the undeniable talent of this dedicated cast and crew, we know that the show will continue to deliver on the vision and promise laid out in the novel.”” />

‘American Gods’: Starz Boss Addresses Showrunner & Cast Exits & Season 2 Plans – TCA

Albrecht also was asked to address information that the reasons behind Green and Fuller’s exit stemmed from disagreements over the series’ budget.
On Anderson and Chenoweth's possible departures, "I think there’s been some confusion around the cast exits," he said. "But Kristen Chenoweth is still as far as we know committed to the show obviously depending on her availability."” /> "Gillian Anderson seems to be leaving everything but this was not a surprise," he said, referring the actress' recent statements that she would not be doing more X-Files in addition to not returning to American Gods.
As for the duo's abrupt's exit, "they were not fired nor did they quit," Albrecht said. "There is a very good relationship between Fremantle and Michael and Bryan, and everyone’s trying to work this out, everyone wants that to be a win-win for the people involved and the fans, everyone wants to keep as much of the team intact as possible." 
"We're having some trouble getting the second season underway," Starz CEO Chris Albrecht admitted during the network's portion of winter TCA. "It's not ideal to have 18 months or two years between seasons."
Asked to clarify Fuller and Green's involvement going forward, Albrecht said that they "will be involved as much as they can be, it’s a little bit up in the air as to what their role will be."
Starz’s big-budget drama American Gods has been making headlines in the past couple of months with the surprise exit of the masterminds behind the genre series, executive producers/showrunners Michael Green and Bryan Fuller, who created the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s 2001 award-winning novel. It was followed by statements by co-stars Gillian Anderson and Kristin Chenoweth that they would not or may not be coming back.
"Our partners at Fremantle are working with Bryan and Michael and their schedules, working out a way for them to continue to be involved," Albrecht said. He confirmed that "Neil Gaiman will be taking more of a central role, moving forward into a more traditional showrunner function." "We’re looking for a partner for him who can ensure that the television part of this get the appropriate attention."
American Gods is produced by FremantleMedia North America.
"Budget is always a factor although Fremantle has been terrific in wanting to invest. "Not surprisingly if you’ve seen the show it’s not an inexpensive show," Albrecht said. It’s a big show, it’s a monster show and it’s faced many of the challenges that terrific complex premium shows face trying to get seasons, especially when art comes before commerce."

Amanda Palmer – I Google You letras

I Google you
late at night when I don’t know what to do
I find photos
you’ve forgotten
you were in
put up by your friends

I Google you
when the day is done and everything is through
I read your journal
that you kept
that month in France
I’ve watched you dance

And I’m pleased your name is practically unique
it’s only you and
a would-be PhD in Chesapeake
who writes papers on
the structure of the sun
I’ve read each one

I know that I
should let you fade
but there’s that box
and there’s your name
somehow it never makes the pain
grow less or fade or disappear
I think that I should save my soul and
I should crawl back in my hole
But it’s too easy just to fold
and type your name again
I fear
I google you
Whenever I’m alone and feeling blue
And each scrap of information
That I gather
says you’ve found somebody new
And it really shouldn’t matter
ought to blow up my computer
but instead….
I google you

Written by Neil Gaiman