MSG Networks Chairman James Dolan Writes Song About Harvey Weinstein

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And that's almost really what the song is — what did we miss? Because if you were friends with any of those people, a lot of them were people we never would have thought that about."" Dolan said. The JD song was performed on a local Fox 5 show on Thursday, and Dolan talked about its meaning. "I wonder — and I've actually talked to a lot of my other friends who obviously know all these folks right — I wonder what could I have done, what did I miss.
MSG Networks executive chairman James Dolan has a new song out with his band, JD and the Straight Shots, about Harvey Weinstein's alleged predations.
After the appearance, critics pointed out that Dolan's company had its own sexual harassment suit in his past, with a jury ruling that MSG had to pay $11.6 million to former executive Anucha Browne-Sanders in a 2007 sexual harassment suit involving former Knicks GM Isiah Thomas.
Dolan is a longtime friend of Weinstein, who faces rape and sexual assault charges in New York. Dolan also served on the board of the Weinstein company, where Weinstein said of him,  “Jim Dolan is one of my and Bob’s best friends. His insight into business has led us to grow an unbelievably successful TV division. He was the biggest impetus, years ago, for us getting into TV in a big way — we owe him for that."
Dolan is also the executive chairman of the Madison Square Garden companies and involved in the day-to-day operations of the New York Knicks basketball team and the New York Rangers hockey team.
In the song's lyrics, the chorus lyrics lament, "I should have thrown myself across his tracks/stopped him from these vile attacks."