‘Free Solo’ Ascends To 2018’s Best Per-Theater Average; Redford’s ‘Old Man & The Gun’ Solid – Specialty Box Office

We The Animals (The Orchard) Week 7 [26 Theaters] Weekend $9,335, Average $359, Cume $387,960
“It’s a relaxed film that we felt would get broader. [Redford’s] films usually come out all at once like A Walk In the Woods or go out slowly.” “I have to be honest, I thought I’d be happy with a $22,500 or $25K average,” said Searchlight SVP Frank Rodriguez Sunday.
Based on a New Yorker article by David Grann, the film was originally developed and brought to Fox Searchlight by Condé Nast Entertainment. The Fox Searchlight release grossed $150K, averaging $30K. Fellow Telluride debut The Old Man & The Gun, from writer-director David Lowery and starring Redford in what he says is likely his last acting role, opened five locations Friday.
Pick Of The Litter (Sundance Selects) Week 5 [63 Theaters] Weekend $74,628, Average $1,185, Cume $366,531
Lizzie (Roadside Attractions/Saban Films) Week 3 [206 Theaters] Weekend $89,900, Average $436, Cume $546,124
The filmmakers and their subject Honnold took part in Q&As all weekend at the Arclight Hollywood, selling out the dome, as well as the Angelika Theater as well as Denver and Boulder, two centers with climbing enthusiasts. The title also won the People’s Choice Audience Award at the recent Toronto International Film Festival.
The Old Man & The Gun (Fox Searchlight) NEW [5 Theaters] Weekend $150,000, Average $30,000
But their latest climb, Free Solo, has scaled a new threshold for a nonfiction debut with its $300,804 gross in four theaters in New York, L.A., Denver and Boulder, CO. In 2015, filmmakers Vasarhelyi and Chin took doc audiences on death-defying mountain climbs with Meru, taking in over $2.3M in the box office via Music Box Films. Greenwich Entertainment said Free Solo’s audiences were “predominantly 20 and 30-somethings, driven by social media.”
God Bless The Broken Road (Freestyle Releasing) Week 4 [111 Theaters] Weekend $35,399, Average $319, Cume $2,783,113
Colette (Bleecker Street) Week 2 [38 Theaters] Weekend $418,501, Average $11,013, Cume $638,932
And Sony Classics’ The Wife with Glenn Close and Jonathan Pryce stands at $6.1M in its seventh frame. The film took in $777,386 in the three-day, averaging $1,779
Added Rodriguez: “It was No. It also did well at Landmark 57 West in Manhattan.” Rodriguez gave kudos to Searchlight’s sister company Nat Geo for Free Solo’s success, noting The Old Man & The Gun was second at the Arclight Hollywood, where the former played the largest auditorium. 1 yesterday at Regal Union Square [in New York] and will probably be so [Sunday].
Juliet, Naked (Roadside Attractions/Lionsgate) Week 7 [71 Theaters] Weekend $64,775, Average $912, Cume $3,360,568
The Bookshop (Greenwich Entertainment) Week 6 [74 Theaters] Weekend $70,834, Average $957, Cume $1,473,473
“National Geographic is beyond proud to have shepherded this project from the beginning.” “In a year where audiences are recognizing the power of seeing docs on the big screen, it’s so gratifying to see Free Solo embraced as the thrilling theatrical experience that it is,” said Courteney Monroe, CEO of National Geographic Global Networks.
Matangi / Maya / M.I.A. (Abramorama) NEW [2 Theaters] Weekend $51,373, Average $25,687
Assassination Nation (Neon) Week 2 [1,035 Theaters] Weekend $202,817, Average $196, Cume $1,728,565
The Sisters Brothers (Annapurna) Week 2 [27 Theaters] Weekend $244,091, Average $9,040, Cume $404,814
All About Nina (The Orchard) NEW [4 Theaters] Weekend $30,164, Average $7,541
[The project] was very intricate with a heavy production shoot, and it was secret. As Vasarhelyi told me this week. It’s a big deal for any financier to accept those risks. “[National Geographic was] the perfect partner for us. They were a great home for us, and they understood what we were doing.”
The Dawn Hall (The Orchard) Week 3 [4 Theaters] Weekend $5,932, Average $1,483, Cume $783,507
Black ’47 (IFC Films) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $9,006
Said Abramorama on Sunday: “We’re thrilled, as are the producers at Cinereach, with the overwhelming response to the film. grossed $51,373 in two theaters, averaging a robust $25,687. Although overshadowed by Free Solo, another doc opener had a robust start in two locations. It will roll out across the country over the next few weeks so everyone will have the opportunity to experience the M.I.A. phenomenon.” Not bad for the Sundance debut that took a bit of time before finding a distribution home. Abramorama's Matangi/Maya/M.I.A.
Leave No Trace (Bleecker Street) Week 14 [34 Theaters] Weekend $9,502, Average $279, Cume $6,099,951″ />
The Jacques Audiard-directed feature grossed an estimated $244,091in the three-day, averaging $9,040. Reilly, Joaquin Phoenix and Jake Gyllenhaal jumped to 27 theaters from its opening four locations. The Sisters Brothers took in over $122K in its debut, averaging $30,507. Annapurna’s The Sisters Brothers with John C.
likely would have grabbed bigger headlines had it not opened opposite Free Solo. Matangi/Maya/M.I.A. Abramorama’s Sundance doc Matangi/Maya/M.I.A. In the three-day, the Telluride debut took in $150K for a solid $30,000 per-theater average. had a robust opening in two theaters over the weekend, grossing $51,373, averaging $25,687. about Sri Lankan/British singer M.I.A. Meanwhile, Fox Searchlight’s The Old Man & The Gun starring Robert Redford, Casey Affleck and Sissy Spacek, rolled out in five locations Friday. Among other openers, Neon took Monsters And Men to 18 locations, grossing $130,979 ($7,277 average), while IFC Films’ Black ’47 played an exclusive run for $9,006. And, The Orchard opened All About Nina with four runs, grossing $30,164 ($7,541 average).
Ya Veremos (Pantelion/Lionsgate) Week 5 [58 Theaters] Weekend $51,000, Average $879, Cume $4,113,563
Free Solo (National Geographic Documentary Film/Greenwich Entertainment) NEW [4 Theaters] Weekend $300,804, Average $75,201
Tea With The Dames (Sundance Selects) Week 2 [19 Theater] Weekend $45,872, Average $2,415, Cume $69,011
Free Solo’s opening all but assures it’ll join the year’s big three docs, RBG  Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Directed by Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin, the National Geographic Film/Greenwich Entertainment release grossed a massive $300,804 in just four theaters, averaging $75,201, the best opening-weekend PTA of 2018, climbing over previous title holder, Eighth Grade. and Three Identical Strangers as 2018’s nonfiction behemoths. Telluride/Toronto documentary Free Solo ascended to some of the best opening box office stats of the year and even scaled new peaks in the nonfiction realm. The bow for the film about Alex Honnold’s attempt to scale Yosemite’s 3,200-foot El Capitan without a rope also is the best opening-weekend PTA for a documentary ever, overtaking 2006 Oscar winner An Inconvenient Truth, which averaged $70,333 in its opening frame in four locations.
Blaze (Sundance Selects) Week 7 [89 Theaters] Weekend $96,748, Average $1,087, Cume $578,707
Puzzle (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 9 [101 Theaters] Weekend $36,785, Average $364, Cume $1,976,290
Monsters And Men (Neon) NEW [18 Theaters] Weekend $130,979, Average $7,277
Garry Winogrand: All Things Are Photographable (Greenwich Entertainment) Week 2 [1 Theater] Weekend $8,382, Cume $28,241
We think we can open in cities like Little Rock and Birmingham, AL.” that will bring its total to 35-40 locations. Added Rodriguez: “We have over 600 theaters locked already. The film then will go out nationally October 19. Next weekend, The Old Man & The Gun will add eight more markets — Austin, Dallas, Boston, Washington, D.C., Toronto, San Francisco, Phoenix and Chicago — in addition to expansions in New York and L.A.
The Wife (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 7 [437 Theaters] Weekend $777,386, Average $1,779, Cume $6,104,060
Fahrenheit 11/9 (Briarcliff Entertainment) Week 2 [1,719 Theaters] Weekend $1,120,872, Average $652, Cume $5,190,165
Bisbee 17 (4th Row Films) Week 4 [10 Theaters] Weekend $10,457, Average $1,045, Cume $74,907
1 specialty debut, Colette from Bleecker Street, played 34 additional runs in its second frame, grossing $418,501 in a total of 38 theaters, averaging $11,013. The biopic starring Keira Knightley averaged over $39K in its opening three-day frame. Last weekend’s No.
306 Hollywood (El Tigre Productions) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $8,150
The film grossed $45,872 in 19 theaters Friday to Sunday, averaging $2,415 bringing its cume to $69,011. Sundance Selects doc Tea With the Dames played 19 theaters in its second weekend following its exclusive bow last weekend.
Nat Geo doc Science Fair played an additional 22 runs versus the prior weekend. The Sundance debut grossed $62,160, averaging $2,302.
Science Fair (National Geographic Documentary Film) Week 3 [27 Theater] Weekend $62,160, Average $2,302, Cume $110,844

Les Moonves & Top CBS Execs Accused Of Destroying Evidence In Corporate Battle With Shari Redstone

The timing of their use of TigerText back in and around November 2015 comes a year after the giant Sony hack that spewed boatloads of internal documents and damaging communication online. In the clearest spotlight, Moonves and Ianniello's use of TigerText would wipe out any record of their conversations related to the board's vote back in May to change CBS Corporation's bylaws and other details relevant to the courtroom fight with Redstone and NAI, as well as elements of discussions around a merger with Viacom.
UPDATED with a statement from CBS Less than 24 hours after the CBS Board of Directors let Les Moonves stay in his job despite sexual misconduct allegations, the CEO and other executives were accused of destroying evidence in the the media company's increasingly pitched battle with Shari Redstone and her family run National Amusements for corporate control.
In a potentially stunning and heavily redacted filing in Delaware that was unsealed this morning, Moonves, CBS COO Joe Ianniello and others are accused of using the self-destructing messaging app TigerText to communicate and "the systematic deletion of highly relevant documents…over a two year period."
Including Moonves and Redstone, the CBS ruling body's gathering was planned ahead of the release of quarterly earnings on Thursday, but clearly took on a heightened sense of urgency over the weekend after the New Yorker dropped an article on July 27 where six women came forward with claims against the CEO. In the Ronan Farrow penned article, the women assert that Moonves had forced himself on them and then retaliated professionally when he did not get the result he was allegedly seeking.
“Tiger Text was implemented by CBS’s Information Security Group for cybersecurity reasons following the Sony hack, and was not developed or used for any nefarious or sinister communications as some have alleged,” the media company said in a statement.
"Once confronted, the CBS Parties acknowledged the use of the self-destructing messaging system," it adds damningly, claiming that until the use of TigerText became known on July 18 the Moonves run company tried to keep the lid on it for the lawsuit now scheduled for an October trial start. "The NAI Parties bring this motion in response to the CBS Parties’ recent admission that relevant evidence has already been destroyed, including after the CBS Parties filed suit, and to protect against the significant risk that additional spoliation could occur," the July 23 filed 15-page emergency motion declares (read it here).
The timing of today's unsealing certainly has a provocative edge as it so closely follows the CBS Board's unorthodox and much derided decision to keep Moonves in his post during independent investigations in the sexual misconduct claims and the company's overall culture. On Monday, the Board also shifted its already previously shifted annual shareholder meeting to a TBD date.
“Those were mistakes, and I regret them immensely. “I recognize that there were times decades ago when I may have made some women uncomfortable by making advances,” Moonves was quoted in response in the New Yorker piece.  But I always understood and respected—and abided by the principle—that ‘no’ means ‘no,’ and I have never misused my position to harm or hinder anyone’s career.”” />
TigerText is one of a class of self-destructing messaging apps that gained popularity among the suit-and-tie set after the Sony Pictures hack.
On the company's website, TigerConnect touts features including secure messaging — in which messages automatically delete after a set period of time, errant messages can be retracted before or after they've been read (removing all traces of a message from a conversation) and documents can be shared.
CBS issued a statement, saying its executives were simply following the advice of the media company's security team after the 2014 cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment disgorged emails that made public private conversations and business deals.
"In my opinion, based on information provided to me to date, CBS did not deploy the TigerText application in an acceptable business use manner that would result in an enhancement to its overall cybersecurity protection," said BlurVoyant's Global Head, Cyber Forensics and Incident Response Austin P. Berglas in a significantly redacted declaration that accompanied the filing made last week (read it here).

Harvey Weinstein’s $600K Broadway Deal “Hurt AmFAR More Than Anyone Could Have Possibly Imagined”: Report

A report just published by Vanity Fair examines in detail one of the most controversial financial deals Weinstein made with AmFAR, first revealed in September by the New York Times. The arrangement called for AmFAR to share the proceeds from a Weinstein gift lot sold at he charity's annual auction, with a nonprofit theater company, the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge, MA, where his costly – and ultimately failed – production of Finding Neverland had its Broadway tryout.
Barrie and the family that inspired his stories – and a new spring show for Radio City Music Hall. Weinstein hired her for both Finding Neverland – the musical adaptation of the popular 2004 Miramax film starring Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet about the relationship between Peter Pan creator J.M. Paulus has emerged as one of the most highly regarded directors on Broadway, with shows as disparate as Porgy and Bess, The Glass Menagerie and Pippin on her c.v.
first in the Times and subsequently in the New Yorker, Paulus told Deadline, “While I never experienced this side of Harvey in my working relationship with him, I am appalled by his behavior and I stand strongly with of all the women who have had the courage to come forward.”” /> When the allegations of sexual assault were published.
Although the story doesn't suggest that Weinstein did anything illegal in entangling AmFAR in his agreement with the American Rep, the  charity board was clearly concerned about the impact of the deal both on its reputation and its ability to fundraise in the future. The board hired lawyer Tom Ajamie to investigate the deals. Ajamie later recounted 14 unsuccessful attempts to speak with Weinstein, Cohan reports, and concluded that the transaction “exposed amfAR to material risks to its financial integrity and reputation” and that, because Weinstein refused to “disclose any of the material facts” about it, “amfAR had no way of determining whether there was any danger of being involved in an illegal, fraudulent or misleading transaction.”
We believe the facts without question establish that Mr. To suggest that he would use or did use AmFAR for an illegal purpose is not true and under the circumstances offensive. Weinstein has helped to raise north of $50 million for AIDS research…. Weinstein has at all times acted with unwavering dedication to the AmFAR cause from its inception." In the story, Weinstein’s attorney Benjamin Brafman says, “Mr.
There's also no mention of Victoria Parker, the TWC executive Weinstein put in charge of the show as executive producer. Paulus also is artistic director of A.R.T. Oddly missing from Cohan's report is any mention of Diane Paulus, whom Weinstein hired oversee the wholesale revamping of the show after an initial run in the UK that had proven disastrous.
That image began to shatter following on-the-record accusations of sexual assault that resulted in Weinstein's termination from The Weinstein Company and the ensuing crisis that has put the company in play. For years, Harvey Weinstein was seen as one of the country's most prominent donors and fund-raisers for causes ranging from the Democratic Party to AmFAR, the American Foundation for AIDS Research.
It was money that ultimately would be returned to Weinstein and his investors. that Weinstein had guaranteed, Weinstein gave the sum to AmFAR on June 1, 2016; 17 minutes later, AmFAR wired the same amount to A.R.T. Cohan found that in order to expedite a payment of $600K to A.R.T. Following the money, reporter William D.
Weinstein himself financed the A.R.T. It was to mark his debut, after many years of investing in others' shows, as the lead producer of a big Broadway musical. Producers typically engage nonprofit theaters to mount shake-out presentations of shows before bringing them to New York. production to the tune of $2.05 million. Under an unusual agreement, however, Weinstein was to receive a sizable chunk of it back once the show moved to New York.
Read the story here.
I said, ‘"I’m paying you $600,000…Shut up, you’re hurting the goddamn charity.’ The irony, of course, is that it is Harvey Weinstein who has hurt AmFAR more than anyone could have possibly imagined." 'I went to them. "Weinstein’s relationship with AmFAR has thoroughly embarrassed the charity and hurt its $100 million capital campaign to find a cure for AIDS by 2020, while pushing the AmFAR board of directors into near civil war," Cohan writes, concluding, "Weinstein told The New York Times about his AmFAR pledge amid the brewing controversy about what he had persuaded AmFAR to do.
Although Weinstein insists that all of the interactions were consensual, many recipients of his largesse, including former Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, have distanced themselves from the once-powerful mogul.

Weinstein Company Staffers Pen Statement About “Monster” Harvey Weinstein

Reps for Harvey Weinstein's PR team at Sitrick & Co, which has remained mostly quiet as the scandal has grown, did not respond to request for comment on the story or the statement. TWC reps also did not respond to request for comment.
But we now know that behind closed doors, these were the same traits that made him a monster. He created a toxic ecosystem where his abuse could flourish unchecked for decades.
And while we can only speak for the people represented in this statement, none of us ever knowingly acted as a so-called “honeypot”. That is disgusting and renders us all victims of Harvey’s disgraceful behavior.
Terminated by the TWC board on October 8 as more allegations emerged after the first detailed New York Times report on October 5, Harvey Weinstein formally resigned from the board Monday while calling into to a meeting in NYC.
Employees who work under our industry’s most notorious bosses are regularly asked to surrender their dignity in exchange for professional success. Harvey Weinstein is far from the only sociopathic bully we’ve exalted over the years.
Aside from Bob Weinstein, few of us even knew their names before last week. If the board’s job was to keep Harvey in check, financially and otherwise, they failed. Practically none of us have ever met the board.
Weinstein has further confirmed that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances," they added. Weinstein," said the disgraced producer's PR reps early last week. Harvey Weinstein brought aboard criminal lawyer Blair Berk on October 11, the same day a previous New Yorker piece ran alleging more occurrences of sexual harassment and at least three claims of rape. "Mr. “Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr.
The statement comes along with a new piece on The New Yorker site today detailing Weinstein's history running TWC from its New York office. The statement was drafted this week, with one of the staffers telling New Yorker reporter Dana Goodyear, “This awful helpless feeling of being vilified for something you never knew was creating this feeling of true despair.”
Since then, the NYPD and the London Metropolitan Police have begun investigating potential complaints. Asking victims to come forward and contact them, the LAPD has not officially started its own probe, but, as Deadline reported last week, it is seriously considering doing so. Also asking "alleged victims" to contact his office or the LAPD, L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer on October 11 said “we take allegations like these very seriously, and where the facts support conviction, we will prosecute."
Added the statement: "We have nothing to hide, and are as angry and baffled as you are at how Harvey’s behavior could continue for so long. We ask that the company let us out of our NDAs immediately – and do the same for all former Weinstein Company employees – so we may speak openly, and get to the origins of what happened here, and how."
Some have been here since their first college internship, others joined the team after a rigorous application process. All of us were excited to get the job, proud to be working for a company with such an illustrious history. Some of us have been here for years, others for just for a few months.
The “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” mentality undermines those who might’ve spoken out. Non-disclosure agreements only perpetuate this culture of silence. We treat these abusive people and places as rites of passage, instead of with the disgust they deserve.
Here's today's full statement from the TWC staffers:
UPDATED with full statement: The New Yorker was first to publish a statement signed by "select members of the Weinstein Company staff" in the wake of that magazine's exposé on the company's co-founder Harvey Weinstein. The group, which did not sign individual names but is said by the magazine to number about 30, says among other things that they "did not know we were working for a serial sexual predator" and that the TWC board "failed" in its duty to keep Weinstein in check.
Our company was built on Harvey’s unbridled ambition – his aggressive deal making, his insatiable desire to win and get what he wanted, his unabashed love for celebrity – these traits were legendary, and the art they produced made an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.
To those speaking out, and to those fearlessly reporting: we are so grateful for your courage. Right now, we want to listen hard and keep listening, no matter how unsettling or overwhelming these stories are. But after that we must start to ask hard questions of our industry, so we may do right not only by Harvey’s many victims, but also by young film lovers who, like all of us, just want to work in movies.
As Colony Capital decided to inject cash into the near-crippled TWC earlier this week, reports of the now Bob Weinstein-run company being in turmoil continue to swirl. In an interview with Deadline's Mike Fleming Jr, TWC's David Glasser essentially declared the company DOA.
We did not know we were working for a serial sexual predator. We had an idea that he was a womanizer who had extra-marital affairs. We did not know that he used his power to systematically assault and silence women. We all knew that we were working for a man with an infamous temper. We knew that our boss could be manipulative. We did not know he was a violent aggressor and alleged rapist.
We ask that the company let us out of our NDAs immediately – and do the same for all former Weinstein Company employees – so we may speak openly, and get to the origins of what happened here, and how. We have nothing to hide, and are as angry and baffled as you are at how Harvey’s behavior could continue for so long.
But to say that we are shocked and surprised only makes us part of the problem.
– Members of The Weinstein Company Staff” />
"We know that in writing this we are in open breach of the non-disclosure agreements in our contracts," states the letter, which calls Weinstein "a monster." "But our former boss is in open violation of his contract with us – the employees – to create a safe place for us to work."
Statement from Members of the Weinstein Company Staff
Read the full statement from TWC staffers below.
We know that in writing this we are in open breach of the non-disclosure agreements in our contracts. But our former boss is in open violation of his contract with us – the employees – to create a safe place for us to work.
When the New York Times and The New Yorker articles broke, we wept. We unequivocally support all the women who have come forward, many of whom we count among our own friends and colleagues. Thank you for speaking out. We see you, we admire you, and we are in this fight alongside you.
We came to work at this company because we love movies. We grew up watching Miramax films, and came to associate that name, and later the name Weinstein, with great storytelling.
So now that Harvey is gone, what next? And for that to happen, anyone who had specific knowledge of non-consensual, predatory behavior must go. That is the only way anyone will feel comfortable working with us. It is the only way any of us will feel comfortable working here. If there is a future for this company, it must be one of radical transparency and accountability.
As we begin the painful process of reflecting on our industry and the ugly systems we’ve wrought and let thrive, we are asking ourselves the question: how do we define abuse? Do we include verbal degradation, ruthless aggression and physical intimidation? This particular horror show centers on a sexual predator who abused his power in a very specific way. But if we’re being honest (and if not now, when?) we all know that threatening, hostile, inhumane work environments are rampant in our industry.

Isa Muhammad – Chemtrails & Muslim Wars (Priorities 5 Album) letras

[Intro: Isa Muhammad]
I come from a time where it is about like bars nigga, where it’s about like lyrics nigga, where it’s about like saying some shit nigga, some deep shit nigga, some shit about black people my nigga. You shit about, you know, some some some esoteric spiritual type shit, some shit that goes into the essence of what it just means to just be black and just popping in America, you feel me? Like. Isa Muhammad nigga

[Verse 1: Isa Muhammad]
Incarceration, genocide, they kill you if you criticize
They got your name and number nigga, intelligence centralized
The homie Paper just got shot, I pray he make it through the night
I know some niggas did some time, had to fly a couple kites
I roll around my fucking city feeling like I’m Michael Knight
And Jesus Christ, you need a fight, Norris Cole is colder than the snow
I always get the shot to go, I got the baddest bitch for sho’
Bout to get out 10 or fo’, and he come from coldest coast
Lyrics caught the Holy Ghost, I travel ’round on golden spokes
Naenae done hit them folkes, it’s a [?] if you did not know
Palestine and the occupation, evidently, but you can’t taste it
I’m in the booth on vacation, I feel like Wayne, it’s a dedication
Outer space on the reservation, [?] it’s an assassination
The shit I spit come from dark spaces like dark matter meets Darth Vader
And elevated and meditated till you levitated
Dronestrikes at your frontdoor, Inglewood forever more
Chemtrails and Muslim wars
[Chorus: Isa Muhammad]
And I ain’t trippin ’bout no bitches
Nah, said I’d rather put the city on, nigga
It’s Inglewood forever, look
Like chemtrails and Muslim wars
And I ain’t trippin ’bout no bitches bro
Nah, uhuh, said I’d rather put the city on
Word, it’s Inglewood forevermore
Uh, like chemtrails and Muslim wars

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
I’m the Charles Dickens for these young niggas
Pray these scriptures pay my daughter tuition, it’s my vision
Ask me what I wanna be, and I said I’m a poet
Survive a drive-by got me feeling heroic
AK47’s for the shock and awe
Made a fortune, and no more smoking in those parking lots
Your men see you through a different lens
Ain’t no love cause they killing even wives and friends
Scholarships to school, they wanna know my race
Took a trip to Egypt, then I chose my faith
Field niggas would never suffer from sunburns
One word, you still a nigga, take this whole verse
Innercity niggas living by the Gotti rules
To be on house arrest he made a lotta moves
I’m prepaid for my next rhymes
I’ll let these niggas shine maybe next time

[Chorus: Isa Muhammad]
Your men see you through a different lens
Ain’t no love cause they killing even wives and friends
Scholarships to school, they wanna know my race
Took a trip to Egypt, then I chose my faith
Field niggas would never suffer from sunburn
One word, you still a nigga, take this whole verse
Innercity niggas living by the Gotti rules
To be on house arrest, he made a lot of moves
I’m prepaid for my next rhymes
I’ll let these niggas shine maybe next time

[Verse 3: Talib Kweli]
You received my gift, like a present, so my presence is a charity
The difference is it’s clear, but I focus on similarities
We in the trenches for our lives, these my soldiers in solidarity
Your intelligence artificial, that’s why you’re filled with singularity
Got that advice from my pops, it’s a staple
Like a plate of rice never, not religion, but a way of life
Pick your battle, save your fights
A wise man can play the fool, behave or pay the price
Respectability is cool, but that don’t keep me safe at night
This is why I’m still evolve ’cause these policies’ll kill us all
Nah they can’t kill us all, that’s why they wanna build a wall
But they don’t steal and they don’t rape and still get all
Like they don’t deal in raw, like they don’t kill at all
I’m a New Yorker, I saw the builings fall, they came because we built it first
The bricks are falling I say, and [?], that’s like the illest verse
So for me to trust, you gotta get the fuck up out your feelings first
Now watch you go from “Feel the Bern” to built up with the Bildergbergs
What the fuck is feelings worth

[Chorus: Isa Muhammad]
And I ain’t trippin ’bout no bitches
Nah, said I’d rather put the city on, nigga
It’s Inglewood forever, look
Like chemtrails and Muslim wars
And I ain’t trippin ’bout no bitches bro
Nah, uhuh, said I’d rather put the city on
Word, it’s Inglewood forevermore
Uh, like chemtrails and Muslim wars