Hollywood Celebrates #ObamaDay & Laments Trump Reign of Error

Barack Obama's adopted state of Illinois is commemorating its first Obama Day today and the 44th President of the United States is getting a lot of love and otherwise — and it couldn't be more perfect timing considering it is his 57th birthday.

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Take a look" From his bro-for-life Joe Biden to Ava DuVernay to John Legend to Ellen Degeneres, the outpouring of Obama love on Twitter keeps flowing.

A hit with the Hollywood crowd even before he was elected Senator for the land of Lincoln state in 2004, Obama found his greatest financial backers and a deep week of support here in La La Land for his entire Presidency and beyond. Now in a lucrative Netflix production deal with former First Lady Michelle Obama, the ex-POTUS is getting some big-time big screen and small screen shout-out today with #ObamaDay galore.